Kamba curse? Why Betty Kyallo and Lilian Muli’s relationships always fail

Right off the bat, allow me to admit that the title was tongue-in-cheek. In discussing Betty Kyallo and Lillian Muli’s failed relationships, there will be nothing about a Kamba curse. This is first and foremost because ethnicity has no bearing on an individual’s personality and secondly because I am not a superstitious lout who puts any thought towards curses and other nonsense.

Nick Ndeda on why dating Betty Kyallo is too much pressure

That said, the two media personalities have a lot in common including their ethnicity. But what really binds them together is the fact that they are both modern women. As a result of this fact, they have both been married and failed at that. They are both now single mothers and both have had a string of ill-fated relationships that have not just ended in heartbreak but often times public scandal to boot.

Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo had announced that she was dating a city lawyer by the name of Nick Ndeda and the internets went wild. Every single, over 30, career driven woman was elated at the news. It meant that there was hope yet for her. The same thing happened when the Nairobian, Standard Group’s tabloid ran stories about Lillian Muli dating Jared Nevaton, a shadowy businessman. These two women were held up as examples of there being love at the end of the tunnel.

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The two ladies are clearly capable of finding love or it’s cheap imitation. So if they can attract men, why can’t they seem to keep any of these men? Well, there is no single answer to that question but rather a series of interesting answers. Let’s get right into the whys and the wherefores.

#1. Both Betty Kyallo and Lillian Muli are boss babes

Forget what your favourite vapid feminist influencer tells you, no man wants to date let alone marry a boss babe. Why? Because for some reason, this makes women insufferable. No man wants to have to deal with a woman who believes herself to be in competition with him. Sure, we want a woman who has the business savvy to run their enterprises or to pursue their career but the minute I have to start competing with you in the house then I want out. Men want women who will give them peace.

The only benefit Nick Ndeda gets from dating Betty Kyallo

Proverbs 27:15
A constant dripping on a day of steady rain
And a contentious woman are alike;

#2. They are famous so men want to be associated with them

When they were younger, men saw them as trophies. The cherry ontop of their successful careers or businesses. Now that they are older, men still consider a romp with them as somewhat of an achievement. They figure that sleeping with such famous celebrities is worth more than your average bedpost notch. And as a result, their DMs will forever more be flooded by thirsty men looking for that cheap thrill till their sixties.

Lillian Muli Complaining About Dating Rich Men Is Nonsense

#3. They conflate sexual desire with relationship desire

Back to the second point; just because a man desires you sexually doesn’t mean he desires a relationship wit you. This is sadly a lesson very few women in Nairobi seem to fully grasp. Simply because you have many men in your DMs doesn’t mean any one of them would jump at the opportunity to wife you up. And getting the two conflated is the reason why Betty Kyallo and Lillian Muli have had such unfulfilling and shortlived relationships. I guarantee you that they already rue not cherishing their first marriages enough. I mean, sure, a lot of men want to take them on exotic destination vacations but that is only for as long as they excite their hormones. Once that novelty is worn out, its back to the streets for the two bitter media darlings.

Former couple, Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari

#4. Buggage

Do you think that having been in loving relationships and failing at them doesn’t make a person jaded? And don’t you think jaded individuals carry that attitude like a chip on their shoulder into the next relationship? The two divorces between the pair is buggage enough. No man wants to be compared to their woman’s past lovers. And no man wants to have to deal with famous men in his woman’s list of lovers.
And seeing how they both aired out their former partners and the fathers of their children, which man would be willing to risk such publicly played out drama? No man worth his salt, that’s who.

Lillian Muli needs to stop giving dating advice and focus on herself

#5. They are single mothers

I mean, show me a single man worth his salt who would choose to take on another man’s children. Any man who knows he has options with women would not. And that is even when they have children of their own because life is simply not fair. No man wants to play part time dad to Denis Okari’s now Jared Nevaton’s child. So both Betty Kyallo and Lillian Muli find themselves hamstrung by this fact.

I am sure there are plenty of reasons more but these are the ones that jumped me at a cursory glance. Feel free to add more or debate with yourself on whether or not I am wrong.

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Lillian Muli needs to stop giving dating advice and focus on herself

Lillian Muli is discussing relationships and at this point, I have to ask you lot why you’re paying attention to anything she has to say on the matter because let’s face it, her’s have all been spectacular failures.

Lillian Muli laughs off claims of conspiring to con her baby daddy Kes 10 million

She was first married to a man named Moses Kanene but that marriage ended in a ball of fire with the two trading accusations -actually, it was only the media personality who launched into verbal attacks against her ex-husband.

Lillian Muli
Ms Muli steps out in a bikini

Then Lillian Muli moved on to be with a variety of others but finally, she ended up trying to start a family with Jared Nevaton but that was a short-lived attempt that saw her accuse him of being a community husband -a fact she had been soundly warned about.

Lillian Muli and her baby daddy Jared Nevaton take chopper ride to Kisii for a business trip (Photos)

That dalliance, however, brought her a beautiful baby boy and she has treated us to photos of her son with his father as Jared Nevaton sought to co-parent with her. And that is fantastic but that doesn’t answer the question as to why anyone would listen to her for dating advice.

Lillian Muli in a dera

And I would strongly suggest that she too stop listening to her own advice. She needs to stop drinking her cool-aid because in truth, the definition of madness is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results.

Betty Kyallo claps back at haters after Lillian Muli reveals she is not splitting with baby daddy

Lillian Muli needs to focus on herself and she needs to work at healing from any traumas her former relationships left her with. And make no mistake about it, they have left her bitter.

Lillian Muli
Celebrated TV personality, Lillian Muli

Gone is the sweet innocent young lady who first debuted on our screens who believed in the power of love. Now what we have is a bitter, jaded woman who merely pays lip service to the belief of love and it is quite easy to tell the difference.

Lillian Muli speaks about dating months after nasty breakup with serial cheater husband

She needs to put herself first by first going for therapy. This would have a great net benefit to her life as she would be in a better, more healthy place to raise her sons. And beyond that, Lillian Muli would now be in a more healthy place were a relationship to occur -as unlikely as that might seem right now.

Ms Muli
Bubbly TV girl, Lillian Muli keeps getting into trash relationships but sh is the common denominator in all of them

She has previously teased being in the gym attempting to get her fitness back but now she needs to commit to that. She needs to actually chase fitness so that if the relationships she so clearly craves occur, she is the best possible version of herself. I, however, think it is very unlikely that she will do the work to improve herself.

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What Lilian Muli’s assertion that she chases after men says about her

Kizuri chajiuza Kibaya chajitembeza is clearly not a methali that Lilian Muli pays any attention to. I must admit that I was only just reminded of it in a recent conversation I was having with a friend of mine about the fact that Ms Muli declared that she doesn’t get a lot of cheesy pick-up lines used on her because she is usually the one doing the pursuing of men.

Lilian Muli is an example of why you must never take Kenyan celeb advice seriously

That broke my heart because it is an admission that Lilian Muli is making that reveals to anyone with an IQ above room temperature that the men who used to pursue her, all the men who used to hit up her phone line -all those men that were of value have since moved on. That means that whenever she is in an area with high-value men, she ends up having to do the pursuing. This situation reminds me of a word that most women Lilian Muli’s age and who are single understand: humility.

lilian muli

You see, Ms Muli was once one of the hottest brands on television. She was once counted among the hottest young things that made many a man and older boy tune in to watch prime time news. Those days are now long gone and the only things she has to show for them are a broken marriage and memories.

Why Lilian Muli crying about her love life deserves no sympathy

It isn’t hard to imagine situations in which men fell over each other in competition to vie for Lilian Muli’s attention. It isn’t hard to imagine situations in which men went as far as to take loans simply to treat her to exotic dates only for them to wind up servicing said loans as they nursed their wounded pride.

lilian muli
Lilian Muli throws shade at stalker

Yet in 2020 we find ourselves in a situation where Lilian Muli has to do the chasing. We find ourselves in situations in which we can easily recollect her failed relationship with Jared Nevaton that culminated in an explosive post on her Instagram account in which she accused him of being a community husband. Clearly Ms Muli wants to settle down and get to experience her happily ever after. Afterall, her ex-husband has found his.

Lilian Muli should now accept to become a co-wife

And this isn’t a dig at her, I am truly sympathetic to the fact that she is buzzer-beating. She is clearly racing against time because men value youth and as each day rolls by, father time cruelly strips her of this. And that leaves her options for a happily ever after down to divorcees and polygamists and perhaps that is just the silver lining this opinion piece should end on.

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Lilian Muli is an example of why you must never take Kenyan celeb advice seriously

Lilian Muli is busy sharing relationship advice that basically attacks an unnamed but easily identifiable man whom she feels took her for granted and refused to give her the “happily ever after” she feels she is due.

“If you promote a man who is not ready to be a husband, then you have to struggle” Lilian Muli advice to Singles

Whenever she shares romantic advice, it is to encourage women not to fall for slick-tongued men who simply are out to collect notch-counts on their bedposts. Never mind that she is a woman at the cusp of mid-life who cannot identify men who just want a quick and convenient lay or a situation at best especially given her experience at love with a failed relationship. It’s almost as if in her case, the experience was wasted.

lilian muli with jared nevaton

When you read her diatribe about the man in question, it is often blistering and accusatory in nature. And given she had in the past accused her new baby daddy, Jared Nevaton of being a community husband, we can only assume she has been talking about some other man.


Anyway, if you base your decisions on her, you will find that she is actually misleading people with her speech. Watch what she does, not what she says because while you are being advised to dig in for a battle with your significant other, while you are being advised to antagonize that young man trying to date you with outlandish standards and demands that you yourself do not merit, Lilian Muli is busy co-parenting with Jared Nevaton and she looks happy as her youngest son grow us with both parents involved.


That would mean that she is is busy trying to give her son by Jared Nevaton the opportunity to grow up with his father in his life yet her advice is usually for women not to settle for “community husbands” without also advising them to still allow those same men to have a relationship with their offspring.

Lilian Muli should now accept to become a co-wife

So you who likes to base your decisions on what celebs in similar situations to yours are doing are only playing yourselves and depriving your loved ones of wholesome lifes.


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Lilian Muli should now accept to become a co-wife

Lilian Muli is upset once more after coming to the realization that her choice of man, partner, husband (community or otherwise) and father of her youngest son is not exactly keen on monogamy.

Trouble in paradise? Lilian Muli reveals her biggest regret in life!

You see, she chose to have a relationship with a man most people warned her wasn’t quite cut out for monogamy. And when these naysayers and her common sense appealed to her to come to her sense, she simply called them all out for being haters. now Lilian Muli is left crying and announcing to us about the fact she is now single.

Lilian Muli took to her social media to post some solipsistic post seemingly painting herself as a victim of a man who only wanted her as a trophy.

The only regret I have in life is settling for less when I could have had so much more. Set your standards and stick to them unapologetically.

Blah blah blah…

I’m officially single and will now focus on raising my boys. As public figures we meet all sorts of people and most just want trophies whether you are well known or not be very careful who you allow into your life don’t go giving your heart to everyone.

Blah blah blah…

Sociopaths will keep you entangled in their web of lies and you will be one of their many victims. When you actually believe someone is true to you only to find out they are community husbands you are safer stepping aside.

Lilian Muli´s blunt exposé on the plight of the girl child goes viral (Screenshot)

What you will notice about this emotional outburst is the lack of accountability. Lilian Muli has refused to own up to the fact that she chose her partner poorly. At the end of the day, no one is responsible for giving you a better life. You are the only person responsible for giving yourself the life you want.

lilian muli

And this brings into focus Lilian Muli who decided to get involved with Jared Nevaton then get a child by him. Why? For two reasons, the first being that she as an adult made the decision to get involved with him and secondly, for the fact that she was open about her former marriage.

“You never had time for me!” Lilian Muli blasts former Citizen TV host (Screenshots)

This is not Lilian Muli’s first time at the rodeo. She was married. When that marriage ended, she cried about it having been a waste of her time. Six years to be exact. But she didn’t learn anything from the experience. Let that sink in. Lilian Muli created a life for herself with a man of her choosing. They created a little human being as a result of their union. That marriage, unfortunately, fell apart. When it did, she moved on with life and did not learn a single lesson because she moved on to another relationship (eventually) that resulted in yet another human being getting created and this time she still made the same mistakes and ended up in a temporary situation.

lilian muli

the female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.”  Today we would say “relationship” rather than “association.”  – psychologytoday.com

That simply means that all her crying and distress was brought about by her decisions. We could say she was fooled and perhaps that is truly the case but given her statements about her failed marriage, the adage “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” comes to mind.

“I am not the one who hurt you!’ Lilian Muli unapologetically claps back at male fan 

And that brings us to the crux of the matter. perhaps Lilian Muli should swallow some humble pie and accept that she is beyond her prime for any high value, or even simply high-net-worth man. She comes with two issues that are significant baggage for any man: her loss of youth (she is no spring chicken) and secondly, she comes with two children.

This means that the type of men who would be willing to settle down with her would either be divorcees, boring but safe men and men who already have wives and children of their own. And each category of men come with their own issues. Divorcees clearly have issues that led to their situations. Perhaps their issue is poor decision-making skills or they directly contributed to the divorce.

With boring men, to be fair these are the men who would gladly play to her tune but she will forever know she simply settle to allow them to make an honest woman of her.

And then there are the polygamists. Usually, these men are wealthy so that side of the equation would be sorted. Then, given her advanced age and loss of youth, she would know to play her position and not be a threat to the already present wife/ wives. Everyone wins here. And this should come easy to her because while she was with child, The Nairobian revealed that Jared Nevaton was still married to an American and she fought for and defended him so she has been practising to be a co-wife.

Lilian Muli made her bed now she should quietly lie in it.


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