These two schools have produced the most Kenyan celebs

When you think of schools, you first think of the academics and how well the school students perform in the national exams but what if I told you that some schools offer more than just this?

There are some schools that have a track record of mentoring tomorrow’s stars and teaching them how to better harness their talents and start them off on their craft.

Perhaps what these schools did best was simply to instil confidence in these future stars and showed them that they had what to takes for them to pursue their dreams and actually put them on the track to actualize them.

And in this regard, there are two schools that seem to be head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to putting their students with talents in confident positions to put their mark in Kenya and they are:


Fena Gitu

The artist was encouraged to pursue her talents by her teachers at the school.

Size 8

Bet you didn’t know this gospel singer and pastor attended this expensive and prestigious school.

Edith Kimani

The media personality too is an alumni of the school.


St Marys

Uhuru Kenyatta

Kenya’s 4th president is an alumni of the school.

Adelle Onyango

Former Kiss 100 presenter and female rights activist too is an alumni of the school.

Jeff Koinange

The former CNN anchor and celebrated media personality is known for his baritone is a former school student.

Lupita Nyong’o

That’s right the Hollywood star is an alumni of the school.


So if you’re picking a school for your talented children, you know to look for schools that boast a great number of celebrity alumni, schools with a strong extracurricular activities culture and teachers who are great mentors.

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If Jalang’o could work with Jeff Koinange, he can work anywhere with anyone

The biggest news of the week is probably that Kenyans already know that Jalang’o is waiting to be announced as the guy who has replaced Andrew Kibe on the Kiss100 breakfast show with Kamene Goro called What the fact or is it Wake the fact up?

Jalang’o unearths never before seen photos of his first car

All this was following the revelation Andy Kibe was no longer going to be on the show following the Radio Africa Limited owned radio stations decision not to continue working with him and the fact that Jalang’o claimed he had met the company’s CEO Patrick Quarcoo.


Kenyans who are usually quick to look for easy explanations and shortcuts assumed that Jalang’o had a hand to play in Kiss100’s decision to let Andrew Kibe go as if they were not willing to acknowledge the hard work Jalang’o has put into his brand and building a following.

Kibe’s exit from Kiss FM opens the door for Jalang’o to join

And now the latest narrative online is that Jalang’o will not be able to work with Kamene Goro because they speak to different audiences. It is almost as if Kenyans either think of Jalang’o as a dumb guy or they do not have the intelligence to retain the memory of the fact that Jalas worked with Jeff Koinange. And not only did they work together, Jalang’o made it work. As a result, that team succeeded.


And this one fact is such an interesting fact because we have to remember that for Jalang’o, working with a guy who is the scion of Kenya’s upper echelon, a guy who at one point worked with CNN, one of the biggest news agencies in the world, a guy whose reality is so far removed from most Kenyans, a guy whose sense of humour is from a generation three times older than Heavy J’s and you realize Jalang’o can probably work with anyone.

jeff koinange who worked with jalang'o

Look at the cast of people Heavy J has worked with during his tenure on radio. From Caroline Mutoko to Alex Mwakideu and Jeff Koinange and you cannot honestly claim you cannot see Jalang’o making it work with Kamene Goro, a woman who is closer to his age and days.

Ted Josiah’s revelation on marriage reveals his hypocrisy in attacking Jalang’o

Actually, I would argue that the only better match would be for Jalang’o to work with either one of the Radio Jambo morning presenters Gidi or Ghost or for him to work with Andrew Kibe.


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