Vera Sidika’s ex boyfriend opens up about nasty breakup weeks after socialite’s secret wedding with Kenyan singer, Brown Mauzo

Vera Sidika’s ex boyfriend Jimmy Chansa has lately been posting emotional posts on social media; confirming that his heart must be hurt in a way. However on his latest post, the Bongo doctor went on to talk about the importance of being the center of attraction in life.

According to doctor Chansa, it’s important for a person to understand their worth and this is why he insists on being the center of attraction. However if this is how he has always been; then we understand why his relationship couldn’t work with the former socialite who lives for the cameras.

Exes Vera and Jimmy Chansa serving some couple goals back in the day

The young handsome doctor went on to write saying;

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“In this life, make sure you are the center of attraction, coz it’s lights, cameras then action”

Confesses Vera Sidika dumped

With the post above, one of Chansa’s went on to inquire whether Vera Sidika is the one who dumped him as she wrote;

Kwahio Vera ndio kakutema hivyo?

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To which Jimmy Chansa responded by saying;


DR Chansa

This comes a few months after Vera Sidika went on an online rant saying that she was done being in a toxic relationship; and just like that Jimmy was dumped. She wrote;

 I walked out of my relationship coz I’m not gonna stay in a toxic one just into impress people like you. You can think whatever u like at the end of the day I’m the one who’ll face the B*llsh*t so I will eliminate what’s not good for me. If you like, say whatever, strangers on the internet will never let me tolerate b*llsh*t from a man just to show the world that I’m still in a relationship. Hell, nah. I will always put myself first. On God!!!

“Better the devil you know than an angel you know nothing about!” Vera Sidika finally ready to speak up after her recent break up?

Vera Sidika is about to drop one of the biggest bombs about her past relationship with Dr Jimmy Chansa.

Well, we all know that it is unusual for Vera Sidika to maintain her silence; and or keep secrets after breaking up. And one Otile Brown can explain this better way much better!

Vera and ex lover, Jimmy Chansa serving some couple goals

Vera cheated on?

Anyway word making rounds on social media is that Dr Jimmy Chansa cheated on Queen Vee before she decided to call things off. This was revealed by Juma Lokole who runs a successful gossip new outlet on Instagram.

Ex Lovebirds, Vera and Jimmy Chansa

According to the fella, rumor had it that Vera Sidika caught her man red handed since he could not keep it in his pants. Just after this Vera Sidika allegedly jetted out for a short vacation in the US where she seems to be enjoying herself just fine.

Vera Sidika shades Jimmy Chansa after break up

After maintaining her silence for weeks, seems like Vera Sidika is now ready to talk. Lately she has been posting relationship quotes and from the look of things; they might be directed at Jimmy Chansa.

On one of her post, Vera Sidika talks about putting up with inconsistency , childish behavior and b*llsh!t which she got tired of putting up with!  Her post read to say;

Sidika’s post

The lass went on to add yet another post talking about dealing with the devil one knows than an angel you know nothing about.

Queen Vee

It is clear that Vera Sidika experienced a heartbreak this time around and judging from how close she was to Jimmy Chansa; the lass must have fallen in love!

However, Vera Sidika also hinted that she is currently with a new man who has been spoiling her silly during stay in the states. But for the first time we haven’t seen miss Vee hit designer stores like she used to whenever she jetted off to the states.


As for now we cannot confirm whether Jimmy Chansa will be exposed like Otile Brown; but chances are that this will not end so well!

Vera Sidika talks about ‘Size’ weeks after breaking up with Dr Jimmy Chansa

Socialite Vera Sidika and Jimmy Chansa are no longer an item! After dating for close to a year, the two called off their relationship a few weeks ago before Vera Sidika jetted off to the states.

Word however had it that Jimmy Chansa had other options on the side; and since Queen Vee is not one who shares her men, she then decided to walk out on him.

Vee throwing shade

The two have so far deleted each other’s photos from their Instagram pages and continue to focus on their lives separately. This break up wouldn’t have seemed legit if Vera Sidika wouldn’t lashed out as she does every time she dumps a man.


Well, thanks to her latest posts shared on her Instagram story; it is obvious that she is now throwing shade at Jimmy Chansa or wants to inform him that her sex life is now better than it was. She shared a meme that read;

Vera Sidika’s post

Otile Brown and Vera Sidika’s break up

Most people remember how Vera Sidika and Otile Brown’s break up went down thanks to the socialite who spilled private details about her former relationship.

Otile and Vee

According to Vera, singer Otile Brown has been living her hanging or rather was not sexually satisfying her. Vera went on to share receipts showing how she tried teaching Otile Brown sex tips but sadly she never got satisfied.

Exposing this however left Otile Brown battling depression on the low and if Jimmy Chansa is not careful; he will end up in Otile’s shoes!

Jimmy Chansa´s medical practice questioned, he responds

Vera Sidika´s ´lover´, Jimmy Chansa has been on trolls regarding his practice in medicine, while still flexing on the gram.

When the couple started dating, most hangouts were in Kenya which made many wonder how he was practicing medicine while in Kenya.

Jimmy Chansa allegedly graduated in November 2018 from the Catholic Medical School of Human Science in Tanzania, therefore a medical doctor by profession.

Jimmy Chansa (right) graduated from Catholic Medical School of Human Science, Tanzania in Nov 2018

The two enjoyed a 7-month relationship before it got wavy. During that time, he mostly spent his days in Kenya, with Vera and on vacations.

So question is: When does he practice Medicine?

Jimmy Chansa´s medicine practice raises eyebrows

In a recent Q&A, a curious fan asked him about his career schedules.

I thought you should be in hospital saving lives.

He was quick to respond:

@_kurshny_ am saving them too???? its just how u fix your timetable.

Speaking to Wasafi FM previously, Vera explained how their worlds met and how intoxicated she was with her doctor of a lover.

We met here in Tanzania. We started communicating and what followed was dating. I feel like a hopeless romantic and when I fall in love, I do for real. We have so many things in common and he is the love of my life. I really do love him. We have been dating for five months now.

Jimmy Chansa and Kenyan ´lover´, Vera Sidika


When you meet someone, you feel like he is the one. It´s not a matter of time but respect and understanding. I´m 30 and I think I´m ready for kids.

Vera Sidika’s boyfriend introduces his parents and handsome brother, meet her Tanzanian in-laws!

Jimmy Chansa who is a Tanzanian doctor recently went on to introduce his mum, dad and brother in a new post shared on his page.

The fella however went on to pull down the post due to unknown reasons; but we managed to get screenshots of his post.

Doctor Jimmy Chansa

This comes just a few months after Vera Sidika and the handsome doctor went public about their relationship. For a minute many thought that the two were a perfect match but rumor has it that things between them are not so okay.

Vera Sidika and Jimmy Chansa break up?

For a while now the two have not been posting ‘lovey dovey’ posts on their pages; probably due to their break but we are yet to learn this.

Vera with rumored ex boyfriend

Away from that, Vera Sidika is currently living her best life in the United States where has been for a days/weeks now. But as usual, the lady is always out for business and this could be the reason why we no longer see her videos with Jimmy Chansa.

Anyway below are the photos shared by the fella introducing his parents!

Jimmy Chansa’s parents
Chansa’s brother

Awww! Vera sends sweet message to boyfriend on his birthday

Vera Sidika has had many men come and go in her life. The socialite is now with a hot Tanzanian doctor who goes by the name Jimmy Chansa.

Chansa has just celebrated his birthday and Vera couldn’t keep calm. The socialite took to social media to wish him a happy birthday and shared how he makes her feel.


Vera bought a cake and suprised her man with an unexpected party to celebrate the day. On social media, Vera sent out a message saying:

Happy Birthday to the most handsome man in the World ????❤️☺️????????
My King ???? My Dr. Bae ❤️ On your special day I pray that the ground you walk upon will forever bring you blessing. The sky above will forever release favour on you. The breeze around you will forever blow peace. Happy birthday my love @iamjimmychansa I love you ????????????????????????❤️” he said. 


Meet the hot Tanzanian doctor dating Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika is not joking this time around and after sampling a number of guys, the lady is now involved with one Tanzanian handsome doctor who has been giving many ladies sleepless nights on social media.

Jimmy Chansa with classmates during graduation

The fella, Jimmy Chansa who graduated from one popular school of medicine in Tanzania seems to be the perfect candidate if Vera Sidika is still hoping to start a family.

(Right) Jimmy Chansa

Well, Chansa not only has brains but knows how to keep his style in check and this can be seen his Instagram photos.

Bongo’s cool kid

Seems that Jimmy Chansa also happens to be quite close with Vanessa Mdee’s ex boyfriend, Juma Juxx.

Jimmy Chansa with Juma Juxx

Judging from the guys Juxx hangs out with, we might as well as conclude that Chansa is a cool kid who has found love in Kenya. Anyway check out his photos.

Jimmy Chansa
Jimmy Chansa
Jimmy Chansa