Kenyan celebs are growing bold in their complaining about GoK

Kenyan celebs seem to be growing cojones by the day as they are now complaining more vocally about the government-mandated Covid 19 measures which have been so poorly instituted as they failed to take into account the lack of social welfare programs to help Kenyans affected by the loss of their sources of income.

Kenyan celebs only get political when their stomachs are threatened and that is not wrong

It is rather refreshing to see the likes of Jua Cali and King Kaka actually begin to join former Capital FM producer Joe W. Muchiri in protesting the results of the lockdown which have been more punitive than preventative that a lot of businesses have gone out of business.

Joe W. Muchiri
Joe Muchiri has been a vocal critic of the Uhuru Kenyatta led GoK

To make things worse, the GoK is currently set to increase the price of fuel which will have a negative effect on the cost of living as the resultant outcome of the historical hike in fuel prices will result in an increase in the price of food and other basic commodities. And  Kenyan celebs are at the forefront of complaining… But not all of them.

From Omosh to Alvan and David Major: Kenyan celebs cannot keep lying that we do not support them

As can be expected from Kenyans, they are embracing the fact that their celebrities are speaking to their realities. The recently announced fuel hike is something that would make them suffer and while they have been speaking up on the matter, it is nice to see celebs ditch the pretences and admit that they too are suffering.

king kaka
King Kaka recently complained about the intended fuel price increase

We have seen entertainment spots shut down and while ordinary Kenyans have lost their sources of income either because they had invested in the entertainment venues or because they worked at these venues as waiters, bartenders, chefs or bouncers and often we forget that a lot of Kenyan celebs depended on these venues too like celebrity DJs and entertainers who would perform at these venues.

Learning from female celebs: Don’t date her if she’s heavily active on social media

But we have to evolve beyond just complaining and actually ask what next. Where will the suffering Kenyans are enduring lead us to? Will we now see Kenyan celebs lead the charge for change like we have seen in Uganda with Bobi Wine?

Bobi Wine
Bobi Wine is a celeb who took an interest in what is happening around him

And if we get there, what happens to celebrities like Sauti Sol who are huge but have opted to be silent about the underlying political influence that is behind our economic suffering? Only time will tell.

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The Edgar Obare conundrum and lack of trust Kenyans have in the police force

Edgar Obare came out with a sensational claim. Apparently, yesterday when he presented himself to the Kiambu law courts for the hearing of a case instituted against him by Natalie Tewa, he was kidnapped.

Sadfishing? Media personality Joe Muchiri takes a swipe at blogger Edgar Obare, calls him out for clout chasing

According to the micro-blogger who has amassed a cult-following, the perpetrators of his kidnapping were members of the DCI whom he claimed identified themselves as such and then proceeded to arrest him in front of his lawyer before driving off with him.

Edgar Obare
Edgar Obare showing how he was kidnapped

You can read more about Edgar Obare’s harrowing experience on Ghafla but what remains a mystery besides who the culrpits of his kidnapping were is just who was pulling the strings and what their motive could be.

“They beat me and took pictures of my penis” Edgar Obare cries after hours of suffering in the hands of the Kenya Police

The thing about a guy as popular as Edgar Obare however, is that he attracts haters in equal measures. He has gotten a rather vociferous counter-voice in the shape of Joe Muchiri who is adamant that the narrative being peddled by Bwana Obare is false. According to the former Capital FM man, he is convinced that everything was stage-managed as it doesn’t have the hallmarks of police involvement and he doesn’t indeed raise some very interesting questions such as why Edgar has no bruising on his face.

Edgar Obare
Joe Muchiri to Edgar Obare

On the other hand, people like me who think this is a credible story believe it to be so because Kenya’s police aren’t exactly the brightest bulbs in the socket. They are specifically selected to be dim and violent with a low threshold for questions. So when they get paid, they are more than willing to do all sorts of nonsense that only criminal elements would deign worthy of their efforts. We have seen Kenyan police officers shoot and kill children, we have seen them get themselves involved in political assassinations and have been on the brutal end of their antics on civilians. Hell, they killed nearly as many people as Covid19 had at one point simply trying to “enforce” the government-mandated curfew.

Worry after Edgar Obare gets arrested, his location unknown

And we saw the manner in which Edgar Obare was originally handled by the DCI and the police when he was originally arrested. This would be keeping in line with the same narrative. Afterall, he has made powerful enemies by running his tabloid micro-blog on IG and as a result certain people who would rather not have their personal lives scrutinized would be invested in either “teaching him a lesson” or getting him out of the way and setting an example with him.

Edgar Obare
Edgar Obare´s charge sheet

Whatever your take on the matter, whether you agree with Joe Muchiri that these are shenanigans or you agree with edgar Obare that something fishy is happening, stay safe.


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Monkey business: Huddah Monroe playing herself by attacking Joe Muchiri

Huddah Monroe decided to launch into a rather ballsy but ultimately ill-advised attack on social media influencer Joe W. Muchiri in the latest instalment of their ongoing beef.

Joe Muchiri’s brilliant satirical tweet exposes Kenyan women’s greed

There was a time, in days gone by, when the two were on friendlier terms with them engaging in online banter but all that was forgotten when for some reason not clearly known to us, Joe Muchiri dragged her and thus began the new chapter of their relations with each other.

Joe Muchiri attacked by Huddah's fans after making this nasty comment about the lady

That aside, Huddah most recently put out a post questioning whether or not Joe Muchiri is finally a billionaire. This is a cheap shot at a man who lost his job at Capital FM and for most people, the assumption is that he is struggling -but he really is doing a lot better than he was before.

Former socialite Huddah admits having an addiction to marijuana (Photo)

her post which she has since deleted asked whether he had started a company that was successfully running or whether he was already a billionaire. The problem with this attack on Joe Muchiri is that it simply worked to play her.

Boss chick Huddah

Yes, Huddah played herself for a monkey and all that is because we caught a glimpse of how she has been surviving in Dubai since the quarantine lockdown and it gave a lot of credence to the fact that she is indeed a trollop.

Why are people shocked by what Huddah did on video?

So whatever Huddah says about running a cosmetics company, the fact still remains that because of this clear blemish to her image, she lacks the moral authority to mock anyone.


The smart play would have been for Huddah not to mention anything or try to shame someone who is genuinely out here hustling and attempting to improve their lot in life without having to resort to selling flesh. In doing so, not only did her attack fall flat, but Huddah ultimately played herself because she attacked someone every Kenyan can related with, the everyman.

Then again, at the end of the day, I am expecting high IQ behaviour from Huddah and perhaps I am the one who should have his coconut checked. But at the end of the day her recent actions have only served to lead to there being more scrutiny on her and her livelihood and that is not something she should want at the current moment.


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Joe Muchiri’s brilliant satirical tweet exposes Kenyan women’s greed

Joe Muchiri is a former Capital FM producer who now plies his trade as a businessman and influencer. His switch from his former life was seen by his haters as a fall from grace but he has managed to not only land on his feet but to also grow from strength to strength.

“Thank u flying squad finishing thugs” Capital FM’s Joe Muchiri praises Eastleigh killer cops as Mohammed Ali and Corazon Kwamboka protest the killings

Anyway, today we are gathered to muse at the wisdom of Joe Muchiri most recent tweet which I guarantee will have several socialites and trollops foaming at the mouth to decry the brutal honesty of the tweet.

joe muchiri

You see, Kenyan men for a long time have come up holding the short end of the stick whenever they get compared to West African and particularly Nigerian men. A fact that Joe Muchiri admits to being aware of through a good friend of his who was insulted by a lass who said only Nigerian Yahoo boys can provide her with the type of life she desires.

“You cannot tell a musician what to create!” Joe Muchiri defends Bahati

This is simply the way of the world, women generally do not care how you make your money as long as you make lots of it. It is called hypergamy. Joe Muchiri would do well to start talking to his friend about this concept. Women date and marry up. couple this term (a life philosophy really) with the fact that women do not care where you get your money from and you have the winning formula.

joe muchiri

While Joe Muchiri has arguably had a hard-on for trash-talking about Nigerians but now we understand why. And really, this shows the levels of desperation in Kenyan women. That and the fact that they are clearly being brain-washed by Afro-Cinema. Perhaps it is time for the government to ban the Citizen TV special.

Jalang’o’s bitter reply at Joe Muchuri after he told him Huduma number is a scam 

At the end of the day, however, Joe Muchiri should realize that Kenyan women do not care for Nigerians. They simply care for whomever it is that holds the wallet. It could be a South African or a Martian. Kenyan women just care for whomever it is that holds the wad of cash and the fact that they are ëxotic” is a bonus.

joe muchiri

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