Joey Muthengi reveals main reason why she is finally ready to get pregnant

35 year old Joey Muthengi is still childless; and from her latest post – we have confirmed that her family is also worried about this situation and are hoping that she will soon have a child.

Well, who wouldn’t be worried? At 35 years, we should be talking about a 3rd born but from the way Joey Muthengi loves the soft life; the media personality may be waiting for a rich tycoon to bless her with a kid.

So far we don’t know much about about Ms Muthengi but from the little she posts on social media; all we know is that she keeps looking younger – and fans cannot help but ask   for some tips.

Away from that, the lady recently hinted that it’s finally time to get a baby since her mum remains worried about grand kids. She revealed this in a post where a fan asked to impregnate her and in response, Joey Muthengi wrote;

Oh wait whuuaat? Did my mother send you?

Joey Muthengi reveals that mum is pressuring her to have kids

Joey and Willis Raburu rumored relationship

This comes at a time when many believe that the media personality is romantically involved with one, Willis Raburu.

Joey and willis

Although we cannot confirm, all we know is that these two are quite good at telling each other sweet-nothings in their comments sections; probably to confuse busy bodies – but again, they could also be dating. Aren’t they both single?

Anyway let’s see if in 9 months or less, Joey will have a small mini her.

“You are a perfect example of fire and light and calmness!” Willis Raburu pours out his heart to Joey Muthengi 

Willis Raburu has left tongues wagging after the special message he sent Joey Muthangi as she turns a year older! As seen on the post shared on Raburu’s page; he went on celebrate and thank Ms Muthengi for being an important part of his life.

To him she was not just a coworker but a friend who has been in his life for years now. Though this is not the first time the two are raising eyebrows on social media thanks to their posts; we also can’t deny the fact that they both have good work chemistry which sometimes confuses fans.

Through his Instagram page, Willis Raburu wrote;

Willis Raburu and Joey Muthengi

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Happy birthday to you @joey_muthengi I don’t even know where I can start to describe just how much you mean to me. You are a perfect example of fire and light and calmness wrapped up in a human body! God’s love shines through you and beams across to the world. You go girl! Shine on this world is your stage, keep putting on a stellar performance and when it gets tough just know this your co-star will always be with you on this stage called life. Happy birthday ???????????????????? Young J ????????????❤️❤️

Willis and Joey an item?

Although the two have been confusing fans for a while now; we can’t help but wonder how their relationship works especially now that Raburu and his wife seem to be facing marital issues.

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Anyway, since Willis allows Joey to call him ‘boyfriend’ (just for laughs and giggles); I bet even Raburu’s wife is aware of this tight relationships as the two claim to be nothing more than friends.

And of course I’m thankful for my forever boyfriend @willisraburu. Thanks for being the friend I always need ❤ #birthdayweek. Been my bff thru these last few years. So many reasons, so many seasons. Love you Willis. For now and for then ????????. Always@willisraburu but he’s only a pal cc @holydavemuthengi ????.

Internet erupts after Willis Raburu and Joey Muthengi´s screen chemistry becomes a reality (Photos)

A man´s best hidden secrets will always come tumbling out, the minute his marriage or relationship starts going south.

Surprisingly, that is when most secrets get dished out, with each of the parties trying to splash mud on the other´s brand and reputation.

Well, Willis Raburu has been a single man since his ugly split to lover, Marya Prude in March this year. Fingers pointed at a certain Rwandese damsel who was claimed to be warming the Citizen TV presenter´s bed behind his wife´s back.

Ex-couple, Marya Prude and Willis Raburu

Reports that eventually died down.

Joey Muthengi & Willis Raburu

However, it now looks like he has only been growing closer with former Citizen TV presenter, Joey Muthengi after getting spotted together on numerous occasions.

Former Citizen TV co-presenters Joey Muthengi and Willis Raburu

It is said that no man and woman become best friends without something going on between the two. But for Joey Muthengi, Willis Raburu is her best friend who is jut a pal.

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To top it up, the Capital FM presenter called the TV personality her ´bae´ openly admitting her long-lived love for him in a caption that read:

Been my best friend thru the years. So many reasons, so many seasons. Love you Willis. For now and for then ???????? #Bae. Always
But he’s only a pal

Joey Muthengi with Willis Raburu

In a different scenario, the TV actress is spotted hiking with the news anchor before bluntly admitting that she could never trust anybody else but Willis Raburu.

Wouldn’t trust anybody else…????????
My pal @willisraburu

First best friends and now having earned her trust. Trust is something hard to build and very hard to give and when it is given, it is worth every bit.

Joey Muthengi with Willis Raburu

From his end, in an appreciation post, a dear Raburu confessed that the young lass has been a pillar in his life, always there to walk him through tough situations in life.

And for that, he penned:

Always helping me lift through the heavy things in this life! I appreciate you. Thanks for being you. Young J @joey_muthengi ????????????

Joey Muthengi with Willis Raburu

Surprised by the never seen before photos of these two, Joey´s brother, Holy Dave Muthengi was quick to pose:

???? nini inaendelea huku ????

Only for her to respond:

 He’s just a pal ????

Mixed reactions

A series of posts that raised a myriad questions among fans about the kind of friendship these two media personalities are running behind the scenes, leaving speculations that there may be more to this than they are telling us.

For a section, these two were but clout-chasing, while for others the co-presenters were unable to keep hiding their secret and finally decided to come out.

And for others, these two were probably just missing co-hosting the popular Citizen TV 10 over 10 show together.

nelsonfemi13 So much love it’s visible❤️


jack_tirkolo Bae and friend cannot be in the same sentence


vix_ity ????r you in love?????


macphee_m Hehe 2 posts within an hour. Any news? ????


ianoroyboy Missing the chemistry on screen it was such a vibe????????????????


charity_muthengi T-shirt ya Joey kesho,He’s just a pal


brianmwaniki98 Aki willis raburu I feel your pain , umekataliwa na rangi ya thao ????????????


ramah_rajab Sawa…leteni hyo ngoma/show sasa mshapata attention????????????????


akioko41 ????????????whats not happening btwn these two FORMER co presenters…..


gabmutis Huyu jamaa ni kama ako na sure Doshi hizi sifa sio bure????????????


_matzn Something cooking up? I can smell it ????