Kenyan celebs who attended the most expensive schools in Kenya

Kenya has some very expensive and exclusive schools that have attracted the children of the who-is-who. The type of schools where school fees for one semester is worth more than a lot of Kenyan households earn in a year.

And the crazy thing you wouldn’t believe is that some Kenyan celebs actually studied at such schools. Yup, they attended schools where their parents had to pay north of half a million shillings per semester.

Let’s dive right into Kenyan celebs who attended Kenya’s most expensive schools:

#1. Nick Mutuma

The actor attended Braeside for his high school education. The school is a part of the Braeburn Group of Schools. The school fees per term of Braeburn International school is Ksh. 782,310 per term.

#2. Joey Muthengi

She attended Rift Valley Academy which is one of the most exclusive schools in the entire East African region. Interestingly enough, her brother, Holy Dave attended Machakos Boys… I laughed so hard when a good friend of mine revealed this fact. Talk about disparity.

#3. Anne Kiguta

She attended Rusinga School. Interestingly, she was classmates with yet another well known and celebrated Kenyan who also became a media personality; Waihiga Mwaura.

#4. Size 8

The gospel singer turned evangelist attended State House Girls before transferring to Hillcrest. She attended the school on a scholarship.

#5. Edith Kimani

Like Size 8, Edith Kimani started her high school education at State House Girls before transferring to Hillcrest on a scholarship.

#7. Michelle Morgan

She attended Hillcrest where the lowest amount of school fees a student would pay (or rather, have their parents cough up) is 567,000 per semester.

#8. Fena Gitu

The singing sensation too attended Hillcrest school. It’s almost like they were vying in an unknown contest to create the most Kenyan celebs.

#8. Almasi (Ian Nene)

The Machachari actor attended school at Brookhouse. This school whose main building looks like a castle is one of the most expensive schools in Kenya. Parents of a Grade 5 student have to pay 2.07 million Kshs per annum.

#9. Janet Mbugua

She too attended school at Brookhouse. And just to give you how bonkers the fees can become, Grade 12 parents pay a minimum of 2.37 million shillings a year as fees.

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Why successful women like Joey Muthengi and Kamene Goro cannot find husbands

Joey Muthengi and Kamene Goro have in the immediate past expressed an interest in going into the family way. With the former this was expressed with all her musings about wanting to get a child and with the latter, it was her whining about finding a husband and showing off her domestic skills.

Is this why she is single? Jalang’o left disappointed after watching Kamene Goro cook Ugali (Video)

At the end of the day it is only natural for human beings to want to couple up and pair bond. However, double standards exist that explain why two highly successful women cannot actually seem to find men within their salary range an on their level of success or higher who want to commit to them.

Kamene Goro
Kamene Goro

Think about it, there is a reason terms like hypergamy exist; they encapsulate what we have seen in society and help us explain them. That specific terms speaks to the fact that women prefer men who are their betters. Take that piece of information and do with it what you will but it has been proven time andagain that women like Kamene Goro and Joey Muthengi want men who would ideally be earning more than they are and are more successful at life.

Joey Muthengi reveals main reason why she is finally ready to get pregnant

That said, the flip side of this is that they are not the type of women men on that level would be looking for. Therein lies the double standards that have been in existence since time immemorial. Think about it, Kamene Goro is rumoured to be earning about six hundred thousand shillings or thereabouts. She is a truly independent woman who is out of shape and although she has a beautiful face, she admitted she offers her man little to no value seeing as she has slept with 27+ men. Why would a man earning six hundred thousand shillings or more be interested in this dumpster fire situation? At that salary range (shit hole country economics), he is at a buffet of dating options, many of whom would not have a problem with him having a polygamous setup.

Kamene Goro is a successful, pretty girl who is woefully obese

Then we have Joey Muthengi, a woman who is currently 35-years-old and looking to get a child. She is at an age where a pregnancy for her would be termed as “high risk” because it would be a geriatric pregnancy. So a man within her salary range or doing better than her financially speaking would be signing off to first run the risk of struggling to impregnate her naturally thus have to employ the very expensive and unreliable in-vitro fertilization methods to have children… Why bother when he can go to find himself a younger, more agreeable wife and not have to pay a doctor a cent to impregnate her? And we have still not spoken about the costs that could possibly come from a high risk pregnancy…

Here’s Why Joey Muthengi Is Not Planning To Get Married Nor Have Kids

The moral of this story is this, it is indeed unfair that successful women struggle to find love and happiness in relationships. Biut life is not fair and if littered with opportunity costs. A woman like either Kamene goro or Joey Muthengi who would want to pursue a successful career ultimately has to sacrifice her hope and dreams of a high value man. that means they will either have to drastically lower their “standards” or they will have to make peace with the fact that they are going to be forever alone.

Joey Muthengi
Joey Muthengi

Why? well attraction is assymetric. Men do not look for “financial stability” in women the same way women do in men. Why? Because as one of my mentors says, “women do not share their pot of gold”. That is why even high earning women will still insist on a man “being a man” and discharging his duties as the provider so why would how much a woman earns factor into his choice of mate? Rather than that, he would rather look for youth and beauty in his wife and co-operativeness.

But what do I know? I am just a university stupid who still gets shocked at the way Kenyans vote for their leaders… That dearth in intelligence doubtless carries itself into men’s personal lives.

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“You cannot even afford a Prado. Shame on you.” Fan slams Joey Muthengi’s brother after saying he’s looking for a personal assistant 

Gospel rapper Holly Dave was recently forced to fire back at a fan hating on him after sharing that he needs a personal assistant.

On social media, Joey Muthengi’s brother said that he was looking for a PA and asked followers who needed a job to apply through a provided email.

”Holy Dave is looking for a PA! The individual should: 1. Be decent, 2. Have a good command of English, 3. Be aggressive, 4. Be flexible to work in different industries i.e Media, Business, Non-profit Industry and Academia. Send your CV to [email protected] by June 21 2019,” he tweeted.


Apparently this message didn’t go well with everyone. One Silvester Were guy went for the musicians neck, claiming that he’s too broke to hire a PA because he can’t even afford a Prado.

”You can’t even afford a will you manage to pay a P.A? Shame on you.”the critic said. 

Holly Dave fired back saying that the hater was too idle.

Former 10 over 10 host Joey Muthengi lands new job at Capital FM 

Former Citizen TV host Joey Muthengi is back on Radio after almost five years.

The sassy presenter, who was forced to resign at Citizen TV following her deal with a betting company, will replace Cess Mutungi on the Jam on Capital FM.


Mutungi has been on the show for 10 straight years. On social media, Mutungi thanked her fans for the support and push all through the decade. She will draw the curtains on Friday, 31 May.

Thank you for a fabulous 10years. Thank you for your love, support and strength. It’s been amazing ????????????” she posted.

Muthengi, who recently also landed another job at Voice of America (VOA) -a US government-funded international radio broadcast with its headquarters in Washington DC, shared on social media that she’ll be start working soon at Capital.


Joey Muthengi lands new job with international media company after ditching Citizen TV

Weeks after news anchor Joey Muthengi left Citizen TV after allegedly falling out with them over her Betin advert, the former 10 over 10 news anchor has landed another job.

Muthengi, who has focused solely on promoting the company since then, has now landed another job at Voice of America (VoA) in US. 

“Joey, English to Africa Service, Voice of America has an urgent job request for you, please review on pay desk and accept or decline ASAP,” Joey posted an email detailing her new job. 

Where she started

She revealed that VOA was where she completed her first internship when she was in college. In 2001, the Voice of America launched a 24-hour FM frequency in Nairobi broadcasting from Washington DC via FM Station 107.5.VOA’s English to Africa Service provides multimedia news and information covering all of Africa.

While leaving Citizen TV on her last show, Joey didn’t drop hints on where she might be headed.

“For those asking where I am headed; I am going to the club tonight, I will take some time to relax and recuperate. I think I deserve that.” she said. 


Mariga getting married next year at an exclusive wedding ceremony in Spain, Family don’t want Joey invited

Footballer McDonald Mariga will walk down the aisle next year in an exclusive, invite only wedding, and with the way things are going, former Citizen TV host Joey Muthengi might not be invited despite being in the surroundings.

Mariga’s relatives have been complaining lately that Joey has been entertaining rumors that the two are a couple despite Mariga having a wife.

Moving to Italy

According to the relatives, Mariga is set to walk down the aisle mid next year in summer with the love of his life, the woman who sired his baby girl. The woman goes by the name Kenisha and fellow footballer Victor Wanyama will be the best man.

“He has a daughter with a mixed-race woman, Kenisha, and they are planning to get married in Spain in summer 2019,” a family member said, “and Victor Wanyama is the best man.” said the relative. 

Joey said that she’ll go for holiday next year January in Italy where Mariga stays but didn’t drop any clues on whether it was the wedding she might have been invited. The trip was mostly work-related.

The source also went on to complain about Joey ruining the relationship with her online antics.

“We are tired of these slay queen girls trying to break up happy homes. I met him(Mariga) on his last holiday in July with the sister Cynthia, his wife-to-be and kid in hand. Joey should come clean about the ‘relationship’. Using his fame for her own personal gain is wrong.” 


He’s married!! Mariga’s family not happy with Joey Muthengi always joking about dating him 

Former Citizen TV host Joey Muthengi has been entertaining Kenyans a lot lately who have been claiming she’s in a relationship with footballer McDonald Mariga.

She recently even shared that she plans to move to Italy to stay with Mariga after she resigned from Citizen TV.

“Mariga is a cool person and he and I are real friends. I am very fond of him. I will be moving to Italy in January and I guess time will tell what next,” she said when asked if they were an item.

Stop the jokes

Well, as much as Joey enjoys being called Mariga’s new girlfriend, Mariga’s relatives are not happy with her theatrics.

A family member of the football star has come out to vehemently deny that Joey Muthengi is in a relationship with the football darling and suggested she’s keeps off the rumours.

“I’m not sure why Joey has been lying to Kenyans and her fans,” said McDonald Mariga’s family member. 

The family member went on to add that Mariga has a wife and that’s why he hasn’t entertained the jokes like Muthengi has been doing.

“I can CATEGORICALLY state that they are NOT dating. He is a married guy! Have you noticed he has not said anything or commented on the story only Joey feeding lies to stay relevant after being fired. The guy would have claimed her by now,” the source added.

Willis Raburu sends lovely message to Joey Muthengi after she ditched him and Citizen TV 

Now that Joey Muthengi is no longer part of the Citizen TV team after she handed her resignation letter because of her deal with betting company Betin, the host is getting a lot of goodbye messages from her friends and workmates.

On Friday she hosted her last 10 over 10 show which was filled with emotions and hype as she bid Citizen TV good bye.

“Tonight I laughed, cried, danced…sometimes at the same damn time ? Thanks for tuning in to my final 10/10 show. Still hasn’t sunk in yet. So many emotions. Like who cries on national TV??… ???
Finally felt like I could give my natural hair a chance to shine tho (Had shaved my head bald a few weeks before I got my job at Citizen btw ? – fun fact)…talk about things coming full circle,” she said. 

Amazing spirit

Willis Raburu also took to social media to thank her and wish her all the best in her new journey. He penned a lovely letter on Instagram sharing how he enjoyed working with her.

“What a ride it has been. You inspire me with your passion and meticulous planning, your organization and your amazing spirit. Most people don’t even understand our chemistry or how hard it is to find in this industry. Outside of it you are my friend.

“Never judging, always protecting and simply put, you get me. Thanks for coping with the noise and for standing with me always in good times and bad (it’s been quite the year) . Listen, God’s got such amazing plan for your life you have no idea. No one can dim your shine. So @joeymuthengi shine on! Imma be here cheering you through it all. God bless you Young J! ???” he said.


Joey Muthengi: Stop tarnishing my name. I don’t love old men, I work hard for my things 

Joey Muthengi of Citizen TV has come out to deny a list of things Kenyans have been accusing her lately.

The 10 over 10 host denied dating a governor as many speculated or that she loves old men. Ever since Muthengi opened up on TV about how she prefers dating older men, people have labeled her as a gold digger while others have connected most of her work to favours from these same old guys.

In a long instagram post, Muthengi explained that she has worked hard since her campus days and after returning to Kenya from the US.

Moral discipline

She also said that she has kissed a lot of ass for jobs and like many other ladies, men tried to take her to bed for some of these jobs but she declined. She has avoided shortcuts in her rise and that’s why she’s enjoying her success.

Here’s her full statement:

“Can we kill that other story now about my non-existent ‘old’ men? It was a bit I did for an entertainment TV segment. Never have I ever nor am I planning on ever dating a known or unknown Kenyan Politician or older man for profit.

“I have worked my ass off in this industry since 2009. I’ve been without a place to call my own, been rejected from job interviews cause I wasn’t dressed the correct way, borrowed money from my bro to go print and distribute my CV… yet everyone stayed silent b/c they didn’t know me, been told I wasn’t the right fit numerous times, been in a Ma3 with nothing but my last 50 Bob,(While I was on my 1st TV Show), hanging around Capital FM hoping they might need someone to voice their next ad…? being rejected for jobs time and time again. I’ve had male potential employers try to meet me at pubs rather than offices.

“Honey, I’ve seen it all. Despite the fact that I’d studied & excelled at Journalism (B.A) and interned at the Voice of America in Washington D.C, It all felt like it had all meant nothing at some point.

“But God’s Grace kept me pushing through. You can do your research and quote me on that. So I kept hustling…and many years later here I am ?. Still standing. I’d like to believe that every job I’ve ever gotten…I’ve gotten it on merit.  Clearly sarcasm doesn’t translate well on Social Media. So I apologize for my delivery but thank you for those who got it. ??. Love you ?.

“To the bloggers…Call me ? (Seriously, nobody has called me for a comment in years ?. Yet the articles keep coming…). Ya’ll know my number. I’m happy to give a comment. The tarnishing of my name is not fair. At all. I’m always happy to clear the air. Just ask ?. Jesus still loves you though..amidst all the chaos.

“So let me end this here. Don’t judge people ?. I’m blessed. And I’m forever grateful. I’m not dating a Governor. It was a joke that started on my show. I work as hard now as I did the day when I had nothing. That is all. Bless up ??.”


Joey Muthengi sends Fred Indimuli lovely message after resigning from Citizen TV

Citizen TV presenter Joey Muthengi has wished her former workmate and fellow host Fred Indimuli all the best in his next phase after he resigned from Citizen TV.

Fred Indimuli, Willis Raburu and Muthengi hosted Citizen TV’s morning show Day Break together. Muthengi praised him for his work ethics and focus in her goodbye message.

“2 and 1/2 years ago I met one @fredrickindimuli as we joined the #PowerBreakfast team on @citizentvkenya. I must say this gentleman has a ridiculous work ethic (I mean that in the best way). Hard working, focused, gets along with everyone…basically someone you want on your team,” she said on social media. 


On Tuesday, he announced that it was his last day on Citizen TV. Indimuli didn’t share his next stop however. Joey said she has learned a lot from him.

“As you say Goodbye to #Daybreak today I just wanted to say that it’s been a pleasure working alongside you. I’ve learned a lot simply by observing how you approach your duties as an anchor. I wish you nothing but continued success. Don’t forget us little people when you make it to the big leagues. God speed Fred,” she said.