Flashback Friday: Hilarious memes from Polycarp Igathe’s unique campaign strategy

By now I’m sure you’ve all come across a video of a certain politician telling Kenyans to calm down and not to allow their personal feelings get affected by results given by the IEBC after days after elections.

Tbt: Igathe at work

In short he said, msiweke hizi vitu kwa roho – elections are over and whether their favorite candidate wins or loses; life will have to carry on as usual – nothing changes.

And this is why we’ve decided to celebrate Polycarp Igathe who gave Kenyans a reason to giggle and laugh thanks to his hilarious campaign tactics. If you can remember – Igathe is the only politician who went all out to prove himself to Kenyans; by hanging out with mama mbonga, dined with street children and oh wait…he even helped out at a car wash. Which is hilarious.

Igathe giving meme makers an easy time

With him pulling stunts we’ve never seen before – I must say he at least deserves a round of a clap for setting standards for anyone looking to vie for any position come 2027.

Looking at what he did, I’m pretty sure there are those who borrowed a leaf from him, right! I mean – who ever try thought a politician would go all out just to be elected? I didn’t. But Igathe changed the game somehow.

Tbt: Igathe takes over the decks

Anyway although he didn’t do much convincing with his strategy – below are a few photos that ended up turning to memes.

Polycarp Igathe