Former Tahidi high actress bags a new job weeks after quitting her Switch TV

Former switch Tv presenter Jackie Matubia will be back on your screens pretty soon after landing a new job with Rembo Tv just a few weeks after quitting her job on Switch TV.

The lady shared the good news on through her Instagram page announcing that she will be hosting E zone with Jackie on Rembo Tv starting from Monday the 27th of January.

Jolene aka Jackie

Through her Instagram page the lady wrote;

To all my Fans told you I will be back, bigger and better introducing E-zone with Jackie @ezonewithjackie only on Rembo Tv every single day starting this Monday see you guys there #Tvgirl


Back for her crown

Her exit from Switch TV came just a a few hours after confirming break up with her baby daddy. Rumor has it that they were both cheating on each other by the time they both decided to call off the relationship.


Anyway, announcing her exit from Switch TV the lady went on to say;

Good morning lovely people it was an honour gracing your screen #Chatspot serving you tea and interacting with you guys…. Thank you @switchtvke for the platform. To my fans I love you guys and will be gracing the screens soon bigger and better… Tuzidi,

Well I guess she had other plans and there is no stopping this young lady!


Former Tahidi High actress Jolene shares how she struggled with weight issues before gaining her marvelous body 

Former Tahidi High actress Jolene has opened up on how she had to compose herself and work on her body to regain her self esteem.

The popular actress took to social media to share her story saying that she had to work on her body to regain her life back.

Sharing a TBT photo, the mother of one said:


“The girl on the left had so much going through… So much happened to her that she forgot who she was and where she wanted to go… But one day she woke up and remembered who she was as she decided to HEAL so that the girl on the right can be born ☺️☺️☺️… Trust me the girl on the right knows who she is where she is going so NOTHING can stop her… She’s coming to buy that building b***tches ???????? #staywoke✊.”

Here are more photos

Former Tahidi actress shares about sinking into depression after giving birth to Zari

Former Tahidi High actress Jackie ‘Jolene’ Matubia sunk into depression after giving birth to her first baby Zari Wanjiku.

The former actress said that 2015 was hard for her because she had conflicting feelings once she delivered.

“I had these conflicting feelings of constantly wondering whether I should have waited to have a baby and when I tried going back to work, I felt like I was not being the best mum. I would wake up and cry for about two hours and I couldn’t get myself out of it.” she said. 


Jolene, who is married to Kennedy Nyogz, a pilot at KQ, added that the depression was so bad that it almost ruined her marriage.

 “It even caused some friction in my marriage because we were young first-time parents and during that period there wasn’t much awareness about such things,” she confessed to Parents Magazine.


I had had to leave the show when I was four months pregnant- Jolene shares full story on why she left Tahidi High 

Former Tahidi High actress Jolene has finally revealed why she left the popular show which airs on Citizen TV.

Speaking in an interview with Parents Magazine, the actress shared that she got pregnant and it was becoming hard to hide her baby bump. After four months she couldn’t hide it anymore.

I had to leave the show when I was four months pregnant because I’d bought so many skirts and it was getting harder to hide the bump,” she said.



The mother of one also touched on her divorce rumors saying it’s not true she has split with her husband Kennedy Njogu whom they have been married for three years now.

“It was something we decided on together. Back when we were dating, we were all over social media and lovey-dovey but after a while we realized that we were opening up our marriage to people which could after us negatively so we stopped. Not that it’s wrong for those who post, it’s just not for us. He understands that my job involves putting myself out there and I understand his job and his personality so it’s never an issue with us,” she explained.



Former Tahidi High actress Jolene shares how she uses Urine to make her skin flawless 

How else do you use your urine, if you use it at all in the first place?

According to former Tahidi High actress Jacqueline Matubia, better known as Jolene, you can use it to cure your skin in case you have any facial skin disorder and even make your face smooth.


The actress shared that in an interview that she routinely uses her own urine to sometimes treat her face.

“There’s a time I had a breakout and I tried my morning pee, that thing works miracles. Wash your face with morning pee, it works miracles.” She stated. 

She was speaking on Switch TV to Noni Gathoni, radio presenter Nzula Makosi and rapper Kush Tracey where she spoke how her she had some facial infections but her ingenuous discovery helped her big time.

Kenyans took to social media to laugh off her suggestions with many claiming it was disgusting.

After rumor had it that her relationship was facing issues, Jolene finally responds

About a week ago, Jacqueline Mwangi popularly known as Jolene from Tahidi High left many speculating whether her relationship with hubby Nyogz had come to an end.

This was sparked by the type of relationship quotes the mother of one was sharing on her social media pages. She has however kept her cool until today when she finally shared a post that implied everything between her and Nyogz is just doing fine.

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Jackie Matubia posted a throw back photo of her family portrait and captioned it #TBT. So does this mean that everything is fine? Well, I can’t confirm anything but looking at the comments her followers were pretty much happy that her family is together.

Anyway, checkout the post she shared:

J Matubia
J Matubia

Trouble in paradise for former Tahidi High actress and her man? Checkout what she has been posting

Jacqueline Mwangi popularly known as Jolene from Tahidi High has left many talking after a couple of posts she has been sharing on her social media pages for the past few days.

Well, rumor has it that her relationship might be facing some issues judging from the ‘relationship quotes’ seen on her Facebook account now that she deactivated her instagram account. From what we can see from the quotes, the former actress talks about being cheated on and how a man should work on himself….

Not sure whether her quotes should be used as hints as to what is happening in her love life, but from a woman’s perspective I know that most ladies prefer reaching out using such quotes when they are facing issues in their relationships.

Anyway, we cannot confirm what is really going on with Jolene and her baby daddy Kev Nyogz but her quotes have left many assuming that all is not well between her and her man. We will however try to find out more details on what could be going on between them.

“I am disgusted!” Catherine Kamau calls out popular tabloid for publishing what she calls ‘baseless’ stories

Catherine Kamau has come out to defend one of her friend’s Jacquline Mwangi aka jolene who is used to act on Tv show Tahidi High a while back.

This comes after renown tabloid came out to shed light on what seems to be a broken relationship between Jolene and her fiance/husband Ken Nyogz. According to the blog the two seem to be going through a rough patch in their relationship judging from what she has been posting on her social media pages.

Well, I am not one to judge but so far I have noticed that Jolene deactivated her Instagram account and looking at her Facebook page the lady has been posting things that suggest she might have been cheated on judging on the relationship post she now shares.

However according to Catharine Kamau the blog shared a story that is not true…which leaves me wondering what Jolene really wanted to achieve with her posts. Anyway, Catharine Kamau wrote to say….