Jua Cali Roasted by Abel Mutua, Eddie Butita, & Catherine Kamau

Celebrated scriptwriter Abel Mutua, comedian Eddie Butita, and actress Catherine Kamau have joined forces to roast musician Jua Cali over his recent comment on Njugush’s Australia tour.

Njugush was a trending topic on Twitter after users opted to call him out over his performance at one of his shows in Australia. The user had expressed dissatisfaction with his deliverance as a Standup Comedy something that elicited mixed reactions.

Jua Cali was one of the people who joined the discussion bashing Njugush. He went on to share a viral video of a woman who breaks a record player that was playing Jua Cali’s song.

Muthua, Butita, and Kamau were not amused by Jua Cali’s comment and they took to Twitter to roast him. Mutua said that Jua Cali was “jealous” of Njugush’s success. Butita said that Jua Cali was “washed up” and that he should “stick to music.” Kamau said that Jua Cali was “a bitter old man” who was “trying to stay relevant.”

Jua Cali has not responded to the roasts. However, his fans have come to his defense, saying that he was just “defending his music.”

The roast of Jua Cali is a reminder that even celebrities are not immune to public scrutiny. When you put yourself out there, you open yourself up to criticism. And sometimes, that criticism can be harsh.

However, it is also important to remember that not everyone will like your work. And that’s okay. The important thing is to keep creating and to keep doing what you love.

Thank You For Being A Great Mum To Our Kids-Jua Cali Celebrates His Wife On Her Birthday

Legendary genge musician Jua Cali is celebrating his exquisite wife’s (Lilly Asego) birthday today, October 12. Taking to his Instagram, the celebrated singer gushed over his wife saying;

”Watu wangu help me wish my lovely wife a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
Thank you for being you… For being the light of the family, thank you for the prayers… For representing us well in public.

Jua Cali’s wife Lilly- Instagram

Thank you for being a great mum to our kids- Thank you for the strength you give me to push on in this tough industry. Shukran kwa kuniwekea makeUp kwa video shoot zangu he he he. Proud of you for always following your dreams and I will always support you ???? percent.
This is a very special day for you may you live to blow a thousand candles. Enjoy kabisa!!! Tunakupenda Happy birthday ????????????????????”

Jua Cali and Lily have been married for eight years and share three children. The two sweethearts are not fans of posting family life on social media. But their perpetual love for each other is evident.

To prove her loyalty and love to her husband, Lilly Asego, Jua Cali’s wife, made a permanent mark on her body all for her husband.

Unaware of her plans, Bayb Lee, as she is also referred to, left her husband surprised and gushing after she got a tattoo of his name.

Kenyan celebs are growing bold in their complaining about GoK

Kenyan celebs seem to be growing cojones by the day as they are now complaining more vocally about the government-mandated Covid 19 measures which have been so poorly instituted as they failed to take into account the lack of social welfare programs to help Kenyans affected by the loss of their sources of income.

Kenyan celebs only get political when their stomachs are threatened and that is not wrong

It is rather refreshing to see the likes of Jua Cali and King Kaka actually begin to join former Capital FM producer Joe W. Muchiri in protesting the results of the lockdown which have been more punitive than preventative that a lot of businesses have gone out of business.

Joe W. Muchiri
Joe Muchiri has been a vocal critic of the Uhuru Kenyatta led GoK

To make things worse, the GoK is currently set to increase the price of fuel which will have a negative effect on the cost of living as the resultant outcome of the historical hike in fuel prices will result in an increase in the price of food and other basic commodities. And  Kenyan celebs are at the forefront of complaining… But not all of them.

From Omosh to Alvan and David Major: Kenyan celebs cannot keep lying that we do not support them

As can be expected from Kenyans, they are embracing the fact that their celebrities are speaking to their realities. The recently announced fuel hike is something that would make them suffer and while they have been speaking up on the matter, it is nice to see celebs ditch the pretences and admit that they too are suffering.

king kaka
King Kaka recently complained about the intended fuel price increase

We have seen entertainment spots shut down and while ordinary Kenyans have lost their sources of income either because they had invested in the entertainment venues or because they worked at these venues as waiters, bartenders, chefs or bouncers and often we forget that a lot of Kenyan celebs depended on these venues too like celebrity DJs and entertainers who would perform at these venues.

Learning from female celebs: Don’t date her if she’s heavily active on social media

But we have to evolve beyond just complaining and actually ask what next. Where will the suffering Kenyans are enduring lead us to? Will we now see Kenyan celebs lead the charge for change like we have seen in Uganda with Bobi Wine?

Bobi Wine
Bobi Wine is a celeb who took an interest in what is happening around him

And if we get there, what happens to celebrities like Sauti Sol who are huge but have opted to be silent about the underlying political influence that is behind our economic suffering? Only time will tell.

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Kenyan celebrities talking about American race issues is hypocrisy

Kenyan celebrities are weighing in on the recently cowardly and callous killing of George Floyd by Minnesota police officer. And while there is nothing wrong about Kenyan celebrities with no connection to the political temperature in America adding to their voice to the millions of others calling out the institutionalized racism in America, one has to also look to see whether these same guys speak up when things are thick in Kenya.

Who did it better showing off guns? 15 photos of Kenyan celebrities brandishing deadly assault rifles

And we did some checking and realized that the same guys currently touting their global villager citizenship are usually mute when Kenya is up in flames. These same Kenyan celebrities are clowns.

You see, as trump pointed out, Kenya is a shithole nation. We have so many issues at the moment that we need to address. But be that as it may, Kenyan artists would prefer to virtue signal and talk about distant issues over in the land of the brave, the home of the free where they will suffer no repercussions.

Mwakideu: It’s time Kenyan celebrities also storm Tanzania and steal their women like they are doing to us 

When post-election violence erupted, how many people came out to denounce it early on rather than waiting for ethnic and tribal diatribe to be drawn up for them? How many Kenyans recently spoke up about the disputed and divisive general elections that had to be re-conducted? How many Kenyan celebrities have been talking about the still existing internally displaced people? Or the rampant and widespread corruption that has seen our shithole country sink to demoralizing levels of depth that threatens the wellbeing of future generations?

I will wait for you to point them out.

I would love to see the Jua Calis and the Janet Mbuguas raise their voices when Kenyan police batter protesters. i would love to see Kenyan celebrities talk about unlawful and cruel evictions.

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Jua Cali drops fresh collabo titled ‘Imeweza’ with Sativa (Video)

Veteran musician Paul Julius Nunda, popularly known as Jua Cali, has released a new song with an upcoming singer who goes by the name Sativa or Pedi Wa Barz and it’s getting a lot f love from their fans.

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The song dubbed Imeweza has been ruling the airwaves since it was released a few days ago and to be honest, we are also feeling it or else I would not be here saying good things about it, would I?

Jua Cali

This lass has a good flow. Listening to her kind of reminds me of the early 2000s when the likes of Rat-a-tat & Lady S were the it.

To be honest, I do not know if there is a Kenyan female artist whose lyrical prowess can be compare to that of the two aforementioned artists other than of course, Sativa.

She also has a unique ability to play with words and come up with dope rhymes. Maybe, just maybe. you’ll agree with me after listening to Imeweza.

As expected, Jua Cali also killed it. Anyway, I was not expecting anything less seeing as he’s the one who founded the Genge sound.

Jua Cali
Jua Cali


Apart from the fact that he also has a good flow, he sounds pretty much the same as he did in the early 2000s which means that if you grew up around that time, you’ll have some nostalgia as you listen to this song.

The beat on this jam is also dope. It’s the authentic Genge beat. To add to that, it also blends well with the voices and flow of both Jua Cali and Sativa.

Listen to Imeweza below and tell us what you think.


Jua cali fans need to give him a break!!

Jua cali is obviously among the  veteran and most celebrated music artist in Kenya. With a successful track record of amazing music for most of us who grew up listening to this chap.We should at least give him that credit for making our teen days worthwhile.

He stands out  as one of the biggest genge music artist with a unique style  when it comes to his rap game. Whether he teams up with gengetone musicians or not should not be a question to his music legacy

After being in the industry for the longest time it is just normal that his relevance would wear out. Ok not, like entirely but a certain age of fans will not easily relate to his  back then music. But hey a man has to do what he got to do! Music.

However, as some people would say that he no longer fits in the now over hyped gengetone kind of music , Jua cali has to reach out these young crop of fans.

Wale Mang’aa

Yes , we will say ohh the music done now is too vulgar for someone like Juacali to feature in , oooh he can do better and all that holier than thou attitude we Kenyans carry around.

I mean he is also embracing new age music.Well he was bashed for working with Swat of Ethic Odi wa Muranga  and Vdj_jones  in new jam dubbed “Wale Mang’aa.”

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We should give the guy a break .We were the same people who wanted these veteran artists to work with the the gengetone music makers.This to help boost creativity for the better of our secular music.

Well it is obvious that these new age musician have slowly but smoothly washed away the Nigerian music that had swamped our Kenyan airwaves.

So if Jua cali or any other Kenyan artist wants to collaborate with the Gengetone kids, boss , sistee usijuziee !!Go for it.

In the meantime Kenyans should give Juacali a break and that is just about it.

Dazla impresses as he features Jua Cali in ‘Zigi Zaga.’

After the play Kenyan music drama, seems some artists in the Kenyan Music scene are now embracing the support young talents narrative. By this, long time recording artists Jua Cali has featured in Dazla Kiduche’s new song ‘Zigi zaga’.

Dazla and Jua Cali

Duzla is a fast rising coast based artist of the famed ‘Kide kide’ hit that he featured Susumila back in 2016. ‘Zigi zaga’ is more of a feel good song that seeks to reach party and fun lovers. The song starts with beautiful ambiance of the oceanic view, before Jua Cali comes in with his rap prowess of,

Msichana wa Kiafrika Unanimaliza,mtaani kila siku unaleta shida.Ngozi laini, Rangi imeshika, macho nazo zinanichizisha,Nikikuona Damu inachemka , nisipokuona pia inachemka,Usiende mbali weni wangu mtoto wa geti kali karibu kwangu……

The vixens doing justice to the video in the same kind of bikini flaunting their beauty. As Jua Cali continues showering the African woman with praises of how beautiful they are such that they make him go ‘Zigi zaga”.

Zigi zaga

Duzla Joins in at the chorus with ,

You’re my African Womannn( Zigi zigi zaga),You’re my African Womannn( Zigi zigi zaga) Am in love sitorudi nyuma(zigi zigi zaga)Am in love kwako nimekwama(zigi zigi zaga)

Then follows his stanza accompanied by sultry shots of the model in the video. Dazla outdid himself as he sensationalized his verse giving you a reason to dance to this tune.

However,as Dazla struggles to reach a bigger audience, this collaboration is more like a pacesetter for him. Jua Cali in his part spiced up the hook of the song with the Genge Vibe through out the son.

The song was produced by Tee Hits and Shot by Neezoh Montana.When you thought Dazla was just the smooth swahili boy , think again.

I give it 7/10 rating.Check it out and tell us what you think.