Juliani & Actress Brenda Wairimu Celebrate Daughter’s Graduation

Juliani took to Instagram to share photos of the special day, writing, “My little angel has just graduated.” He added, “She is so grown with personality and all, but still our little girl.”

Brenda also shared a post on Instagram, writing, “I’ve been a mum for eight years, that’s just crazy. With almost a decade of experience, ask me for advice. Happy birthday, my gorgeous girl.”

The celebrity pair has been navigating the challenges of co-parenting to provide Amor with the best parental presence in her life even after parting ways. They recently teamed up to celebrate her eighth birthday in a private party.

In a recent interview, Juliani praised Brenda for her supportive role in their co-parenting journey. He emphasized that successful co-parenting greatly depends on the personalities and attitudes of the individuals involved.

Juliani and Brenda’s commitment to their daughter is inspiring. It is a reminder that even though relationships may end, parents can still work together to provide their children with a loving and supportive environment.

Juliani Shares More About Marriage To Lillian Ng’ang’a

Kenyan hip hop artist Juliani has shared more about his marriage to Lillian Ng’ang’a in a recent interview. He said that he never wanted his relationship to go public, as he is a very private person.

“Even my previous relationship was ongoing for two years before people knew about it,” he said.

Juliani was previously in a relationship with Kenyan actress Brenda Wairimu and together they have a daughter.

Juliani said that he preferred to keep his relationship with Ng’ang’a away from the spotlight, considering that she was previously married to the then Machakos governor Alfred Mutua.

“I didn’t want it to be like we were trying to get attention or anything. We just wanted to be together,” he said.

Juliani and Ng’ang’a got married in a private ceremony in February 2023. They have since kept their relationship private, but have occasionally shared photos and videos of themselves together on social media.

Juliani’s decision to keep his relationship private is understandable. He is a public figure, but he is also a private person who values his privacy. Ng’ang’a has also been in the public eye for her previous marriage, so it is understandable that they would want to keep their current relationship private.

Juliani Fires Back At Fan Claiming His Music Career Is Long Gone

Rapper Julius Otieno, popularly known as Juliani, recently announced his exclusive show, “Juliani Session with 100 People.” The event, which is scheduled to take place on September 22, has generated mixed reactions from the public, with some fans criticizing Juliani’s decision to limit attendance to only 100 people.

One fan, in particular, took to Twitter to express their disappointment. The fan questioned Juliani’s long absence from the music scene and suggested that his fan base had dwindled. The fan’s tweet read: “Juliani…has been asleep for almost 12 years and then he just wakes up one day and decides to host an event and charge KSh 5000 per head. Your fans died. You can’t even pull 100 people to watch you, come back to the studio or quit music. Stop blaming the market.”

Juliani, however, was not going to take the criticism lying down. He quickly responded to the fan’s tweet with a thoughtful message. “If these are your pillars of strength, I’m sorry, beautiful people. I believe every man is a total man. But I hate with passion a negative person. With all the power we have as human beings, you can’t be living life as a slave to your negative thoughts. Then you spew to all of us when it hurts. You,” Juliani wrote.

Juliani’s response has been praised by many fans and industry colleagues, who have applauded him for standing up to negativity and for his belief in himself and his music. It is clear that Juliani is not going to let anyone stop him from doing what he loves, and he is excited to share his music with his fans at his upcoming exclusive show.

Juliani Praises Baby Mama Brenda Warimu For Supportive Co-Parenting

Kenyan singer Juliani has expressed his appreciation for his baby mama, actress Brenda Warimu, lauding her for her supportive role in their co-parenting journey.

During an interview on TUKO Extra, Juliani emphasized that successful co-parenting greatly depends on the personalities and attitudes of the individuals involved.

He described Brenda as a good person who prioritizes the well-being of their child. Juliani believes that because Brenda wants the best for their child, she goes the extra mile to ensure he gets quality time with their daughter Amor.

Juliani also highlighted Brenda’s supportive nature, mentioning that she often steps in when needed.

“It’s a people thing. Mother wa mtoi wangu is a good person. She wants the best for her child, and I don’t think she wants the worst for me.

“Because she wants the best for her child then it’s automatic that she will go the extra mile to make sure that I see the child and hang out. Some things if I can’t do she does,” Juliani said.

However, Juliani also acknowledged that co-parenting can be challenging at times, especially when one parent is unable to contribute as much as the other. In such cases, seeking assistance can be a solution.

“Hata uweke kwa karatasi, bado ni msee tu. Kama ni mtu mpoa ni mpoa tu. She’s very supportive. Kuna siku wewe uko poa utaspend time na mtoi more. So wewe kama uko nayo sahi, and if you can give at that particular time, just give.

“Wachana na kama huyu atapatiana ama hatapatiana. If you don’t have pia unasema sina hii nguvu na maybe utasaidiwa na mamako ama baba ya mtoto wako,” he said.

Juliani’s praise for Brenda is a reminder that co-parenting can be successful when both parents are committed to working together. It is also a reminder that it is important to be supportive of each other, even when things are tough.

Juliani And Lillian Ng’ang’a Enjoy Quality Time At Boniface Mwangi’s Birthday

Juliani and Lillian Nganga celebrated their best friend Boniface Mwangi’s 40th birthday party on Saturday, July 15. The lovebirds dazzled in lovely outfits, with Lillian wearing a short stylish black dress and high heels, and Juliani wearing black trousers, a matching t-shirt, and shoes of the same color.

Lillian shared a photo of herself and Juliani on social media, captioning it with a smiling face with heart-shaped eyes emoji, which means love. She also shared a video of Juliani performing his song “Pages za Bible” as guests cheered and some joined in singing.

Other celebrities who attended the party included Martha Karua, Chief Justice Willy Mutunga, and comedienne Zeddy.

Juliani also revealed some mind-blowing details about his young family. He said that he, his wife, and their son were all born on the same date, 22, but in different months and years.

This means that the three of them share a birthday, albeit in different ways. Juliani was born on February 22, Lillian was born on September 22, and their son was born on December 22.

The couple’s shared birthday is a unique and special bond that they will always share. It is a reminder of the love and connection that they have for each other, and for their son.

Juliani silences breakup rumours about him and Lilian Ng’ang’a

Juliani’s rapper wife Lilian Nganga lavishly celebrated her 38th birthday.

The couple commemorated the momentous occasion with an alluring birthday picture shoot where they captured priceless moments with their darling kid, Utheri.

Juliani planned a pleasant surprise for his loving wife out of love and admiration.

My birthday is April 22. Mpenzi wangu’s (my love) is June 22. Ler, our son, was born on July 22. 2 much!

As a warm welcome to Lilian’s new age, a special meal was made, complete with an attractive display of white flowers and a gorgeously decorated chocolate cake.
In addition, Juliani showed off his better half and shared pictures they had taken together, including some of them with their 11-month-old kid Utheri.

Notably, Juliani couldn’t help but notice the odd alignment of important events in their lives when they were celebrating.

Juliani went on to say how much he loved Lilian and how much happiness and joy she has brought into his life.

“Nyar Okuyu. Lady lovely. Msichana switi, peremende. Gal sambaratisha my heart. Miss mwah! Mwah! Mtoto fine thank you. Happy birthday, Mpenzi,” Juliani declared, his heartfelt words resonating with deep affection.

Juliani Treats Wife Lillian Ng’ang’a On Her 38th Birthday

Lilian Nganga, the spouse of rapper Juliani praised her 38th birthday celebration in style.

The couple denoted the extraordinary event with a dazzling birthday photograph shoot, catching remarkable minutes with their charming child, Utheri.

In a showcase of affection and reverence, Juliani organized a wonderful treat for his dearest spouse.

An extraordinary supper was ready, finished with a rich showcase of white blossoms and a delightfully embellished chocolate cake, all filling in as a warm greeting to Lilian’s new age.

Juliani likewise shared photographs they took together, incorporating some with their 11-month-old child, Utheri, and spoiled his soul mate with affection.

Juliani further expressed his profound love for Lilian, overwhelmed by the immeasurable joy and happiness she brings into his life.

“Nyar Okuyu. Lady lovely. Msichana switi, peremende. Gal sambaratisha my heart. Miss mwah! Mwah! Mtoto fine thank you. Happy birthday, Mpenzi,” Juliani declared, his heartfelt words resonating with deep affection.

Lilian, equally elated on her special day, took the opportunity to gracefully embrace her 38th year.


Juliani’s Absence of Birthday Wishes for Wife Lilian Ng’ang’a Sparks Speculation

Gospel musician and human rights activist Juliani has sparked speculation about his marriage after he failed to wish his wife, Lilian Ng’ang’a, a happy birthday on social media.

Ng’ang’a turned 37 years old on June 22, 2023, but Juliani did not post any birthday wishes for her on his social media accounts. This led some fans to believe that there may be trouble in paradise for the couple.

Ng’ang’a herself did not address the absence of birthday wishes from her husband on social media. However, she did post a photo of herself on Instagram with the caption “hoy es mi cumpleanos (today is my birthday!)!”

Some fans interpreted this as a subtle way of expressing her disappointment with Juliani. Others speculated that the couple may be going through a rough patch in their marriage.

Juliani has not commented on the speculation about his marriage. However, he did post a photo of himself with Meghan Markle on Instagram on the same day that Ng’ang’a celebrated her birthday. This photo further fueled speculation that there may be problems in the couple’s relationship.

It is unclear what is going on between Juliani and Ng’ang’a. However, the absence of birthday wishes from Juliani and the photo of him with Meghan Markle have certainly raised eyebrows.

Only time will tell what is next for Juliani and Ng’ang’a. However, the speculation about their marriage is sure to continue until they address the issue themselves.

Juliani Explains Why He’s Broke And Had To Seek For Financial Assistance (Video)

Kenyan singer Juliani is still trending on social media following his uncanny appeal for financial assistance to cater for his son in tandem with Lillian Ng’ang’a.
The musician has not only received trolls over his appeal, but has also roped in Alfred Mutua into the online tiff inexplicably.
A section of fans believe that Mutua should chip in and help the struggling Juliani and his current wife Lillian, who doubles up as the ex-wife.

Juliani Responds

In response to all the ambivalent online reactions, Juliani has come clean to admit he’s actually kind of broke.
His reason for being broke is spending his own money on his projects.

Juliani also explains how remarks made by controversial media personality Andrew Kibe about his financial status hurt him.

He explained that when his son was born he had anticipated spending at least six months exclusive time with him; which he’s currently not able to achieve because of his numerous errands.

“I do not mind trolls, I actually find some of them funny. Jana when Kibe mentioned my child I was like it’s funny but to me it was a little bit serious. When my child was born I gave myself three to six months to just spend and soak in all this, help the mum and just be present as a dad to my second child. But I couldn’t because earlier that month I did an event called Nairobi start-up week. I put my money into it and if you notice throughout for the last three years anything I have done I have been putting my money into it. I do not have sponsors or investors. So I am not able to spend time with my son right now because I am running around trying to pay debts trying to achieve some of the things I told myself I want to achieve,” he said.

The singer admitted that he’s indeed broke, but has enough to feed himself and cater for his basic needs. Watch his full video below;


‘Niko Broke Mtoi Anahitaji Pampers” Juliani Seeks Financial Assistance From Kenyans After Siring Son With Lillian Ng’ang’a

 Rapper Juliani and former Machakos first lady Lilian Ng’ang’a are barraged by financial constraints after the arrival of their first born son, which they announced weeks ago.

Juliani also stated that he did not want to tell the public about it yet but he was super excited.

Speaking in an interview with YouTuber Presenter Ali, Juliani broke the news that they received their bundle of joy weeks ago.

Juliani expressed how grateful he was to become a dad again.

He also spoke about his new experience with his son, saying it was different from when he was raising a daughter.

The singer, who has been off the limelight for several days after the announcement, has now divulged he’s seeking for financial assistance, citing that he can’t afford to buy diapers for his son.

Struggling Rapper

The singer shared via his tweeter how he’s struggling to survive. He shared his pay bill number and pleaded with netizens to send any amount. The singer was heavily criticized for not cosseting Lillian liken her ex-hubby Alfred Mutua. Either way, the singer is still seeking help from netizens.



Lilian Ng’ang’a flaunts ring for first time after wedding Juliani

Lilian Nganga and Juliani apparently exchanged vows at a private wedding – that saw only close friends and family attend.

Juliani weds Lilian Ng’ang’a

The wedding however happened a few weeks after Ng’ang’a dropped her title as Machakos’ first Lady; now that her relationship with Governor Alfred Mutua was over.

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With rumors of a private wedding, of course fans expected to see more photos from the ceremony…the deco maybe, wedding cake and mostly the bands!  But judging from how private both Juliani and Lilian Nganga are, it was obvious that fans would have to wait longer, for that day to come.

Finally the wedding ring

But thanks to Lilian’s latest photodump on the gram, we finally got to see a photo of her wearing what looks like a simple wedding band on her left ring finger.

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Lilian Ng’ang’a flaunts wedding ring

Although we could not get a clearer photo to show details of the ring, all we know is that Juliani was also spotted with the same wedding band a few weeks ago.

Clearly with this photo I guess it’s safe to say Lilian Nganga is Juliani’s legal wife and the exes cannot compete with that…. No?

Juliani gets emotional while responding to fan who called him ‘Ugly’

Social media can literally ruin your entire day with a just one comment. Well, if you think I’m joking then ask Juliani who woke up this morning to share a new photo; which  he probably saw fit to upload on his page – only to receive backlash.

On the photo shared early this morning Juliani is seen serving a fresh face probably straight from having his first meal of the day; but for some reason a few fans felt that he didn’t look so appealing.

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A fan identified as went on to throw shade at the fact that Lilian Ng’ang’a ditched Alfred Mutua; for someone like Juliani in a comment where they wrote;


Nimeamini love is blind????

Juliani feeling hurt

Well, it’s obvious that this particular fan felt Juliani’s face game is just not to cute to look at; a move that also seems to have hurt Juliani’s feelings.

Responding to the troll comment, Juliani decided to leave what appears to be an emotional comment where he wrote;

@anne_perer I really feel sad for you. How small can you think yourself. That you wants up to a strangers comment to he seen. Before this post, no one here knew you existed. You are now seen. I pray you find healing in whatever inakusumbua. I pray you flourish in all you do. Juu you must be really sad to truly put people down just to feel good about yourself.

If you thought after this comment Juliani decided to chill off then you must not really know him.

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Unlike other celebs who are used to being trolled, Juliani saw an opportunity to get  dirty with the online fans as he went on to hit harder saying;

I don’t usually do this. But I got a few minutes. I looked at your profiles in a normal day I wouldn’t even look at you twice. You can be better. Roho safi ndio urembo, filter haziezi fanya miracles.

Juliani finally speaks about his coparenting relationship with ex girlfriend, Brenda Wairimu

Rapper Juliani has been making headlines all thanks to his new found love, Lilian Ng’ang’a. For some reason, she seems to have brought Juliani’s career back to life; I mean, so far he has had back to back interviews hence boosting his career.

Juliani with new lover, Lilian Ng’ang’a

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With him spilling details of his relationship with Lilian Ng’ang’a; Netizens have also realized that unlike his previous relationships – Juliani appears more proud; and contented that he bagged a woman that is just his type.

Speaking of past relationships – rapper Juliani has always kept his affairs on the low; expect for the relationship he had with one Brenda Wairimu who is currently an ex but doubles up as his baby mama.

Juliani with baby mama, Brenda Wairimu

Just like most couples, the two ended things wait, Juliani claims Ms Wairimu dumped him due to some issues here and there but it’s not something he actually regrets. Speaking about this experience Juliani told Standard Media house;

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  Initially there were issues, she left and that is the most beautiful thing that happened to me. Don’t get it twisted.
When you are in a relationship you always assume you are doing what the other person loves but it’s not always the case.

Co parenting

From his confession it’s easy to tell that the guy feels he may have taken Brenda Wairimu for granted in t the past; but all this changed after parting ways as he now sees her different.

She is an amazing person, she is super supportive; and if that breakup never happened I couldn’t see her the way I see her now.

In a different interview with Switch TV’s chatspot; Juliani opened up about father hood saying;

Kuwa na mtoi is the most beautiful thing and nashukuru mungu sana. Na pia matha yake nimpoa tu sana.

Brenda Wairimu with Juliani

Speaking about his relationship with Brenda, singer Juliani said;

I mean, she’s the mother of my child and I can’t take that away from her. She’s really been helping kwa hii process yote, makes sure naona mtoi, kuspend time na mtoi. I’m trying my level best kuprovide. I may not be together with her like in a relationship or romantically but kama madha wa mtoi wangu namrespect sana. And she’s also a good person

Juliani Explains Qualities Of Lillian Ng’ang’a That Made Him Fall In Love With Her (Video)

Love is indeed a beautiful thing. Even though not everyone is always lucky to meet the love of their life, it’s always believed that there’s someone for everyone; at least that’s what lovebirds teach us. For Kenyan artist Juliani, meeting Governor Alfred Mutua’s ex-wife Lillian Ng’ang’a was a blessing.

Juliani Discloses He Met His New Bae Lillian Ng'ang'a Months Before Going  Public - The Sauce
Juliani and Lillian Ng’ang’a-Google

They made their perpetual love known to the public a few weeks ago; shortly after Lillian Ng’ang’a separated with governor Alfred Mutua. Juliani was however, scolded by Kenyans on twitter for ‘snatching’ the governor’s wife.

On the other hand, Alfred Mutua maintained that their separation was amicably done and was a mutual one. They had a lot together, including businesses which they had started together. In their statement, they confirmed that they were still good friends and would still keep in touch.

Alfred Mutua Confirms Relationship with Wife Ended Amicably: "We Were a  Happy Power Couple" ▷ Tuko.co.ke
Lillian Nganga and ex-hubby Alfred Mutua-Google

Anyway, Juliani had met Lillian even before she separated with her ex-hubby. According to the 37 year old musical artist, Ng’ang’a has a good personality and a focused mind. In an interview with Standard, he claims that these are among the qualities that made him fall for her;

”I met her like early June ama mid-June. Kama mwanaume sikulala darasani. Nashukuru Mungu. Si complain sana. Mafans wajipange. I haven’t seen many women like that. Clarity of mind, clarity of purpose, the kind of things she values… Anajiheshimu.”

Even though Juliani has been receiving death threats for loving Lillian, it’s now evident that they’re deeply in love with each other and there’s no stopping them.

Juliani reveals when he ‘first met’ Governor Alfred Mutua’s now ex wife, Lilian Ng’ang’a

Rapper Juliani recently held a candid interview with Charle Otieno from KTN; and from what he said – mmmh Juliani wants us to think that he has only known Lilian for 3 months. Uongo!

This is after the interviewer Charles Otieno went on to inquire when the two love birds met; and probably without thinking Juliani responded by saying;

Lilian gushing over Juliani

Lilian, I met her like early or mid-June (this year). As a man I did not sleep in class.

Well, his answer could also mean something else; that is probably if he assumed the question was inquiring when he first made his move to date Lilian. Which would perfectly explain the ‘June this year’ response.

Juliani and Lilian Ng’ang’as friendship

If my memory serves me right, I bet there is a photo/video of Juliani and Lilian Ng’ang’a attending Chief Justice Willy Mutunga birthday sometime in early 2020.

Lilian Ng’ang’a

But Juliani for some reason thinks fans forgot about this; and now more than ever – most fans feel that this relationship didn’t begin just the other day.

Anyway, at least now the couple doesn’t have to hide their love in fear of Governor Alfred Mutua. But again, the heart wants what it wants and Lilian chose to be with Juliani.

Juliani Opens Up On Receiving Threats Accusing Him Of Stealing Lillian Ng’ang’a From Alfred Mutua

After confirming a romantic relationship with Lillian Nga’ng’a, Juliani is not living a peaceful life. According to Juliani, most people claim he purloined Governor Alfred Mutua’s ex-wife and lured her to a trap; forcing her to separate from the governor.

KOT throws Juliani at the Center of Alfred Mutua & Lillian Nganga's  separation | Pulselive Kenya
Lillian Ng’ang’a and Alfred Mutua-Google

He’s now being threatened by netizens. This comes just a day after he made the confirmation on his social media;

”Asante sana for all who’ve reached out the past couple of weeks. Mola awazidishie. No need for a statement about the obvious issue. I know you can think for yourselves. Draw your own conclusions. I believe in you.”

Their separation was however, an amicable one- at least from the statements which they shared online.

However, it’s now needless to say that Lillian already had her plan B even before leaving Alfred.

In the midst of all this, Juliani is not having peace. Taking to his twitter account, he disclosed that he has been getting threats. He wrote;

”How now can you “iba mtu”?! An intelligent adult with a sound mind. The call/text threat on my life today, NOT funny! “ulinyang’anyana” narrative is false,tired,juicy headlines tu. Kindly STOP! For the threats, usi aim face,na prefer niki smile kwa open casket.


On the other hand, Ng’ang’a is still silent over the issue; but she’s probably enjoying the love with her new catch.

Juliani confirms romantic relationship with former Machakos First Lady

For the past few weeks Juliani has making headlines thanks to his alleged relationship with Lilian Ng’ang’a.

Yes, the singer took away a whole governor’s wife just like that; leaving many of us wondering what kind of vibe Juliani has – that outmatched all that money in Machakos Governor’s bank.

Lilian Ng’ang’a chilling with Juliani

But it is what is!

Anyway with a new photo from Juliani moments before deleting it; his relationship with Lilian Ng’ang’a became obvious; and although they are ‘trying’ to hide from their online fans; something about Juliani’s calculative moves seem to prove that he wants the world to know about his new found love.

Juliani and bestie, Lilian

Juliani confirming relationship?

As seen on his latest tweet, Juliani thanks those who reached out to him; (probably about the relationship) in a statement where he wrote;

Music star Juliani

Asante sana for all who’ve reached out the past couple of weeks. Mola awazidishie.

On the same detailed post; Juliani went on to make it known that the rumors surrounding his relationship with Ng’ang’a are true. Although he did not use the exact words on my paragraph; the young man however wrote;

No need for a statement about the obvious issue. I know you can think for yourselves. Draw your own conclusions. I believe in you.

Juliani romantically involved with Governor Alfred Mutua’s ex wife, Lilian Ng’ang’a?

Word making rounds on social media is that former Machakos First Lady, Lilian Ng’ang’a; recently dumped husband, Alfred Mutua for rapper, Juliani.

However we cannot confirm this, but all we know is that the Lilian Ng’ang’a; and Alfred Mutua are currently separated after 10 years being together.

The two confirmed the news through their social media pages where they announced their separation; but truth is – clearly Mutua wasn’t ready to part ways with wifey, but si ni life?

Anyway, with everyone talking about the breakup – Juliani has found himself in the middle of the drama; as he is said to be the reason why Lilian left husband without a second thought.

Photos of Lilian and Juliani

Most fans seem convinced that Juliani and Lilian are together thanks to a few of their photos shared on social media.

Well at first the photos seemed innocent until the birthday post shared by Lilian; where she was seen hanging out with Juliani.

Lilian Ng’ang’a posts new photo alongside, alleged lover Juliani


Juliani and bestie, Lilian

Edgar Obare’s student spills tea

Well, apart from the photos shared above, we also understand that Juliani; and Lilian have been going on public dates that is judging from reports shared by one of Edgar Obare’s students.

The student a few day’s ago went on to a share a post saying;

Obare’s Student

Although the lady did not get the chance to take any photos; Mike Sonko’s threat to ‘Msanii’ May have just confirmed the rumors.

We just don’t give Juliani enough credit

Say what you want but anyone who is into Hip Hop will tell you that Julius Owino, better known as Juliani is one of the best Kenyan lyricists ever. Actually, he’s the best, there is no debate about that.

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In his heyday, he treated us to some of the best Kenyan songs that you will ever listen to. His wordplay, rhymes and flow were on point and you just wanted to keep listening to him as he did his thing.


Although he identified as a gospel artist after leaving Kalamashaka and Mau Mau he would make songs that address social injustices or the plight of his community and deliver it in an impeccable way.

Although he has won many accolades for the role that he has played in the local entertainment industry, I don’t think he is given enough credit and I hope you will allow me to explain my reasoning.

You see, many Kenyans generally don’t appreciate Hip Hop. A good number would rather listen to club bangers than music from an artist like Juliani that will leave you scratching your head. It’s the sad truth.


To make matters worse, Juliani identified as a gospel artists at a time when rapping God’s word was seen as going against the norm. So here is an artist who has a small following and it is lessened because he is seen as a rebel.

So this left Juliani underappreciated and as much as he tried to penetrate the local music industry, I feel he did not and it is largely because of the aforementioned reasons.

On the brighter side though, we can say that he influenced more artists to start doing gospel rap. When the history of Kenyan gospel rap is written, he should be given a whole chapter. Just saying.

Why Juliani quit the gospel music industry!

Singer Juliani has come out to tell his fans not to expect any new gospel music from him. This comes just a few weeks before he releases his fourth album as promised on his social media pages.

Having had a humble background, Juliani did not have it easy while growing up. He faced the rough side of life that inspired him to aim higher; and years later the singer is recognized as one of the most talented acts in the country.

Speaking recently during an interview, Juliani opened up revealing why he has not been releasing any new gospel music. Well according to him, this is because he has been focusing on social justice; a topic that many hustlers from the hood would relate with!


Juliani quits gospel music

He went on to add that he cannot pretend to be praising while people are dying of hunger; yet no one wants to address such matters. He went on to say;

I got saved in 2005 but sio ati mimi ni Mkirsto mzuri. I got involved with the community with Mau Mau and Kalamashaka then I started doing music.

Life in the hood

He went on to add that having grown up in the hood; he has enough issues which he can help address through his music. He went on to say;

I come from the hood and you can’t talk about what you don’t know. Even if I’m to sing gospel songs, I can’t sing praise and worship while I see people go hungry.


For him, what matters most is making changes in the society as he understands the issues most people in the ghetto go through. In conclusion the father of one adorable baby girl said;

You have to talk about what you are going through and your interpretation of life at that particular time. So it was easier for me that way.


Also, because of my background with Mau Mau and K-Shaka, I couldn’t just talk about one thing and not document what’s happening at that particular time in my life and the people around me.

Eric Musyoka, the iconic producer who took Kenyan music to greater heights

It’s hard to talk about Kenyan music without mentioning the name of Decimal Records CEO Eric Musyoka, popularly known as Musyox. He has been very instrumental in shaping the Kenyan sound.

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In the early to mid 2000s when Calif Records and Ogopa Deejays were beefing, the award-winning producer, who is now 38, was working at Homeboyz Entertianment.


While at the stable which is owned by the Rabar family, Musyoka produced songs for the musicians like; Prezzo, TID, Mr Lenny, Nameless, AY, Wyre, Peter Miles, Nikki, Nonini, just to name a few.

He then took a break and went for further studies at the SAE Institute in the US in 2006. Upon his return, he formed Decimal Records and signed P-Unit.

If you ask me, I will tell you that the group that was made up Frasha, Bon Eye and Gabu is one of Musyoka’s greatest achievements to this day. He literally propelled them to greater heights.

Musyoka and Bon Eye

What most people do not know is that the three started off as Nonini’s dancers and back-up singers and by 2010 they had won several awards including a MTV Africa Music Award (MAMA). Take a moment and let that sink in.

At Decimal, Musyoka has also worked with Just A Band, Juliani, Daddy Owen, Sauti Sol, Elani, Octopizzo and many more. Put simply, there is a high chance that he has produced a jam for your favourite Kenyan artist.

When all is said and done, he will be remembered for nurturing talents and taking Kenyan music to the continental stage because he started  producing music at a time when most artists were just focusing on their local audiences.

Musyoka is one of the producers who changed the game by ensuring our music could transcend our borders and this led to artists getting so many shows outside the country.

He’s a legend in his own right and it saddens me that most people will realize this after he hangs up his boots because as they say, you never miss something until it’s gone.

Watch one of his most popular jams dubbed Furahi Day by Nonini and Nameless below.


Juliani hints baby mama, Actress Brenda Wairimu is obsessed with material possessions

This past weekend gospel artist Juliani opened up about his private life while speaking to Betty Kyallo on Up Close.

For the very first time Juliani confirmed that he was no longer in a relationship with his baby mama Brenda Wairimu for almost two years now.

This however comes a few months after Brenda Wairimu revealed that she was no longer seeing Juliani; however she was not in a hurry to start dating anybody else.

“I was in a serious relationship for eight years, if not more. I’m slowly learning how to date again. That does not mean I am desperate to get someone. Besides, I am not sure when I will be ready for something serious,”

Juliani opens up

Anyway during Juliani’s interview with Betty Kyallo, the singer praised his baby mama for being the perfect mother to their daughter despite their ups and downs. He opened up saying;

Juliani with Brenda Wairimu and their daughter

“We haven’t been together for almost two years, with Brenda. She is a great mother, she is a good human being and she has been helpful, helping me raise my child, understanding. So as a person namwombea mema. Naomba God afungue njia yake in all the things she is planning to do. I still spend time with my daughter. I spent like four days with her just the other day kwa hao. I try my level best to be there, but I spend as much time with her. At least the mother is helpful in that she is always trying to make me spend more time with her, even when najidai niko busy.”

What however caught most people’s attention is the fact that Juliani hunted that his ex was too concerned with material possessions pushing their relationship to break. He concluded saying;

“So me this time nikiwa in a relationship it won’t be “give me, give me, give me” it will be all about what can I give to make it thrive. Ukiwa kwa hii environment yangu hata kama the next day hautanilike but utasema, my experience with this guy I became a better person. Nikifika hiyo level nitashukuru mungu sana,”

Timmy Tdat Vs Willy Paul Vs Khaligraph: Who is the best live performer?

When you attend a gig, you expect to be entertained and this largely depends on the performers and what they do on stage. Truth is, anyone can get on stage but very few people can own it. (I sound like a motivational speaker at this point).

I have attended a couple of gigs over the last few years and watched some on YouTube and in my honest opinion some of the best live Kenyan performers are; The Kansoul, Jua Cali, Juliani, Nameless, Sauti Sol, Avril, Timmy Tdat, Willy Paul and Khaligraph Jones.

Today, we’ll focus on the last three names because they are individuals who are current i.e. they don’t belong to any groups and they have been in the game for almost the same period of time and they are still relevant to date.

We would like to find out who among the three you consider the best live performer and why. What makes each of them stand out and why? We want to know how they manage to pull large crowds to their events.

Willy Paul

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

Apart from having mad energy while performing, the Tam Tam hitmaker is known to pull stunts on stage. He always does something unexpected perhaps this is why his fans can’t get enough of him.

Timmy Tdat

Timmy Tdat

The Kipopo hitmaker is not only energetic, he also knows how to interact with the crowd. To add to that, he’s likely to dance seductively with a girl on stage during a gig.

Khaligraph Jones

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones

The O.G as he is popularly known is good at crowd control. He’s not jumpy like the other two but if you attend his gig, you’ll definitely get value for your money. He has a unique style of entertaining his fans and in my opinion, it works for him.

According to you, who among the three is the be best live performer? Tell us!

Are Kenyan gospel musicians asleep?

I honestly feel like Kenyan gospel musicians are deep in slumber. I’m saying this because I feel that the gospel industry is not as vibrant as it was a few years ago. I feel like it has stagnated.

If you are an avid fan of Kenyan music then I’m sure you remember how the gospel industry was big five to ten years ago. Can you?

M.O.G performing on stage
M.O.G performing on stage

The gospel industry was so enormous so much so that secular artists were almost unheard of, no one even cared about them or what they were up.

The biggest song in the country at any given time was from the likes of DK Kwenye Beat, Juliani, Willy Paul, M.O.G, Benachi, Daddy Owen, Bahati, Gloria Muliro, Eunice Njeri, Mercy Masika etc.

I don’t know what happened but somewhere along the way, the secular industry overtook took over. We can debate about this until the come home but deep down you also know that this is a fact.

The gospel music is not what it was five to ten years and this begs begs the question, are Kenyan gospel musicians asleep, did they get too comfortable or are they just lazy?

Gloria Muliro
Gloria Muliro

I know it’s not a competition between the two sides. After all, they are all Kenyan. As a Christian, it just gives me comfort when the gospel industry is at the top.

Don’t get me wrong, I listen to a lot of secular music. Yup! From Sauti Sol to Ethic, anything goes. I have nothing against secular musicians.

It’s just I really miss that days when gospel music was the order of the day. Those days when gospel gigs had the biggest crowds. The days when gospel musicians were really praising God with music.

This is a clarion call to all Kenyan gospel musicians. Enough said!

Brenda Wairumu hints that baby daddy Juliani dumped her?

Kenyans have been wondering what happened to gospel singer Juliani and his sexy baby mama Brenda Wairimu. The two have been staying away from each other, at least online, leaving Kenyans with questions whether they are still dating.

Not together anymore?

In a recent social media post, Wairimu hinted that they might be not together saying:

“Blink away tears and walk forward, even if the first step hurts…because we grow fearless, by walking into our fears,” she said.

This comes after Juliani, in an interview, said that Brenda is not humble and even dedicated a song to her in his new album.

“I have a song that will reveal to you guys whether we are still dating or not but as far as what I have learned is human beings have ego. Binadamu hujidai sana, until you get them in hospital sick or dead. It is high time we humble ourselves especially in relationships and avoid including ego,” said Juliani. 

Gospel singer Juliani: “I would sell my kidney to meet Jay Z”

Gospel singer Juliani is a man who is well known for his lyrics and poetic saying in his music. Apart from that he seems to be one guy who prefers to lay low to avoid getting stalked.

However, Juliani has given many a reason to talk following a tweet shared on his Twitter. The gospel artiste reveals that he would actually sell his kidney to meet Elon Musk or Jay Z. Well, if this is the only way he could afford his flight then why not. He wrote saying;

If I got an email today that I need to pay my flight, accommodation to have a minute with Elon musk or Jay Z. I would sell a kidney.

Though this was said on a light note, there are obviously who felt that his statement was too much for a gospel artiste.

Juliani to wed his baby mama, Brenda Wairimu

After welcoming their first child together, Juliani finally proposed to Brenda Wairimu and the two are set to walk down the aisle soon.

Brenda Wairimu on the other hand has been building her career through her talk show on Ebru TV as well as other projects on the side.