Juliani Needs To Stop Whining About Being Dissed

Someone needs to tell Juliani that there is nothing as off-putting as a man who constantly whines. That fact is multiplied by the nth factor when the man complains about people telling him his looks are “personal”.

Juliani gets emotional while responding to fan who called him ‘Ugly’

he was on social media posting his usual “hot takes” on the Bible and some of his female fans began to mock him for being ugly. While the irony of women participating in body-shaming is not lost on me, I was irritated to see the nonsense he responded with. It’s also funny that his feminist friends did not jump to his defence and lecture us about body-shaming.

Juliani records police statement

The fact of the matter is that Juliani is not a stunner. He doesn’t have drop-dead gorgeous looks. Do you want to tell me that he has lived for 40 years on Earth and not accepted this truth? Was it so Earth-shattering for him to the point where he went ape-shit?

Juliani finally speaks about his coparenting relationship with ex girlfriend, Brenda Wairimu

Like fam, is he that far removed from reality that the idea that women would not find him attractive is something worthy of a response? Mans has the other two factors that make a man high value on lock. He has status. He has money. Why is he belly-aching about not having looks? Mans like Seal made it work. Humphrey Boggart too though I doubt most of you know who that is.

Also, Juliani is showing his low self-esteem. It’s peaking as he gets to tweaking. This fool is overlooking the fact that he is one of the most envied men in Kenya. He has had some very spleng tings -complete dime pieces- on his arm. He had Brenda Wairimu back when she was hot. I recall being in high school (or was I in primary?) and envying him. He then dated a hot chingchong who one of my mentors intimated he was with while concurrently being with Brenda.

Juliani reveals when he ‘first met’ Governor Alfred Mutua’s now ex wife, Lilian Ng’ang’a

And now he has fulfilled the ultimate dream of a lot of brokebois (context) when he took Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua’s wifey. Like fam, when we as a society see a man with a personal face (and by the way I think he is just average looking) with spleng tings we begin to wonder whether it is his dig ol bick or his money. In this case, the former is what many are wondering about. Mans is being given adulation for his bedroom game and he is here crying about -lets even say 50 fatties he wouldn’t touch? That is an insecurity he needs to patch up.

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Why We Are Excited About Juliani-Lillian Relationship

Juliani and Lillian Ng’anga seem to have confirmed that they are an item and we couldnae be more excited about the entire turn of events. First for me personally, because it gives credence to what Edgar Obare had pointed out and secondly because it speaks to schadenfreude.

Juliani Opens Up On Receiving Threats Accusing Him Of Stealing Lillian Ng’ang’a From Alfred Mutua

And that is the very thing I think this whole affair has highlighted to me about who we are as a society: we love to see the underdog win. And make no mistake about it, in every sense of the word, Juliani is the underdog here as he is poetically up against a full, sitting governor in the form of Alfred Mutua.

Juliani death threat

And the object of their affection, Lillian Ng’ang’a is a thing of beauty but she is not some hapless child with no agency. She is actually surprisingly independent and self-driven. And we saw that in her personality the day she decided to walk away from her enormously wealthy former hubby. She matches to beat of her own drum.

Uliamua Kuiba Bibi Ya Governor? Wild Reactions From Fans As Juliani Confirms Relationship With Lillian Ng’ang’a

You see, in Juliani and Lillian Ng’ang’a we see a former ghetto boy who increased his station in life and is now managing to pull women who otherwise would never have looked in his direction. He has elevated who he is to the point these women look beyond his background and see him for the man he is.

Lilian Ng’ang’a posts new photo alongside, alleged lover Juliani

We can live vicariously through him. But make no mistake about it, it is also sweet that he seems to have taken away a powerful, wealthy man’s woman. This is what excites the men. For women I would imagine it is similar to the brute vs gentleman fantasy.

Juliani confirms romantic relationship with former Machakos First Lady

And, apparently, it has caused enough of an issue that Mike Sonko spoke about the matter and said that this is a normal part of life. Yup, Mike Sonko, in his usual crass way said that in life, you take a few men’s women and you lose your women to better men.

Lilian Ng’ang’a chilling with Juliani

What is however giving me pause for thought is the fact that Juliani is now receiving death threats. Things should never get to that point. Whomever it is who is threatening the rapper needs to stop because no woman is worth deleting a fellow man over nor is any woman worth risking serving a jail term in Kenyan prisons.

What Juliani should be doing with the ongoing Alfred Mutua Rumours

Then again, what do I know? Simps are gonna simp and this entire situation is something that has left the stench of simps in the air. I just hope that Juliani and Lillian Ng’ang’a do not fizzle out because we need some excitement and their relationship delivers on exactly this.

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What Juliani should be doing with the ongoing Alfred Mutua Rumours

Juliani has been linked by some unscrupulous people to the demise of the relationship between Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua and his ex-wife, Lillian Ng’ang’a.

Juliani romantically involved with Governor Alfred Mutua’s ex wife, Lilian Ng’ang’a?

For some unknown reason, people have decided that he was enjoying carnal knowledge if the governor’s wife and even Mike Sonko, Nairobi’s disgraced governor commented on the matter:

Juliani and bestie, Lilian

My fellow bloggers, can you keep off Governor Alfred Mutua’s private life? Kukula na kukuliwa is normal and part of life. Hata nyinyi mabibi zenu wanakulwa tu vile munakulana nje but hawawezi kubali mujue vile tu nyinyi hamukubali wao wajue mukikulana nje. @ngangalillian, you are a strong woman and continue being strong especially during this difficult time when you are undergoing challenges. We say behind every successful man there’s a woman.

Anyway, Juliani hasn’t spoken on the matter and who can blame him? This entire fiasco is playing out like the script of a Bollywood movie.

Actress Brenda Wairimu spills the tea on breakup from Juliani

Just last week, he and his ex-wife, Brenda Wairimu were linked to an online tiff. Again, this was the imagination of alot of people as he quickly cleared the air and revealed he was not infact fighting with the mother of his child.

Music star Juliani

Anyway, I for one believe that Juliani is completely mishandling this situation. While he is busy viewing it as a personal failure, he is forgetting that this is also a golden opportunity.

“Achana na msichana wa wenyewe!” Juliani warns hater for mocking his relationship with Brenda Wairimu

What he needs to be doing is pushing his damn projects! It is really infuriating that he has completely refused to push his music or whatever the hell it is he has been working on.


Juliani doesn’t realize it but the fact that I and alot of other people have no inkling as to what he has been upto these past few days is an issue.

Juliani threatens to sue Jubilee Party over copyright infringement

And now that he has the country’s collective attention, he is squandering it on trying to be prim and proper instead of being shameless in his self promotion.


Someone needs to slap him. Juliani needs to be told what-for and he needs to start engaging the people who are hungry for gossip about him instead of hiding like a shy prepubescent boy.

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Kenyan artists are mining gold hosting live shows, and not stopping even after the pandemic

Hollywood star Idris Elba proved his prowess away from the screen to host an electric live show tagged Africa Day Benefit Concert @ Home in celebration of Africa Day, on 25th May 2020. The concert was break from the normal, thanks to changing times occasioned by the global Covid-19 pandemic.

The exclusively African show was awash with a stellar cast of regional celebrities to make the online concert a digital musical talent footprint. In normal times, this cast would have graced the red carpet in the characteristic VIP treatment vibe, but well, times change.

Idris Elba had a terrific time hosting stars Bebe Cool, Yemi Alade, Sauti Sol, Burna Bwoy amongst others. Also making an appearance was South African stand-up comedian and TV host, Trevor Noah.

Closer home, Kenyan stars have had to re-package their brands to remain relevant in the dynamic industry. In the earlier times physical shows and concerts would give an artist instant feedback from their fans, but would be a handicap of sorts – their fan base would be restricted. Only the artists familiar with their work would be available.

A live, online show has a greater reach. An artist easily interests and captures followers beyond their normal fan base. This is great, especially post-pandemic with promise of sold out shows inclusive of the new following achieved in live YouTube and IG shows.

In Kenya, it’s hard to credit the most memorable live show. The list is impressive. They have had to learn on the job – there’s no handbook to learn from!

Music fans have been treated to the One Day Concert, by the eclectic performing artist Juliani. This show had a striking ‘Fight Inequality – Fight Covid-19’ theme. Another regular concert that took refuge online is the iconic Koroga Festival on Sunday 24th, which featured artists Zzero Sufuri and the Boondock’s Gang, live.

Yemi Alade
Yemi Alade

The perennial star Nyashinski has made a mark with his IG show. The Decimal Chronicles concert tagged the ‘Curfew Edition’ was lit, notably songstress Bridget Blue kicking it off with her single, Cheza.

Naiboi has teamed up with Avril, and H_Art the Band live on diverse dates and kept their followers on their toes. With such talent and vigor seen with Naiboi, the energy seeps right through the digital barriers.

Besides the music stars, celebrated mix-master DJ Bash became the first Kenyan entertainer to do a 24-hr live IG show. That’s previously unseen on these shores – uninterrupted, sizzling performance.

In this industry, things and trends change in an instant. Regardless of how things get after the global pandemic is brought under control, the live shows by our artists will be to stay. They’ve timely uncovered a hitherto-ignored digital gold mine, and its infinite possibilities.

Partriotsim or revolution? Kenyan musicians taking over Kenya’s politics

For the longest time, Kenyan artists have been bashed for doing music content. All this in the name of entertainment. But another song poked us to the extent of questioning our loyalty.

Kenyan artists used music as an avenue to air out the political rot that is swallowing the economy by the day. For instance over, 18 years ago Eric Wainaina did a song dubbed Nchi ya Kitu Kidogo.

Eric Wainaina

Eric Wainaina

A song that rattled some politicians as Eric called out the corrupt officials and how bribes were crippling the country. Years later as not much has changed.


Before long  6 years back came Juliani who did a song dubbed “Utawala”. The lyrics of the song Utawala by Juliani featuring Wakenya hits the nail right on the head when it comes to the plight of Kenyans in the hands of politicians.


Utawala means to govern. Kenyans seem to be out of luck when it comes to good leaders. Sometimes one would think it is the leaders who pick themselves to get into office. Years down the story about corruption, high taxation among others has not changed a bit. Who do we blame?

Political Musicians

When you thought you had seen it all in the political arena, 2017 general election saw some musicians like Jaguar and journalists like Mohammed Ali of Jicho Pevu elected. With this many youths thought that these lads would be a voice for the Youth in Kenya. Sad enough it had to take artists like Sauti Sol and Nyashinski do another patriotic song as a reminder of the political rot in Kenya. Clearly Tujiangalie should have pricked our consciences in 2018 but no it did not work.

Remember in July 2019 Susumila also hit us so hard on our laxity with the political instability.

Then late 2019 King Kaka had to use the literal aspect of Poetry and dropped “Wajinga Nyinyi”. A song that hit us so hard, we got talking about the same old issues. Remember all he said was what has been in the media all through the years. To the extent that some politicians felt targeted. I mean who is the fool here? And for how long should this go on? Is it a revolution or a call for patriotism?

Maluda is one rap gospel artist that Kenyans aught not to ignore

As I always say, Kenyan music is ever changing. Biggest  thing is that artists have to catch up no matter what because either way what we the fans want is good music regardless. Now am sure by now most Kenyans have been dancing to the biggest song now Sondeka Part 3. A song that featured gospel artists and in my opinion I pointed out one talent Maluda.

I mean his rap game is on another level and the way he spits gives beautiful vibe to the song.

Maluda and Career

That aside, Eystone Mukubi alias Maluda is an award winning Kenyan gospel artist that has been in the industry for the past 13 years or so.

Having started his career at young age he stands out with his prowess in rap.

He started out his music career back in 2006 and so far he would attest to having had a big milestone since then. By that we mean growth.


So far he has done several songs including  Have Mercy that he featured Khaligraph Jones,Glory to king featuring Kforce,Panda, NishampataNiko kwa Mtaa and  Easy featuring Juliani.


Easy ; the song that featured Juliani became a breakthrough point as it was nominated for the 2016 groove awards in the Hip hop song of the year.

Thankfully they won the award. Furthermore this was not the only nomination.

In  the same year 2016 MALUDA also got nominated for the African Gospel Music And Media Awards held in the U.K.

Challenges and attribution

For a man that has been in the industry long enough, Maluda says the biggest challenge  that he has felt is the transformation of music as time goes by.

His attribution being  music is what you have to show now and not what you did then.Smart, right?

With his latest participation in the now Kenyan Anthem Sondeka part 3, you notice his prowess in the rap game. Well , like it or not this is one talent not to ignore but rather support.

Below is the link to Sondeka watch and tell us what you think.

Why Kenyan Musicians are no longer doing patriotic songs

Years back you would be jamming to five or more patriotic songs that would give you a sense of belonging without question.

However, for a few years now it’s clear that Kenyan artists are no longer doing  patriotic songs. Why? I believe Kenyans are frustrated.

Musicians like Juliani and Eric Wainaina have been on the fore front when it comes to this kind of music.

But as the Wamlambez regime took over the Kenyan airwaves,the patriotic songs were totally ignored. Why?

Bad Politics

In my opinion I believe it is because of the bad political situation that we are facing as a nation.

But again, this should not be factor that cripples our sense of patriotism as a nation.

Far, from just being a source of entertainment music can be used to bring us together with little consideration to ethnicity.

A situation that is slowly eating us up as a nation.

Anyway my point is when Sauti Sold said “Tuko pabaya Leo kuliko jana” in their song of Tujiangalie, they were right.

I mean look at the economic state that Kenya has plunged itself in.

If only Kenyan musicians took the initiative to  do more music on patriotism like before I believe our state of helplessness would be lesser.

This would sooth the negative energy that many carry around.

Recently celebrated dancehall Gospel artists Gurdian Angel did a patriotic song  in partnership with Permanent Presidential Music Commission that clearly resonates with every Kenyan.

However to date the views to the song stand at 63k views, this is sad. What do we want?

Are our Kenyan artists now afraid to articulate the state of the nation?

Our Hope

If only the likes of Juliani  and Eric Wainaina would come back to music scene then some Kenyans will get that little glimmer of hope in our country.


A hope of one day being a nation that is  scandal free or corruption free and leaders will finally provide the servant kind of leadership.

Then just maybe our musicians will be inspired to create patriotic music instead of hiding in the Wamlambez cocoon.