“People were scared, praying and recording goodbye videos ” Julie Gichuru narrates scary flight to Kigali 

For a person who technically lives in a plane, hoping from one country to another, former Citizen TV news anchor Julie Gichuru has been in a lot of flights.

But not like her recent one from Nairobi to Kigali.

The journalist narrated how landing in Kigali became almost impossible due to poor whether and the incident left the passengers sacred to their bones.

Julie, on the other hand, hadn’t noticed that they were in danger.

“Flew from Nairobi to Kigali this afternoon. As we tried to land in Kigali it was overcast and raining so we aborted landing twice. This flight has taught me some key lessons.

1. I had earphones on, listening to music- loud, as I often do. I had no idea that we had two dangerous encounters. If we went down I would have been oblivious till the last few seconds. Being present in the moment is an important thing… Or, is it? ?” she said.

Gichuru went on to say that some in the plane, include her relative Jonh Seel, had already recorded a goodbye clip for their loved ones in case the plane crashed.

“When we landed I realised just how serious the situation was. Others on the flight had been praying and doing all manner of things in alarm. @john_seelactually recorded a goodbye video for his Mum! Yes, he did! ? (we want to watch it John ?) So sweet though ? …and there I was, totally clueless.” she said. 


Perspective is a fascinating thing

2. Actually, if anything I was in great spirits while everyone else was panicking. Unaware of the aborted landings I did notice we were off course. This was terrain I had never seen before. I thought we had simply been redirected.

Julie Gichuru

“I said to myself, ‘sometimes in life it is so important to go off course, in going onto a less travelled path you see new things and learn so much more.’ I was very impressed with my profound thought! As people prayed and recorded goodbye videos for loved ones I was marvelling at the terrain and taking pictures thinking to myself, ‘Wakanda beautiful continent is this!’ ??? (Aren’t the pics lovely though!) Good people, Isn’t life interesting!? ??????❤❤❤

Julie Gichuru’s post telling her kids she wants to fart leaves social media in stitches

Julie Gichuru might be the woman of the house but she recently learnt she’s not in control. In a rather unexpected post, the veteran journalist shared how her kids are claiming her space and she can’t do much to change things.

She shared a rather funny post saying that she even threatened them with a fart but it didn’t work.

The post left social media in a light mood. Here’s what her followers had to say:

Never before seen stunning photo of Julie Gichuru cuddling her new born baby

When everyone was celebrating Mother’s Day by sharing photos of their mothers former news anchor Julie Gichuru posted a photo taken a few years ago, months after welcoming her adorable baby.

Julie Gichuru shared the photo to celebrate motherhood something that she describes as the best feeling to ever happen to a woman. From her caption she says she is grateful for the joy and abundant blessings she has received for being a mother to her children.

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Through her social media pages she wrote saying,

No greater joy ~ Motherhood ~ ‘when your heart beats in their chests’ JG ?????? #HappyMothersDay to all mothers and all those who take on responsibilities as a mother. May the good and great Lord ease every burden and deliver abundant blessings to you and yours ???

This is however the only photo she has shared showing off one of her babies a few months after birth. Judging from her ear to ear smile I bet Julie Gichuru feels like the most favored mother something all mothers feel when looking into their children’s eyes.