Aging Like Wine-Julie Gichuru Celebrates 50th Birthday With Gratitude & Love

Media personality Julie Gichuru marked her 50th birthday today with a message overflowing with joy and gratitude. On her Instagram, she expressed heartfelt appreciation for family, friends, life, and love.

“I am brimming with joy and gratitude,” she wrote. “Thankful for family, friends, life, and love. Each new day brings opportunity and challenge, and I continue to be thankful for both. Thankful for the gift of life. Thankful for the gift of love. Thankful for the lessons and growth.”

Friends and media personalities showered Gichuru with warm birthday wishes in the comments section. The former Citizen TV journalist and her husband, Anthony Gichuru, celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary last year. On that occasion, Julie penned a touching tribute to her husband, highlighting their journey together.

“Happy Anniversary my love ❤️19 years of marriage, 23 years together ❤️❤️Feels like yesterday my precious simba! I thank the Lord for loving me so much that he brought us together!I love you completely, absolutely, irrevocably – now and forevermore.”

Julie Gichuru Shares Stunning Throwback Photo When She Wanted To Become An Actress

Kenyan Entrepreneur and media personality Julie Gichuru is one of the most celebrated personalities in the country. Her impeccable prowess in the media industry is one that doesn’t go un-noticed. However, she has revealed that when she was a teenager, she would have taken a different career path.

Sharing her throwback photo from the 1980’s, she says that she loved the theatre so much. She would have either become an actress or a theatre scriptwriter.

”#TBT 1988-ish…

In my mid to late teens IF I could have done anything I wanted with my life I would have become a theatre actress, scriptwriter and director. Not film, not tv – just theatre. The classics.

But it was not a viable path to a stable livelihood and independence – that was important to me, so I and opted to study law, and went on to get an MBA.

It is a different world now. Young people have many challenges but also have more opportunity to explore unchartered territory. So, explore. With courage and boldness explore the unseen and the unappreciated.

And perhaps for OGs like me… it’s never too late…”

Julie is truly an epitome of beauty. She would obviously make a great actress. Apart from this, the 47 year old is passionate about family. She is currently married to Anthony Gichuru and together they have 4 kids.

In addition, Julie has numerous achievements in her life. One of them is being listed as one of the 100 Most Influential African Women of 2019.


Julie Gichuru and teenage daughter serving mummy-daughter goals with latest photo

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and truth is – these wise men knew what they were talking; that is judging from Julie Gichuru’s latest photo where she is seen in the company of her firstborn daughter.

As families were busy showing off their Christmas photos; former news anchor Julie Gichiru who is currently working at the Mastercard Foundation as head of PR – also decided to drop a never seen before photo with her daughter.

Throwback; Julie Gichuru with her children

Of course now that she is in her teens, Julie Gichiru’s daughter is slowly learning to be like mummy; and this can be proven in their latest photo that left many tongues wagging on social media.

Julie Gichuru showing off daughter

Through her Instagram page, Julie Gichuru for the first time in almost 5 years; decided to share a photo with her baby girl who looks like both her parents. From how cool the appear we can already tell that she is a fashion killa and one who will turn heads on social media as soon as she is legal.

To caption this new photo Julie Gichuru went on to caption saying;

Julie Gichuru and daughter

Me. Mini me ❤????❤

Indeed she is her mothers twin and if anything, Julie Gichuru and husband highly contributed in the making of their beautiful daughter. Right?

In just a bra and a tiny little short, 45-year-old Julie Gichuru shows what her mama gave her(photo)

Former news anchor Julie Gichuru might be having kids as old as me but she still looks as hot as any other 25-year-old lady out here.

The mother of four recently visited the beach and well, got a chance to remind her fans that she’s can still be featured in Ethic’s music videos.


In a blue booty shorts and a string bra, Gichuru flaunted her body giving Kenyans a clear look at her back.

“Ending the day the way I want to live my whole life ❤ #Earth #Water #Strength #Currents#Being #Ukunda #Kenya” she captioned the photo. 

Her Bikini post of course rattled many from team Mafisi who thronged the comments section with endless remarks.

Mapenzi yana run dunia! Here is Julie Gichuru´s long love post celebrating Tiger hubby

Julie Gichuru showers hubby filled with gratitude for his unending support, strong belief in her and continued encouragement.

According to Julie, were it not for her husband, she might not have risen to the great heights she currently is at.

Celebrated Power couple, Anthony and Julie Gichuru

The multi-talented entrepreneur-cum-media personality, reveals she has discovered her true self through her love, Tony Gichuru.

¨Tigress¨ is the title she takes up, in the post.

Her prayers and hopes are that they forever fall in love and remain One, as they reflect on their 19 years of marriage.

The couple serving vacation goals

The mother of 4 seems to have had her husband turn the tables to: ´Behind Every Successful Woman, There Is A man¨.


Media personalities and fans are out to thank the duo that serves nothing short of couple goals, especially for the current generation:

????????????????????I love you BOTH!!!



Reminds me of the Tony Montana scene when he tells Elvira she´s a tiger and belongs to him????



Give Tony another hug.

This time from me????


Awwww????Ged bless you 2????????????????


????????❤️love wins


Exemplary! keep up! for being strong for each other and being a good example to this generation that so much believe otherwise!

Also for celebrating your husband.

Many don´t and let success get in their head.

Keep up Tony for taking care of your wife, many don´t.

It takes two to tango.

More blessing.


Only real recognizes real❤????



Media Personality and Entrepreneur, Julie Gichuru

Unable to keep back the emotions deep within, the veteran media personality replies:

Awwww guys, thanks so much! Spread the love y´all????????????❤️❤️❤️????????????

This new sexy photo from 45-year-old Julie Gichuru will leaving you thinking she’s way younger than Natalia Tewa

Ignoring the fact that blogger Natalia Tewa cheated, she’s one hot 25-year-old lass and Kenyans clearly know it. Tewa, is among several other bloggers that have been killing men online with her looks.

However, someone who was 25 years old about 25 years ago, Julie Gichuru, is also giving her stiff competition.

Julie Gichuru, who is now 45, took to social media to remind Kenyans that she might be a mother of four and maybe too busy –and old– to flaunt her finesse online but she still has it as much as some of these 25-year-olds models causing chaos on Instagram.

Lost weight

Julie posted yet another hot photo on her IG that left thirsty men, and women dashing to the comments to confess how sexy she is. A lot of her friends such as Caroline Mutoko, Sarah Hassan, Rubadiri and others also couldn’t hide their euphoria following the post.

Well, Julie said she lost a few kilos and actually, she did. She looks amazing.

Here’s the photo

Celebrated Kenyan journalists Larry Madowo, Julie Gichuru, James Smart turn up heat on New York Times 

New York Times’ publication of gory photo of dead people who were killed at the DusitD2 Hotel has provoked a salvo of accusations.

Janet Mbugua was first to fire at incoming New York Times bureau chief for East Africa Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura who was doing very little to calm tensions.

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United front

More Kenyan journalists have come out to condemn New York Times, they are yet to pull down the photo which sparked fury from Kenyans.

Larry Madowo, Julie Gichuru, James Smart all took to Twitter to voice their frustrations with New York Times’ defiance and sheer ignorance.






“People were scared, praying and recording goodbye videos ” Julie Gichuru narrates scary flight to Kigali 

For a person who technically lives in a plane, hoping from one country to another, former Citizen TV news anchor Julie Gichuru has been in a lot of flights.

But not like her recent one from Nairobi to Kigali.

The journalist narrated how landing in Kigali became almost impossible due to poor whether and the incident left the passengers sacred to their bones.

Julie, on the other hand, hadn’t noticed that they were in danger.

“Flew from Nairobi to Kigali this afternoon. As we tried to land in Kigali it was overcast and raining so we aborted landing twice. This flight has taught me some key lessons.

1. I had earphones on, listening to music- loud, as I often do. I had no idea that we had two dangerous encounters. If we went down I would have been oblivious till the last few seconds. Being present in the moment is an important thing… Or, is it? ?” she said.

Gichuru went on to say that some in the plane, include her relative Jonh Seel, had already recorded a goodbye clip for their loved ones in case the plane crashed.

“When we landed I realised just how serious the situation was. Others on the flight had been praying and doing all manner of things in alarm. @john_seelactually recorded a goodbye video for his Mum! Yes, he did! ? (we want to watch it John ?) So sweet though ? …and there I was, totally clueless.” she said. 


Perspective is a fascinating thing

2. Actually, if anything I was in great spirits while everyone else was panicking. Unaware of the aborted landings I did notice we were off course. This was terrain I had never seen before. I thought we had simply been redirected.

Julie Gichuru

“I said to myself, ‘sometimes in life it is so important to go off course, in going onto a less travelled path you see new things and learn so much more.’ I was very impressed with my profound thought! As people prayed and recorded goodbye videos for loved ones I was marvelling at the terrain and taking pictures thinking to myself, ‘Wakanda beautiful continent is this!’ ??? (Aren’t the pics lovely though!) Good people, Isn’t life interesting!? ??????❤❤❤

Achanga kiherehere! KOT tears into Julie Gichuru after CNN anchor Richard Quest blasts her for putting words in his mouth

Julie Gichuru humiliated herself after CNN business anchor Richard Quest denounced a post she shared claiming the words were said by him.

Julie took to Twitter to re-share a post allegedly shared by visiting CNN journalist little did she know that the post she was re-sharing was fake.

“Nothing beats the service industry in Kenya. The hotels are not only classy but also so unique. Here I am surrounded by giraffes while having breakfast. In a country declared by the World Bank as the ”preferred investment destination in Africa”, probably attributed to the 6% GDP growth, what else can I ask for? Kenya is magical,” Julie shared what she thought was Richard Quest’s words.

Richard Quest quickly replied to Julie’s post to inform her that he never said the words she posted. He however complimented her for a photo that accompanied the post.


Julie apologized to Quest for the fake post she re-shared but Kenyan on Twitter (KOT) were having none of it. KOT went on to troll the former Citizen TV anchor for the fake post.

Julie Gichuru: My love for God didn’t fade when my third-born son chocked and died

Julie Gichuru and her husband Anthony Gichuru are blessed with to five children; Joseph, Kimoshe, Daniel and Njeri. The couple however lost of one of their children sometime in 2005 in a freak accident.

In a past interview with Kalekye Mumo, Julie narrated how she was traumatized by the incident and even vowed never to have any kid again.

“You see a lot of me out there but my life is my family, my life is my children. I was devastated beyond anything, I am telling you the kind of grief where you cannot breathe. I would literally would wake up and search for breath because I had no breath in my body. I yearned to sleep at night because in my sleep he would come in my dreams, I was holding him again. It was a traumatizing time and I actually said to my husband we are never going to have another child again I can’t go through this again,” said Julie Gichuru.

Julie’s son Mwaura chocked while he was being fed by a househelp, he was rushed to the hospital but unfortunately he didn’t make it.


Julie Gichuru with her children
Julie Gichuru with her children

Unwavering faith in God

In a recent post on social media, Julie Gichuru asserts that her love for God didn’t fade because of her son’s death. She says that she kept her faith strong and the Lord gifted her with another child a year later.

“When we lost our beloved thirdborn we were devastated. Destroyed. Totally broken. But we did not let go of our love for God. In spite of our devastation and grief we kept our faith. One year later the Lord God blessed us with a child, and we named him Wangai, because we knew he was a gift, we had learnt that ultimately all children belong to God. ‘He belongs to God’, we said, ‘And the Lord has gifted us with the blessing to be his parents.’ Now Wangai is completing his coming of age ceremony. This process has enriched him with both cultural and Christian knowledge and values. We could not be more thankful to the almighty Lord! #AwesomeLord,” wrote Julie Gichuru.

Julie Gichuru gets rare Japaneses gift 

Veteran journalist Julie Gichuru was recently on the Gram to floss an exclusive gift she had received from a friend based at the world’s leading manufacturer of soy sauce Kikkoman.

Kikkoman sells naturally brewed soy all over the world and has over almost a century of experience.

To you it might not be a big deal but Gichuru, the gift moved her.

“I am so honoured to receive this Kikkoman Goyogura gift from Mogi-san of Kikkoman. It is steeped in a rich history of quality, tradition and royalty,”she posted. 

“The “Goyogura” or Imperial Soy Sauce Brewery was originally built in 1939 on the banks of the Edo River in Japan, a facility dedicated to brewing soy sauce exclusively for the Ministry of the Imperial Household.,” she went on.

Finally adding:

“The Goyogura still brews soy sauce today and also preserves and exhibits traditional soy sauce brewing techniques, as well as the tools and equipment used at the time it was first built in 1939. Fascinating that almost a century later we can now enjoy the soy sauce fit for the imperial household.  

“Thank you for catching me” Julie Gichuru thanks William Kabogo for saving her from a humiliating incident

Julie Gichuru is forever grateful to former Kiambu governor William Kabogo who saved her from a humiliating incident which was almost caught on camera.

The former Citizen TV anchor opened up about the embarrassing incident during an interview with Janet Mbugua on her YouTube show.

Janet asked Julie what was the craziest thing that had happened to her during interviews. She responded by narrating how Kabogo saved her from embarrassing herself on live TV.

He caught me midair

Julie recounted the incident in 2013 when Kabogo saved her from literally falling to the ground. She said the camera would have caught her falling if Kabogo hadn’t saved her.

“So Citizen we have just had big tough interview with Kabogo 2013. And i had been seating with my legs crossed, I didn’t realize I had pins and needles. So when I stood up at the end of the interview I literally fell. Kabogo has the presence of mind to first look see the camera on and then grabbed me before I hit the ground. Thank you for catching me,” said Julie Gichuru.

Watch the full interview below:



Why Julie Gichuru believes Janet Mbugua is an inspiration to Kenyans, Women

Veteran journalist Julie Gichuru has been in the business for a long time now and knows the ups and downs that come with the job.

In fact, Julie, who has been married for almost two decades, knows that maintaining a marriage while in the limelight is not an easy thing and was on Instagram to applaud her friend Janet Mbugua who is on her way to get her second child, still has a huge career and a thriving marriage.

We can have both

The two wanted women to know that though it’s hard, it’s very possible to have both a nice marriage and a career.

“With this inspirational babe @officialjanetmbugua yesterday ❤ Let no one tell us we can’t have it all, family, career, passion and fulfilment. Yes we can,” She said. 

“You are super awesome and totally inspirational Janet! ???❤❤❤ Ladies, as we do all these things lets never forget to find our quiet time… I always ensure that I make time to wind down and commune with myself, time to contemplate and connect with life. Time for the ‘little’ things that sing to our souls. ❤ It is a gift to ourselves to make time to ‘see the dew fall on the grass.’ ❤” 

Julie Gichuru joins the #JuliusMalemaChallenge as she honors Winnie Mandela

Julie Gichuru has also jumped on the funny yet insightful #JuliusMalemaChallenge hashtag that has taken over Africans the past two days after leader of South Africa’s leftist party, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Julius Malema, attacked fellow Africans who betrayed Winnie Nomzamon Mandela.

Gichuru posted a section of a speech showing that women pay dearly for things men easily get away with. She was speaking in honor of Winnie who was buried two days ago.

“Yes, our mothers slog & strive then are blamed, accused, abused & abandoned when they are no longer needed, when they have already set a foundation. Men get away with everything but women are held accountable for anything. No one is perfect. No one. But women are held to a different standard,” Gichuru posted. 

Winnie Mandela

She added:

“As a mother of many sons I could not be more proud of Malema. I think Mama Nomzamo must be smiling. “Mama, you never told me how we must treat them when they come here. I am waiting for a signal Ma… Mama. Nomzamo.
Mama Nomzamo,
They are here, in the funeral of a person they wanted to humiliate in front of the whole world.
They are here Mama… Ma,
I’m waiting for a signal on how we should treat them.”

Here is the viral speech


Lanes! Julie Gichuru set to interview top Hollywood actress

Former Citizen TV news anchor Julie Gichuru is set to have a one-on-one chat with popular Hollywood actress Connie Nielsen who is in Kenya.

Nielsen a Danish actress; is known for her roles in box-office movies such as, The Devil’s Advocate, Gladiator, Wonder Woman and Justice League. She has been in showbiz for almost 34 years now.

Connie Nielsen

Also read: Julie Gichuru celebrates her primary teacher with warm message as she turns 97 years

She’s also a polyglot who speaks eight languages: Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, and some Spanish.

Connie Nielsen’s work in Kibera

She co-founded Human Needs Project in June 2010; providing clean water and empowerment services to residents of Kibera, after filming “Lost in Africa” there. She also has her scholarship program for children in slums called Road To Freedom Scholarships.

In the chat, Nielsen, 52, will speak about her developments in Kibera where she has been putting efforts to change lives.

The interview, which will be held at Westlands Capital Club; hosted in front of a small audience selected by Gichuru on Sunday. Through her social media pages, Gichuru wrote;

“Join me tonight In Conversation with Actress & Philanthropist Connie Nielsen, who has been working on transformation in Kibera. LIVESTREAM via my FB page, Julie Gichuru Fanpage, tonight 7pm – 9pm EAT,”

Julie Gichuru celebrates her primary teacher with a warm message as she turns 97

Veteran journalist Julie Gichuru has been through many schools in her life as a young girl. She has been at St Christophers School in Nairobi, Green Herald in Bangladesh, India, Karen C school in Nairobi and finally, one that she’ll never forget because of how it changed her life: Loreto Convent Msongari where she completed her lower primary.

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At Msongari, she was ushered to a catholic lifestyle and became a passionate Christian thanks to one teacher called Sister Breid.

Julie took to her instagram to celebrate Breid who was celebrating her 97th birthday with a very lovely message and thanking her for shaping her life.

Julie Gichuru’s praises her elderly teacher

Sister Breid (in the blue shawl) was the sweetest, kindest & gentlest soul of all the Nuns that taught me at Loreto Convent Msongari,” said Julie on her instagram post.

“She was incredibly beautiful, I often wondered why she became a Nun (I hereby acknowledge that I had some misplaced notions). She taught our class catechism & told us to pay attention to the Lord’s will and heed God’s call, should He ask us to serve Him as Nuns. As a result I prayed very, very hard, asking and pleading with the Lord never to call me to serve as a Nun, but to allow me to serve in other ways! ?Sister Breid had a passion for children and walked around the school with a collection box for Children Helping Children, we would raise funds to help other children in need. It was important, noble work & she did it with focus & dedication!

She went on to add;

In class we would hear her walk past because she always shook her collection box and the coins clinked together loudly, alerting everyone of her presence & reminding us to find something for the collection box. She was so persistent and constant in this noble endeavour we fondly but cheekily called her Penny Lover. Each time she walked by we’d break into song, “Penny Lover don’t you walk on by…” ?She helped shape me and I thank her and honour her. Today she is celebrating 97 years of life. Thank you Lord for blessing her sweet soul with such a blessed and beautiful life!
Happy Birthday Sister Breid ???? Thank you for reminding us Kari Mutu ?”

Julie Gichuru’s response to a young man offering to be her ‘toy boy’

Social media carries very many characters and Julie Gichuru recently happened to come across one.

In a post shared a few hours ago; the former news anchor shares a screenshot of a comment she received from a certain young man offering to be her toy boy.

The unnamed young man begins by telling Julie Gichuru that he is working as a security officer in Qatar. But despite his hustle, he is more interested in becoming a toy boy to Julie if she is okay with it.

I am happily married – Julie Gichuru

Julie Gichuru who happened to come across the comment felt the need of responding to the young man.

Surprisingly she did not scold the guy nor blow him off. She took her time to encourage him on the importance of hustling. The media personality goes on to tell the fella that every successful person started from the bottom and there is no short cut in life. She wrote saying;

Julie Gichuru goes back to her Indian roots

Julie Gichuru is born of two ethnically diverse parents. The former Citizen TV anchor is now trying to embrace her father’s Indian culture.

Julie Gichuru was born 44 years ago to a Kikuyu mother and an Indian father. Her father’s family is originally from Kashmir and migrated to Kenya in the early 1900s to work on the railway line being built by the British.

Indian slay queen

Julie has been seen multiple times rocking Indian attire and she is slaying. The mother of five looks like she is in her early 20s in the Indian clothes she as been dressing.

Take a look at the photos below:





Julie Gichuru, Raila Odinga and Jeff Koinange celebrate their birthdays in style (Photos)

Julie Gichuru, Jeff Koinange and Raila Odinga turned a year older on January 7th. The three spent their birthdays differently.

Julie Gichuru turned 44, Jeff Koinange turned 52 while Raila Odinga turned 73 last Sunday. The birthday boys and girl chose to celebrate their big days in different parts of the country.

Raila’s public celebration

Raila Odinga celebrated his 73rd birthday with residents of Kakamega. Nasa politicians and followers were furious with Raila after he refused to be sworn in during his birthday.

Raila arrived in Kakamega Sunday morning accompanied by Kalonzo Musyoka, Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetang’ula among other Nasa leaders for the People’s Assembly session.

The Nasa leader was thrown a birthday party and his followers insisted that he must be sworn in during the ceremony.

Jeff Koinange’s birthday

Jeff celebrated his 52nd birthday in Coast. The Citizen TV anchor shared photos enjoying quality time at the beach as he turned a year older.

Julie Gichuru’s birthday

Julie celebrated her 44th birthday with friends and family. The mother of five still look hotter than most ladies in their 20s.



Julie Gichuru praises her husband for doing this to his 97 year old great-grandmother

Former news anchor Julie Gichuru has every reason to continue loving her husband. She describes him as a loving man and this was seen in one of her new photos shared on Instagram.

The lady earlier today posted a photo of her husband spending some time with his great grandmother. According to Julie Gichuru this is a strong sign of showing how loving her man is.

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Through her caption, Julie Gichuru wrote saying:

Fall in love with a man who adores the women in his life, his mother & grandmothers. He will treasure you. Fall in love with a man who makes them feel like a queen. Fall in love with a man who makes them giggle like a girl. Fall in love with a man who knows how to love a woman ? Then, teach your sons how to love a woman ? Thank you Cucu without you there would be no us. We love you Cucu. Forever. 97 years of blessed life, 10 children, 46 grandchildren, 68 great grandchildren & 3 great great grandchildren. What an incredible legacy, we give thanks ? ??????

Anthony Gichuru with his great Grandmother
Anthony Gichuru with his great Grandmother

Julie Gichuru’s husband

In the past we have seen Anthony Gichuru fly his wife out for vacations. Though he was once accused of abusing his wife, the fella is now showing his love more than ever!

Julie Gichuru states 5 reasons why she fell in love with her husband Anthony Gichuru

Julie Gichuru will be celebrating her wedding anniversary in a few weeks time. The mother of five has highlight concrete reasons why she got married to Anthony Gichuru.

Julie and Anthony walked down the aisle in on November 29th 2003. The two lovebirds are set to celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary in three week time.

Julie Gichuru with her husband Anthony Gichuru

The former Citizen TV anchor shared photo of her husband kissing his grandmother’s hands before she stated reasons why she fell for him.

Fall for a man who adores women in his life

Julie says she fell in love with Anthony because he treasures the women in his life. She highlighted reasons why she loves her hubby and also encourages ladies to use the same reasons to fall for a man.

“Fall in love with a man who adores the women in his life, his mother & grandmothers. He will treasure you.
Fall in love with a man who makes them feel like a queen.
Fall in love with a man who makes them giggle like a girl.
Fall in love with a man who knows how to love a woman ?
Then, teach your sons how to love a woman ?” wrote Julie Gichuru in part.

Nonagenarian granny

Anthony Gichuru with his granny

Julie reveals that her husband’s grandmother is almost clocking 100 years. She says the granny is 97 years old and has 117 grandchildren and great grandchildren.

“Thank you Cucu without you there would be no us.

We love you Cucu. Forever.
97 years of blessed life,
10 children,
46 grandchildren,
68 great grandchildren & 3 great great grandchildren.
What an incredible legacy, we give thanks ? ??????”




“My approach to exams & the test of life changed completely in Std 8” Julie Gichuru gives KCPE candidates personal advice

Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams commenced on Tuesday October 31st. Over 1 million candidates have sat for the exam.

Julie Gichuru shared her personal experience when she sat for KCPE years ago. The former Citizen TV anchor opened up in an attempt to inspire 2017 KCPE candidates.

“Today ia a big day for #KCPE candidates. My approach to exams & the test of life changed completely in Std 8, when I realised I didn’t need to be scared of exams, exams should be scared of me ?,” wrote Julie Gichuru.

Julie Gichuru when she was sitting for KCPE exams at Loreto Convent Msongari

Focus and plant a great seed for your future

Julie sat for KCPE exams at Loreto Convent Msongari. She advises 2017 candidates to remain focused explaining that the exam was an investment to their future.

“To all students, Your preparation is your armour & it will be your greatest reward. Focus & plant a great seed for your future! Wishing you all success in your exams and blessings in life ????”.

Julie Gichuru with her friends when she was in High School at Imani School in Thika



“I breastfed all my children for up to 2 years” Julie Gichuru rants out after a critic rubbed her the wrong way

Julie Gichuru was forced to open up about how she took care of his four children after a critic on Instagram stepped on her toes with his comment.

The former Citizen TV anchor took to Instagram on Monday October 2nd to express her admiration for Supreme Court Judge Njoki Sussana Ndungu when critics started firing salvos at her.

Julie Gichuru and Njoki Ndungu

A certain charlesodhiambo98 accused Julie Gichuru and other people of milking Kenya dry, he further warned that the exploitation was about to end.

“You people are milking Kenya dry.. ‘n very soon we shall have our say.” charlesodhiambo98 commented on Julie Gichuru’s post on IG.

Julie responded by highlighting all instances where she was involved in ‘milking’, she sarcastically explained that she breastfed all her four children for up to two years.

Julie Gichuru with her kids

“@charlesodhiambo98 who is ‘You people’? Which milk of yours have I touched? I grew up on a farm and my grandmother taught me to milk our cows. It is a lesson I have never forgotten. I have never milked another persons cows. It makes sense to invest time, effort, capital and sweat in your cows, as you will milk yours, not someone else’s. Speaking of milk. I also breastfed all my children for up to 2 years (some longer). The only milk I have had from others was when I attended a government school for two years and we were given Nyayo milk at the end of the day. Hii maziwa yako ni gani?” Julie Gichuru responded.




Julie Gichuru pours her heart out to Supreme Court Judge Njoki Ndungu

Supreme Court Judge Njoki Sussana Ndungu is loved and hated in equal measure. Njoki together with Jackton Ojwang are the only Supreme Court Judges who dissented when four others judges including Chief Justice David Maraga agreed with the nullification of Uhuru Kenyatta’s win during the hearing of August 8th presidential petition filed by Nasa.

Jubilee supporters hailed Njoki Ndungu and Jackton Ojwang for their judgement while Nasa supporters claimed that the two were compromised; they based their argument on a leaked photo which showed Njoki partying with senior Jubilee leaders including Jubilee vice chair David Murathe. Nasa claimed Ojwang ruled in favor of Uhuru because the president appointed his wife Prof. Colleta Suda as a Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

Well, Julie Gichuru recently expressed admiration for Njoki Ndungu. The former Citizen TV anchor didn’t base her praise on Njoki’s controversial judgement but rather other things Njoki did including championing women’s rights when she was still a nominated MP.

Julie Gichuru and Supreme Court Judge Njoki Ndungu
Julie Gichuru and Supreme Court Judge Njoki Ndungu

Below is what Julie Gichuru wrote:

You are my HERO alongside our fellow Loreto sister Wangari Maathai.
I watched you passionately work on the Sexual Offences Bill then present it to a hostile parliament that vowed to shoot down any attempt to protect women. You lobbied tirelessly & against all odds saw the passage of the Sexual Offences Act 2006, an Act that now provides a firm foundation for the protection of women, children & men. Resolute, determined, knowledgeable, principled & purposeful, you MADE A DIFFERENCE.

During the post election mayhem of 2007/2008 I struggled to find Voices of Reason amidst the threatening bray of loud extremists. You spoke up for peace & justice when many others were fearful. You took a NOBLE STAND FOR KENYA.

I watched you work diligently on the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission, making time to inform & educate Kenyans on the content of the draft. When you were concerned that processes were not being followed in the Commission you spoke out, UNBOWED BY PRESSURE & INFLUENCE.

You have delivered the most thorough, detailed & researched dissenting opinion in the Supreme Court ruling on the 2017 General Election. UNBOWED, you have spoken hard truths, for that you are now under fire from some quarters. Such is life.

George Orwell wrote a fascinating essay, Shooting an Elephant. As a young officer in Burma, he was notified of an elephant that wandered into the village. A growing, braying mob that resented him goaded him on, demanding that he shoot the elephant. He knew it was scared, it had caused damage, agitated when it first wandered into the village but now the majestic animal was calm. He felt strongly that the right thing to do was to lead it safely, unharmed, out of the village. But this was not popular with the loud extreme voices of the mob. So, what was he to do?
You, Lady Justice Njoki Ndungu, refused to ‘shoot an elephant’. Most importantly, you took the time, effort & care to give the situation the time, effort & seriousness that it deserved. I salute you!

You are an exemplar. Stand tall as the winds blow. Your foundations are strong, woman of purpose, substance & grace. Stand tall knowing that there are so many more standing with you! ????
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sieleweldonEven as her dissenting opinion may be unpopular among those who think the decision of the SCOK, I personally Would like to thank and congratulate Judge Njoki for been a voice of reason.


Julie Gichuru looks dazzling in new photos, what is her secret to the young-looking skin?

Former news anchor Julie Gichuru is among the top women young ladies in Kenya or rather East Africa look up to. She has both brains and beauty which has left many questioning how she manages to stay so relevant in the entertainment industry even after pulling back to concentrate on her personal projects.

Looking at her social media posts one will realize that despite what she posts, she will always have many followers on the comment section asking questions like “how do you manage to look so young?” something that she is yet to reveal.

Julie Gichuru

However, I bet it’s good diet, exercise and the positive energy she surrounds herself with. Just the other day she shared a new photo where she is seen to have switched up her hair do from the normal long black hair we are used to – to a new bob cut white hair that is totally bringing out the best in her.

If you have not a chance to have a look at the photos then you can check them out below:

Julie Gichuru

Julie Gichuru

Julie Gichuru

Julie Gichuru

“I am a terrible cook” Julie Gichuru reveals how her husband had to put up with her poor culinary skills for 19 years

Julie Gichuru has confessed about her struggles in the kitchen to make a decent meal for her husband. The former Citizen TV anchor revealed her hubby had to put up with her poor culinary skills for 19 years

“I have developed a love for healthy food & even cooking. For those who are not aware, I am a terrible cook. Many years ago when I was at Capital FM, things were serious with Mr G, so I decided to come clean on all issues. “Honey, you need to know I can’t cook.” He laughed but I was dead serious, “I mean I REALLY can’t cook.” He just smiled & that was that, or so I thought. A few days later he came to my apartment with a bag of groceries then sat in the sitting room with a newspaper. “OK,” I said to myself, “he’s playing house & trying to test my kitchen skills. This is disastrous!” Not one to turn down a challenge for things that I care about, I took his cue. Into the kitchen I went & did my very best. I served the meal & he seemed brave enough to ignore any risks of eating the frothy, ominous looking chicken ramen I placed before us. “I’m starving,” he said enthusiastically & took a spoonful. I watched keenly. He chewed, swallowed & a few seconds later looked up at me & asked, “Can I take you out for dinner?” Wrote Julie Gichuru in part.

Julie Gichuru and her husband Anthony Gichuru

Julie however didn’t give up on her dream of preparing a meal that would make Anthony Gichuru lick his fingers and beg for more food from her.

The former Citizen TV anchor finally nailed it a few days ago, she prepared omelette with mixed vegetables and guess what, her husband wanted more of that food.

Julie was overwhelmed with emotions that she ran on social media to share her long-awaited breakthrough in the kitchen.

“??? In close to 19 years together, not once has he complained while I have enjoyed his choma & more. I want to make something he will truly enjoy. I have a new recipe for a super-fabulous omelette. Tested it on my eldest son & when he asked me if I could make him another one I knew it was a winner! I told hubby I was making his breakfast today. He smiled cautiously & said, “Great! But does anyone have the number of the closest hospital?” My little one burst into laughter. Very funny, NOT, I thought. ? Undeterred I make the omelette, I add sautéed mixed vegetables on the side & lightly fried sliced tomatoes. He takes the first bite, then the second, and in a few minutes he has cleared the plate. Then he asks, “Can you please make me another one?” YES! Victory! I smell VICTORY!!! I want to jump up and down but contain myself. “So, did you like it?” I ask calmly. “Yes, it was very good!” he responds enthusiastically, then he adds, “I’m just waiting to see if I change colour.” Yeah. Funny Guy. ? In moments the second one was all gone with just a couple of slices of tomato left. I feel incredibly accomplished now! Life is a journey ????”