Wahu, Julie Gichuru: Why your favourite married celebs workout

Wahu and Julie Gichuru are healthy lifestyle enthusiasts. The two who are married to Nameless and Bwana Gichuru respectively take the time out of their busy schedule… No, they actually plan their busy schedules to include exercise.

“I felt unworthy of love,” Wahu opens up about her battle with self esteem issues as a young woman

Wahu actively celebrates the fact that she gets some physical self care into her day and her recent social media post reads:


And the best part about it is the photo captures the hard work and natural state of doing things. Julie Gichuru is also a lady who understands that hard work pays off and the hard work of taking care of your body through exercise is something that results in great rewards including health.


But I am not here to wax lyrics about the benefits of working out. I am instead going to tell you the only reason why your favourite celebrities are working out and why you should too if you’re married or in a relationship.

“No more babies please!” Wahu Kagwi declares

Julie Gichuru and Wahu are cognizant of the fact that they have to put in effort into maintaining their relationship and men are primarily sexual creatures. So if they want to give their men reasons to give their all to the relationship, then they have to give the men something to look forward to and seeing their bodies in their natural state sans clothes is a serious silver bullet.

Singer Wahu

The truth of the matter is that these women, Wahu and Julie Gichuru aren’t spring chicken and their men are high value and in Julie Gichuru’s case, extremely high-net-worth men. That means that on an average day, they get a staggering amount of attention from younger lasses and this can wobble even the strongest willed of men.

julie gichuru
Julie Gichuru

So rather than lean on the bullshit post-modern notion of marriage, these two women have applied the type of advice their grandmothers would give them. They have assumed some measure of responsibility in ensuring the success of their marriages rather than letting go of themselves and expecting their husbands to practice Herculean self-restraint.

They aren’t half-assing it either and as a result, in Julie Gichuru’s case, her husband who is also a fitness and martial arts buff knows to respect his wife’s efforts. The same goes for our beloved gospel artist Wahu. Her husband Nameless isn’t a fat slob. He actively takes care of his body.

So there you have it, the real reason why these ladies actively hit the workout routines and sweat their way onto sexy bodies. But you know, you and baba Jabari can always just continue sitting on the couch and lying to each other about why you are together as you both chat away to your clandestine lovers.


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Fine wine: How Julie Gichuru has managed to get better with age

Julie Gichuru has been the very embodiment of the concept of ageing like fine wine. And no, that isn’t an empty platitude like what body positivity enthusiasts (read as fat people) tell each other whenever they want to give themselves false confidence.


Julie Gichuru has literally gotten finer the older she has become.

“I’m weak!” Willis Raburu admits after Julie Gichuru’s live birthday message to him on video

And this is no mere feat as the truth of the matter is that for women, this is a Herculean task that starts with one first conquering their mind as today’s society celebrates mediocrity and pushes the idea that being fat and unhealthy is perfectly okay and all you have to do is love yourself. Forget the fact that science and modern medicine do not uphold this new philosophy and actually point at the fact that it does more damage than good.

Julie Gichuru and her husband

Anyway, Julie Gichuru has always been an attractive woman which in and of itself is a huge advantage in life. She has, however, worked hard to maintain her advantage. You see, she works out religiously and genuinely celebrates her body.
Julie Gichuru has made health and fitness a lifestyle, ensuring she keeps her body temple clean by eating well, and working out.

In just a bra and a tiny little short, 45-year-old Julie Gichuru shows what her mama gave her(photo)

Even when it comes to her mental wellbeing, Julie Gichuru has ensured that she has surrounded herself with those that love her. And she lives in the moment to fully appreciate that love. She’s is constantly bathed in positive energy and love.
And that family lends itself to adding on to Juli Gichuru’s youth and energy.

Add to this the fact that she quit working for other companies, instead working with her husband to build a company of their own. Lord knows just how tiring and frustrating employment can be especially when you have to contend with corporate politics.

Surprise as Julie Gichuru rejects government job

The hard work and love are powerful allies that lend themselves to Julie Gichuru’s youth long after she hit the proverbial wall. Ofcourse, the argument can be made about her genetics but that does nothing to detract from the fact that she has worked hard to maintain her advantage which Father Time is known to be cruel in how he completely strips his targets of the fickle gift of youth.

Julie Gichuru

This new sexy photo from 45-year-old Julie Gichuru will leaving you thinking she’s way younger than Natalia Tewa

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Surprise as Julie Gichuru rejects government job

Former Citizen TV journalist Julie Gichuru has turn down an appointment to a state job that came in the latest reorganization of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government.

Julie Gichuru was among those celebrating a new government jobs following the gazettement of new state appointments following her appointment to the board of the Kenya Export Promotion and Brand Agency.


Julie, however, has said no to the appointment because her calendar is full. The Kenya Export Promotion and Brand Agency deals in promoting trade by tackling challenges faced by exporters and producers of export goods.

“Due to heavy prior commitments and my intense travel schedule I cannot accept this appointment. I know there are many Kenyans who could serve this role well. Wish them the best and as always, repping Kenya and Africa in all that I do everywhere that I go,” Julie revealed.

She was to sit on the board of Brand Kenya that is Chaired by former NMG CEO Linus Gitahi.


This new sexy photo from 45-year-old Julie Gichuru will leaving you thinking she’s way younger than Natalia Tewa

Ignoring the fact that blogger Natalia Tewa cheated, she’s one hot 25-year-old lass and Kenyans clearly know it. Tewa, is among several other bloggers that have been killing men online with her looks.

However, someone who was 25 years old about 25 years ago, Julie Gichuru, is also giving her stiff competition.

Julie Gichuru, who is now 45, took to social media to remind Kenyans that she might be a mother of four and maybe too busy –and old– to flaunt her finesse online but she still has it as much as some of these 25-year-olds models causing chaos on Instagram.

Lost weight

Julie posted yet another hot photo on her IG that left thirsty men, and women dashing to the comments to confess how sexy she is. A lot of her friends such as Caroline Mutoko, Sarah Hassan, Rubadiri and others also couldn’t hide their euphoria following the post.

Well, Julie said she lost a few kilos and actually, she did. She looks amazing.

Here’s the photo