“I’m clinically blind in one eye” Mdee surprisingly reveals during East Africa Got Talent

Singer Vanessa Mdee recently surprised her fans after revealing that she’s clinically blind.

During East Africa Got Talent Show, Mdee told a contestant that she’s been blind but that didn’t stop her from pushing for her goals and becoming a renowned singer.


The contestant, Mark, 21, who was born with an eye condition called cataracts and is also a cancer survivor. He impressed the judges with his performance leaving them very emotional.

“It is unusual for someone so young to sing so soulfully, you can tell that you have been through stuff. I’m clinically blind in one eye as well, but that has not stopped me from pursuing my biggest dreams,” she said.


“Let that be the fuel for you no matter what happens at the end of this competition, to me you are a winner and you’re going to continue winning.”

Clinically Blindness is being impaired or having a complete loss of vision and corrective eyewear such as eyeglasses or contact lenses cannot reverse the effect.

Juma Jux says he won’t go back to Vanessa Mdee even if he’s regretting breaking up 

Tanzanian singer Juma Jux recently confessed that he broke up with ex-lover Vanessa Mdee after she took a picture with Nigerian singer Ice Prince.

The two went on to speak about their relationship with each confessing that they didn’t want to break up but it just happened from nowhere.

In an interview with Lil Ommy, Jux said that it’s bad the two broke up for such petty reasons but added that he’s not planning to go back to her.


Jux confessed that he still loves Mdee and always thinks about her but going back to her will be just wrong.

“Its not something I think about, and even if I get into a new relationship you see going back (to Mdee), it would not be okay,” he explained.

“I really desire to get a baby” Vanessa Mdee finally ready to start a family

Tanzanian song bird Vanessa Mdee recently admitted that she is ready to have a child of her own just a few months after breaking up with her boyfriend, Juma Juxx.

Speaking with Lil Ommy during her latest interview Vanessa Mdee admitted to have baby cravings but at the moment she has too much on her plate right now to have a baby.

Vanessa Mdee at Romy Jones birthday

“I really desire to get a baby but God’s time is the best. Right now though I have things that are first priority,”

Hurt by ex boyfriend’s

For the first she also went on to admit that she got hurt after her ex Juma Jux introduced his new Chinese lady on social media. Vanessa went on to add that although she tried ignoring his posts on social media, they still got to her.

Juma Juxx with new girlfriend?

There is a level you can ignore something but it gets to a point you cannot anymore. I remember recently when the guy introduced his ‘Chinese’ lover, I felt something painful in my heart, I felt hurt,

Despite everything that happened between her and her ex, Vanessa says that they continue remain good friends.

Juma and I parted ways a long time ago, nine months ago but we didn’t want to make it public because it would have affected a lot of people and besides that we still partners in several business ventures that we put together. We split yes, but we got nothing but respect for each other we still good friends. About his new girlfriend I also just found out via Instagram at the same time just like everybody else. Besides he is free to do his thing.


Vanessa Mdee: I was hurt when Jux introduced his new Chinese bae

Singer Vanessa Mdee has come out to share that learning her ex-boyfriend Juma Jux got a Chinese bae at some point hurt her.

Jux started parading his new Asian bae on Instagram just days after Vanessa Mdeee confirmed their split and she’s one hot beauty.

Juma Juxx with new girlfriend?

Speaking in a candid interview with Tanzanian presenter Lil Ommy, Mdee revealed she tried ignoring Jux posts but at the end of the day, she was hurt by them.

”There is a level you can ignore something but it gets to a point you cannot anymore. I remember recently when the guy introduced his ‘Chinese’ lover, I felt something painful in my heart, I felt hurt,” she said. 



She went on to say that though they parted ways, they are still good friends.

“Juma and I parted ways a long time ago, nine months ago but we didn’t want to make it public because it would have affected a lot of people and besides that we still partners in several business ventures that we put together. We split yes, but we got nothing but respect for each other we still good friends,” she said. 


“About his new girlfriend I also just found out via Instagram at the same time just like everybody else. Beside he is free to do his thing.”


Vanessa Mdee responds to claims that Juma Juxx dumped her after failing to give him kids

Vanessa Mdee and ex Juma Juxx are over and done with each other but will continue being friends.

Bongo RnB singer Juma Juxx has already unveiled his latest girlfriend’s photos on social media and if anything she is a worthy opponent of Vanessa Mdee.

Anyway Away from that, Vanessa Mdee yesterday after decided to address a few stories  about her that have been spreading on social media.

Vanessa Mdee refutes dating Majizzo

The songbird denied being involved with Majizzo. According to her, they are just good friends and only work on business related matters.

Trouble having children?

Well during the live session Vanessa Mdee puts an end to claims that she got dumped by Juma Juxx after being unable to have kids while others say that she was disrespecting the fella. Vanessa went on to say;

So mimi ningependa kusema kitu kimoja hususan kwa wale watu ambao wananitukana kupitia mitandao ya kijamii. Mimi ni mtu ambaye anajiheshimu na naheshimu kazi yangu naheshimu sanaa naheshimu brand yangu ambayo nimejenga kwa muda mrefu sana. Wale ambao wanaanza kunitusi mimi, ati mimi ni Malaya oh mimi ni tasa oh mimi nilikuwa nakataa kuolewa oh mimi nilikuwa namdharau Juma….

she then concluded bu adding;

Msinisemee…msiusemee moyo wangu, Msiusemee moyo wake! Msiusemee maisha yangu msiusemee maisha yake!


“I’ve cried for hours” Vanessa Mdee finally gives in to pressure and opens up break up 

Vanessa Mdee has been on the trending lists for the better part of last week following her sister’s out bursts that her relationship with longtime boyfriend Juma Jux has gone to the dogs.

Mdee has now taken to social media to confess that she has been hiding a lot, and that recent weeks haven’t been easy on her after the break up.


At first, Mdee avoided talking about the break up but mounting pressure has left her with no option especially after her sister’s revelation.

Her sister Mimi Mars shared in an interview that the two are no longer together and can’t be married.

Here is what Mdee has said on social media:

Every day I tell you about how strong I am. Today I’ll tell you about how defeated I feel. I’ve cried for hours, I’ve had nothing to eat (and I love food and there’s plenty available in my house). I’ve cancelled every meeting. I’ve sat in darkness curtains shut… I still feel alone and like shit. This is not a cry for attention, this is for you to understand WE ALL GO THROUGH IT. No shame.

“You’re allowed to feel everything and be affected by it too… give yourself an allowance. Tomorrow I am going to be back on my bullshit and this will just be a low. Life is filled with highs and lows, sorry If I ever made you feel like I didn’t have these moments and that pressured you into believing that your life wasn’t ‘perfect’. You’re extraordinary. Discomfort is needed for growth. You are loved. Remember that. Happy weekend honey,” she wrote.


Video: Nyashinski teams up with Vanessa Mdee’s boyfriend Juma Jax for new love song

Tanzanian RnB singer Juma Jux and Nyashinski have teamed up for a collabo titled, ‘In case you don’t know’ which is a song about love.

The song is the first project between the two who are good friends. It’s all the first music the two have drop since the year started.

Coke Studio


The video was shot in Nairobi by trusted video director Hanscana. Jux was recently in Kenya for coke studio Africa session.  During his visit to Kenya, Jux explained why he was excited to land a spot on Coke Studio.

“I’m here for Coke Studio recording. I’ve followed up on this for a very long time to no avail. But, finally, I thank God that he has made it possible. It opens great chances for artistes in terms of opportunities, platforms and exposure,” he said. 

Watch the video below:

Big move! Vanessa Mdee launches cute girls’ school shoe to keep girls in school(photos)

Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee has left many impressed after launching a new shoe line aimed at keeping girls in school.

On Tuesday, she launched a girls school shoe line dubbed ‘BoraStar’ that has a feminine feel and is meant to encourage girls to stay in school, and also dream big.

“I designed this for all the African girls dreaming out loud. Anything is possible. Ilikuwa ndoto yangu kutengeneza bidhaa itakayonufaisha na kuboresha maisha ya msichana wa kiTanzania/wa KiAfrika. leo nimetimiza ndoto yangu, nasema Asante Mungu.” she said.


It’s not yet clear how much the shoe cost but Mdee hopes that it will help in reducing the high dropout rates of young ladies not only in Tanzania but Africa as a whole.


Singer Venessa Mdee goes on a rant after being chased away from government building for wearing a mini-skirt 

Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee was one pissed lady on Monday after being denied entry into a government building because of her dress code.

The singer took to social media to rant after she was blocked from accessing the building for wearing a miniskirt that wasn’t even that short.

“Only in Tanzania is my skirt which is at my knees too short to enter a public corporate building. This is incredible.” she said.


Tanzania lately has been tightening the rules as they hope to fight the increased cases of immorality in the country.

The government as been keenly monitoring celebs in the country and regulating how they behave in public.

Here’s people had to say after her post.

Mdee: No one helps me in my career like my boyfriend 

Singer Vanessa Mdee counts herself more than just lucky to have a boyfriend who is just as creative as she is.

In a recent interview with Bongo 5, the singer shared that she missed her lover Juma Jux, badly, when they had broken up. Mdee went on to add that Jux has helped her a lot in creating music content and is even behind their popular album tour; In Love and Money.

“Of course he is my best friend. Ni mtu napenda na napenda kuwa karibu naye na tunashare ideas nyingi sana so hicho ni kitu cha kwanza so unampoteza mtu ambaye umemzoea sana and of ofcourse it’s not the same. Pia kuna ile ushauri. Unampigia alafu mnashauriana. In fact tour  hii hingekuepo, of course na kutengenza pesa kama tunavyofanya saa hizi, so in love and money”she said.


According to Vanessa, the two had broken up as she felt she was no longer needed in his life.

Vanessa Mdee reveals how boyfriend Juma Jux made moves on her and got her tripping in love 

Singer Vanessa Mdee is madly in love with her boyfriend Juma Jux who she had dated for five years now. In a recent interview with Wasafi TV, Mdee opened up how the two met saying that  it was during a studio session.

She also confessed that it was the first place they kissed as their love started blossoming.

Tulikuwa tukizungumza for some time.  Alikuwa akinishawishi kutoka naye lets go for drinks twende tukale. So alikuwa akinitipianga from work, siku moja akaniambia anaenda studio kuna wimbo nataka uongeze vocals kwenye chorus. Hio ilikuwa baada ya sisi kuzungumza kwa muda mchache. Kipindi hicho Juma alikuwa amepata matatizo na ex-girlfriend wake so walikuwa wametengena”, she said.


“Nlikuwa na muona ni kama mpweke because the first time I met him alikuwa na Jacky alafu kipindi hicho tukiwa studio alikuwa anampigia simu Juma [uko na nani studio saa hizi], that was before anything happened. Tukimaliza session ananishukisha home na dinga kali; I didn’t have a car then. Siku moja Akaniambia twende studio. Kufika we did shots then I had to go and throw up. Nikaingia kwenye gari nikachill ni kama Napata upepo and it happened, the first kiss”. 

Vanessa Mdee and boyfriend Jux in trouble with the government after kissing on stage 

Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee and his RnB boyfriend Juma Jux pulled a marvelous stunt on stage during their on going tour. The problems is, the government didn’t like.

The two kissed on stage after a thrilling performance during the weekend and went on to share the photos on social media. Tanzania’s Communication Regulatory Authority known as (BASATA) is now coming after them for posting ‘provocative photos’ on social media.

Sasa huyu Jux na Vanessa hata kama ni wapenzi hawakutakiwa kufanya hayo waliyoonyesha jukwaani kwani kama ni mahaba mnatakiwa muonyeshane mkiwa faragha na siyo hadharani kama walivyofanya tunawafanyia kazi ili kukomesha tabia hizo,” said Chief Executive Geoffrey Mngereza who heads the commission.


The commissioner also warned other artists from posting such photos saying the commission, which was set up to maintain online morality, will hunt them down.

Vanessa Mdee and boyfriend expecting their first child?

Tanzanian super couple Vanessa Mdee and her boyfriend Juma Jux have been touring East Africa as they promote the ladies album.

For the past few days the two have been in Nairobi and word has it that Otile and Timmy Tdat fought at  Vanessa Mdee’s dinner party.

Vanessa Mdee’s baby bump

Anyway, there are a few new photos of Vanessa Mdee that have left fans questioning whether she is pregnant. Well, this is after a baby bump could be seen through her short blue dress.

This however does not come as a surprise since their closest friends recently welcomed their first child. Having Aika and Nahreel start their own family could have motivated Vee Money and Juma Jux to do the same!

Check out the photos raising eyebrows below: