Popular LGBTQ Wasafi TV presenter neglecting his kids years after dumping family to allegedly date his type

Relationships out here are getting tougher and if you Kanairo is the mother of all Character development – then wait till you hear about Juma Lokole’s story which continues to surprise many. Well not many, but thanks to his personality (gossipmonger) anything about him keeps fans on their toes.

Juma Lokole

Well Juma Lokole is not only a radio host at the popular media station Wasafi TV but is quite known for his relationship with Diamond Platnumz family. Last we checked, Lokole was said to be besties with Esma Platnumz but after the pandemic period – there closeness hasn’t been portrayed that much on social media.

The fella is also known for his sexuality – in that he is a proud gay man who can shake his waist better than your young collage girlfriends. Ask how I know this? Watch this.

See what I am saying….

Juma Lokole’s ex wife refuses to soil husband’s name

Well before realizing he prefers playing for the same team, Lokole had been married to a certain lady who doubles up as the mother of his kids.

Wema Sepetu with Juma Lokole

According to the lady, they’d been married for 8 to 9 years before their relationship ended and although she made peace with it – the guy ended up blocking her everywhere and are not in touch. Asked how they deal with coparenting – the lady said;

Mimi na juma hatuwasiliani. (Juma Lokole and I don’t communicate, he blocked me.)

This being one of those things happen after a breakup, the lady however says the guy has never reached out after leaving; and although they have children together – he continues insisting on his silence. However she still doesn’t hate him.

Siwezi kumchukia wala siwezi kumuongelea vibaya. Yeye kama ataongea vibaya wacha aongee. Lakini Siwezi mchukia. ( I can’t hate neither can I speak I’ll about him. He is the father of my kids)

Although it’s done and gone – she went on to insist to Bongo 5 that he made a good dad and husband.

Alikuwa baba, alikuwa mume….yaani tulikuwa tunaishi tu vizuri. (He was a good father…good husband and we lived like a normal family)

Juma Lokole reveals reason why Tanasha is Diamond Platnumz favorite baby mama

If there is anything Juma Lokole is known for – then it’s gossip! For a man, Juma Lokole has proven to have unmatchable gossiping skills; that often come in handy when it comes to defending his boss, Diamond Platnumz and his family.

So far we have seen him attack and conquer anyone looking to make Diamond Platnumz look bad. Zari has had her share when it comes to Lokole’s trolls; and so has Hamisa who prefers staying low key just to avoid being exposed.

Juma Lokole and Tanasha Donna

Our own Tanasha Donna also went through hell thanks to Juma Lokole who outed her lazy bedroom skills on social media. Unfortunately for Lokole, Ms Tanasha did not engage hence making it hard for Lokole to keep attacking her.

Judas Iscariot at work

Well, truth is Juma Lokole can be a Judas Iscariot when it comes to his gossip. One minute he is a friend and the next minute – he is an enemy.

Well months after trolling Ms Tanasha; the same fella has come out to shower mama Naseeb Junior with nothing but praises. According to Juma Lokole, Tanasha remains a favorite to the Dangote’s because of her good behavior and attitude.

Juma Lokole

In the video below Juma is heard saying;

Tanasha ni mwanamke ambaye anajielewa…kwanza akiongea, mdomo wake unatoa harufu ya strawberry. Maneno yake yanakuwa yanaishi kifuani…Tanasha anajua mapenzi…..

“Wachana na huyo house girl ” Zari to Juma Lokole

Problem is, every time Zari gets close to Diamond Platnumz family; blogger Juma Lokole plays nice for a minute – until he feels it’s time to shame her for whatever reason.

After dumping Diamond Platnumz on Instagram 3 years ago – Lokole did not take this easy as we all witnessed him fired back at the boss lady with everything he had.

Juma Lokole

This is allegedly because Lokole is on a payroll to attack anyone who tries to make Diamond look bad; and so far Lokole has managed to clean up his bosses quite well.

The 3 baby mamas know how ruthless the fella can get and for some reason, Hamisa prefers not engaging with him; but as for Zari, she would rather google Swahili insults just to fire back at the gossip monger.

Juma Lokole

Refers to Lokole as house girl

After calling her fat and scary during a recent interview, Zari has also hit back; and this time around it appears that she may expose more than we expected.

This is because for the first Zari actually hinted what Lokole’s job is at the Dangote family. To her, this alleged gay man is a ‘house girl’ meaning the rumors are true about him cleaning after his boss.

While engaging with a fan who warned her against Juma;  Zari responded by saying;

Leave that house girl alone…njaa mbaya

“My wife walked out on me” Juma Lokole opens up about painful marriage experience that changed him

Juma Lokole has been rumored to be gay for years now! This is mainly because he behaves like a ‘woman’ and judging from the amount of gossip he carries; well no man on earth can beat him at this game.

So far he has been linked to his boss, Diamond Platnumz; but with no proof, we cannot really say much about this. However speaking to Wema Sepetu recently, Juma Lokole opened up to reveal that he was once married for 9 years.

Wema Sepetu with Juma Lokole

But just like most marriages, his failed following a few issues with his dear wife who later walked out on him leaving him lonely and confused. For the first time, the young man went on to open up saying;

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Nimedumu kwenye ndoa  takriban miaka 9. Siku moja nitakuja kupost picha zangu za harusi, mama watoto wangu alinikimbia. Alibeba vitu vyote vya ndani, aliniacha kama madrassa.

When asked by Wema Sepetu whether he has a girlfriend, Juma Lokole responded by saying;


Kwa sasa hivi hapana na focus sana na kwa maisha kwanza; biashara na ujenzi wangu.

Playing for both teams

With this out, we cannot really confirm whether Juma Lokole who is a father is a straight man or whether he plays for both teams.

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This is mostly because many have been claiming that he is gay; and after his altercation with Tanasha Donna – the rumor about his sexuaity was finally confirmed.

But since he already has children from his previous marriage; I bet the young man is just having a good time exploring other the gender!

Rayvanny’s scorned baby mama threatens to expose crazy dirt involving Diamond Platnumz close friend

Fahyma and Rayvanny are said to have parted ways; but judging from the life Fahyma lives..most fans believe that the two still live together as they try to work out their marriage.

Since Rayvanny announced his break up with Fahyma; Juma Lokole who is a close friend to both Diamond and Vanny boy has been trolling Fahyma on social media.

Apart from referring to her as a lazy slay queen; Lokole who is rumoured to be gay man also enjoys throwing shade at the lass. The last time the two ‘ladies’ were involved in an online argument; Fahyma went on to warn Lokole against attacking her; but it appears that he did not learn.

Juma Lokole

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Back at it

However, after keeping her mouth shut for way too long; Fahyma this past weekend decided to confront her archenemy ‘Juma Lokole’ for spreading unnecessary stories about her.

Through Lokole’s Instagram page, he went on to share a screenshot showing the messages sent to him by Fahyma. For minute it all sounded like a joke until Fahyma mentioned that she was now ready; to hit back with deep secrets concerning Juma Lokole.

Fahyma and Juma Lokole

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If you follow up with this family, you will realize that they all fear exposing private information that would affect Diamond in one way or another!

Therefore after receiving the threat, the IG blogger was forced to ask for forgiveness…however, something about his apology makes it sound sarcastic. So was it a genuine apology?

Diamond’s relative, Juma Lokole mocks Zari and Akothee’s failed friendship, says he saw it coming!

Juma Lokole is not only a close relative of Diamond Platnumz; but the life of the party and this why despite being a gossip monger, he still has thousands following him on social media.

Apart from just being friends with Diamond Platnumz family; Lokole is said to be the one doing all the damage control for the Bongo singer and believe it or not, you cannot win an argument when it comes to the alleged gay guy.

Anyway his latest post happens to be dedicated to Zari Hassan and Akothee who are now said to have unfollowed each other on social media. After months of being friends – to a point of fighting each others battles on social media; Zari and Akothee are no longer friends.

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Longtime BFFs, Akothee and Zari Hassan unfollow each other on social media

Laughs off

As seen on Lokole’s page, turns out that he already saw this coming and as always waited to see how long the friendship would last.

Through his social media pages, Lokole went on to post saying;

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Hayaaaaaa tenaaaaaaaaa ushoga uyogaaaaaa uku kumekuchaa ????????????????????nilijuwa tu miamba miwili idumu zizini thubutu ????????????mie napenda

Juma Lokole mocks both Zari and Akothee

According to Lokole both ladies are bosses and would never bow down to each other; and for this reason their friendship would never last – and just like a prophecy this has finally come true.

Fans on social media however continue to question what would have led to the breakup; or did the social distancing push them apart? Well who knows, but truth is….Lokole definitely had a point this time around!

And Akothee and Zari will not be sharing a crown for the sake of friendship!

Mike Sonko caught thirsting on Tanasha Donna’s enticing photo 

Mike Sonko is one of those cool politicians from Kenya. When I say cool, I mean that he keeps up with trendy outfits, designer perfumes, shoes and not to forget, he offered   to give out bottles of Hennessy in his COVID-19 helping kit.

Well, if that doesn’t make him cool then I don’t know what does. Apart from this Mike Sonko has been found leaving a ‘thirsty’ comment on Tanasha Donna’s photo.

As seen on the screenshots making rounds on social media, the politician clearly liked seeing Tanasha Donna rocking her tiny skirt which she paired with a turtle and stockings. Just like most fans, Mike Sonko dropped a bomb emoji which could explain his reaction better than words.

Mike Sonko’s comment

Fans react

Seeing the comment on the post, most fans could not let this slide as they joined in to tease the governor for having a good eye.

Mike Sonko’s move was quite new as most prominent people rarely leave comments on people’s photos to avoid being exposed or trolled. In another comment Sonko is seen asking one of the fans to quit trolling him (in a good way) and hours later; the governor is making headlines on most Tabloids in Kenya.

Fans troll Mike Sonko

Single Tanasha Donna

We also can’t blame Mike Sonko for shooting his shot now that Tanasha Donna is a single mum one adorable baby boy.

The comment could have also been friendly but judging from how most of these politicians have enjoy bagging themselves TV girls and singers; then Tanasha Donna might just get a good reason to move on from Diamond Platnumz.

Juma Lokole

Rumor has it that he lass worked out on her baby daddy due to boundary issues with Mama Dangote; while Juma Lokole claims she was too lazy to satisfy Diamond in bed!

But hey look at where she is headed now!


Why Tanasha Donna publicly referred to Diamond Platnumz friend, Juma Lokole as ‘Giiirl’

A lot has been said about Juma Lokole and of course his sexual orientation has always been a topic of discussion on social media.

Rumor has had it for years that Juma Lokole prefers men over women making him a member of the LGBT community. Although he refuses to address this, the fella has never been shy to share hints here and there!

However, it seems that Miss Tanasha Donna publicly outed Lokole’s sexual preference without his consent. This happened during their online bitter exchange that left the public informed on how lazy Tanasha was when it came to bedding Diamond Platnumz.

According to Lokole who shared this information during an interview; we now understand that Tanasha allegedly used to act like a slay queen.

Celebrity, Tanasha Donna

Tanasha was more of a slay queen. She was always talking about her music and taking the Tanasha we see out here to their bedroom. She would have left the stylish Tanasha outside and act like a woman.

Tanasha exposes Lokole

Having been around Lokole means that Tanasha got to see the real him, what he liked and who he was dating!

For this reason, the mother of one did not feel any need of keeping the fact that Lokole is a girl – but on the low down. Tanasha exposed this in her clap back where she also referred to Lokole as an empty vessel making noise on social media.

Miss Donna wrote;

Tanasha Donna

It’s sad how people have negative things to stay when they know absolutely NOTHING about you. Remember gossip is shared by the misinformed who always sound like fools, while creating ongoing drama & disorder ~ Translate that GIIIRL

Juma playing for the same team?

Although Tanasha exposed the guy while bitter fans can’t help feel that there is some truth around her post.


Well, this is because unlike most men who prefer wearing pants fit for guys; Lokole is always out dressed in women jeans – and neither does he hide it.

While going through the fella’s Instagram page, it’s easy not to notice that Juma is definitely playing for the same team; which leaves us at, how did he find out about Tanasha’s poor bedroom skills?

Tanasha Donna unapologetically claps back at Lokole for bad-mouthing her bedroom skills

Tanasha Donna and Juma Lokole got into it this past weekend leaving fans from both camps exchanging bitter words on social media.

It all started after Juma Lokole’s interview about Tanasha’s bedroom skills went viral; leaving the mother of one defending herself from the guy who couldn’t help but bad-mouth her for the second time while speaking with a certain popular TV station.

Juma Kichefu chefu, whose sexual orientation has always been a subject of discussion on social media; went all out publicly to embarrass Tanasha Donna who he claims couldn’t satisfy Diamond Platnumz thanks to her lazy bedroom skills. He opened up saying;

Kichefu Chefu aka Lokole

“Diamond was ready to marry Tanasha but she was always talking about love. There is no love in marriage. You just need to let your waist work and entertain your man. She was lazy in bed and always sitting with her nails looking like a zombie,”

Slay queen

He went on to add that unlike most women who would do the impossible to please their men in bed; Tanasha Donna behaved like a slay queen – something that always left Platnumz turned off.

Tanasha was more of a slay queen. She was always talking about her music and taking the Tanasha we see out here to their bedroom. She would have left the stylish Tanasha outside and act like a woman,”

Tanasha responds

Having seen the viral interview, Tanasha who is a no nonsense woman decided to clap back in a post that was later deleted!

Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz

She went on to question how Lokole would know about her bedroom skills yet he preferred sleeping with fellow men. Mama Naseeb Junior wrote;

Lazy? But why don’t you try me to confirm if this is true? How many seconds will you last thogh? oh wait–I forgot you don’t do women, so i guess you will never know. But hey, you know what they say, empty vessels make the loudest noise.

In a separate post the lady went on to add;

It’s sad how people have negative things to stay when they know absolutely NOTHING about you. Remember gossip is shared by the misinformed who always sound like fools, while creating ongoing drama & disorder ~ Translate that GIIIRL

Tanasha Donna

Lokole and Diamond Platnumz exes

For years now, Juma Lokole has always been the one exposing how good or bad Diamond Platnumz exes were.

He has not only attacked Wema Sepetu before but Zari and Hamisa Mobetto! So it now it also appears that Tanasha Donna was no exception.

“Kwako sitoki!” Juma Lokole pours out his heart to Diamond Platnumz

Juma Lokole is no longer a new name in the entertainment industry thanks to his boss and friend, Diamond Platnumz.

Juma Lokole

Well, for those who don’t know who Lokole is then allow me to reintroduce the young man. Rumor has it that he is Esma Platnumz gay best friend who also happens to have a close relationship with Diamond Platnumz.

For a while the fella has been defending and bashing anyone against the Dangote family; so basically we can say he is quite close with Diamond Platnumz and his family who also happen to like him a bit too much.


Anyway after two artists signed under Alikiba’s label walked out on the singer; Juma Lokole had something to say about this and surprisingly he chose to show loyal he plans to remain to Diamond Platnumz come rain or sunshine.

Lokole and boss, Simba

Through his Instagram page, Lokole showered his ‘boss’ with praises saying;

???????????????????? ……. kwako sitoki ata uje na winchi au greda ???????????????????? ………!!! Siyo shabiki mahandazi mimi kabisaaaaa ???????????? ……. Kufa kuzikana nishakunywa maji ya bendera kwako baba ????????????…….!! SIMBA


Cheed and Killy poached

According to Juma Lokole, Cheed and Killy called it quits after they were offered Tsh 1 Million shillings by another recording label; believed to be Konde Gang.

Lokole laughs off at AliKiba

Anyway Lokole laughed this off as he went on to promise Diamond Platnumz his loyalty  saying;

Maana kuna watu wamepewa 1M ….. wamemuacha msanii Wao ???????????? apana dunia hi ……! Mara video zake anavaa vibaragashehe siku zote ulikuwa wapi usiseme ayo

“Jaribu tu!” Kenyans dare Diamond Platnumz alleged gay friend to insult Tanasha Donna or her family!

Juma Lokole who acts like Diamond Platnumz family spokesman will not be having an easy time on social media; if he decides to go after Tanasha Donna!

Well, he may be feared back in Tanzania thanks to his gossip skills; but Kenyans on social media don’t seem shaken or bothered by this as they are ready to bury him alive!

Juma Lokole

The alleged gay guy was among the first people to share a clip from Tanasha’s latest interview with True Love magazine.

Lokole planning to diss Tanasha?

He however went on to caption saying that he did not know understand the English Tanasha used; but promised to get back once he translated what Mama Naseeb was saying!

Through his Instagram page, Juma Lokole captioned the clip saying;

Tanasha Donna

Sijajuwa kizungu …… Ila wacha nitafute wanaojuwa wanitafsilie …….. Kisha narudi nae …… Nisipo elewa na mimi simwagiki

Kenyans warn Juma Lokole

With the caption above, it appears that Lokole felt ready to attack Tanasha Donna now that she is no longer with Diamond Platnumz!

However luckily for Tanasha Donna, Kenyans who happened to come across the post went on to defend one of their own!

As seen on the comment section, most Kenyans promised to bring both heaven and hell on Lokole’s page incase he was looking for war!

Tanzanians on the other hand went on to warn  Lokole not to try anything stupid; since they understand how ruthless Kenyans on social media can get.

Below are just a few comments left under Lokole’s page showing that despite Tanasha not being a big artist in Kenya, her people still stand with her.