Justina Syokau Explains The Unorthodox Means She Used To Try And Save Her Marriage

Gospel singer Justina Syokau recently talked about her experience with broken marriage, blaming adultery as the main reason. In an interview with Obinna, Syokau said that, despite only dating her now-ex-husband for few months, their marriage happened quite swiftly. She emphasized that she was virgin when she got married and that she lost her virginity soon after. During the talk, Justina highlighted why she turned into adults films to gain bedroom experience.

When explaining her efforts to improve her marriage through watching adult films, Justina said,

“Mimi p*rno ya kwanza kuwatch nimewatch nikiwa married, kwa nini? I watched to see maybe sijui style ju nimeokoka hii miaka yote. Maybe sijui style ya kumpea.”

Despite these efforts, the singer found no solution in this approach, describing the adult content as unappealing and ineffective in resolving their issues.

“It was not even sweet. The way they were looking it was not even interesting. When you are married and you see infidelity in your marriage you usually think maybe humpei vizuri,” Justina said.

Justina claims that she has been celibate ever since breaking up with her babay daddy. But the gospel singer also says she is open to dating a young billionaire.


Justina Syokau Reveal s She Has Not Been Intimate For 10 Years

Gospel singer Justina Syokau has made a shocking revelation about her life with men, claiming that she has not been intimate for 10 years now.

In a recent interview, Syokau stated the latter while claiming that she’s scared of trending on twitter if the man she got intimate with recorded a video of them while they’re in ‘session’

‘Naogopa ku recordiwa video. Skuizi kuna ku recordiana videos. Imagine hii beauty yote ikionyeshwa Kenyans, watu wakikutana twitter juu yako… If it was the way I left it 10 years ago, you find ni tamu that you can not co-ordinate where the camera is.

Months ago, she took to social media with a placard outlining the qualities she desires in a man, and the response has been overwhelming Syokau disclosed that the multitude of interested men had been meticulously vetted, and only five individuals met her stringent criteria.

Syokau, who has been vocal about her desire for a younger, energetic, and financially stable partner, revealed only five men made the cut after a rigorous vetting process.

Syokau is yet to get the man she desires, considering she preferred a young billionaire.

Justina Syokau Refutes Sleeping With Ringtone, Admits She Visited Him

Despite Ringtone’s attempts to distance himself from her, Justina Syokau remains infatuated with the controversial gospel singer. She publicly expressed her love for Ringtone and her desire to marry him, despite facing criticism for her pursuit.

In an interview with Stephen Kasolo, Syokau dismissed those who criticized her for chasing Ringtone, insisting that he secretly loved her despite his public rejection. She claimed that Ringtone privately referred to her as a menopause-stricken old woman but maintained his affection for her behind the scenes.

“Wakati nilikua naambiwa na watu Ringtone ohh ni kama najilazimisha kwake, si umeskia nkiimba ‘ati watu wanasema najilazimisha na nimezeeka’. Sasa Ringtone akifanya interview alikua akisema huyo mumama alikua amezeeka, huyo mumama ata amefika menopause simtaki. Mi naweza sema hakuna siku moja mi nimeshajiskuma kwa Ringtone. Ringtone alikua ananipenda behind the scene in public ndo alikua ananikataa. Ringtone alikua ananipenda sana na ata alikua anaongea lakini pale kwa public akifika ni mumama. Mimi si mumama kwake behind the scene kwa public ndo mumama,” Justina Syokau said.

When asked if she had ever been intimate with Ringtone, Syokau asserted that she would never have allowed him to “harvest her farm,” as it would have been sinful. She explained that she had been celibate since her marriage ended in 2013 until her recent marriage to a billionaire husband.

Justina Syokau Takes To The Streets To Look For A 25 Year Old Billionaire Man

Gospel singer Justina Syokau has sparked a debate on social media after revealing her specific requirements for a future partner.

Over the weekend, the “Twendi Twendi” hitmaker took to the streets with a placard announcing her single status and desire to marry a wealthy 25-year-old within the year.

Syokau’s placard detailed her expectations, which included a diamond ring on the first day, a Ksh2 billion dowry on the second, and a lavish wedding on a yacht in Dubai on the third, complete with a private jet.

Despite facing criticism from onlookers for her seemingly unrealistic demands, Syokau insisted that she had much to offer in return. She listed her curvaceous figure, culinary skills, and abundance of love as assets to her potential partner.

Earlier, Syokau explained her preference for younger men, stating that they possess the energy and prowess to fulfill her sexual desires. “I don’t want to date an old man. I want someone young, energetic, and good in bed. I want a 25-year-old billionaire. I don’t mind about his tribe or race,” she elaborated.

While Syokau’s unconventional approach to finding love has garnered attention, her specific criteria have raised eyebrows among many. Her bold proclamation and unapologetic stance have sparked discussions about the role of financial status and physical attractiveness in relationships.

Gospel Singer Justina Syokau Opens Up About Ex-Husband’s Infidelity & Abuse

Kenyan gospel singer Justina Syokau has spoken out about the painful experiences she endured during her marriage to Johnstone Vundi Musyoka, the brother of Kalonzo Musyoka.

Syokau revealed that Musyoka was a serial adulterer who often brought other women into their home. She also said that he was physically and emotionally abusive towards her.

“When you’re in a relationship, it’s hard to tell if someone is genuine or not,” she said. “The first one was so genuine, I didn’t know he was a womanizer, I didn’t know I would wake up and see him with another person, and also bringing women into our house.”

Syokau said that she was devastated and shocked to discover Musyoka’s true nature, especially since he presented himself as a religious person.

“I didn’t know one day I would cry because of him coz he was a church person, I didn’t know he would have my friends, it was so hurtful,” she added.

Syokau and Musyoka were married in June 2012 and divorced by August 2013. They have one child together, a son named Nixon Musyoka Vundi.

Syokau’s decision to speak out about her experience has been met with support from her fans and fellow musicians. She has been praised for her courage and strength in sharing her story.

Her story is a reminder that domestic violence can happen to anyone, regardless of their social status or religious beliefs. It is important to speak out about abuse and to seek help if you are experiencing it.

Justina Syokau Vows To Protect Herself & Her Son From Social Media

Justina Syokau, the Kenyan singer known for her hit song “Twendi Twendi,” has apologized for sharing personal details about her life on social media.

In a YouTube interview on August 13, Syokau said that she only went on social media to seek support when her son was sick, and that she never intended to offend anyone.

“I only went on social media because my son was sick and I needed support, not to corn Kenyans,” she said. “I apologize for any offense I may have caused.”

Syokau also said that she has learned from her mistake and will not air her family’s private matters on social media ever again.

“I realized through my therapy sessions that it is important not to share every detail with the world, especially as a public figure,” she said. “I will be more careful in the future.”

Syokau’s apology comes after she posted a series of Instagram stories in July in which she revealed personal details about her life, including the identity of her baby’s father and ex-husband, Johnstone Vundi Musyoka. She also recounted the challenges she had faced, including being allegedly chased away with her son, Nixon Musyoka Vundi, on August 2023.

Syokau’s posts sparked a lot of debate on social media, with some people supporting her and others criticizing her. Some people felt that she was wrong to share such personal information, while others felt that she was brave for speaking out about her experiences.

In her YouTube interview, Syokau said that she is grateful for the support she has received from her fans, and that she is committed to being a better role model for them.

Gospel Musician Justina Syokau Reveals Kalonzo Musyoka’s Brother Is Her Baby Daddy

Gospel musician Justina Syokau has finally revealed the identity of her baby daddy, who is Johnstone Vundi Musyoka, a brother to Azimio co-principal Kalonzo Musyoka.

Syokau made the revelation in a lengthy post on Instagram, in which she said that she was tired of living a lie. She said that she had been married to Musyoka in June 2012 and that they had a son together, Nixon Musyoka Vundi. However, the marriage ended in divorce in August 2013, due to infidelity and other reasons.

Justina Syokau said that she had been silent about her marriage and divorce for many years, but that she was now speaking out because she was tired of being treated like a “secret”. She said that she had been subjected to abuse by Musyoka’s family, including his mother, who had told her that her son would never take care of their son and that she should leave.

Syokau’s revelation has sparked a debate online, with some people supporting her decision to speak out and others criticizing her for dragging Kalonzo’s name into the matter.

However, Syokau has said that she is not afraid of the backlash, and that she is simply trying to tell her truth. She said that she hopes that her story will help other women who are in similar situations.

Justina Syokau In Agony As She Narrates Hardships Of Raising Child Alone

Gospel singer Justina Syokau has taken to social media to lament about the challenges of raising her child single-handedly, despite her ex-husband being well-off.

Syokau, who is known for her hit song “Twendi Twendi,” said that she got married in 2012 and had a child in 2013. However, the marriage ended shortly after, and she was left to raise their child on her own.

Syokau accused her ex-husband of chasing her away and refusing to support their child. She said that she has tried to take him to court several times, but nothing has come of it.

“He doesn’t support his child,” Syokau said in a tearful video on TikTok. “I beg the government to conduct DNA on the baby so that he can take care of his child.”

Syokau also said that her ex-husband is frustrating her and that she is struggling to provide for her child. She urged him to take responsibility as a father and to provide medical care for their child.

Syokau’s story is a reminder of the challenges that single parents face, especially when the other parent is not willing to support their child. It is also a reminder of the importance of DNA testing, as it can help to ensure that children are getting the support they need from their parents.

Justina Syokau Is Seeking Unnecessary Attention

Justina Syokau is out here showing how lavish her life is. To be honest, she’s just chasing clout to become more relevant and popular in showbiz. But her efforts might just not be good enough.

Late last year, Syokau went ahead to make her ‘nyash’ bigger to match that of Vera Sidika. It was in black and white that the surgery didn’t match her looks. In fact, she realized it herself and went for a reverse surgery to revert to her normal physique.

The Twendi Twendi hitmaker recently uploaded a new photo looking absolutely snatched in a tight dress showing off her hand-sculpted curves and a big butt on Instagram sending her fans into a frenzy.

“Finally have achieved my goal nyash, I love my new body,”she wrote

She joined the list of female Kenyan celebs who have modified their physique.

Additionally, Syokau was recently blasted for boasting about her new ride; which she claimed costed millions.

Inside my new car WORTH MILLIONS
It is my season
Watch YouTube video”

This was among her numerous skits to promote her song ‘Twendi Twendi Thili’ which has barely hit half a million views. It’s clear that she’s struggling to be relevant.

Justina Syokau quiting gospel music to venture into church ministry is a business upgrade

Justina Syokau has a new song dubbed Twendi Twendi Thili and unlike her other songs, this one is receiving much criticism since she decided to talk about kupanuliwa in the song.

 People have really trolled me, the hate I am getting for singing is too much. I wonder what you want me to do for you, when I sing you should be happy. I am always begging you to give me jobs instead you just keep trolling and insulting me,

Well, seeing that kenyans misinterpreted her song – the gospel artist held an interview recently to explain her message as well as announce she is now quitting music to start an online Facebook church.

According to Justina, her main reason for quitting music is because she now believes there are people out to destroy her career. Okay wait…with how bad things have been for kenyans, honestly who has time to waste plotting against Justina?

Clout chaser

But then again, you have to remember most Kenyan artists depend on clout to survive in the music indutry; and just like the rest – Justina Syokau is already pulling her stunts on social media.

Speaking on the career change, Justina Syokau said;

2023′ is the last song am releasing because the trolls have become too much, I am now starting a church I will be going live on my Facebook page to preach and prophecy.

Think about it, if it were you – wouldnt you also pick a career with more money? I mean churches have proven to be great investments and the best part is that people are willing to pay to cash to ‘see’ God.