Justina Syokau quiting gospel music to venture into church ministry is a business upgrade

Justina Syokau has a new song dubbed Twendi Twendi Thili and unlike her other songs, this one is receiving much criticism since she decided to talk about kupanuliwa in the song.

 People have really trolled me, the hate I am getting for singing is too much. I wonder what you want me to do for you, when I sing you should be happy. I am always begging you to give me jobs instead you just keep trolling and insulting me,

Well, seeing that kenyans misinterpreted her song – the gospel artist held an interview recently to explain her message as well as announce she is now quitting music to start an online Facebook church.

According to Justina, her main reason for quitting music is because she now believes there are people out to destroy her career. Okay wait…with how bad things have been for kenyans, honestly who has time to waste plotting against Justina?

Clout chaser

But then again, you have to remember most Kenyan artists depend on clout to survive in the music indutry; and just like the rest – Justina Syokau is already pulling her stunts on social media.

Speaking on the career change, Justina Syokau said;

2023′ is the last song am releasing because the trolls have become too much, I am now starting a church I will be going live on my Facebook page to preach and prophecy.

Think about it, if it were you – wouldnt you also pick a career with more money? I mean churches have proven to be great investments and the best part is that people are willing to pay to cash to ‘see’ God.