Kahush introduces hot girlfriend, hints about possible wedding in near future (Photo)

It’s been a while since Kahush dropped a new song but hey – we ain’t complaining since his latest posts suggest he has been working on his personal life; and sadly ladies, the hot fella seems to have recently bagged himself a hottie and no, she ain’t your average girl!

Kahush’s girlfriend

The new kid on the block left most of his female fans heart broken after unveiling a photo of the lady he has been dating for the few months (If not weeks) and yes, she is a hot dark chocolate skinned lass with a simple but classy taste in fashion.

Just like her man, the lady looks a cool kid and looking at her photos; it’s obvious to see that there is some class – and trust me it’s not the forced slay queen kinda vibe.


Well having introduced her to his fans, Kahush recently held a QnA session where he gave fans a chance to interact with him. Of course there are those fans who inquired about his new music; and those who couldn’t wait to ask about his personal life. Like you.

What caught our attention most is the fact that Kahush got to talk about his future plans with the lady; and turns out that he is not in the relationship for fun and games but for life.

He revealed this while responding to a fans who asked;



To which he responded by saying;


So now we wait, right?