Marioo Confirms Having A Baby With Paula Kajala

Tanzanian model and actress Paula Kajala has confirmed her pregnancy alongside her boyfriend, singer Marioo.

The two lovebirds expressed excitement after Marioo’s Instagram post, where they shared pamphlets labelled ‘The Baby News, a baby is on the way”.

The two lovebirds also shared their scan photos, which showed the baby had already grown. Other than that, Paula’s protruding stomach said it all.

Marioo captioned their video with a heartfelt message;

Adding a new member to our squad!
Soon Inshaalah 🙏🏾
Proud of you Malkia ❤️ @therealpaulahkajala Mungu akubariki wewe na Familia.

To make sure that fans knew about the pregnancy, Marioo made it the only post on his page. He probably archived the rest of the posts, or deleted them.

Anyway, Kajala responded to the post;

”Am having a baby with my baby. From two to three,” she wrote.

The Love Story

Despite initial attempts to keep their pregnancy under wraps, the couple’s happiness shines through, and the revelation has captivated fans and gossip enthusiasts alike.

The couple denied the pregnancy initially, maintaining a low profile even as the gossip mill buzzed with speculations. Paula Kajala confirmed her pregnancy by leaving a cryptic comment on the post.

I bet it was too early for them to make the announcement. But now that the pregnancy is conspicuous, the announcement was quite imminent.


Paula Kajala Publicly Denounces Harmonize

Paula Kajala, the daughter of veteran actress Fridah Kajala Masanja, has denounced Harmonize, the singer who dated her mother for a year.

In an interview on the Beyond the Gram reality show that airs live on Emerald TV, Paula said that she hates Harmonize with all her soul.

“I hate Harmonize with all my soul,” she said.

“He is a disrespectful man who tried to seduce me while he was dating my mother.”

Paula said that she was shocked and disgusted when she learned that Harmonize had been sending her inappropriate messages and photos.

“I couldn’t believe it. “I thought he was a good man, but he turned out to be a predator.”

Paula said that she is grateful that her mother broke up with Harmonize when she found out about his behavior.

“I’m glad my mother found out about what he was doing. “She did the right thing by breaking up with him.”

Paula said that she hopes that other young women will learn from her experience and be careful about who they trust.

“If you’re a young woman, be careful about who you date. “Don’t let anyone take advantage of you.”

Paula’s denouncement of Harmonize comes after he apologized for his behavior last year. In a statement, Harmonize said that he was “deeply sorry” for sending Paula inappropriate messages and photos. He said that he was “not in the right state of mind” at the time and that he “deeply regrets” his actions.

It remains to be seen whether Paula will ever forgive Harmonize. However, her denouncement of him is a powerful statement about the importance of consent and respect.

Frida Kajala Gives Advice To Daughter Paula On Love

Tanzanian actress Frida Kajala has given advice to her daughter Paula on love after her recent breakup with singer Rayvanny.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, Kajala can be seen talking to Paula about the importance of being careful in relationships. She tells her daughter that she should not be afraid to walk away from a relationship if she is not happy, and that she should not let anyone use her.

Kajala’s advice is likely based on her own experiences. She has been married twice, and her first marriage ended in divorce. She also had a relationship with Rayvanny, which ended after he reportedly cheated on her.

Paula has not yet responded to her mother’s advice. However, the video has been met with mixed reactions from social media users. Some have praised Kajala for her honesty, while others have criticized her for airing her daughter’s personal life in public.

Despite the mixed reactions, Kajala’s advice is a reminder that it is important to be careful in relationships. It is also important to remember that you are not alone if you have been hurt in a relationship. There are people who care about you and want to help.

If you are struggling in a relationship, there are resources available to help you. You can talk to a trusted friend or family member, or you can seek professional help from a therapist or counselor. There is no shame in asking for help, and it can make a big difference in your life.

Frida Kajala Admits Neglecting Her Daughter Paula Kajala For Her Relationships

Tanzanian actress Frida Kajala has been in several tumultuous relationships over the years. Her most strenuous one evidently with Harmonize. The two seemed to have a happily ever after, especially after a successful re-union last year after Harmonize splashed millions to woo her back.

Eventually, they decided to call it quits and both of them have now moved on.

Frida, being the celebrity she is, her daughter Paula had to be in the picture too. She’s also dating celebrities in Tanzania, including Rayvanny.

Frida and Paula already have a reality show together.

20 cute photos of Harmonize's bae Kajala with her daughter

Recently announced on Frida’s Instagram, ‘Behind the Gram’promises to shed light on the untold stories and hidden aspects of their lives, which have remained concealed from the public eye.

With their candid revelations, the mother-daughter duo aims to connect with their audience on a deeper level, highlighting the realities and challenges they face outside the realm of fame.

In the show, Frida admitted that she didn’t spend much time with her daughter when she was still young, something which she regrets to date. The

Harmonize Insinuates He’s Still Missing Kajala After Using Her Doppelganger In Latest Music Video

Tanzanian musical star Harmonize doesn’t seem to get over Kajala. Harmonize had to drop his male wits to woo Kajala back into loving him-which he achieved. Even though it wasn’t easy peasy, Harmonize played his cards right and eventually won over her despite numerous failed attempts.

The two would later break-up despite Harmonize promising to stick with her. They had a tumultuous relationship; and a break-up was imminent as they seemed to ignore their differences.

Harmonize recently released a song dubbed ‘Single Again,’ which is trending across East Africa and the rest of the world.

There’s a vixen in particular who looks like Kajala. And Harmonize probably used her intentionally.

Kajala Reacts

In an Instagram story post, Kajala wrote a text suggesting that some people like to create situations that make them laugh at themselves and, unknowingly make fun of themselves.

Hapa duniani kuna watu wanapenda kujitekenya alafu wanacheka wenyewe saa ndio nini.

“(In this world, there are people who like to make fun of themselves, and then they laugh at themselves),” She wrote

Photos of mother and daughter Harmonize is accused of bedding under the same roof

Singer Harmonize is currently making headlines thanks to former friend, Rayvanny; who recently shared quite shocking WhatsApp receipts between Konde Boy and Paula Kajala.

We are told that Harmonize had apparently been bedding both mother (Kajala) and daughter (Paula) but problem is; we can’t tell whether Paula’s relationship with Harmonize is recent or old news.

Harmonize with Paula and Kajala

As seen on the posts shared by Rayvanny, it’s clear to see that Paula was indeed ready to continue seeing Harmonize on the low; so long as they kept it away from her mum. On one of the WhatsApp receipts Paula is seen telling Harmonize;

Kuwa na mom sio tatizo endapo wote tutatunza siri and help support love each other

Mother and daughter duo?

Well, when we thought we had seen it all in Nairobi; it appears that Bongo land is also facing the same ‘sharing per person’ issue hence Harmonize and the Kajalas.

Anyway now that Paula is over 18 years….allow us to share more photos of this mother and daughter trending on social media.

“Wewe ni mama mjinga” Activist tells Kajala after Rayvanny leaks private chats between Harmonize and Paula Kajala

Rayvanny must have been excited to come across private chats between Harmonize and Paula Kajala. So far we understand that the Konde Boy CEO is being accused of feasting on both mum and daughter; and what’s more surprising is that this was made public without thinking of the long term consequences.

According to a detailed post shared by Rayvanny – we are told that Harmonize had not only been sleeping with actress Kajala; but also with daughter, Paula Kajala.

Harmonize and ex bae Kajala matching tattoos

To confirm this the Wasafi singer unveiled some private chats showing how Harmonize trying to rekindle his relationship with Paula; yet he was already playing the role of a step dad.

Chat between Harmonize and Paula Kajala

Mange Kimambi steps in

While everyone is focused on embarrassing Harmonize for sleeping with Kajala and daughter Paula;activist Mange on the other hand has come out to call out actress Kajala for being the dumbest mum she has ever come across.

Harmonize’s ex girlfriend with daughter, Paula Kajala with her mum

As seen on a detailed post shared by Mange Kimambi; she tells off Kajala for ruining her daughter’s reputation all in the name of attacking ex, Harmonize.

Of course learning the Paula issue must have a low blow – but outing the fact that Konde boy was having them both is the worst thing a mother can do to her own child.

Mange’s post

Anyway through the detailed post shared by Mange Kimambi; she went on to write saying;

Hivi hizi text zilitakiwa kumdhalilisha Harmonize au Kumzalilisha yule mtoto? Kwa hizi text it’s clear Harmonize ameshatembea na Paula alichotaka ni kwamba waendelee kufanya mambo yao behind Kajala’s back.

According to Mange Kimambi these texts confirm that Harmonize; and Paula had been dating way before Kajala and if anyone is to blame then it is Kajala’s daughter.

Hizi message sio kwamba anamtongoza kwa mara ya kwanza ila anamuomba waendelee wasiache sababu yuko na mama mtu. Ni kwamba Paula alivyoona Harmo anamla mamake akawa hataki tena.

She went on to add;

Kwa kibongo bongo Harmonize ataonekana kidume, Je Paula? So far mmemwanika kuwa katiwa na Hamornize pamoja na RayVanny. Yani mmemwanika kuwa ameshare dudu na mamake.
Anyways, let me say this wakulaumiwa hapa ni Kajala. Haki Kajala hana akili hata robo. Kwa hiyo kujiliza lote kule majuzi sasa hivi kamkabidhi RayVanny yule mtoto mazima. Huko Dubai wamepelekwa na RayVanny mjue? Na mama mtu anatikisa na matako anaenjoy pesa ya mkwe ????????‍♀️

Dumb move from Kajala

Although Mange Kimambi only has 2 sons; she went on to school actress Kajala for ruining her daughter’s life all in the name of revenge.

Kajala unamwaribia mwanao maisha yake. Yani Paula ataishia kuwa kama wewe, beautiful for nothing. Paula ataishia kuwa na maisha ya kutangatanga kama yako.

Lastly Mange added;

I’m not saying mimi ni mama perfect. Mimi pia nna makosa yangu kwenye ulezi ila aisee this is too much.