Kambua talks about how she was harassed by “womb watchers” on social media.

Former media personality Kambua has courageously opened up about her experience of miscarriage, sharing a touching #TBT photo that captures a time of deep heartbreak amidst the joy of visiting her hometown.

Unknown to many at the time, Kambua was grappling with the profound loss of a pregnancy. The photo, seemingly serene, belies the tumultuous emotions raging within her.

“This season of my life was so dark, it felt like a blur,” Kambua confessed. “The sense of loss was so so heavy.”

Adding to her anguish were the incessant inquiries from well-meaning but unaware individuals on social media, constantly asking, “when will you have a baby?” Their words pierced through her already wounded spirit.

In the midst of her despair, Kambua found solace in the unwavering support of her mother and the power of prayer.

She vividly recalls a day when her mother, following her custom, sat with her and offered a heartfelt prayer. The words, spoken in Kamba, echoed with compassion and hope.

“God, thank you for the baby that you gave us, but soon came back to you. Now God we pray that you give us the one who will stay,” her mother pleaded.

Kambua’s emotions overflowed as she listened to her mother’s words. The pain, the longing, and the unwavering faith were all intertwined in that moment of shared vulnerability.

“And God is faithful,” Kambua affirmed. Shortly after her mother’s heartfelt prayer, Kambua miraculously conceived again and carried the pregnancy to term.

Her story serves as a beacon of hope for those who have faced similar losses and disappointments in their journeys to parenthood.

“I specifically want to encourage a woman, perhaps a couple whose dream to motherhood or being parents has seemed so elusive,” Kambua expressed.

She extended her prayers to those grappling with the weight of loss and delay, assuring them that God’s miraculous interventions can transform their stories.

“It doesn’t matter HOW he does it, it only matters that he will do it. He will give you the one who will stay,” Kambua declared with unwavering faith.

Her words resonate with empathy and understanding, offering solace and encouragement to those who may feel alone in their struggles.

Media Personality Kambua Reveals She Has Suffered Two Miscarriages

Kenyan media personality and Gospel artist Kambua has for the first time revealed that she has suffered two miscarriages. In a monologue series on her YouTube channel dubbed “Being Kambua,” Kambua said that she lost another child before the passing of her son Malachi in 2021.

“Most of you know that I have three children, Nathaniel, Malachi in heaven, and Natalie with me. But the truth is I actually have four children. This is something I have never shared with any of you before, but I think it is time to bring you into my world and tell you about two babies that I have in heaven and two that I get to take care of,” she said.

Kambua has been candid about her difficult fertility journey, constant womb-watching, and how faith led her through her six years of waiting after her marriage.

Her revelation has resonated with many women who have experienced similar losses. Kambua’s honesty and courage in sharing her story is a reminder that we are not alone in our grief and that there is hope after heartbreak.

Kambua elated as daughter turns 1

Former Citizen TV host Kambua celebrated her daughter on social media and thanked God for how far they had come.

In her message, Kambua acknowledged how Nathalie’s entry into their family had altered her life.

Famous media personality Kambua wrote a touching letter to her daughter Nathalie on the occasion of her first birthday.

The former Citizen TV host thanked God on social media for their progress while also celebrating her daughter.

In her message, Kambua acknowledged how Nathalie’s entry into their family had altered her life.

“My chunky slice of heaven is ONE ???????? Jehovah you have been so good! ????????‍♀️

You my little princess have healed my heart in ways I never knew were possible.

See how far we’ve come my Kanyanya! With long life, God will satisfy you and show you his salvation. You will live to see the goodness of God in the land of the living. I love you, my baby. I love you! Happy birthday ????????,”

In 2022, Kambua first revealed that she had given birth to a bouncing baby girl. In a post on November 29, 2023, she discussed it.

Kambua Opens Up On Battling Post-partum Depression After Birth Of Her Son

Kenyan musician Kambua has opened up on her struggle  of battling post partum depression after the birth of her son. Taking to her Instagram, she penned an inspirational post as she reminisced her most painful moment(s).

”Ok let me bring this conversation from my stories to the TL. Postpartum. What kind of support did you receive after having your baby? Or maybe you didn’t receive any? If there are support groups, please share and tag them here.

I experienced baby blues when I had Nathaniel. It was compounded by the constant “maziwa haija kuja”?! As most of you know, my baby was a preemie. My milk took a while to come in. To say I was stressed would be a gross understatement. I got help from my village of sisters.
Nurses mean well (I’m sure), but they just about pushed me over the edge at that time (some).

So tell me- what struggles have you/did you face? What help was available to you?”

Kambua who is married to a pastor Jackson Mathu had for years been struggling with infertility flaunted her blossoming baby bump in May.

Kambua and her husband, Pastor Jackson Mathu, welcomed their first child, Nathaniel Muhoro Mathu, in 2019 after struggling to conceive for close to seven years. “I’ve been around long enough and been through enough to know that pregnancy journeys are not perfect-

Kambua pens emotional post as she announces exit from Citizen TV after 12 years

Singer Kambua finally took a bow after 12 years of serving at Citizen TV as Ruaka’s co host. The singer who is popularly known for her music; while others choose to remember with her good looks announced this on Sunday, 16th January with a detailed a post.

Judging from what she wrote, looks like Kambua felt that her time at the show was finally up; after the many years of using the platform to serve the her Christian community. Starting off her post, the mother of one wrote;

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Kambua exits Citizen TV

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And just like that, 12 years!! Today I got to take a bow from a show that’s been so dear to my heart; Gospel Sunday. I have grown, learned, and LOVED being a part of your lives. Coming into your living rooms every Sunday morning. Thank you!

To colleagues who became family

Rauka being a team means Kambua had a few colleagues like Dj Gee Gee, Holy Dave, Njugush, Dj Moz, Timeless Noel; and Laura Karwirwa among others who are still at the show or exited years back. But having their paths cross during the show, Kambua appreciated each of them saying;

Tbt: Kambua

Also read:

To Royal Media services, all my amazing colleagues, my family and friends, thank you for allowing me to be all God created me to be, without inhibition.


I can look forward to whatever the future holds for me, because faith IS…!Thank you Jesus???????? P/s: I finally get to turn off my Sunday morning alarm????

And there you have it!

Daddy Owen, Emmy Kosgei Stand With Kambua After Losing New Born Baby

Losing your child is the last thing one can think about, especially after carrying them for nine months. Citizen TV’s Kambua is yet to endure the pain of losing her new born baby. This happens a day after the Valentines day celebrations.

Kambua and her husband are still mourning the loss of their baby, who they had named Malachi Manundu Muthiga Mathu. He was her second born son.

On her Instagram page, Kambua says that doctors tried their best to save the life of the baby, but their efforts proved futile.

”He was everything we hoped for, and more, much more. Perfect in every way. Malachi knew how much he was loved, and so he did all he could to stay with us. With the help of a most dedicated team of doctors & nurses, our little baby fought, until Jesus healed him by taking him to Himself.

Malachi is now free from pain, and any worldy care. Our tears fall freely because our hearts are broken beyond words. But our faith and hope remains unshaken because we have our trust in a dependable God.”

Most celebrities stood by their side and gave them hope. Emmy Kosgei wrote on her page,

”what can we say .. it is painful
my sister @kambuamuziki with yours ! Keeping you both in prayers.. even in this we give thanks sending love and hugs.”

Image result for Kambua with baby bump

Gospel singer Daddy Owen also wrote,

”U know so well I am crying and praying with u
In all things we give thanks and trust in the LORD.”

The loss is certainly a huge one. All is well Kambua, God will give you strength to endure the loss and will still bless you.

Kambua deletes the apology she wrote Jeff Kuria after their New Years drama

Singer Kambua and Inooro TV’s Jeff Kuria have been the talk of town since the year began.

Well, this is after Kambua pulled a move that angered Kenyans who had tuned in to watch Vuka Mwaka party at Afraha Stadium.

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According to fans, Kambua apparently grabbed the mic from Kuria delaying the New Years count down. Her behavior left Kenyans calling her out for being selfish, forcing her to publicly apologize due the harsh comments being thrown her way.

The apology

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Through her Facebook page Kambua apologized to Jeff Kuria saying;

“ Well, we are finally back in Nairobi. And yes, I have seen and read all (or most) of your comments. With all the stones being flung my way, I will in no way try to explain anything. So allow me to say this specifically to Jeff Kuria (my colleague at Inooro), and his fans as a whole. For all that may/may not have happened yesterday, I apologise. I’d hate to start this year with any bad blood. I value all of you, even the criticism (good and bad). Happy New Year. K.”

However, looking at her page seems that she pulled down the apology. Not quite sure why she deleted the post but could be the comments left under it that made her delete the post.

Kambua’s huge baby bump leaves fans convinced singer is pregnant with twins (Photo)

Singer Kambua is currently heavy with her second child and judging from how heavy she looks; fans on social media feel that she may be pregnant with twins.

Well, this is judging by the huge baby bump she has been rocking on social media. To confirm that the bump is quite huge for one baby; singer and media personality Kambua went on to use a cheeky caption where she talked about “swallowing all her fans for lunch.”

The lady went on reveal that people have also been stoping her to ask whether she is heavy with twins; a question she can no longer withstand. Through her IG page, Mama Nathaniel who is heavy with baby number 2 went on to write;

Singer Kambua


Jesus holding me back from swallowing all of you for lunch. Just ask me one more time if I’m having twins????????‍♀️. I will put you on the @ubereats menu!

Was Grace Msalame right?

Well, this comes weeks after friend, Grace Msalame went on to congratulate her buddy Kambua for the new baby on the way.

Since the two appear to be close in a way, Grace Msalame went on to comment saying;

And she shares the amazing news… Ari ri rir ri congratulations again mama Twins. We love you

This statement however that left many on social media assuming that Kambua was pregnant with twins; and looking at the size of this baby bump – well we can understand why many feel that Kambua might be pregnant with twins.

6 Kenyan celebrities who stunned in epic baby bump photo shoots in 2020

2020 came with its fair share of challenges but for several female Kenyan celebrities, it has only come with double blessings.

Motherhood is a journey, who despite its hurdles and struggles, appreciates the beauty of life and colors the world of those around it with brightness.

For some, it is their first time, for others, they are only getting better at the job and embracing every newborn in their own unique way.

2020 has been that year of making headlines with the cries of newborns among celebrities across the divide, as others eagerly await to grace the delivery room soon. Lets go right in:

1. Corazon Kwamboka

The curvy socialite has been blessed to hold her first child, baby boy Tayari in her arms, with significant other, Frankie Just Gym It in August. However, her simple yet elegant-looking baby bump photoshoot, remains to be remembered.

Hippy Corazon Kwamboka

2. Grace Msalame

The 32-year old media personality, who welcomed her third child, baby boy Isaiah on October 15, is one woman who truly enjoyed her pregnancy journey. Never having enough of her eventful baby bump shoots.

New mom, Grace Msalame

3. Sharon Momanyi

The popular, sassy KTN journalist announced her break from our TV screens while parading her bulging baby bump. Later treated to a colorful baby shower before crowning it in a royal-themed maternity shoot.

Media personality Sharon Momanyi stuns in royal-themed maternity shoot

4. Kambua

Enough cannot be said about the gospel artist and TV host who proved the world wrong after welcoming her first child with hubby Jackson Mathu, 7 years into marriage, before announcing her second. Her uniquely done, striking, white mermaid dress is admirable.

Kambua unveils second pregnancy

5. Ruth Matete

The days-old mother of one, stunned in a series of baby bump photos, be it African-styled or Western fashion, the gospel artist rocked her baby bump like a Queen.

Pastor Ruth Matete pregnancy journey

6. Lady Mandy

Sauti Sols Polycarp Otienos wife had her pregnancy journey uniquely captured on lens. The Burundian babe literally went extra for her shoots, all African themed and done far from the ordinary.

Miss Lady Mandy

Well, there you have it. Anyone we left out?

Double blessing? Kambua’s close friend hints singer is pregnant with twins

Singer Kambua is pregnant with her second child barely 2 years after welcoming her handsome son, baby Nathaniel. This being a blessing, the singer went on to share the good news through her social media pages; where she confirmed that indeed she is pregnant.

When others claim this was too fast, Kambua’s die hard fans have come out in huge numbers congratulating the singer for the blessing. If you remember well, this lady with her husband struggled to have a child of their own; and after years of being childless, they were finally blessed with one.

Kambua Muziki pregnant with second child

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And now there is yet another on the way and from the look of things Kambua will be popping before the year 2020 is over; and if not, then it means she is indeed expecting twins.

Msalame confusing fans

Anyway thanks to Edgar Obare who shared a screenshot showing Msalame’s comment about Kambua expecting twins; we also can’t help but wonder whether there is some truth to this.

In the now deleted comment Msalame wrote;

And she shares the amazing news… Ari ri rir ri congratulations again mama Twins. We love you

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Sowairina’s comment

With this comment many now believe that Kambua could be expecting twins; and since she happens to be good friends with Grace Msalame, maybe… just maybe…this could be true.


How Kambua’s embarrassing moment landed her a job with Citizen TV

Singer Kambua is not only known for her vocals but also for skills when it comes to hosting TV shows.

However unlike most people who tarmac for jobs, Kambua’s job as Ruaka’s lead host presented itself when she wasn’t looking! The mother of one revealed this through her latest interview where she opened up like never before.

According to singer, back in 2010 she was invited to an event at the New Stanley hotel; where media big shots had met up – but since she was unfamiliar with most of them, this is how ended up embarrassing herself.

Gospel artist and TV show host, Kambua

Kambua narrates her story

Apparently while at the meeting the late Janet Ikua walked up to her and introduced herself as Janet. Hearing this, Kambua automatically assumed this was the famous Janet Mbugua who had been living in South Africa.

It was during the event that I met the late Janet Ikua. I had heard of her but never met her. Then there’s also Janet Mbugua who I had heard of but never met as well, but I knew she had been in South Africa for a while.

The late, Janet Kanini Ikua

Kambua went on to add saying;

Upon meeting Janet Ikua, my head registered that I was talking to, the Janet, who had been in South Africa, Ikua introduced herself as Janet and told me how big of a fan she was.

However after realizing that Kambua was confusing her Ms Mbugua; Kambua says the late Janet Ikua the politely corrected her – by introducing the singer to thee Janet Mbugua who then contributed to landing the job with Citizen TV. Kambua recalled what the late Ikua said as she quoted her on the interview saying;

Don’t worry, that’s actually Janet Mbugua, she was the one who was in South Africa, but people get us confused all the time,

Blessings on Blessings

During her memorable encounter with ama Mbugua, Kambua then met a lady identified as Esther and of course got a chance to exchange a few words here and there.

Media personality, Janet Mbugua

At this point the lady (Esther) then asked the singer to audition for an upcoming show on Citizen TV; and to cut the story short Kambua ended up as the lead host after bagging the job.

Since then she has become a household name in the entertainment industry; and a darling to many who continue to admire her!

8 years of love: Kambua and husband celebrate wedding anniversary in style!

While many continue to struggle and hide in their toxic relationships; the likes of Kambua and her husband remain an inspiration and proof that true love still exists!

Kambua with hubby

According to Kambua’s latest post on her Instagram page, we do understand that she has been together with her main man for 8 years now!

There marriage however was not so easy as they both struggled to conceive and after 7 years, their prayers were finally answered. Speaking about her struggle to get pregnant; Kambua opened up saying that things were not so easy and neither was the topic bare able.

2 years into marriage, there were demands for children – Kambua

Blessed with baby boy

Despite having waited for close to 7 years, Kambua and her husband finally welcomed baby Nathaniel who is not only brought joy but life into Mathu’s home.

Well as they celebrate yet another year into their marriage, both Kambua and her husband have yet another reason to remain thankful for! Through Her Instagram page Ms kambua went on to write saying;

  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7…8! ❤️❤️❤️????????????’

Kambua’s testimony

After conceiving her first child, Kambua has now become an inspiration to women who still look forward to becoming mothers someday.

Miracles do happen! TBT Kambua expecting her first child

Her story gives hopes to the hopeless and those who already gave up on trying! But seeing how Kambua’s miracle just happened, then indeed we can say that nothing in life is quite impossible.

¨When the pain was gut wrenching, I never stopped believing..¨ Kambua pens thanksgiving letter to God

It had been 7 years of waiting and still counting, before God blessed gospel icon, Kambua and her husband with a child.

Years that broke her to pieces. Years when she was the center of humiliation. Years she got cyberbullied for lacking children.

But all these, were years when God taught her lessons and had numerous encounters with her. All to which she terms as ´priceless.´

My years of waiting were so daunting. But I wouldn’t take them back. The lessons God taught me…the encounters I have had with Him, are all priceless.

My years of waiting were so daunting. But I wouldn’t take them back – Kambua

Despite the pain, the agony and the distress the TV personality went through, she still trusted in God and hoped for a better tomorrow.

When the pain was gut wrenching and my heart nearly drowned in tears, I never stopped believing that God would come through for me (whichever way He chose to).

As she clinches to her growing baby boy, it is but a reminder that ´God gives good gifts as her baby Nathaniel is a miracle.´

Kambua holds her son, Nathaniel close to her bosom

´A world-changer and a history-maker´ she revealed is what her hubby, Jackson Mathu refers to their son as.

And as I hold my toto today I am reminded that God gives good gifts. My baby Nathaniel is a miracle; He is, as my husband likes to say, a world-changer and a history-maker. And I believe His life will continue to bring glory to God.⠀

¨Watching my dad battle illness was one of the most trying times in my life¨ Singer Kambua commemorates late dad

It clocks 5 years since popular gospel singer, Kambua lost her dad. A time that shook her faith in God but female American gospel musician, Tasha Cobbs´ music, lifted her up.

Kambua revealed that this was her lowest yet hardest of moments in life – having to see her dad battle with an illness that only snatched him away from her.

In a series of Instagram status updates, Mama Nate admitted that only music was her antidote at the time specifically, Tasha Cobbs´ Gospel music.


Giving a quick reflection of 5 years back, Kambua narrated how while in the US, an attendant introduced her to Tasha Cobbs and she immediately jelled with her music.

However, soon as she set foot in Kenya, she was welcomed with news of her dad´s illness – something that shook her to her core.

Gospel singer, Kambua marks 5 years since her dad´s death

Seeing the man she loved so much in such ill state was one of the most trying times in her life.

For months, she drove to hospital daily with Tasha Cobbs´ music as her soul´s therapy.

Eventually, her dear dad rested and she thanks God for that. 2019 marks 5 years since Kambua bid her love goodbye but she is yet to understand how they made it this far, amidst the loss.

She attests it all to God´s grace.

¨God is only getting started with me¨ Singer Kambua loudly reminds her critics

Gospel singer and TV host, Kambua has proven victorious to trolls regarding her ´barrenness´ after baring a son who silenced the world by giving her the title ´mother´.

They say God´s timing is the best and Kambua´s has never been any better. The mother to a handsome son, starts off:

All it takes is one move from God. Just one, and your story changes.

Taking a painful flashback to days when she was headlining the trolls regarding her lack of children, Kambua shamed them all:

They called me all sorts of things! Constantly reminded me that I didn’t have a seat at the table. Silenced me at every opportunity. But in the wait, and the longing, God looked at me and said I was worthy. He saw me as complete, lacking nothing.


She thanks God for changing her times and seasons because now, all who were punching her face, are all quiet.

He reminded me that He is the God who changes times and seasons. And after all the noise, after the mockery and public shaming, Jehovah Himself arose! He wiped my tears and gave me a new name.

For those who might have forgotten, she reminds them:

I am a mother y’all! To the cutest little boy I have ever laid my eyes on. This covenant-keeping God is only getting started with me, and I am not running after miracles; I’m running after His heart. ????



Her comment section is all love from across the board, personalities to celebrities to her fans, it is love for Mama Nate.

juliegichuru ❤️❤️❤️????????????


victoria_rubadiri Wow!!! Amen!!!????????????????????????????????


hellen_msoo Hallelujah!!! Queen mother! Am also running after His heart ❤️ ????


benachi_mwanake @kambuamuziki We serve a Big GOD. God is Good. ???????????????? . Best is yet to come????????


sowairina Aaaaamen Mami Amen????????????


anne_392 Anatimiza ahadi????????


gicherefissh And they will call you blessed????????.


annykims When the time is right, God makes it happen.????????




iam_lauranamara He is a faithful God????????Happy holidays to you #Mamanate

“ Motherhood is H.A.R.D!” Says Kambua

Gospel singer Kambua has officially come out to admit that motherhood is not as easy as most people tend to think!

After welcoming her baby boy about 4 months ago, the singer seems to have understood what most ladies go through after becoming mothers.

Singer Kambua

In a well detailed post Kambua opened up about her undying love for her son, Nate and went on to add that despite the hardships…she would never trade her new life as a mother for anything else. She went on to write saying;

Eye bags. Burp on nearly all my clothes. Soiled diapers. Still, I wouldn’t trade this new adventure for anything. Motherhood is H.A.R.D! But oh so rewarding. Who knew that something as natural as breastfeeding could be so daunting? Or that sometimes your little one will cry and you’ll end up in tears yourself? Who knew that sleep could become such a luxury?

Salute to all mums

Kambua aka mama Nate

The new mum in town also went on to appreciate all mums for being superheroes who never give up on their kids no matter the situation. In her post, Kambua added;

????????‍♀️ I salute every mother who’s been on this journey. For staying on course amidst the challenges. And for not giving up. And to every new mummy like me, who’s navigating this path with a big L sign “kurutu”- you are doing just fine. You have all it takes to nurture that little one. And when you need to lean in and ask for help, please do! (I’ll talk about my little village of helpers soon????) Have a blessed day????
#2019 #mamanate #4thtrimester #mommyonboard ????????

“The journey was tough mama, but God carried you” Kambua to Size 8

Pregnancy and child birth is not a joke and if you thought things get better after the 9 months – then you have never walked in a mothers shoes!

Singer Size 8 has every reason to celebrate and thank God for walking out of maternity alive and most of all with her new born baby.

Size 8 becomes a proud mother of 2

Just a few hours ago the mother of 2 opened up about her struggles with child birth for the second time. Just like when she was pregnant with Ladasha Belle, Size 8 battled with hypertension again – something that almost cost the singer her life.

Through her Instagram page Size 8 shared a short clip from her YouTube series ‘The Muraya’s” narrating how hard her pregnancy was for the second time.

Size 8 breaks down during her baby shower

Kambua’s word of encouragement to Size 8

Having been blessed with a handsome baby boy just a few months ago, singer Kambua now understands what it means to be a mother.

For this reason the lady joined the many celebrities and mothers sending Size 8 congratulatory messages, word of encouragement and just prayers to see her through all this.

In a post seen by Ghafla, Kambua went on to write saying;

Size 8

Today I celebrate Mama Wambo @size8reborn for crossing over victoriously! My own journey has taught me that it is nothing short of a miracle to conceive, carry, and birth a child. The journey was tough mama, but God carried you. We welcome your little one kwa shangwe na nderemo!!???????????? Ah! Jehovah did it! You are dearly loved. May He pour more grace on you in this season ????????????.

Meet the cute, petite presenter who has replaced Kambua on Bambika TV show (photos) 

Gospel singer Kambua has been replaced by another gospel singer, Karwirwa Laura, on her mid-morning show Bambika which airs on Citizen TV. Kambua has been moved to the gospel show Rauka to replace its former host Enid Moraa.

Kambua, who is also heavily pregnant, is also expected to take a break later on after having her first baby.  Laura is a gospel singer known for hits such as “Mwenye Baraka”, Ujulikane and Mtetezi. She will be hosting the show alongside Holly Dave.

“Taking to social media, Karwirwa Laura looked excited after joining the team saying: The team with the mostest ???????????? These and many more who you don’t get to see.. It’s a dynamic for real and I’m glad to start this journey with ’em.” she posted. 

Here are her photos:


Awww! Heavily pregnant Kambua sends sweet lovely message to hubby during his birthday 

Gospel singer Kambua and her husband Jackson Mathu have been through all kinds of hurdles to get where they are today.

Kambua recently took to social media to share a sweet message directed to Mathu was turning a year older. Kambua showered him with love and she’s just thankful they are together.

“Happy birthday my husband. To many more years and even better memories. I love you.” she captioned a photo to which he replied: I love you more.


The couple had to wait for almost six years since exchanging vows before Kambua carried her first child. Kambua is due in a few months and the two are more than just excited to have their first baby.

Kambua confessed that she’s lucky she has a strong man who has been with her through the storm even when everything looked like it was falling apart.

“One of the things that I’m grateful for is that I met a really strong man and it’s because of him being strong that has helped me even in my ministry and career.

“That he is not fazed or moved by what people say. For the moments where I have gone through things and felt that ‘okay this has really hurt me’ he has been there to speak life into me and to encourage me. If there is anyone who is not bothered it’s my husband and I am learning, he is teaching me how to do that. How to not care because either way regardless of what you do people will have an opinion it just comes with the territory so yeah he is cool.” she said. 



Gospel singer Kambua opens up about the struggles artists have to endure

Award-winning gospel artist, Kambua has revealed how bitter it is for artists who don´t match up to fans´ expectations.

Musicians across the board will always seem to have a ¨perfect¨ and well groomed life but behind the scenes speaks a different language.


On her page, the female artist-cum-media personality expresses:

Let me tell you- being an artist is NOT easy.

Especially when you put out new music then someone says to you, ¨kwani uliwacha kuimba¨? ????????

According to Kambua, many at times, they have to swallow the vinegar poured into their mouths and just pick up the broken pieces.

The petite wife has however expressed that fans will always mean a lot to her and keep the ball rolling.

The singer recently released her single jam dubbed ¨Njoo¨.


She however attests her breakthrough to God however thorny her life in path might get:

I’ve had many tears and sorrows,I’ve had questions for tomorrow,
there’s been times I didn’t know right from wrong.

But in every situation,
God gave blessed consolation,that my trials only come to make me strong



Kambua is back with a new song dubbed Njoo

Kambua is back with a new song titled Njoo. Njoo means come. The Queen of gospel music is calling us back to God. It is a good thing that the gospel industry is being revived. Njoo is a song that calls every believer to get back to their 1st love- the love of Christ. There’s grace for, and in every situation.  The audio was done by Teddy B.

Kambua insists that the preaching will go on in buses, on social media accounts and through songs. She has released the song after she got a new role at Royal media services. She will be hosting Rauka Sunday morning show after former host Enid Moraa made a quit. Kambua has proved that she is still in the industry even with the controversies about her.

The audio is so clear and well thought of. The choice of words are so encouraging and this is not just singing but the emotions bring the mood of the song Njoo. The quality of the video is also good and attractive. This is a great talent here. Also the church background in the video brings out the  theme of the song. Kenyan production is really improving and this song just affirms to that.

This song shows a resilient Kambua who is not going to give up on the gospel. In the first verse; “Nyimbo nyingi nimeimba lakini hamkuskia, nitaziimba tena. Kwa mtandao nimeandika lakini hamkusoma, nitaandika tena. Kwa basi mmehubiriwa, kwa soko mmehubiriwa, mtatuona tena. Tuliambiwa ni kelele. Tunakatiza sherehe, mtatatuona tena aah.”  Isn’t this what we do? This verse simply talks of the rejection faced by those preaching the word of God.

“Njoo oh ooh anakuita tena tena. Njoo ooh ooh ooh anakuita tena tena tena. Tena tena, tena.” There repetition in the chorus which emphasizes on the title of the song Njoo.

Kambua is a great artist and I hope that she will be releasing more song. I give the song a rating of 9/10.


Below is a link to the video.

It has been seven years already? Kambua and husband celebrate anniversary

Believe it or not, gospel singer Kambua has now clocked seven years since saying “I DO” to Jackson Mathu.

Mathu and Kambua exchanged vows at a wedding garden at the Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club. on April 7, 20102. It was an invites only ceremony.

The two took to social media to celebrate the seven years by giving thanks.

“SEVEN…. #GRATEFUL,” said Mathu. Kambua also shared a picture from their wedding and captioned:! @JACKSONMAT.

Tough on them

The two lovers have been through a lot in their marriage and many Kenyans thought they’d never make it this far.

Kambua still doesn’t have a kid and Kenyans have always made her life difficult pestering her with questions why she’s not yet carrying a baby.

Kambua opens up on nasty accident that almost killed: I had to be hospitalized for three months 

Gospel singer Kambua has opened up about an accident that almost killed.

Speaking on Maisha Magic’s Story Yangu programme, the singer confessed that she almost died after falling in a basin full of hot water as a three year old.

“Nilichomeka vibaya sana, ilikuwa 3rd degree burns. For three months I was admitted in hospital with third-degree burns. The doctors despaired…there was little hope for me. But God still had a plan for my life. God saved me from the sting of death, and in spite of what the doctors feared, I began my slow but steady journey to recovery.

“Due to the damage caused on my skin by the burns, the doctors suggested that my family take me for plastic surgery, but before a decision could be made, the great physician, Jehovah Rapha, continued to restore me. It got to a point where the doctors said there probably would be no use for plastic surgery because it seemed that I was recovering speedily and better than they had expected. I am now alive with only scars to show that I went through the valley of the shadow of death,” she said. 


She went on to add that growing up, she felt ugly because of the scars.

“Growing up I was very conscious of my scars, and what people thought of them. I worked hard to conceal them and would never expose myself publicly (for instance during swimming). I felt ugly, and always endeavoured to protect myself from curious stares.

“When my relationship with God started to grow, I also came to understand that when He sees me, He is not distracted by the scars – He sees beyond them; He sees a woman who is fearfully and wonderfully made in His image and likeness! I began to really and truly believe that He loves me and my scars because they are part of who I am.

“This freed me totally and liberated me from my fears. And though I’m human and sometimes feel a little self-conscious, especially when someone stares at my scars, I remind myself that God, my creator, loves me…scars and all! I also realized that the more comfortable I became in my own skin, the less of a big deal my scars were even in other people’s eyes,” she stated.


Is Kambua finally pregnant after seven years of marriage? Some fans believe so

Gospel singer and host Kambua is carrying her first child after years of courting and marriage, some Kenyans are convinced.

Kambua, who has been in the headlines several times following Kenyans inquiries on why she’s not a mother yet despite being married for several years, got some unexpected congratulatory messages from her followers who now believe she’s heavy with a baby.

The messages came after the singer posted a photo on social media and her belly looked rather popping, unlike what many are used to seeing.



On the comments section, fans quickly started congratulating her without really waiting for her official announcement. Kambua hasn’t responded to the messages up to now.

Celebs once in a while have been forced to deny they are pregnant after fans’ speculations. In most cases, many have just come out to say it was bloating. So for Kambua’s case, we better wait till she speaks.


“I’m a poor dancer” Singer Kambua welcomes new fans by listing 13 things they should know about her

Singer Kambua has been in the music industry for almost a decade now and she’s one of the best gospel singers Kenya has.

Kambua, who is also a TV host at Citizen, recently reintroduced herself to fans who might not be too familiar with her brand.

She made a list of some random facts about herself which her ardent followers might find very interesting.

Forgot one

Interestingly, the singer, who has been married for almost 7 years now, didn’t share that in her list. The singer has been married to Jackson Mathu since 2012.

That’s the only thing she forgot to list that we think should’ve made to the list and fans should be aware of.

Here’s her list:

1. Kambua is my REAL name
2. I am 5’2″
3. I could live on fish?
4. I am lactose intolerant
5. I got off coffee 2years ago☕
6. I am a Jesus girl??
7. Books & music are my happy place?
8. I am seriously introverted
9. I Strongly dislike cats
10. I am a naturalista & love ankara
11. Women and girls are my heartbeat
12. I dance poorly???
13. I have lived in 2 continents
14. I host a TV show and love it?
15. I appreciate all of you?
#2019 #Restandrestoration #aboutme#funfacts #IamKenyan??


Kambua: My husband is a businessman not a pastor 

Gospel signer Kambua has come out to clarify a few things about her marriage and assured Kenyans she’s very much in love and happy.

The singer has been in the headlines several times in the past because of her union with Jackson Mathu. The two were married in 2012 and many claimed that Mathu was too old for Kambua.

People have also been criticizing the singer for being in childless marriage for so long, something that has been pissing her off.

“People will have an opinion over everything, over children. Today I saw a comment and deleted it because this guy commented on my Instagram and he says ‘When are you going to get pregnant, you’re getting old,” she said. 


In an interview with Salaon Magazine, Kambua said that she’s happy she married him and also clarified that he’s not a pastor.

“All I can say is that I married the right man. I fell in love with him because he knew what he wanted and he went for it. I am enjoying my marriage and I look forward to many happy years with him.” he said.