Kamene Goro opens up on her sexuality & whether or not she wants kids

Kiss FM’s Kamane Goro has lately been opening up about her private life like never before and I guess this is only because – to keep in touch with her friends, she needs to keep updating them every now and then.

Well thanks to her latest QnA, I bet by now we are aware of her sexual preference which is straight. According to the Kiss FM radio presenter – unlike other known radio presenters who are rumored to be bi-sexual, the lady insists she loves her men.

Kamene opened up on her sexuality responding to a fan inquiring on whether or not she swings both ways….i mean with todays generation and the freedom we have – seems like the LGBTQ community is slowly getting accepted in the community so i bet there was no harm in asking whether she likes men or women. Right?

Children and School fees

On the same same QnA Kamene Goro also got to talk about having kids and her biggest fear is not having to get one at an old age; but fear of painful labor and how expensive school fees is.

Responding to a QnA to a fan who wrote asking…

You don’t like kids

Kamene responded by saying:

Fiction! I love kids!!!! Its the giving birth and school fees part.

Well…..considering she went to Rusinga International school – I bet she has no plans of giving her future kids anything less than what she got from her parents.

So yea – in a way Kamene Goro has every right  to fear bringing a child into this world.

Kamene Goro looking younger after weight-loss, shares secret to slimming down

Has anyone else noticed how hot Kamene Goro lately looks? Okay, I know she is using some legit products for her glowing skin but damn – even her good skin cant match the changes caused by her weight loss.

Well, looking at her photos from July and those shared in August – you will automatically see the weight difference and above all – Kamene’s youthful face.

Not that those with excess weight look thaaaaat older…but truthfuly – sometimes weight ages a person and ckearly it didn’t do Kamene Goro any good. She already looked like shes in her late 30’s while still in her 20’s…but now – yall better hide your men.

Weight loss

With the physical changes so visible, fans on her page have been asking the Kiss FM presenter to share secret behind her weight loss…and Kamene Goro says its stress.

Responding to a fan who asked:

I wanna loose weight kindly share what you are using

Kamene responded by saying;


Another with similar question wrote;

I can see your tummy is getting flat what are you using;

Kamene said;

Nothing. Life has been very hectic! I can’t eat when under pressure

And there you have it. Stop over eating.

Kamene Goro family zones Steve Simple boy, says he is not her type

Kamene Goro says she woke up to find messages or rather tags on her WhatsApp leaving her wondering who had died. I mean, apart from the work WhatsApp messages she wakes up to not forgetting maybe a ‘morning bae’ text from her man….Kamene couldn’t understand why everyone was on her case.

However after going through the texts she realized Steve Simple boy is the reason everyone was tagging her. Well, from what we’ve seen and heard is that the artist confessed his love for the Kiss FM host; also went on to praise her for her ngongingo…whatever that is.

Unlike most women who would be flattered by this, Kamene wasn’t. Actually, she feels that this is another way of clout chasing now that his name is everywhere. Speaking to Oga Obinna on Kiss FM during their morning show Kamene opened up saying;

I opened WhatsApp and I had been tagged in different groups. I was like ‘who died?’ Then I saw Stevo Simple Boy has professed his love for Kamene.

Not my type

The radio presenter went on to reveal that although Stevo Simple feels this way he needs to know things just cant work out between them. Not because he is not loveable but because he is not her type….adding maybe back then he would have qualified to date her but as of now – she likes her men tall and unfortunately he is not.

Stevo na waresh

Lastly Kamene Goro family zoned Stevo as she described him as a brother. Ouch.

I am Stevo’s biggest fan but let it just remain there brother. He is not really my type. He is not my type. Maybe he was my type back in the day but for now, no, I like them very tall nowadays

But again…Stevo just proposed to alleged bae. And the clout chasing continues.

Kamene Goro on why she regrets settling down at 23 years, says ‘it wasn’t worth it’

Kamene Goro just celebrated her 30th birthday recently, and unlike her other birthdays – this one was special. She just upgraded from the 2nd floor to the 3rd which is a blessing considering how everything she has archived so far.

Kamene Goro
Tbt: Young Kamene Goro

However at 30, one would have expected Kamene Goro to have settled down by now or even has a kid, but this is not the case. Actually judging from how Kamene Goro speaks of marriage, I have a feeling she won’t be embarking on that journey anytime soon especially after her first failed marriage.

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Speaking about it (failed marriage) a few days ago, Kamene described it as a waste of time – a move that robbed her 3 years of her career, just because she wanted love. Having settled down at 23 years due to lack of knowledge, Kamene through her morning Kiss show spoke about her experience saying;

Kamene Goro with ex

I have been through one/two heartbreaks. I cried for two days before I prayed about it. God helped me through it. I wouldn’t be here if it was not for him.


From what she says is that at 23, she could have achieved so much more and might have changed her life for good. Looking back, she regrets the time wasted on her lover who ended up disappointing her in the end after wasting her time.

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Although she cannot change the past, Kamene for once wished she could – just to take back the the 3 and a half years that went down the drain.

I was crying because of the time I had wasted. I cut my career shot for 3 and a half years. Do you know how many things I could have done?”

But again, they say you can’t be old and wise if you haven’t been young and daft, right?

So yea clearly you can understand why Kamene Goro keeps asking young ladies not to settle young….it’s just not worth it!

Kamene Goro sets the record straight on engagement rumors

Everyone’s eyes have been on Kamene Goro lately – and not for just any reason. The talented queen of airwaves is said to be engaged to her current boyfriend and I’m guessing the rumors were sparked by the big rock she has been parading on her social media pages.

Well, rumors making rounds is that the Kiss FM radio host will soon be walking down the aisle; almost 6 years after her South African fiancée dumped her days to their big wedding in Dar Es Salaam.

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Kamene Goro with ex

Anyway clearing up the recent engagement rumours surrounding her relationship with the yet to be unveiled man; Kamene for the first time confirmed that she is taken while on an interview with Mpasho – but unfortunately is not engaged.

‘I am not engaged…but I am taken’

Kamene Goro engaged?

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Once bitten twice shy

This comes at a time when many have been wondering about her love life which remains a secret to the public; but being a celebrity – we have no doubts that she may soon introduce him to her online family.

However having had it rough with the previous boyfriend/fiancé who ghosted her last minute; we sort of understand why she now feels the need to keep a low key profile on her new man.

“Madem mnapepetwa virahisi sana” Kamene Goro speaks after wild Naivasha trip

Radio queen Kamene Goro is weeping for the young girls in Nairobi.

In fact as a ‘big sister’ Kamene Goro, says that women from this generation are cheap and too available for men to keep using them as they please.

Kamene Goro

Well, the radio confirmed this after her trip to Naivasha this past weekend where she witnessed young ladies get used; abused and embarrassed by men who felt entitled since they sponsored most of the young girls for the WRC safari rally event.

According to Ms Kamene, most of the young girls she saw; or interacted with seem to have lowered there standards to a point of being used as real human dildos.

Respect yourselves

Speaking during her morning session on Kiss FM on Monday, 28 June; Ms Kamene did not only filter her words as she told off women for behaving like untamed animals.

Kamene and Jalas- Photo Credits- Google

Jalango on the other hand seconded this by revealing why most men chose to treat the Vasha ladies like trash.

According to the radio king, women have become too desperate and available giving men power to use them. He went on to reveal that the availability of many women has left many men spoilt for choice hence the disrespect.