Kamene Goro is a source of humiliation for her husband, DJ Bonez

After DJ Bonez disclosed that he is having trouble quitting smoking, Kamene Goro’s smoking habit drew conflicting responses from Kenyan men on social media.

Bonez said the following on the Kamene and Obinna YouTube channel:

“To be honest, this is a struggle I am fighting, I also don’t like women who smoke cigarette.”

Kamene had this to say in rebuttal:

“Everyone has their bad habits, there are people who don’t bathe, there are those who won’t cut their hair… you know even I have my bad habits. The thing is, let’s control those behaviors to be good citizens. If you are an alcoholic, you don’t drink until you forget yourself. if you are a smoker and you are around people who don’t like it, don’t smoke around them. Bonez will suffer a lot from my habit of smoking, I can’t lie, I always smoke. But to be honest I’ve cut back a lot since we got together. These days, that is, I’m probably stressed, you’ve made me angry or we’re having a party. Even here in the house it is very difficult.”

The comments were very telling as a lot of Kenyans, both men and women, called into question DJ Bonez’ masculinity:

Kathini: Yaani wewe upende msichana you court until you reach a point and say I want to marry this one vile yuko tosha, you marry her then say outside ati her smoking cigarettes inakubore gooosh kama unapenda wenye hawatumii ni wengi wazuri tena huyu msee hayuko seriousNow he’s guilt tripping her maybe she’s not even willing Ata kureduce hiyo amesema anyway choose people who chose you wholly always ????

P139: A married woman telling us she smokes and the husbands admit fighting with that habit in public…if tomorrow she is asked..utaskia akijam

NebulazzKenya: Hata mimi sipendi dame anasmoke sigara….weed ni sawa

Chapman: You know what DJ deal with it you knew she was smoking before and you accepted it.just deal with it

B98: ????????????I don’t see anything wrong with him saying that. People cannot be perfect and he just said one thing he doesn’t like about her. They are working on it ????????‍♀️. Si ata wewe bado umekaa na huyo chali yako mwenye anacheat ukihope atachange????

MwandaJ: But am happy she is willing to meet her partner halfway… #marriagewillwork..

WhineyK: So he realized she smokes on their wedding night? My physics teacher said Cause = Effect. In short, deal with your choice bro????

Fahsioiconsta: Literally, everyone in the world has red flags. Maybe these are the types he enjoys/ can withstand. Nyinyi shughulikieni kuolewa kwanza muache kupeana unsolicited advise

Wakihiu42: Its not as if she kept the fact that she smokes from him,he knew it n even proposed and went ahead to exchange vows with her.He should take a chill pill and appreciate her positive attributes and its wrong of him to guilt trip her on social media.Am sure he too has something she doesn’t like about him but she’s protecting him like a wife is supposed to do.

Fitzphel: ulimpata akichoma fegi. Alafu sasa unateta? sasa ukipata wakuzoza kaveve na kilipua kerea

Wirgin: This is what we call…..mwiba wa kujidunga

Craig: Mnadate adi wa sigara Si heri adi wa ngwai????????

Kanten: Kukula omena imepikwa na omo, kuvuta sigara, weeuh our boy is suffering????????????

Jmaxwell: U saw the red flag baby ,but u Ignored the red flags ….

Trendingteen: Dj to mbogi “She’s smoking hot” ????????. Kamene Goro took it seriously ????????????????

Drilldigest: Unfortunately he is the wife in the relationship????????????

DJ Bonez Opens Up About Kamene Goro’s Smoking Habit

DJ Bonez has shared that he dislikes the fact that his wife, media personality Kamene Goro, smokes cigarettes.

In a recent podcast with Oga Obinna, DJ Bonez said that he has been fighting the urge to ask his wife to quit smoking. He said that he finds it unattractive and unhealthy, but he respects her decision to smoke.

Kamene Goro defended her smoking habit, saying that she smokes in a responsible manner and that she does not smoke around people who do not like it. She also said that everyone has bad habits, and that her smoking is not a big deal.

DJ Bonez said that he understands where Kamene is coming from, but he still wishes that she would quit smoking. He said that he is worried about her health, and that he does not want her to get sick.

The couple’s discussion about Kamene’s smoking habit has sparked a debate online. Some people have said that DJ Bonez is being controlling, while others have said that he is right to be concerned about his wife’s health.

Ultimately, it is up to Kamene Goro to decide whether or not she wants to quit smoking. However, DJ Bonez’s concerns about her health are valid, and he should continue to talk to her about his feelings.

Kamene Goro Shares Advice on How to Date Oga Obinna

Kamene Goro, a long-time friend of comedian Oga Obinna, has shared some advice for women who are interested in dating him.

According to Kamene, Obinna is a man who judges people based on their words and actions. She says that he is not interested in beautiful women who are always talking about money or material possessions.

“Obinna has money, but he doesn’t like women who are always asking for it,” Kamene said. “If you want to date him, you need to be able to hold a conversation and be interested in things other than shopping and clubbing.”

Kamene also advised women not to smoke or drink excessively if they want to date Obinna. She says that he is not attracted to women who are constantly intoxicated.

“Obinna is a family man,” Kamene said. “If you want to date him, you need to be someone who loves children and is willing to settle down.”

Finally, Kamene said that women should make sure to have their nails done before they go on a date with Obinna. She says that he is a very particular man and he appreciates women who take care of their appearance.

“Obinna is a good man,” Kamene said. “If you can follow these simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to winning his heart.”

Kamene Goro On How She Handles Men Hitting On Her Husband

In their debut episode of the podcast, Kamene Goro shared an intriguing revelation about her husband, DJ Bonez. She shed light on the attention he receives from other men and how she handles it.

Kamene expressed that times have changed, and women no longer pose a significant threat to relationships as they did in the past. She reflected on her own experiences, admitting to witnessing men hitting on her husband while she was present.

“When I started dating Bonez, a lot of guys used to hit on him. Many men were interested in Bonez. There was even one who came up to me in Mombasa and said, ‘Wow, DJ Bonez is so cute.'”

“I immediately responded, asking him,

‘What do you want? Do you want us to fight? Why are you telling me he’s cute?’ I’m right here, a woman from Nairobi. Don’t you think I’m aware of his attractiveness?” Kamene recalled.

Kamene went on to say that she is not bothered by the attention her husband receives from other men. She trusts him and knows that he is faithful to her. She also believes that it is a compliment that other men find her husband attractive.

“I’m not bothered by the attention he gets from other men. I trust him and know that he is faithful to me. I also believe that it is a compliment that other men find him attractive,” Kamene said.

Kamene’s revelation has sparked a debate on social media. Some people have praised her for her confidence and her ability to handle the situation with humor. Others have criticized her for being too open about her husband’s interactions with other men.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide how they would handle a similar situation. Some people may be more bothered by the attention their partner receives from other people, while others may be more confident and secure in their relationship.

Kamene Goro Claps Back At Trolls Over Omena Recipe

Media personality Kamene Goro has finally responded to critics who slammed her for washing omena with soap and disinfectant.

In a video shared on her Instagram stories, Goro said that she is at the beach and that she is not bothered by the trolls. She also said that she is not going to apologize for the way she cooks omena.

“I’m at the beach, I’m not bothered. I’m not going to apologize for the way I cook omena,” she said.

Goro’s video comes after she was criticized for washing omena with soap and disinfectant in a video that went viral on social media. Many people were shocked by her cooking method, and some even called her unhygienic.

However, Goro has defended her cooking method, saying that she is simply following her grandmother’s recipe. She also said that she is not worried about the health risks of washing omena with soap and disinfectant, saying that she has never gotten sick from doing it.

Goro’s response to the trolls has been met with mixed reactions. Some people have praised her for standing up for herself, while others have criticized her for being insensitive to public health concerns.

Regardless of the reaction, it is clear that Goro is not going to let the trolls get to her. She is confident in her cooking skills, and she is not going to change the way she cooks for anyone.

Here are some of the reactions to Goro’s response:

  • “Good for her! She shouldn’t have to apologize for the way she cooks.”
  • “I’m not sure I agree with her cooking method, but I respect her for standing up for herself.”
  • “I think she’s being insensitive to public health concerns.”

Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide whether or not they agree with Goro’s cooking method. However, it is important to respect her right to cook the way she wants to.

Kamene Goro Washes Omena With Soap & Disinfectant, Kenyans React

Media personality Kamene Goro has sparked a debate on social media after she was filmed washing omena with soap and disinfectant.

In a video shared on her YouTube channel, Goro is seen cooking omena with her co-host Oga Obinna. When it comes time to clean the omena, Goro pours hot water into a basin, adds soap and disinfectant, and then adds the omena.

Goro’s husband, DJ Bonez, and Obinna are visibly shocked by her method of cleaning the omena. However, Goro assures them that she has done it before and there have been no cases of food poisoning.

Goro then continues to clean the soapy omena by rubbing it between her hands. She says that she will rinse the omena after soaking it for a few minutes.

The video has since gone viral, with Kenyans on social media divided in their reactions. Some people have praised Goro for her cleanliness, while others have criticized her for using soap and disinfectant on food.

Kamene Goro Dismisses Beef With Andrew Kibe

Media personality Kamene Goro has dismissed claims that she is beefing with fellow radio presenter Andrew Kibe.

The two have been involved in a number of online spats in recent months, with Kibe often taking aim at Goro’s personal life.

However, Goro has now insisted that there is no bad blood between them.

“I don’t know what happened,” she said during a recent interview. “Honestly, he was my friend at some point. I don’t understand what went so wrong.”

Goro went on to say that she is not interested in engaging in a war of words with Kibe.

“I don’t want to talk about him,” she said. “I don’t want to give him the attention he craves.”

Goro also said that it is important to keep things civil, even when there is conflict.

“It’s important to keep things small.

“It’s important to avoid hate.”

Goro’s comments come at a time when social media is increasingly being used to spread hate and division.

Her message of peace and tolerance is a welcome one.

Kamene Goro & DJ Bonez Share Toothbrushes, Are Comfortable With Each Other

Former Kiss FM host Kamene Goro and her partner DJ Bonez have left some netizens surprised after they disclosed that they share toothbrushes.

The couple proved that they are the “it couple” when it comes to being comfortable around each other. They participated in the “How well do you know your partner challenge” on Instagram.

Kamene and Bonez are so comfortable with each other that she is present when he does his long calls and vice versa.

Kamene Goro

The couple’s revelation has sparked a debate on social media, with some people finding it gross and others finding it endearing.

Only time will tell if Kamene and Bonez’s toothbrush-sharing habit will catch on with other couples. However, one thing is for sure: they are certainly not afraid to be themselves.

Ultimately, whether or not you find Kamene and Bonez’s toothbrush-sharing habit gross or endearing is a matter of personal preference. However, there is no denying that they are a couple who is not afraid to be themselves.

Kamene Goro back at NRG Radio

For those of you who thought she was done for, it would seem Kamene Goro is back and this time she is returning to NRG Radio after her stint at Kiss 100 which had poached her and her co-star, Andrew Kibe and even gone to court to fight for their release.

NRG has announced an entirely new lineup and among the people who they have added to their roster include Kamene Goro and Sgaffie Weru.

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Kamene Goro’s husband mocked for being broke

Kenyans are a ruthless bunch. After Kamene Goro announced her marriage to her husband, DJ Bonez, Kenyans decided to give their unsolicited advice and unwanted comments on the same but at least this time no one has targeted her.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by David Pyper (@deejaybonez254)

In a since-deleted comment, a fan (or is it hater) said that she now has to acquaint herself with the idea of being the partner that wears the pants and pays the bills in their house.

Kamene Goro

This is a stark departure from the nonsense she used to tell her audience while she was at Kiss100 and would consistently give the most vapid and bimbo-esque advice to other vapid bimbos who she’d refer to as “baby girls”.

I’m not pregnant, just fat -Kamene Goro

Now Kamene Goro’s fandom is adamantly reminding her she’d always advise against “settling for less” yet we now see her doing precisely that. Her advice keeps the bimbos who follow her single and unhappy. Meanwhile she’s wifed up.

Andrew Kibe tells his fans not to bully Kamene Goro

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I’m not pregnant, just fat -Kamene Goro

Kamene Goro was forced to address rumours that were swirling around about her over the weekend and she chose not to mince her words about the subject of pregnancy. Taking to her IG account she cleared the air and told her fans to stop asking her whether she is pregnant by her fiance, DJ Bonez but to understand that she’s just fatter.

Gotta love Kamene Goro’s unfiltered approach to the topic of weight gain. And this follows her previously complaining that when we as Ghafla celebrated her weight loss only for her to claim it was not due to her actively working on her weight but due to stress.

Kamene Goro flaunting ring

She went on to solve that problem (clearly) after she left Kiss 100 where she was released from her contract (actually, it had ended and the two parties involved declined to renew it) as she is now chunkier.

But hopefully, she can deal with the issue of fluctuating weight because her reproductive health is actually something that takes a beating whenever her weight balloons or drops at random and given that she is 30 years old and would probably want to start a family with her fiance, this should be something that Kamene Goro needs to figure out.

Kamene Goro

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Andrew Kibe tells his fans not to bully Kamene Goro

Kibe is known for his caustic advocacy for men’s rights and his even more acidic exchanges with feminists. The man whom many would argue is a fully-fledged misogynist has surprised me when he recently defended Kamene Goro.

A fan of his made a comment about how they had approached Kamene Goro at a bar and they brought up Kibe’s name in conversation which resulted in her getting the club security to kick them out of the club.

Real Or Staged? Andrew Kibe & Nicki Big Fish React To Thee Pluto’s ‘Sanitizing’ Content (Video)

Andrew Kibe didn’t agree with that and in a very humorous way simply told him to stop doing that. You would think a man whom many think hates the subjects of his conversations like he does would relish in his fans disturbing people.

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Kamene Goro Refuses To Reunite With Andrew Kibe On Radio

Kamene Goro has responded to inquisitive fans who requested her to re-unite with YouTuber Andrew Kibe to radio. Through her YouTube channel, Kamene shared with fans a throwback video when she and Kibe hang out after work doing Q&A’s about the craziest things about their life.

The video roped in reactions of netizens; who are still pleading with Kamene to go back to radio with Kibe.

However, Kamene is not yet ready to interact with Andrew Kibe. As a matter of fact, she blocked Andrew Kibe on social media; something which Kibe has complained dearly about.

Kamene and Kibe worked at Kiss FM for several months before Kibe exited the station. Kamene claims that she is nowadays disenchated with Kibe’s current work;

It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it, it’s just that having other co-hosts I realized it wasn’t healthy, Kibe was my friend and I think he expected that when he went I would leave with him.

I don’t understand why he does what he does nowadays, I just don’t understand and what he does is extremely distasteful but acheze kama yeye.”

Kamene left Kiss FM after three years and hosted her last show on January 27, 2023; with fans speculating that she was fired.

Kamene made it clear that her fallout with Kibe was prompted by his act of dragging her name for YouTube views.


Kibe agrees with us, Kamene Goro lost the plot

A couple of weeks back we spoke about Kamene Goro and it would seem Kibe agrees with our take on things, great minds do indeed think alike. But unlike the provocateur, we truly do hope we are wrong in our assessment of her situation.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Kibe (@kibeandy)

Previously, what we had said was, “Kamene Goro is surely regretting the fact that she lost her job at kiss 100 is because she has found out that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

The most powerful lesson we learn from Kamene Goro

For those of you not in no it is rumoured that she lost her job because of frequent absenteeism as well as a drop-in rating. She has since denied both allegations but they persist.

It is reported that during her stint on kiss 100, she was earning about 600,000/- and there is no amount to laugh at especially as Kenya is currently going through some crazy, tough economic times. Kamene Goro was doing it big.

DJ Bonez Not Being Sure About Marrying Kamene Reveals A Lot

Yet when it was announced that she was parting company with the radio station, and claimed she was unfazed as she knew she was moving on to a brighter chapter of her life. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Kamene Goro only seems to still have the advertising and endorsement deals she got while she was at KISS 100 which include a cryptocurrency wallet company that is currently embattled. Aside from this, she has only managed to get a few gigs here and there hyping up events at bars and clubs.

Kamene Goro: Next chapter can be exciting

A quick look at her social media pages confirms this to be true and one has to wonder whether she feels like she made the right decision to jeopardize her job for the sake of partying.


Her fiance should have warned her or at least held her accountable and made her see sense. Sad to say that from looking in from the outside what we see at to blindfold with one leading the other and Kamene Goro has suffered for this.”

Andrew Kibe has released a video in which he mocks his former radio partner. That isn’t the way to go because, at the end of the day, this chapter of her life is merely a speed bump on her road. She might just pick herself up and dust herself off which is what we are praying she’ll be able to do.

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Oga Obinna Pens Emotional Goodbye Message To Kamene Goro

Michelle Kamene Goro famously known as Kamene Goro is set to exit Kiss FM under Radio Africa Group after three years of hosting the station’s breakfast show.

She has had the chance to host the show with Andrew Kibe, Jalang’o and Oga Obinna- who was Jalango’s replacement after he decided to undertake politics.

Obinna and Kamene have hosted their breakfast show for months now; and to celebrate the good times they had together, Obinna penned a detailed emotional message to Kamene via her Instagram;

Obinna speaks on his relationship with Kamene Goro, biggest ...

”Has it been 10 months already? Seems like last week.????????.You welcomed me to @kiss100kenya & made my transition into morning Radio easy..accommodated my Noise,Drama,Scandals, taught me how to be a babyboy????,polished my lingua but above all you WAS my shoulder to lean on when everything was going south. You WAS the only one I could confide in when most of the time the whole world seemed to be against me you were here each morning with warm hugs,smiles,encouragement and cute uncoordinated dances????..YOU KNEW MY TRUTH. You knew Steve was a different person from OBINNA.
Wheh!! Today is a hard show..
???????????????? MY KAMENE????…???? Goodbyes and heartbreaks are the HARDEST.
Enyewe nothing lasts forever.
Let’s finish on a High… I wish you well and will always be a phone call away…mkiwachana na Afande Nipigie????????.
One LAST show. 2023 imeanza na mbio mbaya I swear…”

Kamene will be getting replaced by renowned radio presenter Sheila Kwamboka alias Kwambox .

Kamene Goro opens up on her sexuality & whether or not she wants kids

Kiss FM’s Kamane Goro has lately been opening up about her private life like never before and I guess this is only because – to keep in touch with her friends, she needs to keep updating them every now and then.

Well thanks to her latest QnA, I bet by now we are aware of her sexual preference which is straight. According to the Kiss FM radio presenter – unlike other known radio presenters who are rumored to be bi-sexual, the lady insists she loves her men.

Kamene opened up on her sexuality responding to a fan inquiring on whether or not she swings both ways….i mean with todays generation and the freedom we have – seems like the LGBTQ community is slowly getting accepted in the community so i bet there was no harm in asking whether she likes men or women. Right?

Children and School fees

On the same same QnA Kamene Goro also got to talk about having kids and her biggest fear is not having to get one at an old age; but fear of painful labor and how expensive school fees is.

Responding to a QnA to a fan who wrote asking…

You don’t like kids

Kamene responded by saying:

Fiction! I love kids!!!! Its the giving birth and school fees part.

Well…..considering she went to Rusinga International school – I bet she has no plans of giving her future kids anything less than what she got from her parents.

So yea – in a way Kamene Goro has every right  to fear bringing a child into this world.

DJ Bonez proposes to girlfriend Kamene Goro while on baecation? (Photo)

I can promise you that so far everytime Kamene Goro has a new man in her life she gets a new ring each time.

If i am not wrong – she keeps hitting at the possibility of getting engaged and i’m guessing 30’s isnt as easy as 20’s and with time moving so fast – the thought of settling down isnt so bad after all, right? And ….like Drake’s mum once said who wants to be 70 and alone?

No one.

Tbt: Engagement ring in 2021

Anyway for like the 3rd time Kamene Goro is back to parading a gorgeous ring on her Instagram stories to which she captioned;

So something happened last night…..

Kamene Goro flaunting latest engament ring

And being a lady I can only imagine one thing….she’s either trying to tell us she got engaged or wants us to believe the man she’s been dating for a few weeks now – just proposed!

Kamene needs to settle down

Okay…although she may be flaunting the rings as part of her side hustle (marketing) I can’t help but also think……what if she’s also using the strategy to hint hint at her new man about settling down?

Tbt: Another one, Kamene Goro showing off ring

But then again….it’s Kamene Goro and after saying she doesn’t do men who listen to reggae while her boyfriend is a DJ….mmmmh maybe it’s not that serious after all… more of like fun and games?


Kamene Goro looking younger after weight-loss, shares secret to slimming down

Has anyone else noticed how hot Kamene Goro lately looks? Okay, I know she is using some legit products for her glowing skin but damn – even her good skin cant match the changes caused by her weight loss.

Well, looking at her photos from July and those shared in August – you will automatically see the weight difference and above all – Kamene’s youthful face.

Not that those with excess weight look thaaaaat older…but truthfuly – sometimes weight ages a person and ckearly it didn’t do Kamene Goro any good. She already looked like shes in her late 30’s while still in her 20’s…but now – yall better hide your men.

Weight loss

With the physical changes so visible, fans on her page have been asking the Kiss FM presenter to share secret behind her weight loss…and Kamene Goro says its stress.

Responding to a fan who asked:

I wanna loose weight kindly share what you are using

Kamene responded by saying;


Another with similar question wrote;

I can see your tummy is getting flat what are you using;

Kamene said;

Nothing. Life has been very hectic! I can’t eat when under pressure

And there you have it. Stop over eating.

“She can date any taka taka because of her age” Andrew Kibe claims Kamene Goro is desperate to settle down

Andrew Kibe is either mad that Kamenje aka Kamene Goro just bagged herself a new man (DJ Bonez) and unlike her other relationships ….this time around is letting us know she is taken and is very happy – something Andrew Kibe considers bullcr*p for lack of a better word.


Kamene Goro engaged?


Well, as you’ve already heard or just seen for yourself – looks like Kamene Goro bagged herself some DJ Bonez and she can’t stop posting videos and photos hanging out with him. Can’t blame her though – the honeymoon phase always feels like something out of a fairytale – but Andrew Kibe being a member of Kamati ya Roho chafu….he is not letting this two have peace.

As seen on a new YT video shared on his page, Andrew Kibe claims the reason Kamene Goro has been parading her man is because she finally hit 30 years. The age where most single women panick and start looking for husbands and kids because – time is running out.

Kamene Goro’s alleged engagement ring

Did you think you would ever see Menjez’ boyfriend? Before she turned 30 did you think you would ever see her boyfriend? No, because there was no desperation. 30 has a way of shaking women. They shake a lot when they get to 30. They go into full panic mode

Kamene Goro panicking

Although Kibe isn’t mad that Kamene Goro finally wants to be someone ‘better half’ all he says is that she can do better that DJ Bonez.

To him – he is not something Kamene Goro should pride in or even parade on her social media pages – but because she’s desperate Kamenjez might just introduce any taka taka as her man just to prove a point.

Tbt: Kamene Goro with Andrew Kibe

 This woman can go and take anything. Any taka taka from anywhere just to parade that idiot in front of people. I thought you were bringing an Otile here. What is this you are bringing? Get me a Frankie, not this nonsense.

Anyway at the end of the day, I guess what matters is that at least she is happy and is not afraid of showing it, right?

Kamene Goro family zones Steve Simple boy, says he is not her type

Kamene Goro says she woke up to find messages or rather tags on her WhatsApp leaving her wondering who had died. I mean, apart from the work WhatsApp messages she wakes up to not forgetting maybe a ‘morning bae’ text from her man….Kamene couldn’t understand why everyone was on her case.

However after going through the texts she realized Steve Simple boy is the reason everyone was tagging her. Well, from what we’ve seen and heard is that the artist confessed his love for the Kiss FM host; also went on to praise her for her ngongingo…whatever that is.

Unlike most women who would be flattered by this, Kamene wasn’t. Actually, she feels that this is another way of clout chasing now that his name is everywhere. Speaking to Oga Obinna on Kiss FM during their morning show Kamene opened up saying;

I opened WhatsApp and I had been tagged in different groups. I was like ‘who died?’ Then I saw Stevo Simple Boy has professed his love for Kamene.

Not my type

The radio presenter went on to reveal that although Stevo Simple feels this way he needs to know things just cant work out between them. Not because he is not loveable but because he is not her type….adding maybe back then he would have qualified to date her but as of now – she likes her men tall and unfortunately he is not.

Stevo na waresh

Lastly Kamene Goro family zoned Stevo as she described him as a brother. Ouch.

I am Stevo’s biggest fan but let it just remain there brother. He is not really my type. He is not my type. Maybe he was my type back in the day but for now, no, I like them very tall nowadays

But again…Stevo just proposed to alleged bae. And the clout chasing continues.

Kamene Goro back on TV 5 years after she quit Ebru Tv

Before Kamene Goro made it in the entertainment industry she had worked as a news anchor at Ebru TV, but after falling in love and wanting to settle down at 23 years – she quit her job for a man who later dumped her without notice.

Kamene Goro with ex

Of course this was a big disappointment for the young lady who had just given up on her dreams just to be disappointed in the end; but good thing is that despite the betrayal she managed to pull herself back up hence landing at NRG radio.

However as you already know, Kamene Goro was later poached by Radio Africa – and I want to believe that this is because they saw her potential (in terms of creating traffic) especially since she can relate to the younger crowd which is their target audience.

Back on TV like she never left

Anyway – so after 5 years of not gracing our TV screens,media personality Kamene Goro will be making a comeback to our TV screen as the newest presenter on Radio Africa’s Kiss TV.

She revealed this in a post shared on her social media’s where she wrote;

Guess who’s back on TV @keepitkiss

Kamene Goro

Speaking about het come back now that she has a huge audience ready to support her TV show good vibes, Kamene said;

I haven’t been on TV for about 5 years and I trust that Radio Africa would be the one to bring me back. My show is called good vibes only and we be airing every Saturday night at 10:00pm and its just appreciating the best out of the pop culture. It’s about music, entertainment, celebrities… its having the conversation that inform their lives which re all about entertainment. We also ensure that we keep the good vibes going because that is all what Kiss TV is all about.

Among those who will be on Kiss TV is Kym Nickdee, Quellie Odero, Homeboyz radio presenter Charlie Karumi, his colleagues Lotan, Bill Mbote and Joe Saina.

Kamene Goro on why she regrets settling down at 23 years, says ‘it wasn’t worth it’

Kamene Goro just celebrated her 30th birthday recently, and unlike her other birthdays – this one was special. She just upgraded from the 2nd floor to the 3rd which is a blessing considering how everything she has archived so far.

Kamene Goro
Tbt: Young Kamene Goro

However at 30, one would have expected Kamene Goro to have settled down by now or even has a kid, but this is not the case. Actually judging from how Kamene Goro speaks of marriage, I have a feeling she won’t be embarking on that journey anytime soon especially after her first failed marriage.

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Speaking about it (failed marriage) a few days ago, Kamene described it as a waste of time – a move that robbed her 3 years of her career, just because she wanted love. Having settled down at 23 years due to lack of knowledge, Kamene through her morning Kiss show spoke about her experience saying;

Kamene Goro with ex

I have been through one/two heartbreaks. I cried for two days before I prayed about it. God helped me through it. I wouldn’t be here if it was not for him.


From what she says is that at 23, she could have achieved so much more and might have changed her life for good. Looking back, she regrets the time wasted on her lover who ended up disappointing her in the end after wasting her time.

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Although she cannot change the past, Kamene for once wished she could – just to take back the the 3 and a half years that went down the drain.

I was crying because of the time I had wasted. I cut my career shot for 3 and a half years. Do you know how many things I could have done?”

But again, they say you can’t be old and wise if you haven’t been young and daft, right?

So yea clearly you can understand why Kamene Goro keeps asking young ladies not to settle young….it’s just not worth it!

Kamene Goro sets the record straight on engagement rumors

Everyone’s eyes have been on Kamene Goro lately – and not for just any reason. The talented queen of airwaves is said to be engaged to her current boyfriend and I’m guessing the rumors were sparked by the big rock she has been parading on her social media pages.

Well, rumors making rounds is that the Kiss FM radio host will soon be walking down the aisle; almost 6 years after her South African fiancée dumped her days to their big wedding in Dar Es Salaam.

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Kamene Goro with ex

Anyway clearing up the recent engagement rumours surrounding her relationship with the yet to be unveiled man; Kamene for the first time confirmed that she is taken while on an interview with Mpasho – but unfortunately is not engaged.

‘I am not engaged…but I am taken’

Kamene Goro engaged?

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Once bitten twice shy

This comes at a time when many have been wondering about her love life which remains a secret to the public; but being a celebrity – we have no doubts that she may soon introduce him to her online family.

However having had it rough with the previous boyfriend/fiancé who ghosted her last minute; we sort of understand why she now feels the need to keep a low key profile on her new man.

Alaar! Kamene Goro openly blames parents for ruining her

Kiss FM’s radio host Kamene Goro says that her rebellious character is a result of her parents strictness. Yes, just like most of you who grew up with tough parents demanding respect even from toddlers; turns out that Kamene’s childhood was no different.

Kenyan fine babe Kamene Goro

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Speaking about her past through her Kiss FM morning show; Kamene Goro openly blamed her parents for being the reason she is so hard headed.

According to the presenter, her parents are the type of people who had a strict routine to be followed; and unlike kids of today who can cry in supermarkets (demanding something) Kamene says  back then; you would be left on your own.

The day Kamene Goro nabbed her husband cheating

You couldn’t even cry in the supermarket, utawachwa.

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They were super strict and only loosened up after we became adults.

The woman she has since become

Well, it’s no secret that Kamene Goro is moto wa kuotea mbali and to our surprise the lady also knows she is one rebellious and hardheaded person!

However according to her, she blames her parents for making her this way.

I blame them for my being rebellious. That is why niliharibika my parents’ strictness is what ruined me. If they were not as strict I would not be as rebellious as I am today; I would be as soft as Nicah.

But I kinda disagree with Kamene….imagine if her parents were soft on her, si Kamene Goro angetusumbua vibaya sana?

Post Your Woman On Social Media- Kamene Goro’s Advice To Kenyan Men

Radio personality Kamene Goro has advised Kenyan men to get used to showing off their female partners on social media. Sharing her sentiments at Kiss FM, the curvy radio presenter stated that women go through a lot and require to be flaunted by their men.

”… Do you know how hard it is to be a chick? Like me na feel right now I really need to be celebrated… You guys don’t understand the small things that we go through… Kuvaa tu nguo by the way unaumia. You better post me.

Kamene went ahead to show a bruise she got after wearing a dress she had recently bought.

”I have a whole bruise at the back of my neck because of a dress… Kuvaa tu nguo unaumia. I’m just asking you to post me.”

Kamene Goro-Google

While some people might be oblivious over Kamene Goro’s sentiments, it’s not peculiar for partners to post each other on their social media platforms. It gives a sense of assurance to some; while others believe in keeping their relationship low-key.

Either way, Kamene Goro currently doesn’t have anyone to post her as she is still single. She has however, had a taste of love and marriage life. Both of which didn’t end up quite well. On her side, a man flaunting his woman will suffice and give her a sense of belonging.

Is Kamene Goro engaged? Kiss FM’s radio host flaunts large Diamond rock on ring finger in new photos

Several Instagram posts shared by Kamene Goro have sparked off speculation among fans if the radio presenter got engaged. Kamene the several photos flaunting what appears to be a large diamond-studded rock on her ring finger.

Judging from the way the photos are shared on her page; one can clearly see that the lady has strategically been announcing her engagement which has now been confirmed by popular new outlet as seen online.

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Kamene Goro’s alleged engagement ring

According to the website, Kamene Goro got engaged to the love of her life just recently; and one who doesn’t enjoy public attention in her private life – no one really who the lucky fella is.

Radio presenter finally leaving the streets

Well, if indeed the universe has decided to take Kamene Goro off the streets; then I guess there’s nothing impossible on the surface of earth!

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Kamene’s engagement comes close to 6 years after she was allegedly dumped; by her fiancé a few days to their wedding. Of course this not only messed with her mental health; but also ruined love for the radio host who was a TV news anchor back then.

Kamene Goro with ex

Anyway, below are just a few photos of the alleged engagement ring Kamene; has been blinding her coworkers and fans on social media.