Kanze Dena flaunts massive weight loss months after she was body shamed for being ‘too fat’ (Photos)

Looks like Kanze Dena has been hitting the gym once in a while that is judging from her latest photos – where she appears to have lost a few pounds. The former news anchor paraded her new curves through her latest photos taken during a friend’s wedding – and her followers couldn’t be more happy.

Kanze Dena

The new look also comes months after she was blessed with baby number 2, now that she is married to Nick Mararo – her second husband. Having taken 13 years before having her second baby did not settle well with her petite body; and like most new mums – she ended up adding more weight than expected.

Kanze Dena after weight gain

Kanze Dena getting her sexy back

Now that it’s 2 years since her second son was born – Kanze has started showing signs of losing weight and so far she has done quite good.

From her latest photos, one can see he no longer carries the extra weight that left netizens trolling her a while back – and after taking the heat – she’s slowly getting to her old shape.

Well – not that she really cares about the trolls but I’m pretty sure her reasons for losing weight have to do something with her own well being. Anyway checkout the latest photos below.

Kanze Dena embarks on weight loss journey
Former news anchor Kanze Dena with friends
Statehouse Spokesperson and Head of President’s Strategic Communication Unit (PSCU) of the Republic of Kenya, Kanze Dena attends friend’s wedding 

Kanze Dena pens a heartfelt note on son’s 16th birthday: Calls him ‘Son of her youth’

Former Citizen Tv news anchor Kanze Dena is over the moon celebrating her son’s 16th birthday. Well, she says it’s been an easy journey but all in all she’s grateful to have a grown up son – but in her eyes he still remains her baby boy.

To celebrate her young man’s birthday, Kanze Dena poured out her heart in a beautiful post praising Amani for his amazing talent and love for sports. She wrote;

Kanze Dena with her son

Your love for sports is unmatched..and with each sport you have picked you have worked hard to be the top of the pack..

Son of her youth

As revealed earlier, Kanze Dena apparently conceived son around 2005 while still working at KBC and as a new mum – life wasn’t as easy as many think.

Actually, trouble came running after learning she’s was pregnant and this is because she started bleeding.  After a few checkups – the doctor told her she’d miscarried her baby – but turns out they were not as professional as she’d thought, since months later she learnt she was still pregnant.

16 years later – and Kanze is a proud mum of son Nathaniel Imani. Celebratinf the new milestone she went on to add;

MY SON .. Son of my youth…. I will always keep cheering as I always have at each competition as you dribble through life and swim through life’s waters. As I have always told you THE COACH of this game called life will constantly watch over you..HAPPY 16TH AMANI!! ???????????? #ngaimberehĩndĩciothe

“Ndivyo nilivyo” Kanze Dena hits back at body shamers

Former Citizen TV news anchor Kanze Dena has been on and off social media for months now; but being the current spokesperson, executive Office of the President, Republic of Kenya and Head of PSCU – clearly her hands are full.

Kanze Dena before baby number 2

The last time netizens however saw her, it’s like she had added weight overnight –
and just as the critics started shaming her for her weight gain; we came to learn that she had just had her second baby – years after having her son whom she had back in colleague.

Kanze Dena after second baby

Of course, the whole pregnancy experience didn’t settle as easy as the first time; and being in her 40’s also made the whole new motherhood journey hard for her.

Accept me or don’t Kanze Dena unbothered

Anyway having see how fans trolled her for the new weight, looks like Kanze Dena has finally accepted who she has since become and is actually at a happy place.




The mother of two revealed this just recently after sharing a series of photos taken during an outdoor outing with her people; and having shared the moments on her Instagram – Kanze captioned the photos;

Of beautiful sunsets and game drives …couldn’t have it any other way… Of weight monitors and observers rada iko aje? Anyhu..hivi nilivyo ..ndivyo nilivyo …???????? @nairobi_national_park. Photo: ???????????? to the moon and back

Well – we may have assumed that the insults and body shaming comments didn’t get to her at the time; but judging by the fact that she decided to throw shade at those shaming her – proves her feelings may have been hurt.

Wahu And Muthoni Mukiri Defend Kanze Dena After Being Body-Shamed By KOT

State House Spokesperson Kanze Dena on Friday became a trending topic after she appeared on camera for the first time in months after she reportedly gave birth.

Media Personality Muthoni Wamukiri and singer Wahu are just but a few of the women who have come out to strongly defend the State House Spokesperson after she was body-shamed by Kenyans on Twitter (KOT).

Madam State House! Kenyans react to Kanze Dena's new look

Muthoni Mukiri added that body-shaming is illiterate and it needs to stop.

“Stop Body Shaming. It is shallow and illiterate…Aki Surely…”

Wahu also noted that it was unfortunate to see women speaking badly against another woman. She also added that Kanze had just given birth and it needs to stop as quickly as possible.

“Such a shame to see people, more so women body shaming a woman especially after she’s just given birth… We can do better guys… let’s be better.”

State House Spokesperson Kanze Dena-Mararo on Friday became a trending topic after she appeared on camera for the first time in months after she reportedly gave birth.

Could she have given birth? Kenyan lady claims as cause for Kanze Dena's weight gain

Comedian Terence Creative also defended Kanze and added that both him and his wife experience body shaming everyday.

Kenyans online immediately noted that her appearance had changed significantly during the time she was away from the public.

Most of the comments were about her physical appearance, with netizens speaking unfavorably about her weight gain. Other media personalities and internet users also expressed their disappointment with the body shaming.

I honestly don’t think it’s right to body shame a woman who has just given birth, especially by her fellow women who should be the ones supporting her.


Is DJ Mo making fun of Kanze Dena’s new gained weight? (Photo)

DJ Monhas been missing in the enter scene for weeks now. After his cheating scandal, the man of God took a break from sharing anything that would make him trend; but all we know is that he still managed to convince Size 8 to stay despite his cheating scandal.

Kanze Dena before the new weight

This past weekend as he turned a year older, DJ amp happened to share a photo from his broadway advertisement; but judging from his caption – we can tell that he may have taken a swipe at Kanye’s new weight as he wrote;

When was the last time you saw me??? It’s my birthday ????????????????

Well, we all know that we had not seen Kanze for months; while DJ Mo made headlines for the wrong reasons – so I bet it’s only safe to say that this post may have been directed to Kanze. No?

Lactating mum

Anyway, with critics trolling and others mocking Kanze’s new weight; word has it that the gained weight is from baby fat as she recently welcomed her second child – months after her secret wedding.

Kanze Dena’s new look leaves tongues wagging

Clearly the rumor has truth to it as there is no way she could have gained all that weight; yet she always maintained her petite figure. Anyway let’s hope she will soon bounce back and congratulations to both her and hubby for the new born.

Unbelievable! Photos of Kanze Dena before the rapid weight gain

Kanze Dena’s weight gain has left many confused and shocked at the same time. This is because Kanze Dena appears to have changed overnight and judging from the photos making rounds online; she undeniably looks unrecognizable!

With the photos circulating online, Kenyans on social media could not hold back from talking about her weight. And truth is , we cannot blame them for feeling this way.

Kanze Dena’s new look leaves tongues wagging

In less than a year, Kanze looks like she gained over 15kgs that have left her with a bigger body frame; her chubby cheeks dissolving her youthful looks – hence the nasty trolls.

Before weight gain

For many, this new body does not suit Kanze Dena and if anything; most fans have requested her to shed off the gained weight not just for her appearance but for her health too.

Kanze looking unrecognizable

Looking at her old photos, one wouldn’t believe how skinny Kanze was; but with the lifestyle – clearly the former journalist is living large. Anyway below are just a few photos from back when Kanze was still skinny and hot!

Former journalist, Kanze Dena


6 celebrity media couples who parted ways in sad goodbyes

The media industry has housed multiple outstanding personalities over time, some who had to make exits we never saw coming, others whose chemistry lured fans to tune in to this station or that channel only for the end to come too soon.

Be it on TV, be it on radio, Kenyans have had to witness some of the most unpleasant goodbyes among media couples, leaving wounds that might never get healed unless these duos make major comebacks. Let’s start off:

1. Janet Mbugua and Hussein Mohamed

The former Citizen TV’s Monday Special duo split in 2015 while at the Royal Media studios as Janet left for maternity leave but never came back, leaving behind Hussein Mohamed to co-anchor with Jacque Maribe before the two later made their exit as well.

Janet Mbugua and Hussein Mohamed

2. Lulu Hassan and Kanze Dena

The tale of Lulu and Kanze is one of best friends who we never ever thought would part until the latter landed a lucrative State House job in 2018 where she has been working since. Meanwhile, Lulu was paired with her beloved, Rashid Abdalla.

Kanze Dena and Lulu Hassan

3. Kalekye Mumo and Shaffie Weru

Kalekye and Shaffie was one of the most popular and favorite radio duo Kenya has ever heard, with personalities perfectly complementing each other but unfortunately, the Kamba doll had to leave in 2016 as Shaffie paired with Adelle Onyango.

Shaffie Weru and Kalekye Mumo

4. Victoria Rubadiri and Larry Madowo

A speculated screen chemistry many hoped would blossom into a love story without an ending, only for Larry to soon after leave NTV for BBC in 2018, where he has since been making major moves.

Victoria Rubadiri and Larry Madowo

5. Olive Burrows and Dennis Okari

Olive Kalekye Burrows was one lady who stirred lots of controversy after an alleged screen chemistry with Dennis Okari just after his marriage with Betty Kyallo had started becoming wobbly, before the two were eventually separated on air.

Dennis Okari and Olive Burrows

6. Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro

The unfortunate story of Kamene and Kibe is one that probably still hurts, a match so perfect but it had to be done in June 2020 after Kibe handed in his resignation, thereafter getting replaced by Jalang’o.

Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro

Kanze Dena’s wedding was low-key and very guarded, Lulu Hassan, Rashid Abdalla, Waihiga Mwaura among those invited 

Kenyans were left surprised during the weekend after learning Statehouse spokesperson Kanze Dena just got married to the love of her life Nick Mararo.

The two lovers exchanged vows at the top secret affair at the Sweet Waters Serena Camp inside the Ol Pejeta conservancy. The event was very guarded and no phones were allowed in the premises. Only a few names were invited for the ceremony.

According to sources,Dena walked down the aisle in a flowing cream gown to the arms of Mararo. Not much about Mararo is known.

His LinkedIn profile indicates that he is the CEO of Mobilesure Kenya, a firm that offers mobile medical insurance and that’s all what Kenyans could dig up.

Traditional wedding

Her former Nipashe Wikendi co-host and best friend Lulu Hassan was the bridesmaid. Journalist Wahiga Mwaura, Rashid Abdalla, and several other government employees were invited.

Kanze,39, has a 13-year-old son, Nathaniel Amani, from a previous relationship. The couple opted for a traditional ceremony in which Mararo paid dowry and exchanged vows with the former Citizen TV news anchor.

Kanze Dena’s kid sister competes in Miss Universe Kenya pageant

Kanze Dena’s 25-year-old sister Elsie Stephen is among models who are competing in the 2018 Miss Universe Kenya beauty pageant.

Elsie announced she was competing in the beauty pageant in a video uploaded on social media. In the video, Kanze Dena’s sister introduces herself and talks about what she loves doing.

“Success is where preparation meets opportunity. Hi my name is Elsie am 25 years old and am a revenue officer. I enjoy baking, watching documentaries that focus on pollution, HIV/AIDS and girl right advocacy. I was privileged to be part of a team that spearheaded digital customer experience in the organization i work for. And due to my resilience i was able to partake in various leadership roles,” said Elsie in part.

Am confident in my flaws
Kanze Dena, her Elsie Stephen and their father
Kanze Dena, her Elsie Stephen and their father

Elsie also talks about her strength and weaknesses in the video, she says that she is confident in her perfections as well as in her flaws.

“In my free time I love to inspire, interact and engage with others. Above all am confident in my perfections and in my flaws for it’s better to fail in my originality than to succeed in imitations. My voice is confident beyond belief. And remember if you love you the world will love you too,” said Elsie.




Kanze Dena throws a thanksgiving party following her new job at State House

Former news anchor Kanze Dena is grateful for the far she has come. After working as a journalist for years the lady finally switched her career after president Uhuru Kenyatta appointed her as the new Deputy State House Spokesperson; and Deputy Head of the Presidential Strategic Communication Unit.

This left many Kenyans excited for her and judging from the messages left on her social media pages; indeed Kanze Dena had become an inspiration to many.

Well two weeks after landing her new job, Kanze Dena was once again promoted to the Secretary, Communication and State House Spokesperson. For the this reason the lady just recently threw a thanksgiving party to celebrate her new found journey.


Private Thanksgiving party

Judging from the photos making rounds on social media, we understand that Kanze Dena invited her close friends and relatives to come celebrate with her.

Having been raised in a Christian home the lady couldn’t help but give thanks where it’s due. However unlike before Kanze seems to have become more private than ever! Anyway checkout the photos below.

THIEF! Do you know why Kanze Dena was appointed at Statehouse? Cyprian Nyakundi spills the beans

Kanze Dena left Citizen TV sometimes in June 2018 after she appointed State House Deputy Spokesperson. Barely two months after she assumed office, Kanze Dena was promoted to the acting State House spokesperson and head of the Presidential Strategic and Communication Unit.

Kanze’s quick promotion came after her former immediate boss Manoah Esipisu was nominated for an ambassadorial position.

Kanze Dena and president Uhuru Kenyatta during a past interview on Citizen TV
Kanze Dena and president Uhuru Kenyatta during a past interview on Citizen TV


Cyprian Nyakundi has come out to claim Kanze Dena was not given the State House job because of merit. The controversial blogger alleges that the former Citizen TV anchor was handed the State House job by her benefactors.

THIEF! Do you know why Kanze Dena was appointed at Statehouse? Because she’s a thief like her benefactors.
Kanze Dena was in-charge of Slimpossible at Citizen TV a while back. Dis bitch did not pay the people who worked as instructors, trainers and the likes. She just kept taking them round in circles.
These are guys who spent their own money for transport, airtime, etc.
Yet when you see her on social-media, she’s always waxing religion, invoking God’s name whenever she can. Fuckin hypocrite!
If you want to know a fraudster, look at the person who speaks about God alot, even when it’s not necessary.
Corporate cartels in Nairobi are very awful. We recently saw Safaricom staffers collude with rogue promoters to steal money meant to pay Tiwa Savage. Corporate managers are the biggest scammers in Nairobi.
Because jobs in Nairobi are awarded based on sexual favors, cronyism, nepotism and the likes. So nearly 100% of employees in Corporate offices don’t deserve to be there. To survive their positions, they have to constantly steal ideas from unsuspecting people who innocently share their time and ideas.
Do you have an idea? Don’t share it with anyone working in Corporate Nairobi. Did they call you for a “meeting” ? Don’t go. Those meetings end up wasting your time and money in transport costs, only to get a regret letter, but later seeing your idea implemented without your input. Wachira Waruru of Royal Media is very notorious at this.
As Cyprian Nyakundi, I don’t attend meetings with corporate dick-heads, who think they own the world. Infact if you don’t have money upfront, I can’t even pick your phonecall. Cash first.
Kenyans stop being exploited ati just because someone is famous or on TV and you think you’re so important just because they gave you an appointment.
Treat corporate Nairobi brokers like the garbage that they are.

Another Citizen TV journalist quits to join Kanze Dena at State House 

Kanze Dena paved the way for other Citizen TV journalists to join State House. The former Swahili anchor quit her job at Royal Media after she was appointed State House Deputy Spokesperson.

Another Citizen TV journalist has also joined Kanze Dena at State House, Anne Mumbi Warui joins Presidential Delivery Unit (PDU) which has been tasked with consolidating President Uhuru Kenyatta’s legacy.

Anne previously worked as Citizen TV business reporter, she had been a journalist since 2014. PDU has been recruiting potent journalists since early this year.

Anne Mumbi Warui
Anne Mumbi Warui
3 journalists at State House

Anne joins Kanze Dena and former NTV business reporter Laban Cliff Onserio who all work at State House. Onserio who quit his job at the end of August to join PDU.

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President Uhuru hangs photos of Lulu Hassan, Kanze Dena and Mbusi on the wall at State House (Photos)

President Uhuru Kenyatta admiration for dynamic duo Kanze Dena and Lulu Hassan is evident on the photo that hangs on State House wall.

Kanze and Lulu interviewed Uhuru at State House sometimes in March 2017. The president enjoyed the interview and he decided to hang a photo of Lulu and Kanze interviewing him on the walls at State House.

President Uhuru Kenyatta during the interview with Lulu Hassan and Kanze Dena. This photo now hangs on the wall at State House
President Uhuru Kenyatta during the interview with Lulu Hassan and Kanze Dena. This photo now hangs on the wall at State House
Moment with Mbusi

President Uhuru also had a special interview with Radio Jambo’s presenter Daniel Mwangi aka Mbusi. A photo of Uhuru and Mbusi fist bumping also hangs on the wall at State House.

Uhuru and Mbusi
President Uhuru and Mbusi

Kenyans noticed Uhuru had hanged photos of his special moment with Lulu Hassan, Kanze Dena and Mbusi on the wall at State House when he was recently photographed walking at State House.



Lulu Hassan introduces new TV partner, but will she fill Kanze Dena’s shoes? 

Lulu Hassan and her BFF Kanze Dena were the dynamic duo on television. The two anchors worked together for five long years before Kanze Dena left after landing a government job.

Kanze Dena left Citizen TV to join State House communication team. She was appointed deputy head of the Presidential Strategic Communications Unit (PSCU) on June 5th.

Lulu Hassan found herself shedding tears on Sunday June 10th when she anchored news with Kanze Dena for the last time before she left Citizen TV.

Also read: Lulu Hassan sheds tears as her BFF Kanze Dena finally leaves Citizen TV (Video) 

Meet Kadzo Gunga

Lulu Hassan introduced her new television partner – Kadzo Gunga  on Tuesday July 10th. The two are already bonding but it’s still early to tell whether she will be the perfect replacement.

Lulu Hassan and Kadzo Gunga
Lulu Hassan and Kadzo Gunga

“Meet my new partner in crime @kadzoh_gungah ???????” Lulu Hassan captioned the photo she posed with Kadzo Kadzoh.

Kadzo Gunga
Kadzo Gunga

Lulu Hassan caught unawares watching her BFF Kanze Dena addressing media in maiden State House press briefing

Lulu Hassan couldn’t hold back her tears when Kanze Dena finally left Citizen TV after landing the State House job. The two developed a close working relationship after co-hosting Swahili news for years.

Also read: Lulu Hassan sheds tears as her BFF Kanze Dena finally leaves Citizen TV

On Wednesday June 20th Kanze Dena addressed the media for the first time since she was appointed State House Deputy Spokesperson.

The former Citizen TV news anchor gave a briefing in Kiswahili on president Uhuru Kenyatta’s diary for this week. Lulu Hassan tuned on KBC to watched Kanze Dena address the media in her maiden State House press briefing.

Total bliss

Lulu Hassan’s workmate Jay Bonyo secretly photographed her watching the State House press briefing and shared the photo on social media.


Lulu replied saying it was indeed a joyous moment for her watching her BFF hold her first State House briefing.



Lulu Hassan sheds tears as her BFF Kanze Dena finally leaves Citizen TV (Video) 

Kanze Dena finally bid her fans goodbye on Sunday June 10th when she anchored her final news bulletin on Citizen TV. She recently landed a plum government job.

Kanze Dena left Citizen TV to join State House communication team. She was appointed deputy head of the Presidential Strategic Communications Unit (PSCU) on June 5th.

The 39-year-old Kanze developed a close working relationship with Lulu Hassan whom she has been co-hosting Swahili news with for years.

Tears of joy

It’s was such an emotional farewell as both Kanze Dena and Lulu Hassan couldn’t hold back tears. Lulu really struggled to remain calm as Kanze talked on camera.

Watch the complete emotional farewell in the video below:



Kanze Dena sends her son a special message as he celebrates his 12th birthday!

Celebrated news anchor Kanze Dena is happy to have her son turn 12 years. She recently celebrated his birthday through her Instagram page praising him for the far he has come.

However, now that he is a preteen Kanze Dena couldn’t help but list the things she will miss doing for her little man now that he is all grown. She wrote saying;

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Kanze’s message to her son

In another post the Citizen TV anchor thanked fans and family for the wishes they sent her son. She also went on to praise him for being the best child she could ever ask for.

Anyway now that he is one year away from being a teen, Kanze Dena should probably be thinking of adding another baby, right?


Uhuru Kenyatta consoles Citizen TV’s Kanze Dena following the death of her father

Kanze Dena lost her father over the past weekend. President Uhuru Kenyatta was among the people who were fast to console the Citizen TV anchor.

Uhuru praised Kanze Dena’s father in his message of condolence posted on twitter. The president says the late Harry Kitao will be remembered for his focus and zeal to improve his community and the nation.

“It is with grief and a deep sense of loss that I learnt of the death of Mr Harry Kitao Stephens and I convey my deep sympathies and heartfelt condolences to his family, relatives and friends. The late Mr Stephens was father to Kanze Dena, anchor of “Nipashe” on Citizen TV,” Uhuru Kenyatta tweeted.

Your legacy lives on

Kanze Dena also mourned the death of her father on her post on social media. The Citizen TV anchor shared photos of her late father on her post.

“Ni mnyonge moyo Wangu,…..
Baba yangu tenda kwangu… ……Upendavyo…. Harry Stephens Kitao your legacy lives on…. #thatseasonagain
#RIPBABA,” wrote Kanze Dena.


Kanze Dena breaks down in tears while narrating the death of her firstborn daughter Natasha

Kanze Dena opened up about the pain she felt losing her firstborn daughter Natasha. The Citizen TV anchor was to give her daughter for adoption before her mother took her away.

Kanze Dena became pregnant with her first child in 1998. She was still working at her grandfather’s restaurant in Nairobi as a waitress.

“I was happy because I finally felt loved. Unfortunately, I soon got pregnant and my boyfriend took off,” said Kanze Dena in an interview on Maisha Magic’s ‘Story Yangu’.

The Citizen TV anchor reveals that she opted to keep the pregnancy but didn’t tell her mother about it. She decided to give her child away for adoption after delivery.

Baby Natasha’s death

Kanze Dena says her mother learnt she had a baby a day after she delivered. She says that her mom convinced her not to give the baby away for adoption like she had planned to.

Her mother welcomed the new born bay with open arms and took her back to Mombasa as Kenza resumed her studies in college in Nairobi.

Tragedy struck three months after baby Natasha was born. Kanze says she just preparing to return home to reunite with her daughter when she suddenly passed on.

She reveals that baby Natasha suddenly died one night in her mother’s arms. She had not shown no signs of illness. Her daughter’s death dented her relationship with her mother.

“I began questioning Gods; why he had prevented me from giving up the baby for adoption only to take her away from me,” said Kanze Dena as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Kanze Dena shades tears she tells her story
Mother passes on

Kanze Dena lost her mother shortly after she left KBC to join Citizen TV. Her mother had been diagnosed with colon cancer.

The 38-year-old anchor reveals that she contemplated suicide after her mom’s death. She suffered from depression for close to one whole year.

“I asked God so many questions. Why had He taken her away just when we had a perfect relationship? My salvation also got very shaky and things got really bad for me. I hit depression for like a year and something. Thoughts of committing suicide returned to my mind as had been the case when I lost my daughter,” said Kanze Dena.

Kanze Dena’s pain vanished when she started befriend a lady called Nasril who was like a sister to her. Unfortunately Nasril was diagnosed with breast cancer and she also died.

“My world collapsed honestly. I began keeping to myself, scared of making friendships again because, I don’t know, maybe I’m jinxed, maybe there is something wrong with me. I would just go to work because I have to work. I would read the news bulletin but if you asked me what I had just read I would be clueless,” Kanze Dena said amid heavy sobs.



Photos of Kanze Dena back in High school are proof enough that no situation in life is permanent!

Citizen TV’s news anchor Kanze Dena had to work hard for everything she now owns. To become the woman she is today; the media personality faced some ups and downs which she is grateful to have experienced.

Unlike most journalists we know, Kanze had a humble up bringing. She was raised by a strict mother and did not have a chance to experience the playful mother and daughter bond.

Also read: Why Kanze Dena hid her 1st pregnancy from her mother

Being a bright student, Kanze Dena attended the Kyeni girls high school where she spent most of her teenage years. Thanks to new photos shared on her Instagram page, Kanze reveals that she was not as cool as her classmates.

Kanze Dena’s high school swag

When her classmates wore baggy jeans, she was the only one in dresses. Well, this is probably of how strict her mum was but come to think of it, this was worth it.

Over the years she has managed to work for herself and she can now afford any stylish thing she wants. Anyway checkout her photos from her high school days below.

Kanze Dena narrates how she lost her baby girl, Tasha

Citizen TV’s news anchor Kanze Dena has revealed a secret many knew nothing about. Speaking to comedian Jalang’o and Jeff Koinange, the anchor narrated how she started off at a humble beginning.

News anchor, Kanze Dena

Kanze Dena narrated how she worked as a waitress while taking her studies at a certain college. However, during this time she got pregnant and decided to keep it as a secret. The lady went on to tell the two radio presenters that she only did this because of how strict her mother was.


For 9 months Kanze Dena hid her pregnancy until the last minute. When her water broke she was force to confide in her best friend . They both went to Pumwani…..


How her mother found out

This being a sensitive matter, her best friend Njeri then called up Kanze’s mother. The anchor goes on to say that when her mother arrived with her auntie all she could wish for is to disappear.


How the baby died

Unfortunately Kanze’s daughter passed on at 3 months. Kanze says she had given her to her mother however the baby passed on due to unknown circumstances.

Kanze Dena leaves Jeff Koinange and Jalango gasping for breath as she crazily shakes what her mama gave her (Video)

Netizens were left thinking hard about other things Kanze Dena could do after she danced better than an international video vixen.

The Citizen TV anchor joined Jeff Koinange and Jalango on Hot 96 studio where they all danced. The trio danced to Patoranking and Diamond’s hit song ‘Love you Die’.

Kenyans praise Kanze Dena

Kanze Dena received standing ovation from Kenyans after she showed her moves while dancing. See some of the reactions below:

john chege: Jalango and kanze God is seeing you mukiaibisha jeff???????????

Douglas Kiambi: Wah kanze uko on point…hizo moves weh…jalas you are trying too hard acha iflow yenyewe…jeff wewe na wale wazungu hudance wakishuka kwa cruise ship mombasa hakuna tofauti…

Modestar Shezala: Kanze umeweza mbayaaa.. Jeff I will revisit your dancing styles ? ? ?

eugene musebe: #kanze just seen the other side of you

pharah noor Nooruu:  Wangapi wanasoma comments ilahali wana watch

NJIRU KELVIN:  Huh…huyu sio ule Kanze mmoja najua Kumbe mnakuanga na vituko ivoo’ Woishee Jeff

jessie jesseh: Hawa wanawake ni byaaaaàaad news

Emily Nichole: Wee kanze aweza kama msichana mdogo??????

Jenniffer Mueni: Wawaaaaa,uko viti kaze

Millie Atis: Wow Kanze
uwa yawa????

Me: Wao Kanze u such a swt one but Jeff ain’t flexible at all

Njeri Gachathi: ?????imewezaa iyo mum kanze uko sawa ???????????

Art Dehnow Mgenge: Kanzeeee

Caroline Njoroge:  Wow Kanze you really are a coast girl….girl you got the moves, Jalas you’re good….Jeff honey you’re far much better than me ????

Harriet Muthoni:  wow…kaze kuzienda nazo????

Florence Kenya: Kanze waow

Pieces of Beautiful: Weeee huyu ni Kanze? ????issadancemoves?

Martin Otieno: kanze go..!!

Cornelius Kitheka: Kanze 35 & still looks 22!! WOW!

frumence mwabil: Kanze dena…………………..umeweza aki………… wah……kudos!!!!!!………..umenipa morali ya life

rose mulwa: My one and only Kanze .Kudos

godwin barasa: I like Kanze move

Husain R. Husain: Kanze kweli mtoto wa coastal yaani hautuangushi, umenimaliza na hiyo dabb!

purity kerubo: kanzeeee wow

george owuor: Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff….. what are you doing…. Kanze Dena waaaaaaahhhh ,dint see that coming

mama wa nyumba kumi: kanze anapenda kudance nivenye hajapata kachance .na akipata sasa??????i see her my hommie
Serendipity Moments:  Yani this mama can dab! wueh moto moto

Kinoti Ringera: Kanzee! what a dancer!!!! oh my wamae. Kanze! this is the other side of u…awww! noma sana

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Citizen TV’s news anchor Kanze Dena craving for baby number two? check out her post

Seems that Kanze Dena is now craving for a baby girl girl judging from her recent post shared on Instagram. The lady revealed this through her Instagram page while hanging out with her friend’s daughter. However her caption made it clear that she now wants a baby girl.

Kanze Dena who is a mother is among many media personalities who are single parents with less than two children. But now that her son is a teenager, she might be planning to add another member to her small family.

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Through her Instagram page the lady wrote saying:

Kanze Dena with her friend's baby girl
Kanze Dena with her friend’s baby girl

Mkisikia siku mmoja nnashikwa nimemwiba huyu mtoto mtanilaumu..?? Fada God!!! De prayer which i make when taking dis picture FADA!!!answer oh by thunder by fire!! #MissOmar nimekupa notice. #ofcutebabygirls #broodingmanenos

Kanze Dena’s son

Just recently the news anchor shared a never before seen photo of her baby daddy and son on her Instagram page. She went on to reveal that though they are separated, they have learnt to co-parent for the sake of their young man. As for now Kanze Dena has decided to keep her private life off her social media pages to avoid being stalked.

Like father, like son: Meet the man who fathered Kanze Dena’s handsome son

Citizen TV’s Swahili news anchor Kanze Dena recently unveiled her ex’s face – the man who also happens to be the father of her handsome son through her Instagram page for the first time.

The soft spoken news anchor went on to reveal that she took some time off to spend the weekend with her teenage son and also got to hang out with her who joined them to speak to their teenage son now that he has entered the adolescent stage.

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Through her Instagram page she wrote saying;

Good morning from mama amani.. Amani and my co parent… .. Kibaridi jamani kitaniua mwanangwa wa jane Mebunda.. Interview manenoz for the ‘adolescent ‘ as he calls himself. Just wanna say Co parenting works …unaweka Mungu Kwanzaa… Mtoto Mbele na tofauti zenu Kando. Ila najua Kwa wengine najua napigia mbuzi guitar!!?? Haidhuru langu nishasema… Happy Saturday… #hamnamakeup #roadtrips #backleftmanenoz

It no secret that she still gets along with fella even though their relationship did not work out as planned. Anyway below is a photo of the three hanging out together this past Saturday, 4th November.

Kanze Dena with her ex and son
Kanze Dena with her ex and son


Kanze Dena pours her heart out to Njambi Koikai as she is admitted in hospital again after her right lung collapsed

The Trend panelist Njambi Koikai has been in and out of hospitals because of the two conditions she suffers from – Endometriosis and Pneumothorax.

Njambi was wheeled into surgery sometimes in February 2016 when her lungs collapsed. Fast forward to early September 2017, the Trend panelist was once again admitted to hospital after her condition got serious.

Last weekend Njambi was looking forward to attend the 19th edition of Koroga Festival, which was headlined by Fally Ipupa, at Carnivore Grounds but she got sick again.

I really wanted to go for the Fally Ipupa concert jana. Then I felt a sharp pain in my chest. Did my best with breathing exercises. My period is around the corner. My right lung has a partial collapse and I’ve just made it out of theatre. God is good as that is always the hardest part. So I asked my doctor how many surgeries we’ve done so far and he’s like I’ve lost count Jahmby. I have an amazing surgeon. Consultant surgeon Dr. Odula. Anyway this is to all my million sisters battling this condition, we will get a cure. We will get relief. God is with us and stay resilient. Last surgery was terrible and horrific. Today I pulled through without much drama.
Relax and thank God for your health,” wrote Njambi.

Njambi is currently recuperating in hospital. She engaged her fans on social media through Instagram Live on Wednesday October 4th where she explained everything.

Citizen TV’s Kanze Dena was deeply touched by Njambi’s fighting spirit, she penned a heartfelt message to her. Read Kanze’s message below:

My #wcw card today goes to this strong..brave..determined..mwanamke wa kujituma na kujiamini..go getter… @JahmbyKoikaiYaani hata maneno yananiishia. Hatuna uhusiano wa karibu ila nimefuatilia sana sana katika mitandao ya kijamii maana ananipunga. She reminds me alot of my bff #nasrilejabuto… She is not well and #endometriosis has not put her down she continues to fight not only for herself but for others.. Mrembo your fight is not even..we are here
Tunakuombea afueni ya Haraka






Kanda Junior reveals the deep feelings he has for TV queen, Kanze Dena but reveals marriage is the last thing on his mind!

When it comes to whining his waist, Kanda Junior can leave you mesmerized as he really does it very well! He is not new in the entertainment industry and for this reason he has managed to dine with some big names in the industry.

Kanda Junior

Away from that, the young dancer recently opened up to reveal that he has a crush on Citizen TV’s Swahili news anchor who wows many Kenyans thanks to her sultry voice and looks whenever she comes on TV.

The dancer said this during an interview with Pulse but did not get into details as to why he had strong feelings towards the anchor!

He however went on to say that marriage is not something he is thinking about. Well, this could be because he still has a long way to go before he can think of settling down!