Kanze Dena vs Willis Raburu: What body shaming says about our society

Kanze Dena was recently the victim of body shaming. This followed her appearance in the media in her capacity as State House spokesperson. Her body change was apparent to all and most Kenyans were taken by shock.

Is DJ Mo making fun of Kanze Dena’s new gained weight? (Photo)

This is because the former media personality has gone from a petite, sexy frame, to a massive rotund one. Kanze Dena then became the recipient of opinion and comments on social media that were callous in the way in which the mentioned her weight gain.

Kanze Dena
Kanze Dena’s new look leaves tongues wagging

The comments came in like a wave but fortunately for her, before long, she was met by an even stronger tide of supportive messages calling out the naysayers as haters. Most of these voices were older women and mothers who were quick to mention that Kanze Dena had just had a baby.

Unbelievable! Photos of Kanze Dena before the rapid weight gain

This exchange on social media got me thinking about how Kenyan society and indeed the world is hilarious in its double standards because it brought images of the parallel to the way Willis Raburu was treated. You see, Kanze Dena was supported whereas Bwana Bazu was mocked savagely.

Kanze Dena
Kanze Dena before the weight gain

It was interesting seeing Raburu express how his weight gain had messed with his self-esteem. He actually decided to be vulnerable with the public and let them see him at his lowest mental point but all that got him was the position of being the butt of all jokes.

Terence Creative hits back at fat-shaming trolls aimed at Kanze Dena

Kanze Dena reminded me that when it comes to the physique, the world and Kenya are always going to be forgiving and understanding of women who lose that good fight but will always judge men in similar positions negatively.

Willis Raburu
Media personality, Willis Raburu

I for one am one of the people who believe that we should leave everyone to live the life they want and get the results that results in. However, we should not force people to then swallow the lies we tell ourselves about our lifestyles. When push comes to shove, Willis Raburu and Kanze Dena are overweight. That is on them. The lady seems to be happy with the changes her body has undergone. It is her body. Leave her be. Willis Raburu is inconsistent in the gym. Atleast he is aware he is fat and needs to lose weight. Good for him.

Willis Raburu assists DK Kwenye Beat shed weight after being fat shamed multiple times

Needed to get online to bash them is however unnecessary. But Kenya is ruthless in how it perceives men versus women. Kanze Dena is a plus-size beauty. Willis Raburu is fat. This is a lesson young men need to realize about our society. It judges men ruthlessly.

Willis Raburu
Willis Raburu is “big boned”

If you do not want to experience the humiliation Willis Raburu has to deal with when it comes to his weight, hit the gym and improve yourself. because at the end of the day, as I pointed out earlier, Willis Raburu is overweight, Kanze Dena is plus-size -even when we have women like Julie Gichuru and Akothee who show that the female body can be trained back into fitness.

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Kanze Dena forced to explain why employee was caught crawling behind president Uhuru in Mombasa during speech 

State House Spokesperson Kanze Dena has explained why a woman was captured on camera crawling behind stage as President Uhuru Kenyatta gave his speech in Mombasa last week.

Hawk-eyed Kenyans noticed the woman crawling a few meters behind Kenyatta during a live TV interview at State House, Mombasa.

The video immediately hit trending lists as Kenyans tried to figure out why the woman crawled. According to Dena, she had sent the woman to handle a few urgent matters before the video went live and she couldn’t make it back in time.

Poor timing

“I needed her (the woman crawling) to handle some urgent task. By the time the cameras had begun rolling, she was on the right side of the president. Her positioning was okay until something came up during the interview,” said Kanze Dena in an interview with eDaily.

She added that poor timing is to blame for that.

“I am blaming poor timing on the gaffe. Our arrangement was when the cameras were focused on the journalists, she would crawl to the left. Unfortunately, when she was doing that, the cameras resumed focus on the Head of State.” she said. 

Kanze Reloaded!! Kenyans happy with Kanze Dena’s first press briefing

Citizen TV anchor Kanze Dena was recently appointed the Deputy State House spokesperson and took leadership of the communication teams focusing on the President’s brand positioning, media relations and messaging in regard to the delivery of the Big Four agenda.

The 39-year-old Kanze had developed a close working relationship with Lulu Hassan whom she has been co-hosting Swahili news with for years and left her in tears on the last day before leaving.

Lovely job

Dena has now given her first press briefing and it seems Kenyans are really glad she was given the job. Most Kenyans took to share their views on the her first expressing that she doing a good job.

Here’s what guys had to say:

Opiyo Ochola Very goog Kanze,keep it up.

Kevo Wanjohi Living the dream kanze…go go kanze
Irene Wangui Kweli when you become a government worker u must sing their song
 Great work kanze
Harry Ford So proud of you Kanze,

Rose Mukami Congratulations Kanze

Hydda Musili  Woow..Go Kanze Go…all the best
Princess Amina love you Kanze..
Mumbi Peterson Congrats!
Dandace Gande · 1:52 Congrats
Maggie Laban Keep up good work Kanze.
Caroline Mutegi · 0:57 Locked here now, never used to bother
Moses Karanja · 1:06 Hello
Margaret Wairimu · 2:44 Ako tense though but inaeleweka first time at a job happens but you are doing great just relax mami??
Mary Clara Nabea · 2:54 Go girl you blessed
Rukia Ahmed Abubakar · 1:57 Keep it up dear!!!proud of you!!!
Mable Starr · 2:38 Nice … Relax you will get used