Why Kaz Karen Lucas keeps sharing thirst traps

Most of us are too young to know who Kaz is as she hasn’t been relevant in nearly a decade but if you or your friends are members of the LGBTQ community then you might know who she is. To be open, I came across her courtesy of a post on Edgar Obare’s channel.

I asked around and a very good friend of mine, someone who should really be referred to as an old foggy explained to me that she was at some previous point a singer, songwriter who had participated in some talent show.

Kaz was also the victim of revenge porn after an ex of hers leaked her nude pictures. She became an even greater face of one of the worst crimes known to mankind, rape when she revealed that she had fallen victim to one of her “friends” who happened to be a predator.

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Aside from this, she has chosen to move on with her life and she’s now in a polyamorous lesbian relationship that I think is technically called a throuple (what a mouthful). However, that isn’t what I am going on about today even though I am interested in why women become adventurous with their relationships when they choose to embrace the LGBTQ lifestyle rather than when they are in heterosexual relationships.

What I am curious to investigate is why Kaz insists on sharing thirst traps. The main reason for this interest is because she is in a relationship so you would think that she would want to keep her body for her partners’ pleasure instead of serving it up for the rest of us random internet strangers. Also… Unbridled sexuality is often a red flag denoting a huge psychological issue.

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And that brings us to the dark incident of rape that I mentioned previously. And to discuss this, I have to explain a psychological and psychiatric concept called Rape Trauma Syndrome. You see, rape occasions such a deep trauma because it is an unnatural occurrence violently imposed by a criminal deviant that robs its victims of their sexual autonomy. When a person is violated, they experience trauma whose symptoms occasion lifestyle and physiological changes in the survivor.

One of the lifestyle symptoms that is of interest as we try and understand why Kaz is always posting thirst trap photos and videos of herself that include her pole dancing is “sexual relationships become disturbed.” And this is exemplified as “some rape survivors become hyper-sexual or promiscuous following sexual attacks, sometimes as a way to reassert a measure of control over their sexual relations.”

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I mean, I have not sat down with her to be able to understand whether or not this is truly the case with her BUT from what we have seen of her digital evolution over the years (go through her social media pages), we can see the shocking sexual content become increasing in various degrees until we are at the point where she proudly proclaims, “I am going to give you more nudes for your spank bank”.

What I do, however, wonder is whether she sort counselling for herself and whether she continues to do the work required to heal. I wonder whether that is what is at work here. Or perhaps what we are seeing are the dying kicks of once youthful beauty. She has realized she no longer gets the same type of attention as she once did now that she is in her 40s. Perhaps the thirst traps are Kaz’ way of keeping the dwindling attention she receives on herself.

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After all, as Occam’s Razor states, sometimes, the simpler solution is the right answer. So indeed, she could just be an ageing beauty doing the most to keep attention on her. Something we saw earlier in the year when an old, former supermodel, Paulina Porizkova, complained about precisely that issue.

The question is still up in the air but one thing that I am positive about is that we will be the generation that will witness thirst trapping grandmas.


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