Karen Nyamu should have left Samidoh the 1st time he publicly denied dating her

One thing we have always said is that mambo ya watu wa wiwili ni ngumu and although many feel that Karen Nyamu should have learnt her lesson from her fight in Dubai – chances are that she may reconcile with her baby daddy, Samidoh.

Amerukwa! “I never left my wife of 11 years for another woman” Samidoh denies relationship with Karen Nyamu

Samidoh wildling with wife, Edday

Okay, before that happens again….lets discuss Karen Nyamu’s biggest mistake that has now left her looking desperate and dramatic – all in the name of love….but whoever she loves seems not to feel the same way – which leaves us wondering, Kwani Karen Nyamu hajiamini?

I mean, the senator is not only an independent woman but one with brains (book smart), beautiful and quite lovable….but from the way she has potrayed herself the past few months makes it easy to see right through her – and yes like you guessed, Karen Nyamu is not a hopeless romantic but just another woman in her 30’s afraid to grow old alone.

Side chick drama? Karen Nyamu reacts after singer Samidoh publicly denies having serious relationship with her

Samidoh with his bubbly and fun baby mama, Karen Nyamu

Karen Nyamu one step from being denied thrice like Jesus

Well, months ago after Karen Nyamu spilled details of her affair with Samidoh, we all saw how the fella handled the situation by choosing his wife over Karen Nyamu.

Actually, what he did was announce that he only has one wife that is Edday…..a stunt that we assumed would have taught Miss Nyamu a lesson…but no she still went ahead and continued dating Samidoh thinking she was part of his life.

However after the Dubai stunt, its obvious to see that Samidoh was only having fun since once again….he publicly embarrassed Karen Nyamu by having her kicked out of his event….get this…a few hours after they had spent the night together in Dubai. Toxic. Toxic.

Well, Karen Nyamu now says she is done with the guy – but watu wamejifunika duvet moja huwezi jua…..lets give the breakup shelf life of two weeks, and see whether Karenzo will not be crawling back to her man.

Karen Nyamu has every right to defend her relationship with Samidoh

Karen Nyamu has been receiving backlash since she announced her relationship with singer Samidoh. For some reason, she automatically became an enemy to goat wives who have branded her a home-wrecker but Karen being Karen….she remains committed and determined to have Samidoh in her life.

Samidoh with his bubbly and fun baby mama, Karen Nyamu

After visiting him in the US where he had several shows, many accused her of being insecure…but again you have to remember she went there after the Mugithii singer was linked to some curvaceous woman….which might actually explain why many claim Karen is an insecure person…she proved it, right?

Anyway barely a month since then, Karen Nyamu is back to engaging in online fights with her fans and asual…it was about Samidoh and her (Karen) being a husband snatcher.

Karen hitting back at fans means she will fight for her true love

Well thanks to a few screenshots shared online, one can see how Ms Nyamu’s ‘haters’ came at her reminding her that she stole someone’s husband and is shamelessly parading him online.

Okay…i didnt know grown human beings can be stolen from their spouses but responding to one who wrote;

Get a husband of your own and we will consider your moral authority to give your views…

To which Karen Nyamu responded saying;

Legendary Ke: the problem is you think i care

And another…

Well….we can’t say that Karen Nyamu deserves the hate she has been getting because at the end of the day….she too is human and maybe the haters should take it up with Samidoh, right?

Karen Nyamu should be applauded for Samidoh’s recent growth in life & success in music

Karen Nyamu is not a new name in the entertainment industry but I bet most of you came to know about her after she opened up about her involvement with Mugithii singer Samidoh.

Karen Nyamu aka Karenzo

However at the time many branded her a side chick, home wrecker, mal*ya and this was so bad to a point where some fans threatened to cancel Samidoh….and him depending on his fans support, Samidoh for a minute decided to deny Karen Nyamu in a statement where he distanced himself bla bla bla saying he only has one wife etc….and then boom he had a second baby with her.

And I am thinking…this married man came out to deny Ms Nyamu after their first child together – a stunt that convinced many that his involvement with her was a mistake…and might have even been baby trapped – but then again, baby number 2? Wait….there is no way a man will make a ‘mistake’ twice with a woman he sees no future with, right?

Karen Nyamu with son, Sam Junior

Actually most tend to flee after the first baby, but Samidoh stayed…and even gave her another baby…..so you cant tell me this man doesnt know what he is doing.

Samidoh was right to stick to Karen Nyamu

Anyway speaking of their involvement, did you also notice that Samidoh has become so big in the entertainment business; to a point he is overshadowing the likes of your favorite gengetone artists, akina Nadia and the rest….something that happened after Nyamu outed their secret relationship on social media.

I hear his US gigs were overbooked and this is why Karen Nyamu jetted into the Yuwes (as she put it)…. and this is because fans wanted her present, to them there is no Samidoh without Karen Nyamu; and although yes we applaud wife, Edday Nderitu who has stuck with Samidoh from day 1…truth is, she has played her part well but for some reason Samidoh needed a woman who can challenge him, create controversy around him…i mean his good boy image wasn’t doing much, but with the new him – ata Europe ataenda.

All in all is – if a man can maintain two wives or more without favoring one over another, let him try his luck….you never know what the cowife will bring to the table.

For instance….Karen Nyamu once revealed she gives Edday Nderitu government tenders (through Samidoh) which have helped her in so many ways including expanding her businesses and being independent….so now tell me why Karen Nyamu shouldn’t be appreciated for involvement with Samidoh?

Saa zingine a blessing will come through a painful experience and in the end you realize, it was actually worth it.

Karen Nyamu allegedly visits baby daddy abroad – days after he was linked to lady with big ‘assets’

They say love can make you do crazy things and looking at Karen Nyamu’s latest stunts – it’s only fair to say her love for Samidoh has not only made her settle as a second wife; but is making her follow him around the world, if that is what will take to prove her love for him.

Well many believe that Karenzo recently jetted into the US, where she says she had visited to attend an ICT course….and sharing a photo on her gram Ms Karenzo wrote;

Karen Nyamu aka Karenzo

Kanairo galdem wenu anawamisiii!
Afrer days into my course on how ICT can strengthen devolution and deliver progress, finally it was weekend! Enjoy yours guys

However judging from the fact that she has been beefing with the lady hosting Samidoh in the US; and all of a sudden she jets off for a course broad – kind of looks like Karenzo felt threatened and needed to remind her man what he has been missing….that is considering that theyve not seen each other in weeks of not a month.

Samidoh with baby mama, Karen Nyamu

Netizens react

Well fans in the comment section also felt that Karenzo’s abrupt visit abroad did not make sense and the fact that she was in the US means she might have really been threatened by Bernice Saroni around her man.

Samidoh with Bernice Saroni

But then again…if this is the case, can we really blame her for the insecurities? I mean she already knows her man is not a one woman person (if he was, she woulndnt be in the picture) and maybe….just maybe needed to secure what is hers.

Samidoh honors his late mum with gorgeous Tbt photo; Karen Nyamu reacts

Samidoh may have lost his parents but their memory remains fresh in his mind because they raised him to become a man of substance and ome that values what family means.

Kikuyu Benga musician Samidoh

Well, just like you and I have faults…so does he but then again this does not define who he is. Anyway for those who dont know, Samidoh lost his father (a policeman) who was caught in tribal clashes a few years back and later on lost his mum – leaving him and his 5 siblings as orphans.

Speaking about his parents death a while back, the celebrated Mugithii singer said;

Also read;

I was born in a family of 6, we are 6 boys and I’m the third born. Mama alikuwa anaitwa Miriam Wairimu lakini alituacha. Na Mzee alikuwa anaitwa Michael Ndirangu. He was an Administration Police (AP) Officer. He worked in Nakuru and Molo na alikufa ile time ya clashes. Huwa naskia hizi vita za kikabila roho yangu inachafuka juu ziliniacha bila baba.

Remembering his mum

Despite it being years since he lost his parents – Samidoh still remembers them. To celebrate his late mum, Samidoh recently shared a Tbt photo to which he wrote;

Samidoh’s late mum, Miriam Wairimu

Wherever u are,wherever i will Go you will remain my source of inspiration!!

He went further to reveal that if not for her, he wouldn’t be the man he is today. He also mourned her for leaving them too early…but this being the will of God he now has two daughters named after her.

I am Because you were!.
#Maituwairimu Nikio ndaguciarire na ngiguciara ringi!

Karen Nyamu on the other hand left a comment below the post saying;

 She raised a kind hearted man, and that’s her legacy. Tu wairimu tukamutukia (The Wairimu’s will take after her.)


Co-wife conflict: Karen Nyamu calls out Samidoh’s first wife for being jealous of her success

The last time we checked Samidoh wasn’t sleeping in either Karen Nyamu’s home or first wife Eddah’s place. In fact, word making rounds on social media is the the singer was out to enjoy life in Mombasa, since both his wives weren’t giving him peace back at home.

First wife, Eddy with hubby Samidoh

Also read: Karen Nyamu allegedly dumps Samidoh for ‘cheating‘ on her (Photo)

With the breakup rumors making rounds on social media, Karen Nyamu fueled the situation by sharing a meme which reflected her ‘single love life’ and just like that – the lawyer cum politician confirmed there’s trouble back at home.

Eddah on the other shared a post showing support for Julie Kabogo in the Senatorial race for Nairobi County, knowing very well co wife – Karen Nyamu is also eyeing the same seat but on a UDA ticket.

Samidoh with second wife, Karen Nyamu

Karen Nyamu addresses Edday

Having heard that Karen Nyamu has been securing some government tenders for Edday  through Samidoh, one would have expected her to be grateful and show some support for the co wife friendship – but no!

Seems like Edday still despises Karen Nyamu for getting involved with Samidoh and no matter how much she keeps doing good – life for as bestfriend co wives will just never happen.

Also read: Mwanaume ni effort! Double blessings for Samidoh as both his wives flaunt grown baby bumps

Samidoh wildling with wife, Edday

Well, at least Edday made this obvious by supporting Julie Kabogo in the Senatorial race for Nairobi County hence leaving Karen Nyamu woke on the reality of things.

Anyway, addressing her co wife’s actions during a recent interview with popular blog Karen Nyamu said she is not in a competition with anyone. If anything, Julie Kabogo is vying for the seat on a Chama Cha Kazi ticket – while she is riding on UDA ticket. So who do you think will win?

And lastly Nyamu pointed out that Edday’s actions were that of a jealous person.

It is her right but I am not in competition with whoever she is supporting. Right now, you all know that chama ni mbili. UDA and Azimio in all the positions. Hizo zingine ziko chini. I can’t be in such a competition. She should also plan on starting something so that we also support her badala ya wivu.

At this rate, Samidoh may have to settle for one wife – if not starting a brand new life with his coast babe. No?

Karen Nyamu allegedly dumps Samidoh for ‘cheating‘ on her (Photo)

Ever wished you had peace back at home? Well, yea – you and Samidoh could be going through the same thing; but – I’m thinking Samidoh’s case is way worse judging from the rumors claiming his pregnant wives don’t want to see him. Alaaa!

Yes, rumor making rounds on social media is that Samidoh has not been in good terms with either Eddah (first wife) nor Karen Nyamu (second wife/side chick) who are both heavily pregnant with the singer’s babies.

Also read: “I am no home wrecker!” Karen Nyamu weighs in on her ‘secret’ relationship with Samidoh

Samidoh with his bubbly and fun baby mama, Karen Nyamu

According to reports, Samidoh hasn’t been home (that much) after his return from the US tour he took in 2021. Since his return both his ladies have been avoiding him (probably after seeing him dance with certain white lady) and is now living life at the Jumeirah Hotel in Mombasa where he was seen with yet another woman.

Karen Nyamu announces breakup

With all the drama back at home and social media – of course Karen Nyamu did what she does best by fueling the situation with a cryptic post. Judging from what she posted, looks like Ms Nyamu just announced her breakup with Samidoh as her post read;

Also read: Samidoh and Karen Nyamu: how you start is how you end

To my ex, ambia doggy yenyu tuliachana, so mambo ya ikiniona nikipita inatingiza mkia ikomee kabsaaa!

Eddah on the other hand made the situation more complicated by announcing her support for Karen Nyamu’s political opponent;  who is also running for the Nairobi Senate seat – weuh sema hormones.

Also read: Does Karen Nyamu really stand a chance at being Nairobi Senator?

Anyway, just like before – I’m pretty sure Karen Nyamu will obviously get back with her Mugithii lover; didn’t he beat her black and blue last time and she still went back? Mapenzi sio yako, wachana nayo.

“I’ll fight your battles” Karen Nyamu pours out her heart while celebrating son’s 1st birthday

City lawyer cum politician Karen Nyamu is one happy mum to have marked one year of having her son around. The mother of two on Monday, 16 November celebrated her baby boy with a loving message that left tears on our eyes.

As seen on her page, Ms Karen Nyamu went on to unveil a never seen before video of Sam; and judging from the footage – let’s just say there is no need of a DNA to confirm this is Samidoh’s boy.

Also read: “Sometimes I wish I was the man” Karen Nyamu calls out Samidoh for being a coward

Anyway, to celebrate the 365 days ride around the sun, Ms Nyamu marked this special day as she wrote;

My baby you’re a beautiful blessing to me. You deserve the very best life has to offer. You have taught me a love I didn’t know before. Our bond is one of life’s most precious gifts.

Favorite baby

Being her first baby boy, it’s no secret that Karen Nyamu adores her son more than anything else in her life.

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She went on to prove this in the detailed post where she promised to fight for baby Sam’s battles; and just like any other caring mum – Karen went on to remind her son that she will forever be by his side. Karen wrote;

Dadi, you can count on me to always be there. I’ll fight your battles, and if I give up on any you can be sure that mommy tried her best. I look forward to beautiful moments ahead of us. I love you too much baby. Happy birthday son! My son.

Samidoh on the other hand did not post anything about his son’s special day; but judging from how he likes to low key love his other family (with Karen)…probably daddy celebrated Sam’s birthday on the low too.

“Sometimes I wish I was the man” Karen Nyamu calls out Samidoh for being a coward

Lately been highlighting a lot of bad romance from our favorite celebrities making me want to pick a fight boyfriend I don’t even have but si tulisema next bale will be different?

Samidoh with his bubbly and fun baby mama, Karen Nyamu

Anyway with Eric Omondi, Krg and Jimal trending looks like singer Sammidoh has also joined the group the bandwagon. Well, turns out that despite refusing to acknowledge the fact they are together the guy keeps making her look like an option all the time.

This comes just hours after Mr Muchoki allegedly denied having travelled with Karen Nyamu; when all along, they were together before their layover that saw them head different directions. Through her IG stories Nyamu wrote;

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The truth will set you free. One thing I will never do is be afraid for you guys, why should I? Hahaha! It was easier to say we took different connection flights because we both had different final destinations. You should even take this opportunity to tell these people to keep off your family issues because they know traveling with me should not be a story. They know tuko pamoja and addressing me instead of the attacker in DM is confusing. I’m tired of standing up for myself against these trolls and the person that should standup for me is fueling it.

Nyamu to Samidoh

Stupid in love

Although it’s obvious that Samidoh is not ready to acknowledge Karen Nyamu as one of his wives; the young man still struggles to leave her – probably because he benefits somehow (mentally, physically or emotionally) form her.

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Karen Nyamu on the other hand claims that she is in love with Samidoh and despite that many times she hopes he will treat her right…she realizing position ni ile ile ya side chick. Aki mapenzi Wewe, Ayam tired.

Confessing her feelings to Samidoh, Karen wrote:

I fell in love and I’ll never regret that. Deep inside me there’s a little girl that adores Mr Muchoki despite…and I’ve never hidden that fact. I keep convincing myself maybe he doesn’t know better haha.

“Ilikuwa Mafight tu” Karen Nyamu’s baby daddy opens up about their toxic relationship

Ms Karen Nyamu has been making headlines for the wrong reasons; and the last time her name was making rounds on social media is after receiving a serious beating from second baby daddy, Samidoh.

However before Samidoh – there was one fine fella known as DJ Saint Kevin who is the father to Ms Nyamu’s first born. A few years ago the two were blessed with a fine baby girl; but unfortunately their relationship did not last for long.

Karen Nyamu’s daughter with daddy

Speaking to Radio Jambo this past weekend; the fine DJ Saint opened up for the first time about his relationship with Karen Nyamu. According to the fella, he fell out with Karen because being together was getting toxic and being a good dad; he didn’t want to raise his child in such an environment. He said;

Ilikuwa tu ni Mafight, mafight kila wakati and for me to decide to leave tulikuwa tumefika a point of no return.

He went on to add;

Every time was an argument na sikua naona kama ni fair kulea mtoi in that environment, so nika decide nimpatie space yake na mimi nikuwe na space yangu but it worked out okay. It was getting toxic; every day was basically a fight. But saa hii sisi ni maboys

Good mother and friend

Although his relationship with Karen Nyamu sounds like 90% of the relationships in our society; DJ Saint says his baby mama is good mother to their daughter and surprisingly a good friend to him.

DJ Saint Kevin

Unlike most modern men who would trash talk the mother of their children; DJ Saint went on to Karen by saying;

She is an amazing mother…hata akidate alikuwa ananiupdate. Unajua lazima ataniambia juu kama kuna msee anakuja kwa hiyo keja my kid is exposed to them.

Well who thought coparenting would be this easy?

Karen Nyamu explains why she unveiled yet another private video with Mugithii singer, Samidoh

Karen Nyamu is definitely not doing herself any favors by embarrassing baby daddy, Samidoh online. For a while now, the former couple has been entertaining fans with their drama on social media; but truth is, it’s time for Ms Nyamu to let go.

Anyway, this past weekend the mother of two unveiled yet another video of her spending time with Samidoh; and according to those who speak Kikuyu – Samidoh is heard asking the lawyer cum politician – whether she would give him some good time.

Of course the video has left many talking and others criticizing Karen Nyamu for being petty; while some applauded her for being a great example as to why married men should stop cheating.

Explains her actions

This video comes barely a week after Samidoh released a new music video asking God to forgive him; for hurting his family and fans with his reckless actions.

The song dubbed ‘Ihinda Ringi’ (Another chance), Samidoh pleads with God to protect him from his enemies and to never allow him to be a slave of his mistakes.

With song doing great on YouTube – Karen Nyamu also decides to join in the fun by sharing the private video on her Instagram; only for her to delete moments later – which means this was for her malicious gain.

Anyway explains why she decided to do this, through her IG stories – Karen shared a post saying;

If both spouses will listen to each other and treat each other with Kindness and respect, then nearly every disagreement will get resolved long before it becomes a fight.

“Is it by force?” Fans react after Karen Nyamu posts new photo with baby daddy, Sammidoh

Karen Nyamu is not the type of woman to walk out on! At least she has proven to be a fighter when it comes to her relationship with baby daddy Samidoh; but the sad part is that he seems to prefer his first wife to Ms Nyamu.

Of course choosing between Karen and Edday must have been a tough choice for him – since he already has a son with Ms Nyamu; but for the sake of his career and society – lets just say Sammidoh did what he had to do.

Anyway, it has now been weeks since we heard from the two; but as usual Karen Nyamu is always ready to entertain her loyal crowd on IG. As seen on a new post shared by Karen – we can tell you for free that this lass is up to something; if not to annoy first wife, Edday.

Photo with DP and Sammidoh

Well despite having been dumped by Sammidoh via social media – Karen Nyamu continue insist that ‘this’ is not over. I mean, why give up when he still appears to be such a good father?

As seen in the recent photo Ms Nyamu is seen in the company of DP Ruto and her baby daddy who she refers to as Baba SM jr. To caption this post the lady wrote:

Throw back Thursday with baba SM jr and hustler 1 DP William S Ruto. The hustler narrative proposes a bottom up approach which starts from the realities on the ground to design solutions adapted to needs, from the most local to the most global. And not the other way around.. Ps I was very preggers here. Nakaa kangurue ka cute????

Fans on the other hand were quick to jump in by writing;


Hapa ni till death do us part! Samidoh steps out with lovely wife days after cheating scandal (Photo)

Samidoh almost flashed down his career after being linked to one Karen Nyamu. From what we now know is that these two had been in a secret relationship for almost a year; and even have a son together as revealed by the side chick, Ms Nyamu.

Samidoh and Karen Nyamu

However we will not be referring to Ms Nyamu as the other woman; now that she has every right to be known as the mother of his second born son. Also, judging from their dating timeline it’s obvious to see that Samidoh may have fallen in love; but denied it after Nyamu went public without his consent. Nairobi.

Anyway as Karen Nyamu says – the open secret is now known to everyone; but seeing how it has affected Samidoh’s fan base means that he prefers remaining steady with his wife who is clearly being favored by his fans.

Samidoh with his wife and two kids

Together forever?

This past Sunday the Mugithii singer made his first public appearance since the cheating scandal; and to our surprise he was hand in hand with his wifey, Edday Nderitu.

From the photo it’s obvious to see that this could be some PR to control the damage caused by Ms Nyamu. But hey, now that they have both cheated on each other, then it makes them draw? Anyway check out the couple goals photo shared by the wife, Edday below.

Samidoh steps out with wife days after scandal

Side chick drama? Karen Nyamu reacts after singer Samidoh publicly denies having serious relationship with her

Samidoh must be one loving man that is judging from how Karen Nyamu and wife, Edday have been behaving on social media.

The drama surrounding Samidoh’s women was allegedly sparked by Karen Nyamu who wanted to go public with her relationship with the Mugithii singer – but unfortunately it appears to have backfired.

From the posts circulating on social media, we understand that Karen Nyamu shared a video in the company of Samidoh; leaving many asking questions online. Right before we could even digest this, Ms Nyamu started hinting about her son’s paternity; and now we all know that Samidoh is the father.

With everything said and done – the singer maintained his silence on the matter; leaving his wife and other woman (Ms Nyamu) exchanging bitter words online. However judging from how things are moving; Samidoh was earlier forced to speak in a post where he wrote;

Samidoh with wife, Edday

I am sorry!!!
I have put my family and myself in a bad situation.It is true I had a friendship with ms. Karen Nyamu and its this involvement that led to the birth of an innocent child; whom i have and will always support both emotionally and materially.I am a proud father to my children. I am however perturbed by the motive and timing of these past videos which have led unnecessary trolling of the child; and my wife, i have never left my wife of 11 years for another woman. I apologized to her and my family before.

Karen Nyamu causing drama online

Of course betrayal is painful but rejection hurts even worse; and being on the receiving end – Karen Nyamu has also decided to respond to her baby daddy’s post as seen online.

In a now deleted post, Ms Nyamu went on to call out Samidoh for being fake; and not staying true to his words. According to her, the fella chose to speak half truth (meaning she is still in the picture) as he hopes the society will accept him after going back to his wife.

However this time all she wanted was recognition (and a husband to settle down with) but Samidoh clearly played himself leaving her ranting online as she wrote;

Running away from reality mpaka lini. Lakini si ata shika your lovely wife vile hunishika? ???? wanaume wewe ????????????

She went on to add;

It was easier to declare whole truth not half because utakuwa slave wa ma apologies. You have done nothing wrong babe


Well, all I know is that you cannot force a relationship; and who said a men get indecisive about women? They know who they want from the word go, but hey…all the best to the two contesting for the singers love.

‘Kama chungu tema’ Karen Nyamu tells critics after sharing video of Samidoh bonding with months old son (Video)

Karen Nyamu is proud to be dating Mugiithi singer Samuel Muchoki, alias Sammidoh despite the fact that he is married; but come to think of it, isn’t polygamy allowed in Kenya? Yes.

Anyway after many linked Samidoh with Karen Nyamu – a renowned politician and lawyer; the two kept playing games until just recently when ms Nyamu unveil a video showing father and son (Sammy and Nyamu’s son) bonding.

Samidoh and alleged 2nd wife, Karen Nyamu

The cute video unfortunately seemed to attracted negative comments; hence forcing Karen Nyamu to limit the feedback section as fans attacked her for being a husband snatcher.

Others targeted the her toddler son; and just like any mother, she had no option but to protect him from them. As for the mean comments – it’s social media – where anything and everything is possible.

Nyamu vs fans

With fans attacking her from all angles, Ms Nyamu decided to engage; and as expected, the politician came with a ‘don’t care attitude’ – which unfortunately angered fans more -therefore making the situation worse.

As seen on one post, Nyamu hit back at the haters saying;

A bunch of extremely bitter women frothing at the mouth when they see a child bonding with their dad???????? sasa nyinyi.

Nyamu’s post

Deal with it

In yet another post, Nyamu made it known that despite the insults; she was not going to stop posting her family and by this she meant Son and Samidoh.

I will never stop posting my family. I have nothing to hide in my life now

Samidoh and Karenzo Nyamu

To haters

As for those asking why Samidoh never shares Nyamu’s photos on his page; the socialite politician in turn responded by saying;

ati oooh why are you posting kama anakupenda akupost. Basi hanipendi???????????????? posting posting is for boys.

Watch the adorable father and son moments below.


Politician Karen Nyamu reveals her secret to losing baby weight in weeks

Politician and Lawyer Karen Nyamu has been making headlines thanks to her affair with Mugithi star Samuel Muchoki, better known as Samidoh.

This is after numerous rumors on social media suggested they were an item; and thanks to an interview with one Massawe Jappani – we got to learn that the two have a son together.

City lawyer and politician Karen Nyamu’s colorful baby bump shoot

Looking back to 2020 – we can all agree that Nyamu’s pregnancy was a well kept secret; and so was her relationship with Sammidoh.

Although we cannot  confirm the kind of relationship the two share (married, situationship or friends with benefits) all we know is that Ms Nyamu is happy.

Samidoh and Karen Nyamu


Body goals

Away from her entanglement, fans have been wondering how Ms Karen managed to keep such a fit body; despite having given birth just a few months ago.

I mean, most women tend to battle with baby fat for up to 2 years before they bounce back; but not for Karen Nyamu. As soon as her baby was here – so was her perfect figure that keeps giving many sleepless nights on social media.

Anyway thanks to a QnA post on her gram, fans finally got to learn how she keeps fit; and boy is Ms Nyamu wild. Well if you ever wondered how Nyamu manages to stay fit, then just know she is a master craft in the bedroom. Check out her response below.

Karen Nyamu

Karen Nyamu opens up about dating violent politician 

Karen Nyamu has been making headlines for the wrong reasons this past week. This is after she was spotted with as  Samidoh a married man; and rumor has it that she could be his second wife.

Of course there are critics who continue hating her for her guts especially – after her video with the singer enjoying life in Dubai. Some of the critics do not understand why or how Samidoh would leave his low key wife; to build a home with a socialite politician cum lawyer.

City lawyer and politician Karen Nyamu’s colorful baby bump shoot

However speaking to Massawe Jappani during a recent interview on Radio Jambo; Karen Nyamu not only played the ‘I don’t care card’ but denied dating Samidoh – while wearing a bracelet with his name on it. Jokes on her!

Politician cum city lawyer, Karen Nyamu

Nyamu opens up about violent boyfried

Away from this, the two ladies also happened to discuss Nyamu’s dating life; and for the first time we now understand why the lady likes; or rather prefers ‘using’ men and not having anything serious with them.

According to the lady she dated a violent politician during her 20s; and this changed her mindset about men and marriage. Although she had every reason to disappear from the politicians life; Nyamu says she couldnt since he had employed her in his company.

Speaking about this Karen said.

I was very young and the guy was famous. I felt very intimidated that even if i report nothing would be done to him, and so I did not report. I thank God I left the relationship.

Family oriented mindset

Although many have called her out for her ‘ghettoish’ behavior i.e smoking weed in public among other things; Nyamu made it known that she loves her children but will never get married. She said,

 I love having children and getting a family is a good thing. But i have decided to never get married based on my experience.