Samidoh bitter after baby mama dumps him

Honestly, we have been waiting for Samidoh to speak up after Karen Nyamu announced she had decided to end her relationship with Mugithii singer Samidoh; now that she has realized her love for him is making her come off dramatic and just a troubled lady.

Samidoh and baby mama, Karen Nyamu

Okay….we agree that this time around she is making sense but the unfortunate bit is that she had to be dragged in mud for her to learn; and although she says kitu hananga ni haya – trust me, Karen Nyamu must have felt sh!+y after learning that her own baby daddy asked bouncers to throw her off the stage.

Yaani, mtu wako. Your own pillar of strength asked security to kick you out…ata kama she was drunk, dramatic, wild? Thats the mother of your kids. But then again, if not that situation – probably miss Nyamu would have continued hanging on, hoping she too would get recognition from Samidoh….but machooos!

Karen Nyamu

Samidoh responding to fans

Anyway days after the incident, Samidoh’s fans continue to troll him now that he got dumped by Senator Karen Nyamu; and as seen online, one of his followers wrote:

Samidoh wacha kujifanya hujui uliachwa na Nyamu (stop pretending as if you don’t know Nyamu has left you.)

To which Samidoh hit back with;

Mtu akijua nalipwa aje? (so if one knows how will that pay me?

A response i feel was unnecessary especially since it came off abit ‘sensitive’ kidogo aumwe na roho kinda situation; and with this – i can bet he is not going to let this slide without a huge apology……but question is – Senator akona nguvu ya kusema no?

Samidoh replaced already? Karen Nyamu caught on camera kissing new man (Photos)

Karen Nyamu seems to have bagged herself a new man. That is judging from two new photos making rounds online. In one Karen Nyamu is seen kissing a new man believed to be new bae while on the second pic – man’z appears quite comfortable half-leaning on Nyamu’s huge bump. Alaaar.

Karen with the boys

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With this, I bet you’re wondering how the politician managed to bag herself a new man despite the huge bump – yet you can’t get a text back, right? You’re not alone.

Well the secret is in your bank account…. how much is in your name? Or rather can the woman you’re dating support you if you went broke today or – can she even get you government tenders like Karen did for Samidoh and Edday a while back? Think…

Samidoh wildling with wife, Edday

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Anyway not to judge but truth is, fellas also want to bag a woman who can take care of them. Whether money-wise or just emotional support. And in this case Karen Nyamu has both to offer especially the love which may explain the kissing photo.

Karen Nyamu dumping Sammidoh or having fun?

Anyway at 7 months pregnant I belive that Karen Nyamu is already struggling with fatigue, sleeplessness, heartburn, swollen feet, moodswings, loss of appetite…. alafu you think adding a heartbreak to the list won’t trigger her to move on? Blame it on the high hormones.

Well as of now, we cannot confirm anything about the rumored relationship but the kiss.

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However if we were to judge them from the body language seen from the photos shared below…. one would easily say Karen Nyamu is looking for a man to call her own and since Sammidoh keeps playing games and denying her in public…. then what’s the point of holding on when she can cut and replace?

Karen Nyamu beaten by baby daddy in front of daughter

Lastly, hopefully the photos won’t cause another black eye…. remember a few months back when Samidoh confronted Nyamu about a guy she was seen with in Mombasa hence beating her black and blue? We wouldn’t want that. But si alisema ni job?

Here are the photos:

Karen Nyamu with new bae?

Karen Nyamu allegedly dumps Samidoh for ‘cheating‘ on her (Photo)

Ever wished you had peace back at home? Well, yea – you and Samidoh could be going through the same thing; but – I’m thinking Samidoh’s case is way worse judging from the rumors claiming his pregnant wives don’t want to see him. Alaaa!

Yes, rumor making rounds on social media is that Samidoh has not been in good terms with either Eddah (first wife) nor Karen Nyamu (second wife/side chick) who are both heavily pregnant with the singer’s babies.

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Samidoh with his bubbly and fun baby mama, Karen Nyamu

According to reports, Samidoh hasn’t been home (that much) after his return from the US tour he took in 2021. Since his return both his ladies have been avoiding him (probably after seeing him dance with certain white lady) and is now living life at the Jumeirah Hotel in Mombasa where he was seen with yet another woman.

Karen Nyamu announces breakup

With all the drama back at home and social media – of course Karen Nyamu did what she does best by fueling the situation with a cryptic post. Judging from what she posted, looks like Ms Nyamu just announced her breakup with Samidoh as her post read;

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To my ex, ambia doggy yenyu tuliachana, so mambo ya ikiniona nikipita inatingiza mkia ikomee kabsaaa!

Eddah on the other hand made the situation more complicated by announcing her support for Karen Nyamu’s political opponent;  who is also running for the Nairobi Senate seat – weuh sema hormones.

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Anyway, just like before – I’m pretty sure Karen Nyamu will obviously get back with her Mugithii lover; didn’t he beat her black and blue last time and she still went back? Mapenzi sio yako, wachana nayo.