Karen Nyamu reveals she has been dressing decently to attract potential husband

Karen Nyamu has lately been keeping a low profile especially with elections around the corner not forgetting the fact that Samidoh finally decided to leave her for his family with wife, Edday.

First wife, Eddy with hubby Samidoh

Well clearly it hasn’t been easy for her. Anyway having welcomed her 3rd child a few months back – looks like Karen Nyamu has decided to find herself a helper that will also come through for the kids – as the male figure of the family.

Speaking to residence of Nyamdarua county, Karen Nyamu went on to explain her new sense of style (Keeping in mind she wore a dera) saying it’s to help bag a husband. From what she says, looks like husbands go for women who cover up from head to toe….but come on…siasa mingi.

Karen Nyamu during political rally

“Today I have wrapped up myself top to bottom to try find someone to pay my dowry, si nikujipanga (plan yourself)”

Karen Nyamu confirms breakup with Samidoh?

Although it’s hard to tell the kind of relationship the politician cum lawyer has with Samidoh at the moment; all we know is that she’s publicly announced to be looking for a husband meaning she is single, right!?

Karen Nyamu with new bae?

But again – with 3 kids already – maybe Karen Nyamu should take time off to raise the babies and not focus on bagging a man to make herself happy.