Karen Nyamu hits back at fan accusing her of neglecting months old baby to attend political rallies

Karen Nyamu, a lawyer and politician had her 3rd baby about 4 months ago and unlike new mums, the lady decided not to take up maternity leave. I mean, she already has a 2 year old son and an 8 year daughter – so yea she understands motherhood quite well.

Pregnant Karen Nyamu jumping off a lorry

However as much as it comes with many challenges – Karen Nyamu didn’t let this slow down her political journey. For this reason she has been roaming around campaigning for the UDA party; but looks like they’re some women wondering how she’s juggling both politics and  newborn daughter.

As seen on a comment left by one of followers, the fan wrote;

Si ungefanya tu ya around Nairobi. Mtoto unamu

And….well it didn’t go smooth nor did the fan get the answer she was hoping for because – Karen Nyamu does not cave into pressure or trolls.

Weuh…Nyamu responds

Having been trolled, shamed and criticized for her getting involved with another woman’s husband….it appears she finally grew some thick skin making her immune to any judgemental shade thrown her way.

So to respond to the question, Nyamu sarcastically hit back with;

Ya around Nairobi tufanye na mtoto Ama????????????????‍♀️

And just like that, she shut down everyone judging her for her hustle…