Samidoh: I like life and all the turmoil that accompanies relationships.

Mugithi sensation Samidoh embraces the entirety of his life’s journey, including the relationship dramas that have become intertwined with his public persona.

“If I didn’t find joy in the life I lead, I would have succumbed to despair long ago. Life presents challenges, but one must stay focused and keep moving forward,” Samidoh asserts.

The singer, known for his relationships with ex-wife Edday Nderitu and nominated senator Karen Nyamu, acknowledges that he frequently becomes a trending topic due to the women in his life. However, he views this phenomenon positively and notes that even his superiors in the disciplined forces have become accustomed to it.

“I honestly don’t understand how I consistently trend, which is why I refrain from defending or explaining myself to my superiors when it happens. It’s beyond my control,” he admits.

Samidoh, known for his proficiency with both a gun and a guitar, has grown accustomed to the accompanying drama, recognizing it as a consequence of his fame.

“There’s a price to pay for everything. When I was tending cattle in Ol Jorook, I never attracted attention because I was nobody. But now that I’m famous, some negativity is inevitable. The key is to maintain balance. Life is a series of ups and downs; the important thing is to stay focused,” he reflects.

While Samidoh does not attribute blame for his trending status, he acknowledges the role of the media in amplifying and distorting aspects of his life.

“I’m simply living my life as best as I can, but sometimes the media magnifies things out of proportion. I have no control over that, and thankfully, my superiors understand,” says Samidoh, who serves as a policeman at the National Police Service headquarters in Westlands.

“Music never interferes with my work. I maintain a disciplined schedule, working Monday to Thursday and dedicating weekends to performances,” he clarifies.

Karen Nyamu Spotted Hanging Out With Joho After Declaring Love For Married Men

There’s no doubt that Karen Nyamu and Samidoh’s relationship are a colliquoy that netizens are always interested in.

The recent development is that Karen has been spotted hanging out with former Mombasa governor Joho; which has roped in discussion on whether she’s looking to start a relationship with him.

Either way, Karen declared her love for married women in a post on Instagram while responding to a fan.

“What’s a red flag you’re secretly attracted to?” Irene asked.

Karen did not hesitate to give a response to the user; where she revealed that she’s attracted to young men who are married or are in a relationship.

“Married/in a relationship, younger,” Karen Nyamu replied via her InstaStory.

This has further fuelled the notion that the two might have something more than just a political relationship.

On the other hand, Samidoh has also been spotted at the Coast with another woman. Could there be trouble in paradise for the two lovebirds?

Karen Nyamu Reveals Her Ideal Type Of Man

Karen Nyamu has finally come clean on the type of man she is attracted to. The mother of three has been in a romantic relationship with renowned Mugithi singer for years-without minding that he’s married to Edday Nderitu.

In response to a post by a certain social media user monikered Irene asking about a red sign that one is secretly attracted to, Nyamu spoke out about the kinds of men that make her tick.

“What’s a red flag you’re secretly attracted to?” Irene asked.

Karen Nyamu did not hesitate to give a response to the user; where she revealed that she’s attracted to young men who are married or are in a relationship.

“Married/in a relationship, younger,” Karen Nyamu replied via her InstaStory.

Samidoh and Nyamu were secretly dating, but things went haywire after Edday Nderitu found out through social media that they were dating behind her back.

In late 2019, while he was performing at a political gathering, the two lovebirds got together and fell in love right away.

Nyamu wasted little time in becoming pregnant for him. In December 2020, she gave birth to Samidoh’s son.

Being drawn to married men is one of Karen Nyamu’s warning signs

UDA-nominated Senator Karen Nyamu recently shared insights into her ideal man during a Q&A session on her Instagram page.

Responding to a post asking about a red flag she’s secretly attracted to, Nyamu revealed her preference for married or committed men who are younger than her.

“A fan asked, ‘What’s a red flag you’re secretly attracted to?'” In response, the mother of three admitted, “Married/in a relationship, younger,” on her InstaStory.

Nyamu is currently in a relationship with Samidoh, who is younger than her. Their reconciliation was evident on February 23, 2023, when they joined Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s family to pay their respects to his sister-in-law.

The couple’s relationship began when they met at a political event in late 2019. Despite initial denials, Nyamu gave birth to Samidoh’s son in December 2020, leading to public acknowledgment from the Mugithi singer after Nyamu revealed the truth in January 2021.

Their relationship has had its ups and downs, including a public breakup in Dubai in December 2022 before reconciling once again.

‘Happy Birthday To My Boss’-Karen Nyamu Celebrates Riggy G On His Birthday

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua is celebrating his 59th birthday today, 28th February. Nominated senator Karen Nyamu wrote a heartfelt letter to her boss, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

Nyamu posted a sentimental picture of herself and Gachagua dancing at the traditional wedding of Murang’a Woman Representative Betty Maina and Mathira Member of Parliament Eric Wamumbi on her Instagram page.

A heartfelt caption with Nyamu’s warmest birthday wishes for Gachagua was attached to the photo.

She praised Riggy G in her message, saying he’s a fearless & truthful man.

She wrote;

“Happy birthday to my boss, the fearless fighter and truthful man H.E. Rigathi Gachagua, EGH,” Nyamu wrote.

“You have outdone yourself in your role as Deputy President, and I can’t help but admire the natural that you are,” she added.

Last year, Riggy G admonished Nyamu’s baby daddy against his antics in dating two women at the same time.

Nyamu is known to be a die hard supporter of Rigathi and President William Ruto. The deputy president is also known for unfiltered sentiments to netizens. Happy Birthday to him.

“Samido is where?” Questions raised by Karen Nyamu’s missing photo.

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu is under scrutiny following her recent social media post sharing moments from her youngest daughter’s birthday celebration. Despite the apparent joyous occasion attended by family and close friends, the absence of her baby daddy, Samidoh, has sparked curiosity among fans.

The event, beautifully captured in snapshots, included notable attendees such as Kiambu Senator Karungo Wa Thang’wa. However, the absence of Samidoh has raised questions about his presence at the festivity.

Speculation has been circulating about the status of Karen Nyamu’s relationship with Samidoh after his visit to his wife and children in the United States, suggesting a potential rift between the couple.

In her online post, Karen Nyamu expressed gratitude to the attendees, acknowledging their contributions to making the celebration memorable. Despite the warmth in her message, the absence of Samidoh from the shared images has triggered inquiries from fans eager to determine whether he was present at the event.

On Monday, February 26, in a separate development, Samidoh took to social media to extend birthday wishes to his daughter with Karen Nyamu.

“Happy birthday to my little girl. Watching you grow brings so much happiness. Here’s to many more wonderful years ahead.”

Here are some of the reactions:

Sammy Ondimu Ngare: “Nascrallah down na sioni picha natafuta..aki Mungu badilisha mind yangu.. Happy birthday.”

Denza Denza: “Nime scroll mpaka chini sioni iyo picha anywahos let me laugh in a way that please s God.”

Shiku Raycious: “I have scrolled all photos ndio nione picha ya msikari.”

Veronica Kabatha: “Happy birthday babygirl, kila mtu anatafuta picha fulani aki Kenyans.”

Bridgette Lihavi Musalia: “I have scrolled, scrolled scrolled scrolled scrolledd and scrolled but sijapata kile natafuta. Should I continue scrolling? N I scroll out.”

Beth Muriuki: “Should I continue scrolling, I think there is a missing pic.”

Senator Nyamu has yet to address the queries regarding Samidoh’s absence from the event.

Karen Nyamu Celebrates 2nd Birthday Of Her Daughter With Samidoh

Karen Nyamu has taken to her social media to celebrate her daughter Nimu, whom they sired with Mugithi singer Samidoh.

Nimu is the daughter of Nyamu and Mugithi singer Samidoh, named after Samidoh’s late mother. The couple also share a son.

“Oh God you have gifted us with an exceptional daughter. She continues to amaze us with her humor, kindness and brilliance. Today i reflect on our 2 year journey full of love joy laughter and favour🙏🏽😇Happy 2nd birthday Nimu❤️ ”, Karen Nyamu wrote.

Social Media Reactions

Nyamu’s recent social media activity regarding her relationship with Samidoh has sparked discussions online. A Facebook post suggesting a desire for more children with Samidoh, despite his marital status, drew varied reactions from fans. While some expressed concern, Nyamu defended her decision.

Samidoh’s Return and Nyamu’s Status

Samidoh’s recent return from the United States has also generated public interest. Nyamu has opted not to share details about his arrival, further fueling speculation.

While describing her relationship status as “single,” Nyamu alluded to a complex situation that seemingly prevents her from pursuing other relationships.

Karen Nyamu Advices Zuchu Not To Be Jealous After Seeing Diamond With Zari

While envy could be a deal breaker for some, others, such as Senator Karen Nyamu, UDA nominee, doesn’t think it’s enough reason to end a relationship.

The mother of three said that Diamond Platnumz was overreacting in a message posted on her Instagram stories in response to Tanzanian musician Zuchu’s news of their split.

“Hello family, I had to post this to clear my conscience. Kuanzia leo hii mimi na nasibu (Diamond) hatuko pamoja. I know this has been our thing but as hard as it is kumuacha mtu unaempenda hii naomba mungu iwe ya mwisho na nianze maisha mapya. Mapenzi ni heshima kwa bahati mbaya sana hiko kimekosekana kwetu . .as for him bado tuna kazi za pamoja i wish him and his family the absolute best. Tumeishi vizuri lakini nadhani hii sio rizki. Mwaka huu nimejifunza kusema hapana kwa kila kitu kisichonipa furaha ama baada ya kusema haya naona kabisa naenda kuanza ukurasa mpya wenye maisha yaliyojaa furaha, uhuru na amani. As for now kazi iendelee and I am single🍻Yours truly Zuchu❤️,” Zuchu wrote.

After Diamond was seen with Zari, Zuchu announced their breakup, citing disrespect as the reason. She also included a video referencing the proverb “familiarity breeds contempt.”

“Zuchu and Zari’s hubby, what are you all overreacting? I see nothing wrong with the video making you end your relationships. It’s the most harmless video. A little jealousy is no grounds for a breakup,” Karen Nyamu stated.

Karen was alluding to Diamond’s video, which appears to be the cause of the breakup, showing Zari and him strolling hand in hand on Thursday, February 22, 2024.

The Wasafi chief called his Ugandan baby mama his sister in the caption.


Karen Nyamu Set To Sire Another Baby With Samidoh

If Karen Nyamu’s word is any indication, she plans to have more children by her beloved Samidoh, whom she shares with Edday Nderitu.

Presently, the UDA-nominated Senator is the mother of three children: two of which are attributed to Samidoh and one to DJ Saint Kevinz.
Karen Nyamu addressed the possibility of having a third child with Samidoh in response to criticism regarding women becoming pregnant for their husbands.

Syljayee Jumah, a Facebook user, questioned why Karen Nyamu, despite her beauty, was unable to find a husband.

In response to the question, Nyamu said she’s not done giving birth with Samidoh.

In late 2019, while he was performing at a political gathering, the two lovebirds got together and fell in love right away.

Nyamu wasted little time in becoming pregnant for him. In December 2020, she gave birth to Samidoh’s son.

For months, Samidoh flatly denied being Karen’s baby daddy, until Nyamu revealed the truth in January 2021.

The Mugithi singer came clean to his wife after Nyamu revealed that he was her biological father. But Nyamu didn’t stop there; on February 26, 2022, she gave birth to a baby girl after becoming pregnant once more for Samidoh.

The erratic connection between Nyamu and Samidoh occasionally backfired in public.

Karen Nyamu hints at baby fever

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has stirred controversy with a recent social media post hinting at plans to expand her family with Samidoh, the father of her two children.

In a Facebook post that raised eyebrows among her followers, Nyamu suggested the possibility of having more children with Samidoh, despite the ongoing scrutiny surrounding their relationship, particularly due to Samidoh’s marital status.

The post triggered a flurry of comments from concerned fans, with one user expressing disapproval over Nyamu’s decision to have children with a married man.

“Karenzo, you are beautiful, but with all that beauty and figure, why is it a problem to find your own husband? Where did you find the courage to have children with someone else’s husband… Two kids and you think you’re done?” the comment read.

In response, Nyamu defended her desire to expand her family, suggesting that two children were not sufficient for her.

“Having two kids doesn’t mean I’m done having children with him,” Nyamu said.

Meanwhile, Samidoh has silently returned to Kenya from a visit to his family in the United States, choosing to keep his arrival under wraps.

Nyamu’s refusal to share details of Samidoh’s return has fueled speculation among fans eagerly awaiting their reunion.

Despite mounting pressure, Nyamu has remained tight-lipped, opting instead to share an enigmatic Instagram reel and photos from a Sunday photoshoot.

Addressing her relationship status, Nyamu described herself as single but alluded to a significant presence in her life that prevents her from entertaining other suitors.

“I am single, but there is a man who is not mine but because of this man I don’t give chances to others,” Nyamu cryptically stated, dismissing any notions of delusion surrounding her situation.

Karen Nyamu’s relationship with Samidoh questioned by her re-post.

Mugithi artist Samidoh is rumored to have quietly returned to Kenya after a visit to the USA, where he spent time with his first family and also performed. Despite his return, his baby mama Karen Nyamu is facing numerous online inquiries about why she has not shared any updates on his return to Nairobi.

Many fans have eagerly anticipated the reunion of the couple, as Samidoh’s absence has been a topic of discussion. Karen has chosen not to comply with requests to share details about his rumored arrival. Instead, she reposted an Instagram reel that raises more questions than answers. The Nominated Senator spent her Sunday engaged in a photoshoot.

“I am single, but there is a man who is not mine but because of this man, I don’t give chances to others.”

She humorously described it as “Delusional much.”

Karen Nyamu In Hot Soup After Violating Traffic Rule As A Police Just Watches

In a video clip, Senator Karen Nyamu is seen driving on the wrong side of the road and disobeying traffic laws at a roundabout in the city.

The Senator is in hot water as a result of the aforementioned video, which has drawn strong criticism from Kenyans.

In the video posted on her Instagram stories, Nyamu could be seen facing traffic congestion on her way to the Parliament buildings.

Frustrated by the delay, she directed her driver to use the oncoming lane, bypassing other vehicles and even passing by a traffic officer without any objection.

“Ukiiba laima uibe na confidence,” she said.

Nyamu continued further advised her driver to put on ‘hazard’ while on the wrong side of the road.

She drives off past a traffic police officer; who just watched as they drove by. This has further fueled anger on Kenyans who have reacted to the video.

Karen Nyamu finally discusses how she feels about Samidoh visiting Edday in America

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu reaffirms her commitment to her romantic relationship with Samuel Muchoki, popularly known as Samidoh, amidst speculations about their status.

Responding to a fan’s insinuation on social media that she had been abandoned by the father of her two children, Nyamu, known for her outspoken nature, clarified that their bond was only growing stronger.

The fan went further to offer unsolicited advice, suggesting Nyamu find her own partner instead of being content as Samidoh’s paramour.

In her response, Nyamu hinted that Samidoh might find it challenging to live without her presence.

“We previously offered you counsel, but you insisted it was impossible. Regardless, your partner is a married man; consider finding someone else or returning to your previous relationship like your friend,” the inquisitive fan probed.

“I will never leave him,” Nyamu affirmed.

Nyamu has remained under the spotlight, particularly among her social media followers, since Samidoh chose to visit his estranged wife, Edday Nderitu, and their children in the USA.

Edday relocated to the US following disagreements with Samidoh regarding Nyamu’s involvement in their relationship and has implied multiple times that she has moved on from their marriage.

Nyamu contends that Samidoh’s trip to the US was solely to reconnect with his children, emphasizing his role as a devoted father.

“Samidoh works in Kenya, so naturally, he missed his children. He visited to see them. It was necessary for him to spend time with his babies, and they needed to be with their father,” she clarified.

Nyamu also clarified that she harbored no resentment towards Samidoh for visiting his estranged wife and children.

“Who said we’ve separated? Interpret the visit as you wish, but I perceive it as a caring father fulfilling his parental duties. Our children are fortunate,” she asserted.

Furthermore, she expressed happiness for both Samidoh and the children, emphasizing the importance of their reunion.

Samidoh responds to demands for bride price for Karen Nyamu

Nearly three weeks after his arrival in the US to visit his first family, Samidoh faced suggestions from fans on his Facebook post regarding paying dowry for Karen Nyamu.

One netizen, Angel N Shantel, directly urged Samidoh to pay Nyamu’s dowry, cautioning him that he would forever be perceived as an orphan kept by a sugar mummy if he neglected this responsibility.

Angel N Shantel asserted, “#Samidoh until you pay dowry to Karen Nyamu…itabaki kuwa Mtoto Yatima Amewekwa na Mumama.”

In response to Angel N Shantel’s comment, Samidoh chuckled and commented on the peculiarities of Kenyans.

However, he did not explicitly address whether he would consider the suggestion of paying Karen Nyamu’s dowry. Samidoh’s response was, “Angel N Shantel Aki Kenyans🤣.”

Interestingly, exactly one year ago in January 2023, during a period of discord between Samidoh and Nyamu, the singer had expressed his thoughts on the idea of officially marrying the politician.

In a surprising revelation, the father of two of Nyamu’s three children responded to a social media user named Joyce Wairimu Mbuthia, who had advised the singer.

“Samidoh don’t accept to be a slave to your past. Make peace and move on, you don’t have to marry a second wife by force just because she has borne children intentionally or unintentionally. And she is not bringing you peace either! you have a very mature and peaceful wife! Be content with that and build your home.”

Samidoh fully endorsed this viewpoint, stating, “Heheh, I will never agree to bring a frog to my mother to please people.”

During that same January period, a fan’s plea to Samidoh not to marry Karen prompted a dramatic response from the nominated senator herself.

“Hehe, let him also know how to read the signs of the times. Gone are the days when his words mattered. The past cannot be unseen,” she retorted at the time.

Why supporters believe Edday Nderitu and Samidoh are back together

Kenyans strongly believe that Mugithi singer Samidoh Muchoki and his first wife Edday Nderitu have reconciled. Yes, you read that correctly.

The singer is currently enjoying his time in the United States and doesn’t show any inclination to return to Kenya anytime soon.

The father of five recently shared a video of himself driving a car, dressed warmly for the cold weather.

Keen-eyed fans quickly noticed that the white marvin he was wearing closely resembled the one his estranged wife, Edday, had worn a few days earlier.


Additionally, they pointed out that the car Samidoh was driving appeared to be almost identical to the one featured in a video by Edday earlier.

Fans inevitably went into a frenzy in the comments section, speculating that the famous ex-couple had reunited.

Eddy Nderitu Fans kofia ya wife 😂

ann 🇰🇪 this y i love edday everything is private 🥰🥰🥰

neima Suleiman aki samidoh stay with your family please

carolyn sean💞 samidoh is the driver🥰

Eddy Nderitu Fan God is in this story

After Samido arrives in the US, Edday Nderitu talks of sharing him with Nyamu

Mugithi singer Samidoh’s estranged wife, Edday Nderitu, responded after being questioned by a fan about sharing the singer with Senator Karen Nyamu in a polygamous setting.

A curious fan wanted to find out if the mother of three is considering a reunion with Samidoh after he landed in the US to check on his kids.

“Hope you stick to your mentor’s words ‘No sharing’ but there is co-parenting,’ the curious fan posed.

In a quick rejoinder, Edday made it clear that she is still open to the idea of sharing a man with someone else.

“I stick to my word, sharing that will never happen,” Edday Nderitu clarified.

On the other hand, Nyamu is still open to the idea of being in a polygamous marriage.

Fans also reached out to her, asking if she is ready to see Samidoh reunite with Edday Nderitu.

“He is there as we speak to see his babies. Edday pia akirudi kwa mix timeshare miaka mingi sana peacefully she will never be an issue,” Karen Nyamu said.

Moreover, she clarified that she would not join Samidoh and his other family in the United States, as it would complicate matters, contrary to their desires.

On Monday morning, it was disclosed that Samidoh is presently in Boston, USA, where he has had the opportunity to reunite with his children after an extended period.

The exact arrival date of the skilled Kikuyu musician in the Western country remains unclear, but his daughter, Shirleen Muchoki, shared the news of their reunion.

Interestingly, Samidoh and Edday left fans puzzled after both shared videos grooving to Kuruga wa Wanjiku’s Kau Kanua. The song primarily addresses someone with a big mouth.

About a week ago, Samidoh initially posted the video, followed by the mother of three sharing a video lip-syncing to the same song.

Who could the videos be directed at or was it simply following the TikTok trend since the song is currently popular? Bernice Saroni, aka Mama Boyz, also posted a video dancing to the song.

‘Hakuna Shida’- Karen Nyamu Remains Unbothered About Samidoh Reconciling With First Wife Edday Nderitu

Following Karen Nyamu’s revelation, Samidoh’s daughter, Shirleen Muchoki, confirmed his arrival in the US to reunite with his children after months apart. This confirms Karen’s statement about his visit not being “an issue” for any future reconciliation with his first wife, Edday Nderitu.

“He (Samidoh) is there as we speak to see the children. Even if Edday comes back to the mix, we’ve shared many peaceful years, and she will never be an issue,” Karen Nyamu stated on Friday.

However, Karen made it clear she doesn’t intend to join them in the US, wanting to avoid unnecessary complications.

Samidoh re-unites with his child in Boston

Adding a curious twist, both Samidoh and Edday recently posted videos dancing to a song titled “Kau Kanua,” known for its lyrics targeting someone with a “big mouth.” This sparked speculation about possible intended recipients, ranging from TikTok trends to a more targeted message.

Edday and Karen Nyamu have been rivals for a while, but it seems like Nyamu isn’t bothered with sharing Samidoh with Nderitu-Samidoh’s first wife.


Karen Nyamu responds to fan asking what she’ll do if Samidoh reconciles with Edday

On Monday morning, Samidoh’s eldest daughter, Shirleen Muchoki, confirmed that the renowned Mugithi artist is currently in the United States with them.

Shirleen validated Senator Karen Nyamu’s earlier disclosure, who had shared the news of Samidoh’s visit over the weekend in one of her posts.

Responding to a fan’s inquiry in one of her recent Facebook posts, the nominated senator confirmed that Samidoh traveled to the United States to spend time with his children.

She also emphasized that there would be no complications if the Mugithi artist decided to mend things with his first wife, Edday Nderitu.

“He (Samidoh) is there as we speak to see the children. Even if Edday comes back to the mix, we’ve shared many peaceful years, and she will never be an issue,” Karen Nyamu stated on Friday.

Moreover, she clarified that she would not join Samidoh and his other family in the United States, as it would complicate matters, contrary to their desires.

On Monday morning, it was disclosed that Samidoh is presently in Boston, USA, where he has had the opportunity to reunite with his children after an extended period.

The exact arrival date of the skilled Kikuyu musician in the Western country remains unclear, but his daughter, Shirleen Muchoki, shared the news of their reunion.

Interestingly, Samidoh and Edday left fans puzzled after both shared videos grooving to Kuruga wa Wanjiku’s Kau Kanua. The song primarily addresses someone with a big mouth.

Karen Nyamu: I wouldn’t be where I am now if it weren’t for Samidoh

This weekend, Karen Nyamu expressed her admiration for her second baby daddy, Samidoh, praising him as a focused and hardworking man.

In a TikTok live session, Nyamu emphasized that Samidoh was already a star when they met, dispelling claims that she played a role in elevating his status.

She stated, “Huyo chali huwork hard sana (he works so hard). He motivates and challenges me at the same time. If it were not for him, I would not be where I am today. His work ethic is perfect.”

This isn’t the first time Nyamu has commended Samidoh. In November 2023, during an interview on the Convo YouTube channel, the mother of two once again praised the musician, applauding him for his appealing vibe, laid-back demeanor, sense of humor, transparency, and genuineness.

“He is genuine, and he doesn’t fake it. He has a good soul.”

She remarked, “You don’t understand him well. He carries an energy that I haven’t witnessed before. He is very appealing, and he often expresses unique thoughts. I always remind him of how amazing he is.”

Despite the complexities of being involved with a once-married man with three children, Karen acknowledged that her deep love for Samidoh consistently drew her back whenever she attempted to break away.

She disclosed that she had made attempts to plan her departure but found it challenging to follow through.

“That’s the nature of relationships; now, why should I resist it? It’s not that I haven’t tried to resist it because of societal pressure and other factors. Being a good person, there were times when I recognized this situation as not being right. How do I feel about someone else? I think it’s wrong,” Karen explained.

She concluded by stating, “Matters of the heart! I tried to strategize, I told myself to let it go, but my attempts failed. Another reason to choose him is that he does a lot for us; he is not financially strained. It’s just a natural bond between him and me.”

Karen Nyamu revealed that she first noticed Samidoh during a political event.

“I can’t forget the kind of shoes he was wearing… I’m the one who made the first move. I am the type of person who tries not to ignore something I find appealing.”

Karen Nyamu Recognizes Samidoh As Part Of Her Success

Karen Nyamu’s weekend TikTok live session was a window into her passionate love for Samidoh, her 2nd baby daddy. She vehemently countered claims of boosting his fame, insisting he was already a star when they met. His tireless work ethic, she says, motivates and challenges her, fueling her own success.

This isn’t Nyamu’s first public declaration. Past interviews showcase her admiration for Samidoh’s laid-back charm, humor, and genuine soul. His unique energy and captivating aura leave her awestruck. However, their love story faces the inherent complexity of involving a married man with three children.

Nyamu admits to attempting to walk away, hindered by societal pressures and doubts.

“But matters of the heart,” she explains, “drew me back.”

Her strategized departures crumbled against the strength of her feelings.

“It’s a natural bond,” she asserts, further solidified by his financial stability and support.

Their first encounter, etched in Nyamu’s memory, began with a stolen glance at Samidoh’s shoes at a political event. True to her character, she made the first move, drawn to his undeniable appeal.

Nyamu’s story is a complex tapestry of love, societal judgments, and self-discovery. Her open vulnerability paints a picture of a woman embracing her emotions despite the external noise. Whether their love story transcends its challenges remains to be seen, but Nyamu’s unwavering declaration is a testament to the power of the heart, even amidst societal complications.

Samidoh and Karen Nyamu’s daughter starts school

Karen Nyamu and Samuel Muchoki, aka Samidoh, are the parents of Mimo Muchoki, who recently started school. The senator-nominee posted a video of herself and her kid, who was decked up in a yellow dress with blue and yellow stripes and yellow sandals.

“Today is Mimo’s first day of school,” Karen posted to Instagram stories. Nyamu had earlier sent out a note to parents whose children were returning to school.

“Hii sasa ndio ile week ya back to school. Parents my thoughts are with you, for those in Nairobi who have gotten our small cheques at Karen Nyamu foundation ka mzigo i hope kamepungua. We are working to do more in terms of amount and numbers in future Na kuna vile nawapenda saaana 🤗❤️,” 

Holiday Photos Reveal Samidoh Invited Karen Nyamu To His and Edday’s Matrimonial Home

A recent video posted by Kenyan nominated senator Karen Nyamu of her Christmas celebration with musician Samidoh at his Nyandarua home has ignited a heated online debate about their relationship and cultural implications.

Sharing the Holidays:

The video depicts a seemingly joyful scene of the couple enjoying a bonfire feast with their children and some of Samidoh’s family, surrounded by a festive atmosphere. The camera even captures Samidoh attending to his poultry while Karen films, adding a touch of domesticity.

Mixed Reactions:

However, the online response has been far from unified. Some viewers criticized Karen for visiting a house previously occupied by Samidoh’s first wife, Edday Nderitu, suggesting it showed disrespect. Others questioned the propriety of Karen living in Edday’s marital home, suggesting Samidoh should build a separate residence for his new partner.

Cultural Discussion:

Achieng’ Odinga’s comment highlights the cultural perspective, arguing that in Kikuyu tradition, polygamy demands separate houses for each wife. Others, like Ruth Anderson, question the nature of Samidoh’s previous marriage, potentially offering alternative viewpoints on cultural expectations.

Personal Opinions:

Flo Mutea and Martha Daniels represent individual perspectives, with the former stating another woman’s house would be unacceptable, while the latter considers a hypothetical scenario where Edday condones Samidoh moving on.

Edday’s Response:

Adding fuel to the fire, Edday herself commented, expressing her disappointment with Samidoh’s perceived disrespect towards their children. This personal response adds another layer of complexity to the online debate.

Karen Nyamu’s Adorable Spat with a Stubborn Little Princess

In a heartwarming snippet shared on Facebook, Kenyan politician Karen Nyamu captured a sweet, yet relatable, moment with her daughter, Taraya Wairimu, affectionately nicknamed Nimmo. The one-year-old, born in February 2023, had her mother playfully questioning her fashion choices.

The video opens with Nimmo’s infectious giggle as she repeats the phrase “good morning, good night, good morning,” seemingly lost in her own world. Karen’s voice then enters, gently inquiring about the three bracelets adorning Nimmo’s wrists.

“Who gave you this? And this on your hands? Did Teana give you this? Did she make it for you? No, you can’t wear those, they look confusing, mom,” Karen explains, her tone a mix of concern and amusement.

Nimmo, however, has a mind of her own. With a determined glint in her eye and a defiant “I can wear!” she continues her playful exploration on the bed, much to her mother’s surprise.

In her accompanying Facebook post, Karen expresses mock shock at her daughter’s newfound stubbornness, wondering, “Already? What next?” This lighthearted remark captures the essence of motherhood – a constant journey of discovery and amusement, filled with unexpected turns and adorable challenges.

Samidoh’s Week of Highs and Lows: Presidential Honor, Ugandan Encounter, and Relationship Rumors Swirl

Mugithi star Samidoh Muchoki has been on a rollercoaster ride this week, experiencing both professional triumphs and personal speculations.

Presidential Recognition and Women Empowerment:

The week started on a high note with Samidoh performing at a Women in Business Kenya event. Overjoyed by the opportunity to celebrate accomplished female entrepreneurs, he expressed his gratitude on Instagram, calling it an “amazing” experience. This public engagement with strong female figures further adds to his established image as a supporter of women’s empowerment.

Singlehood Claims and Polygamy Past:

However, whispers of turmoil in his personal life surfaced when a video of Samidoh claiming to be “single” went viral. This follows previous rumors of trouble in his relationship with nominated Senator Karen Nyamu. The humorously phrased statement, “I was a polygamous man but now I am single,” leaves room for interpretation, especially considering his past openness about polygamy.

Disentangling Senatorial Influence:

Amidst speculations about the presidential award, Samidoh swiftly dismissed any involvement from Senator Nyamu. Responding to a comment attributing his success to her, he jokingly replied, “Do I even ask for her help?” This suggests a conscious effort to distance himself from potential political leverage in his professional achievements.

Social Media Shuffle and Enduring Bond:

Adding fuel to the rumor mill, both Samidoh and Nyamu unfollowed each other on social media shortly before his Foundation launch. However, Nyamu downplayed the issue, acknowledging previous arguments and reconciliations, stating, “We’ve been through the worst. I don’t think there is anything we can’t solve.” This hints at a resilient bond, despite temporary friction.

Harmonious Co-Parenting: DJ Saint Kevin Opens Up About His Relationship with Karen Nyamu

In a heartfelt interview on Spice FM, DJ Saint Kevin, the first baby daddy of Kenyan politician Karen Nyamu, shed light on their co-parenting journey and addressed common misconceptions surrounding their dynamic.

Kevin, a renowned DJ, reminisced about their first encounter at the popular joint Tamasha club, marking the beginning of their relationship. He expressed immense admiration for Karen’s parenting skills.

“Karen is a very good mom. We co-parent okay, no drama at all. There is no bad blood between us,” he stated unequivocally, dispelling rumors of animosity and discord.

Kevin firmly refuted the notion that baby daddies enjoy special privileges in their relationships with their ex-partners, emphasizing, “There are no privileges, none at all.”

Regarding Karen’s current partner, Samidoh, Kevin acknowledged having met him and expressed his respect for their relationship.

“We live completely separate lives; she has hers, and I have mine. We have a central point, our child. I go pick up my kid every week, and we are cool,” he explained, highlighting their amicable co-parenting arrangement.

Reflecting on the challenges of their past relationship, Kevin admitted that his profession as a DJ contributed to the strain between him and Karen.

“The DJing lifestyle, coming home late, and all that, it wasn’t working,” he confessed, acknowledging the difficulties of balancing his career and personal life.

Despite the past hurdles, Kevin remains committed to co-parenting effectively with Karen, prioritizing their daughter’s well-being above all else.

“I have a responsibility as a father, and I’m trying my best to fulfill that,” he asserted, showcasing his dedication to his parental role.

Kevin’s candid interview serves as a testament to the possibility of harmonious co-parenting, demonstrating that mutual respect, open communication, and a shared focus on the child’s best interests can pave the way for a positive and supportive relationship between ex-partners.

Karen Nyamu Unapologetically Defends Polygamy, Encourages Women To Share Men

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu has boldly advocated for the legalization of polygamy across Kenya, asserting that it should be embraced as a societal norm.

In a recent interview with YouTuber Bennie Experience, Nyamu expressed her belief that polygamy is a viable solution to certain marital challenges, stating that some men are simply too much for one woman to handle.

“There are men who are just too much for one woman to handle,” Nyamu remarked. “In such cases, polygamy should be an option.”

She further encouraged women to embrace the concept of sharing their husbands with other women, suggesting that it could bring harmony and stability to relationships.

Nyamu’s stance on polygamy is not new. She has previously defended her own relationship with Mugithi artiste Samuel Muchoki alias Samidoh, despite the fact that he is still legally married to another woman.

“The Kenyan law allows polygamy,” Nyamu declared in an interview with a local TV station. “I have not broken any law in my situation.”

Her comments have drawn mixed reactions from Kenyans, with some supporting her views and others criticizing her for interfering in another woman’s marriage.

While Nyamu’s advocacy for polygamy may spark controversy, it undoubtedly raises important questions about societal norms, gender roles, and the complexities of modern relationships.

Only time will tell whether her stance on the issue will gain traction and lead to a shift in Kenya’s legal framework regarding polygamy.