Karen Nyamu determined to reunite with Edday Nderitu in Samidoh’s polygamous marriage

Sen. Karen Nyamu, who has been nominated, has spoken out about her desire for a polygamous relationship with musician Samidoh. She is confident that Edday Nderitu, who is married to Samidoh, will return and consent to sharing her husband.

Nyamu, a mother of three, said her top priorities include making sure that everyone involved ultimately gains from the arrangement and that the kids have a dad who is present and attentive.
She acknowledged the continuous discussion about her predicament that has drawn attention from the general public, but she highlighted that problems of the heart are not things that can be simply managed or controlled.

“It’s not like that. Matters of the heart cannot be planned. I have tried so many times, and you have seen. I tried leaving but failed. What will I do, and there are kids involved? My prayer is that things work out, but I have not lost hope.”

 She continued by highlighting the legitimacy of polygamy in Kenya and pointing out that it attempts to give every child a father and every woman a spouse.

” It’s not a question of wewe ondoka, huyu ingia. Apana. Sio rahisi, it’s not an easy situation.”

Nyamu emphasized that the situation is complex and emotionally charged, calling attention to the fact that it is not as straightforward as one person leaving and another entering the partnership.

“It’s not easy. It’s a sensitive situation, and maybe I did not handle it well. There are arguments even for other couples, but ours became public. It is because it is being handled in private, but ours was splashed to the public.”

Nyamu emphasized the need of having the correct intentions and a sincere heart, expressing her everlasting conviction that the polygamous marriage will eventually succeed in spite of the difficulties.

“I have faith, even if it takes a year, it will work. Because the heart and intention are in the right place,”

Edday, Samidoh’s wife, had already said that she was not prepared to raise her kids in a polygamous marriage.

Kenyans wonder when Karen Nyamu gets any work done

In Australia, where the Mugithi singer has been touring, Karen Nyamu and her boyfriend Samidoh were photographed hanging out during the last weekend.

In a video showing them leaving a nightclub and getting into an Uber, the couple—who are frequently the target of criticism—can be seen together once more.

The two appeared in one of Nyamu’s Instagram Story videos holding a drink in each hand and beaming with happiness as they prepared to perform.

In a different video, the mother of three captures Samidoh paying his Uber driver with a card and even sarcastically joking that someone can’t eat fare.

Later, after getting out of the Uber, we see the couple walking toward their rental house, and Karen asks him if she may make a quick call in the woods.

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Karen Nyamu clashes with Facebook haters

Sen. Karen Njeri Nyamu, who has been nominated, has long faced harsh criticism for her romance with musician Samuel Muchoki, alias Samidoh.

They have been dating for a while, and their union has resulted in the birth of two children.

It is evident that not everyone is delighted for them, despite their public displays that they are happy to be together.

The politicians has frequently been accused of stealing someone else’s husband, which has led to harsh criticism of the lovers from their detractors.

It is a comparable situation to the previous instance where a Facebook user by the name of Ptah Petta Peesh warned Nyamu that thieves of another’s husband are the same as bank robbers under one of the posts.

“By the way, pastor alisema hakuna mwizi wa bwana na wa benki. Wote ni wezi,”

And the nominated senator replied,

“Sisi tunashikwa lini?”

Ironically, a Facebook user referred to her as, “Thamweli’s next M-kopo.” The politician, surrounded by numerous tragedies, said with assurance, “Only the best is his.”

Despite receiving a lot of negative feedback on social media regarding her connection with the Mugithi musician, Nyamu has never been reluctant to defend it in public.

The lawmaker recently said that Samidoh taking her as his lover was an act of God and that she had always begged for her children to have their father.

“God works in mysterious ways. I used to pray and tell God, ‘You gave me good children, their father loves them.

Revealed: Edday Nderitu seeking full asylum in America

Edday Nderitu, the ex-wife of Mugithi maestro Samidoh, is adjusting to her new life in the United States after divorcing him due to his infidelity.

She has been in the US for four months, initially for a tour, but it has now become clear that she will not be returning to Kenya.

She has settled in Lowell, Boston, and has secured a job, moved into her own house, and even obtained a car.

She has also enrolled her children in the US education system and is determined to embrace her new life and leave the past behind.

A source close to the family says that Edday may have applied for asylum in the US, as she may fear persecution or harm if she returns to Kenya.

The source also says that Edday is very hardworking and has been leaving work at 1 am. She has hired a caregiver for her children so that she can focus on her new life.

Edday’s decision to divorce Samidoh was a difficult one, but she is determined to move on and create a better life for herself and her children.

Karen Nyamu Denies Causing Edday Nderitu’s Move To The US

UDA-nominated senator Karen Nyamu has denied claims that her involvement with musician Samidoh caused Edday Nderitu to move to the US with her three children.

Nyamu said that Edday had always wanted to live in the US, and that her decision to move was not related to her relationship with Samidoh.

She also said that she was not responsible for the online drama that had been surrounding the situation, and that the blame should lie with Samidoh.

Nyamu’s comments came after a netizen accused her of wrecking Samidoh’s first marriage. The netizen said that Nyamu should have been more considerate of Edday’s feelings and that she should have stopped the online drama.

Nyamu responded by saying that she had never intended to hurt Edday, and that she had always tried to be respectful of her. She also said that she was not going to stop living her life just because of what other people thought.

The situation between Nyamu, Samidoh, and Edday is still ongoing, and it is unclear what will happen next. However, it is clear that the online drama has caused a lot of pain and hurt for everyone involved

Samidoh in-laws clash with Karen Nyamu

Samidoh’s children with his ex-wife Edday Nderitu officially started school in the United States on Friday, September 1st. The announcement was made by Samidoh’s cousin Bernice Saroni, who lives in the US and is also Samidoh’s American promoter.

Bernice shared a video on social media of the children getting ready for school in the morning. She showed her son and Samidoh’s son Michael carrying backpacks and asked them to tuck in their shirts. Samidoh’s daughter Shirleen has joined eighth grade, while Michael has joined second grade.

Shirleen and Michael promised to do their best in their studies. Bernice encouraged Shirleen to graduate with honors. Kenyans were touched by the video, which showed Samidoh’s children happy and thriving.

Many Kenyans also praised Bernice for helping Edday and her children. However, Karen Nyamu, a Kenyan politician, had some negative comments about the video, which Bernice did not take kindly to.

“Amelea hao watoto singlehandedly for years mnawapa chakula ya tumbo mwezi moja na shule ya bure mnasumbua kila mtu huku.”

Despite the controversy, Bernice’s video has been a heartwarming moment for many Kenyans. It is clear that Samidoh’s children are in good hands and that they are excited to start their new chapter in the US.

“Ati bure…Laughing emoji America system is what people are paying millions in Kenya to enroll their kids probably hata ndio salary yake, imagine kuipata bure am i privileged or should i call myself Blessed. It’s a dream to many parents free or not education is the key. Bipolar is real.”

Karen Nyamu Claims She’s The Most Mis-Understood Woman In Kenya

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has spoken out about her relationship with Mugithi artiste Samidoh, saying that she is often misunderstood and misquoted.

Nyamu said that she is aware of the public perception of her as a “homewrecker”, but she insists that she is not. She said that she is simply a woman who is in love and that she is not responsible for the breakdown of Samidoh’s marriage.

Nyamu said that she has developed a thick skin for internet trolling and that she does not let the negative comments get to her. She said that she is happy with her life and that she is not going to apologize for being in love.

Nyamu said that she hopes that Samidoh’s wife, Edday Nderitu, will eventually come to terms with the situation and that they can all move on. She said that she is willing to work things out with Edday and that she wants everyone to be happy.

Nyamu’s comments come after Samidoh released a song in which he begged Edday to return to him. The song has been well-received by fans, and many people are hoping that the couple will be able to reconcile.

Only time will tell what the future holds for Karen Nyamu, Samidoh, and Edday Nderitu. However, it is clear that Nyamu is a strong woman who is not going to let the opinions of others dictate her life.

Karen Nyamu begs Edday to forgive Samidoh and come back home

Sen. Karen Nyamu, the nominee, and Mugiithi artist Samidoh’s love story recently took on an intriguing new turn as Nyamu candidly discussed their relationship’s difficulties during a late-night live session on Thursday, August 31.

Nyamu, who has two children with Samidoh, alluded to a complicated situation involving her co-wife, Edday Nderitu, and suggested that their romantic relationship may encounter difficulties.

Karen Nyamu discussed the complexity of her relationship with Samidoh and her current emotions during a touching live social media session.

She admitted that despite her faith in a higher force, she still doesn’t feel at peace with her circumstances.

There was a certain way I prayed, asking God to give me children. Their dad loves them and has other children he loves so much. He has another woman he loves so much. I was telling God to handle that situation, and maybe the other woman (Edday) was also praying and crying from her heart,”

Edday Nderitu, Samidoh’s wife and mother of his three children, has exhibited warning signals that she might not come back, according to Nyamu.

In April, Edday Nderitu moved to the United States with her three kids.

Since then, Edday’s kids have started attending school in the US, where they live with Bernice Saroni, Samidoh’s cousin.

Nyamu stated her desire for a solution that would be advantageous to all parties.

“We have not given up on the other side (Edday), and we are hoping things will work out on the other side since there is no joy. As much as I am happy that my children have their dad, I am with the man I love, which is not very good as it would be if the other side (Edday) was also there. We are all believers, and we know our situations are in safe hands.”

Nyamu maintained her perspective while responding to fans’ comments during the Live session. She merely said, “It is God,” in response to an admirer who said that the man had been left for her.

Nyamu said, “Yes, those are our kids who joined the school in the US, in response to another comment noting that Edday had left and that her kids were now in school. How’s yours doing?

Nyamu recognized the misunderstandings about her relationship with Samidoh.

“I am the most misunderstood woman in Kenya, not that I want you to stand understanding me. This is very okay. I am very real to myself, my God, and the people who matter most.”

Karen Nyamu Accompanies Samidoh To The Airport As He Leaves For Australia Music Tour

Mugithi singer Samidoh has left the country for Australia ahead of his music tour.

The singer’s baby mama, Karen Nyamu, shared a video of him at the Turkish Airlines lounge at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport before his flight. It is unclear if the two are traveling together or if Nyamu is just escorting him to the airport.

Samidoh also shared a photo of himself in business class on a Turkish Airlines flight, captioning it, “Melbourne, we are airborne!”

The singer has been spending quality time with Nyamu ever since his wife, Edday Nderitu, relocated to the US in May. A few days ago, the two lovebirds traveled to Mombasa for Nyamu’s firstborn daughter’s birthday. Samidoh, together with Nyamu and their kids, posed for a lovely family photo.

The father of five attended gospel artiste Muigai wa Njoroge’s wedding with his second wife, Queen Stacey, and his remarks about polygamy left tongues wagging.

In his speech, Samidoh said that he is not against polygamy and that he would be open to marrying a second wife if his first wife agrees.

Samidoh’s remarks have been met with mixed reactions, with some people supporting his views and others criticizing him.

It remains to be seen whether Samidoh will marry a second wife, but his comments have certainly sparked a debate about polygamy in Kenya.

Karen Nyamu & Her First Baby Daddy Celebrate Their Daughter’s 9th Birthday

Lawyer turned politician Karen Nyamu celebrated her first-born child, Tiana’s, 9th birthday. Nyamu, who has three children, one sired by DJ Saint Kevin and two with Mugithi singer Samidoh, pampered her daughter with love and took her on vacation.

Nyamu revealed that Tiana’s birthday wish was to board the SGR, and she made sure to fulfill it. Nyamu said that it was her first time using the train for transportation, and she was excited to experience it.

“I boarded the SGR for the first time thanks to her. It was her birthday wish. I loved it. Happy birthday to the most talented happiest, and most loving girl. I feel too blessed being your mummy baby,” Nyamu wrote on Instagram.

Nyamu’s baby daddy, DJ Saint Kevin, also took to Instagram to celebrate his daughter’s birthday. He shared a photo of Tiana and wrote, “Happy birthday to my sparkle of joy, sunshine, not one you run away from, but one you bask in.”

Nyamu’s post was met with many congratulatory messages from her fans and followers. They wished Tiana a happy birthday and praised Nyamu for being a good mother.

Karen Nyamu Claps Back At Critic Claiming She’s After Samidoh’s Cassava

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu responded to a troll who tried to mock her relationship with musician Samidoh Muchoki. The troll commented on Nyamu’s Instagram post congratulating world record holder Faith Kipyegon for winning a gold medal at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest, saying that while other women were chasing gold, Nyamu was busy chasing Samidoh for his cassava.

Nyamu responded by saying that she already had gold and was only missing cassava. She also said that the troll had bitten off more than they could chew. Her response was met with laughter from her fans.

Their relationship has been the talk of town with many people questioning why she is dating a married man. Karen, however, is not one to shy away from criticism and has been clapping back at her critics with savage responses.

While many fans have been encouraging and supportive, there have been a few critics who have been quick to attack her.

She stated that finding your own man isn’t such a huge achievement and hoped that the fan had not included having a man in her life achievement list.

Karen Nyamu bombs hater mocking her about Samidoh’s cassava

Senator  Karen Nyamu shouted out a supporter who had the audacity to criticize her for her well-known—or infamous, depending on who you ask—relationship with Samidoh Muchoki.

After she had congratulated world record holder Faith Kipyegon on winning the gold medal in the women’s 1500 meter race at the currently taking place world championships, the attack took place.

“The G.O.A.T! First gold for Kenya in Budapest championships,” the mother of three wrote.

However, as is customary with many of her articles, the commenters who are still irritated by the politician’s association with the Mugithi artist criticized her.

One particular female took aim by claiming that whereas some individuals were after gold, Karen was hunting Samidoh for the treasure.

One woman in particular made fun of Karen by claiming that she was pursuing Samidoh for physical intimacy while other people were pursuing gold.

One female lady in particular took shots by saying that while some people busy chasing gold, Karen was busy chasing Samidoh for the physical intimacy.

“People are chasing gold, halafu kuna wewe chasing cassava ya Thamweli see your life.”

However, Karen did not become who she is without acquiring a thick skin and a sharper tongue. The seasoned advocate agreed and amplified in a playful way.

“My ‘gold’ I already have. Cassava ndio sikuwa nayo.” 

Wow! How can you really humiliate someone who is immune to humiliation?

Karen’s remark comes at a time when there don’t seem to be any problems in the couple’s relationship.

The only potential problem is what transpires between Samidoh and Edday Nderitu, his first wife, who has been living in the US for the previous few months.

The musician hinted that he wanted them to get back together in a song he released last week.

Because the mother of his three children previously stated that she wouldn’t join in a polygamous family, he has been estranged from her.

Samidoh And Karen Nyamu Get Cosy, Hold Hands In Flashy Night Out (Photo)

Samidoh Muchoki and Karen Nyamu are not afraid to show off their love. The two have been together for over three years and have recently been spending more time together since Samidoh’s first wife relocated to the US.

Nyamu shared a short video on her Instagram Stories of her and Samidoh holding hands during a night out. The lovebirds looked happy and in love as they held each others hands.

The lovebirds held hands tightly as the nominated senator showed off her popping nail polish, and the Mugithi star flaunted his black watch, which he has been spotted rocking severally of late.

Samidoh and Nyamu have been open about their relationship and have not shied away from showing their affection for each other in public. They were recently spotted at a city mall with their kids, and they looked like a happy family.

The couple’s relationship has been the subject of much scrutiny, considering Samidoh’s wife Edday Nderitu hasn’t been comfortable with their relationship. But it seems like they’ve been eschewing public opinion since they have managed to weather the storm and stay together. They are a true example of love wins.

Karen Nyamu reveals how she intends to lose weight

Samidoh’s mother, Karen Nyamu, never holds back when voicing her worries.

She once said that not even the politician’s baby daddy, Mugithi singer Samuel Muchoki, could make her submit to a man.

Even when it comes to responding to internet criticism, Karen is unafraid. She frequently responds angrily to admirers who cross her line.

This time, the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party-nominated senator has announced on her social media sites that she plans to reduce weight.

Karen published a photo of herself wearing a pink and white checkered suit and wrote that her body was screaming for the gym.

“Na kamenona…Gym inakaita kwa maneno (And she has gained weight…The gym is calling her)”

The remark was also published on her official Facebook page.

Since then, she has been urged to start a weight-loss quest by her supporters.

Some have hypothesized that her weight gain could be related to her pregnancy, though.

“Hiyo ni mimba kamami sio kunona. Usiende gym, mtoto ataumizwa (That’s pregnancy, not just gaining weight. Don’t go to the gym, the child will be hurt). Ni kama kako na mimba karembo ketu (It seems our beautiful one is pregnant).”

The singer for Mugithi has two kids with Karen Nyamu.

The outspoken lawmaker gave birth to her firstborn child with another man.

Karen and Samidoh have been having an affair, which has caused his wife to leave the couple’s house.

His wife Edday Nderitu, together with their three kids, left for the US in March 2023.

Edday claimed that she had left the marriage as a result of his infidelity, despite the fact that the vernacular singer now seems repentant.​

Karen Nyamu finally discusses whether or not she hates Edday Nderitu

Sen. Karen Nyamu, who has been nominated, has reiterated her position that she cannot harbor resentment for Edday Nderitu. This was Nyamu’s response to fan’s online comment on one of her posts.

The politician had posted video of her son on TikTok when fan said that the child would be Edday Nderitu’s best friend’s brother and sister.

The supporter said that although their mothers might not get along, the benefit of polygamous marriages is that the children adore one another.

“Huyu atakuwa na ukaribu mkali na ndugu zake wakubwa, uzuri wamama huchukiana lakini watoto, watoto watapendana hata iweje,”

Yamu replied to the woman by stating plainly that she had no ill will against Edday.

“Mimi usini hesabu hapo kwa chuki pls,”

Despite the two appearing to dispute on Samidoh in Dubai, the senator has previously stated that she does not harbour any animosity toward Edday.

She left Samidoh for the person who needed him the most, according to Edday, who is currently living in the US with her three children.

She also reaffirmed her earlier vehement assertion that she cannot consent to have her children raised in a polygamous marriage.

Karen Nyamu’s besfriend defends polygamy, advises women to get accustomed to it

Esther Bakhita, a close friend of nominated senator Karen Nyamu, has stirred controversy with a cryptic message on TikTok. The post, which seems to be aimed at women who oppose polygamy, has been met with mixed reactions.

In the message, Bakhita advised women who do not want to be in a polygamous marriage to “sire their own men.” This straightforward advice has been interpreted by some as a call for women to take charge of their own relationships and not rely on men. Others have seen it as a more pointed criticism of polygamy, suggesting that women who oppose it should simply find their own husbands instead of trying to change the system.

The message has sparked a debate on social media, with many people weighing in on Bakhita’s views. Some have praised her for speaking out against polygamy, while others have accused her of being insensitive to the experiences of women who have been affected by it.

It is important to note that Bakhita is not married herself, so her advice may be based on her own personal experiences or beliefs. However, it is also worth considering the perspectives of those who have been affected by polygamy, both positively and negatively.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual woman to decide what she believes about polygamy. However, Bakhita’s message has certainly sparked a conversation about this complex issue.

Karen Nyamu Claims She Never Denies Samidoh His Conjugal Rights

Karen Nyamu has denied cheating on her partner Samidoh, after netizens speculated that she was being unfaithful.

The discussion about Nyamu’s faithfulness started on social media, when Cecilia Keli wondered if she was “kind-hearted” and just “sleeping around.”

Nyamu responded to Keli’s comment by laughing it off, and saying that there was no need for her to cheat since Samidoh was not denying her sex.

She also said that she was “happily married” and that she would never do anything to jeopardize her relationship.
Nyamu’s denial comes after a string of rumors about her and Samidoh’s relationship. In recent months, there have been reports that the couple have been having problems, and that they may be headed for a breakup.

However, Nyamu has insisted that their relationship is strong, and that they are “very much in love.”

It remains to be seen whether Nyamu’s denial will put an end to the rumors about her and Samidoh’s relationship. However, for now, she seems to be determined to protect her privacy and her reputation.

Karen Nyamu opens up about being pregnant by Samidoh again

Following the sharing of a video in which she appeared to be pregnant, newly-nominated senator Karen Nyamu had internet users talking.

The mother-of-three added fuel to the already rife suspicions that she might be expecting her fourth child on Monday when she tweeted a video of herself caressing her bulging belly while in an elevator.

In the caption of the video, he wrote, “It’s been a while.” He didn’t provide any further information regarding the video, though. Furthermore, it’s not obvious if the footage is recent or ancient.

One year after giving birth to her third child, could the UDA senator be expecting again? Those who saw her in the images taken on Saturday night during the Vesha Okello, Akothee’s daughter, business launch had already expressed concern due to the appearance of her tummy, which appeared to be unusually bulging.


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Three kids—two girls and one boy—were born to Karen Nyamu. Her first kid was born from her relationship with the renowned Kenyan gramophone player, DJ Saint, while her final two children were born with her partner, the well-known Mugithi song artist Samuel Muchoki nicknamed Samidoh. In February of last year, the senator-elect gave birth to his last kid, Wairimu.


Karen Nyamu Hints On Being Pregnant Again

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has hinted that she is pregnant with baby number 4. The announcement was made on her Instagram page, where she posted a video with the caption “It’s been a long time coming.” She captioned a video where she’s seen touching a protruding belly.

Nyamu is currently in a relationship with Mugithi hitmaker Samuel Muchoki, better known by his stage name Samidoh. The couple has two children together, a boy and a girl. Nyamu also has a daughter from a previous relationship.

Samidoh, on the other hand, has three children with his now estranged wife, Edday Nderitu. Edday moved to the United States months ago with the children, citing Samidoh’s relationship with Karen as the primary reason for her move.

In response to Edday’s claims, Karen has said that Edday is still in touch with Samidoh and that the two are still in a relationship. She has also said that Edday is only making noise on social media to try to get attention.

Karen’s pregnancy announcement has been met with mixed reactions. Some people have congratulated her, while others have criticized her for her relationship with Samidoh.

Only time will tell how Karen’s pregnancy will affect her relationship with Samidoh and Edday. However, one thing is for sure: this is a major development in the lives of all three people involved.

Karen Nyamu reveals what Rigathi thinks about her being a homewrecker

Senator Karen Nyamu, who has been nominated, has spoken out about how some of her online supporters have called her a “home wrecker.” Edday Nderitu and Samidoh’s marriage has frequently been referred to as being “ruined,” but Nyamu insisted that she has never “stolen” another woman’s spouse.

Nyamu revealed that the Mugithi kingpin, with whom she has fathered children, loves and stands up for all of his offspring during an interview on Reke Ciume na Ene.

The home which some people claim is broken, he (Samidoh) has ensured the home is also functional and stands strong,”

She said,

“Even my bosses know that my only ‘issue’ is my public relationship with Samidoh. The only man I interact with is my baby daddy.”

However, Nyamu has disclosed that the second-in-command is only a father figure, despite the fact that their relationship problems have captivated not only their admirers but also the deputy president Rigathi Gachagua who counseled Samidoh to keep his houses intact.

“The DP is very simple and a good friend to us. He also mentors so many people and when he spoke, we saw it as a father’s advice to his children.”

Although there is name-calling in the press and scandals, Nyamu claims that despite some comments bothering her, she has grown a thick skin for some.

“Ever since I joined politics, there is no name I have not been called so they do not move me per se”

She said she didn’t need anyone’s consent to change her Instagram profile picture, but Nyamu said her baby daddy doesn’t mind.

“I and my co-wife cannot be on good terms, but the rest are. My children are being brought up in this environment and there is no day I will let them feel like lesser children. There is no way my children will not be posted while others are being posted.”

Karen Nyamu opens up about the most traumatic period of her life

In a recent, open interview with Reke Ciume Ene on YouTube, newly-nominated senator Karen Njeri Nyamu discussed the painful journey she underwent after losing her mother to cancer.

The mother of two talked about growing up in a Christian environment and how her mother’s death had a significant impact on her life.

The second of four children, Karen spoke about her childhood in a decent home where her parents did their utmost to give their kids the best possible life.

Her father worked as a Sunday School teacher, and her mother, who was renowned for being picky about her friends, was an active member of the women’s guild.

At the early age of 17, Karen’s life tragically took an unexpected turn when she lost her mother to cancer.

She thought back on her mother’s fortitude and the challenging challenge her father had to confront in telling their family the tragic news.

The loss had a significant impact on Karen, who acknowledged that she is still working through her sadness.

“I didn’t get a chance to outgrow that stage of interacting with my mum. I have not overcome the loss of my mum, and even today, I avoid speaking about her. I have never healed from her loss since I have never accepted moving on from the fact that she died,”

After her mother passed away, Karen realized how important her father was to her.

As her dad assumed the dual parental responsibilities, their relationship grew closer.

Karen claimed that he instilled in her the value of perseverance and taking initiative in the pursuit of her objectives.

Karen, who looked up to lawmaker Martha Karua, always wanted to be a lawyer.

Academically, she was a standout, and it was clear that she had what it took to achieve her goals.

She acknowledged, though, that she went through a rebellious stage before finishing class eight.

Karen stated, “My dad brought me close to him so much, and I couldn’t want to let him down,” underlining how his consistent support and direction kept her on track despite suffering difficulties during her adolescent years.

Sugar daddy wa Karen Nyamu: Senator reveals she got her first million from her politician sponsor

In a recent interview with Ala C posted on his YouTube channel, Senator Karen Nyamu discussed how she made her first million dollars.

The well-known politician talked about her experience, which included a broker deal made possible by a powerful politician she was dating.

Back then, according to Karen, she had a buddy who worked in government, and her friends were keen to take use of this relationship for their own gain.

They paid her for introducing them to the politician, which she did for them.

“I had a friend who was in government then. My friends knew about this, and since they wanted to get something, they asked me to connect them to him. I was paid some money, but today is when I came to learn that they played me. I got my first million through the broker deal that came through the friend.”

Karen revealed that she used finances from her legal practice to enter the political sphere when she ran for the Women Representative position in 2017.

She didn’t realize, though, that organizing a political campaign would involve a large financial outlay.

“I joined politics with the money I got from my law firm, not knowing I would spend millions. No one held my hand to become a politician. I am never afraid at all costs. I do not buy fear.”

She also told a powerful buddy who was a politician about her incident.

Despite having ties in the government, Karen said that they were of little help to her political aspirations.

She recalled that when the politician friend saw her get involved in politics, he just chuckled.

“Even if you have a highly powerful government official on your side, they can never really help you that much. When he saw me enter politics, my friend would just make fun of me and comment on how brave I was”

Karen Nyamu Displeased with Explicit Love Song

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has expressed her displeasure with an explicit love song released by a rap group from Nakuru.

The Gengetone trio, known as Shawn Mugz and Zenga Sensation, dedicated the song to the senator, praising her beauty while expressing their desire to pursue a romantic relationship with her.

The song, which has gone viral on social media, features crude lyrics and distasteful remarks about Nyamu.

The chorus of the song includes the lines: “Nani kadogo kazuri? Ka mummy ka pretty kasupu, kanafanya ma youth hatulali.”

The line translates to: “Who is this small beauty? Like a pretty mom with a curvy backside, keeping the youth awake.”

Among the explicit verses, one of the rappers boldly asks, “Nyamu, can you be my boo?”

The video prominently features a group of youths proudly carrying a photo of Nyamu, along with placards representing their city, Nakuru, and others displaying messages of love for the senator.

Nyamu took to social media to express her disappointment with the song, saying that she found the lyrics to be offensive and disrespectful.

“I am a public figure, but I am also a woman and a mother,” she said. “I deserve to be treated with respect, and I will not tolerate this kind of behavior.”

The explicit nature of the song and its lyrics have sparked mixed reactions from the public. Some people have defended the song, saying that it is simply a reflection of the culture of Gengetone music. Others have criticized the song, saying that it is offensive and disrespectful to Nyamu.

It remains to be seen whether the song will have any lasting impact on Nyamu’s career. However, it is clear that the song has caused her a great deal of distress.

Karen Nyamu Gives Hilarious Response On Being A ‘Homewrecker’

Karen Nyamu has once again responded to allegations of being a homewrecker for eloping with Samidoh who is a hitched man.

The entire show began when Nyamu took to virtual entertainment to impart guidance to her fans.
Engaging one of her fans referring to her as a home-wrecker, Nyamu openly said that she only joined them in their relationship.

“None of us sits high enough to look down on anybody. Thats why gaceri stays humble and loving you all❤️????,”
Nyamu wrote.

Reacting to Karen Nyamu’s post, Maryn Joki asked her if adherence to her advice was the reason why she was ‘destroying’ other people’s homes.

“And that’s why you go around destroying other people’s homes ☺️,” Maryn Joki asked Nyamu.
Nyamu’s reply to Joki was priceless.

The mother of three said she only found a nice couple (Samidoh and his wife Edday) and joined them in happy matrimony.

Karen Nyamu Clarifies Father’s Day Gift After Samidoh Denies Receiving It

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has clarified her Father’s Day gift after her baby daddy, Samidoh, denied receiving it.

In a now-viral video, Nyamu could be seen entering a liquor store and enthusiastically asking for the most expensive alcohol available to celebrate Father’s Day. She eventually chose a bottle of Remy Martin’s 700ml Louis XIII cognac, which costs Ksh 420,000.

Nyamu proudly shared the receipt of her purchase on Instagram, seemingly aiming to silence any doubters. However, Samidoh later revealed that he never received the expensive alcohol and dismissed it as a social media stunt.

In response, Nyamu clarified that she did not mention Samidoh while making the purchase, suggesting that the intended recipient could be anyone from her father to her two other baby daddies.

“I have a dad and two baby daddies,” she said. “I never mentioned Samidoh when I bought the alcohol, so it could be for any of them.”

Nyamu’s clarification has done little to quell the speculation surrounding the true recipient of the gift. Some people believe that she is simply trying to save face after Samidoh’s denial, while others believe that she is telling the truth and that the gift was intended for someone else.

Only time will tell who the true recipient of the gift is, but one thing is for sure: Karen Nyamu’s Father’s Day gesture has certainly sparked a lot of discussion.

Samidoh Denies Being Gifted Liquor Worth Ksh 420K By Karen Nyamu

Mugithi artist Samidoh has denied being gifted a drink worth 420K by his baby mama Senator Karen Nyamu.


A fan recently inquired whether what was in Samidoh’s cup was the beverage Karen got him
In a past TitTok meeting, Sue Gachambi had gotten down on the government official for lying about giving her child daddy.

In the video, Nyamu was visible entering an alcohol store – requesting the Most costly liquor they have in their store.

The most costly one kabisaa, nataka kubuiya mbabaz,” she energetic told the store specialist as she strolled around the huge undertaking glancing around.

The store specialist strolled her through showing her various jugs going from 210k to 420K.

Karen could be heard kidding that the 420k container of cognac was what might be compared to purchasing a Toyota Vitz.

She then continued to get close to a portion of 1,000,000 jugs of Remy Martin’s 700ml Louis XIII cognac. The store specialist enthusiastically told Karen the best way to open the alcohol box as they nonchalantly bantered.

Without so much as a second thought, Karen felt free to pay for the container of cognac which arrives in a glorious red box with dark on the sides and a brilliant crown in the center in full utilizing her Mastercard, then continued to snap a picture of the alcohol.