Karen Nyamu should not be worried about Samidoh’s other wives teaming up against her

So we have all been right to say that Edday Nderitu and Bernice Saroni have been ganging up against Karen Nyamu who they feel is not only a husband snatcher but a woman with maybe no morals.

Samidoh with his first wife, Edday

The two best friends proved this a while back in a post shared by Bernice Saroni where she took a swipe at side chicks who ruin other women’s marriages….to which Edday Nderitu responded by saying:

It all starts with a man who doesn’t respect his family, Then comes a side chick who thinks she is better than the wife, then comes children who suffer because of two selfish people and that’s why suicide in pre-teens and teens has increased.

And it was at this moment we realized that Edday Nderitu will never accept the fact that her husband Samidoh has Karen Nyamu as his second wife. Although on the response you can clearly see she blames men for entertaining side chicks…still, she also blames the women.

Why Karen Nyamu’s response was unnecessary

Well, being one who cannot keep calm after getting roasted online wait….actually no one roasted her. What happemed is, Edday Nderitu and Bernice Saroni just came up with a stunt they knew would get to Ms Nyamu….and look, they were right.

Anyway having seen her ‘cowives’ gang up against her – Ms Nyamu decided let me show these women that I am unmoved and shared the post below;

Which I now feel was uncalled for. I mean, why engage while she already has the man in her corner why care about anything else and I am sure she’s heard kelele za chura hazimzuii ng’ombe Kunywa maji, so why bother?

I mean, last we checked Ms Nyamu had revealed how she steps up to get tenders for Samidoh to give Edday and still….she gets mocked around..mmmh hapana haiwezi.