Kate Actress Explains How She Ended Up Accompanying Ruto In The US

Kenyan actress Catherine Kamau, known as Kate Actress, addressed online speculation regarding her recent US trip. She clarified via social media that the trip was entirely self-funded and not sponsored by the Kenyan government.

This comes after Kate posted a photo with President Ruto and creative Eddie Butita in the US, sparking comments from some fans who mistakenly assumed taxpayer money financed the trip.

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Kate responded directly to these comments, emphasizing her financial independence:

“This trip is fully sponsored; this is me investing in my brand and minding my business. You should try it.”

She further addressed the issue on her Instagram Stories, advocating against assumptions based on appearances. Kate highlighted her established brand and hinted at future endeavors.

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Despite online negativity, Kate expressed gratitude to the US Embassy in Kenya for the invitation, recognizing it as a networking opportunity. She concluded by thanking the Embassy and sharing her excitement for future projects in production

Kate Actress joins creatives on a historic US visit with President Ruto

Several Kenyan creatives have joined President Ruto on a highly anticipated historic visit to the US. Among them, Kate Actress and Eddie Butita have announced their invitations from the US Government to attend a State dinner at the White House and a luncheon with renowned Hollywood producer Tyler Perry.


Kate Actress Refutes Claims Of Leaving Husband After Getting Rich

Kate Actress expressed her excitement and gratitude on social media, sharing her anticipation for the events ahead. She posted a photo of the White House and extended her thanks to US Ambassador to Kenya, Meg Whitman, for the invitation.

“Good morning. This village girl will be attending the STATE DINNER at the White House and a Luncheon at the Tyler Perry studios in Atlanta, by invitation from Her Excellency Ambassador Meg Whitman. @usembassynairobi, your efforts and commitment towards the growth of the Kenyan creative economy are greatly appreciated,” she wrote.

Kate highlighted the progress made in the creative industry, attributing it to the ongoing efforts to support the arts.


Jackie Matubia & Kate Actress Make Donations To Flood Victims

“If you see us artistes, especially actors, getting emotional under this post, please understand that we were ignored and disrespected for so long by previous administrations. We contribute 5% of Kenya’s GDP. We matter,” she emphasized.

She continued to inspire young and ambitious actors, encouraging them to take pride in their craft and seize opportunities.

“Dear young and ambitious actor, we have done the crawling. Now walk with your heads held high. It’s about time your craft takes care of you. The time is now; keep reinventing yourself through your craft. We are not waiting until the end,” she urged.

Tyler Perry, based in Atlanta, Georgia, owns a 330-acre property and has numerous awards as a producer and director.

Messages of congratulations poured in for Kate Actress from fellow creatives and fans alike:

  • minne_cayy: “Shine on my babe.❤❤ Say hi to Tyler Perry, show him the talent that Kenya has. 🇰🇪”
  • auntie_jemimah: “Ngai Kate 🙌🙌🙌”
  • carolradull: “Wow! Congrats. This is HUGE! You GO GIRL!!!”
  • ladyrisper: “Congratulations love ❤️”
  • idrissultan: “As we spoke, I’m your makeup artist, assistant, human carry, inhuman bouncer, child, whatever you need.”
  • bridgetshighadi: “🙌🏽🙌🏽, do you need someone to wipe your sweat just in case? 🤔”
  • chrismurithi: “This is huge!!! Congratulations my friend, get it 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽”
  • holydavemuthengi: “Wueh congrats! 🙌 Can I be your +1?”
  • lolahannigan: “WHEWWHHHH!!!! 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨 Chilllleeeeee! It’s WINNING season!!!!! Ayeeeee 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️ Kate to the Globe 🌎 😘❤️❤️❤️”
  • mummiefrancie: “Amazing! The world better prepare for real 🙌🙌🙌”

Kate Actress responds angrily to people who criticize her for video herself assisting flood victims.

Renowned Kenyan actress Catherine Kamau, known as Kate Actress, has responded to critics who questioned her decision to record and share her efforts in assisting victims affected by the ongoing floods in Kenya.


Jackie Matubia & Kate Actress Make Donations To Flood Victims

As a mother of two, Kate Actress defended her actions by emphasizing her social responsibility to raise awareness about the country’s issues and to mobilize resources during times of need.

“I have a social responsibility to not only raise awareness and educate people about social problems and injustices but also to gather support in times of crisis. So, before you suggest leaving the camera behind, remember, I am not like you! I have a responsibility!” she stated on her X account.

She further detailed their efforts in aiding the affected families, mentioning that they provided food donations to 250 families in the impoverished area of Githurai. These donations were made possible through the assistance of Wangari, a local businesswoman.


Kate Actress is thinking about getting cosmetic surgery again.

“Yesterday, we distributed food donations to 250 flood victims in Githurai, thanks to Wangari, a catering business owner in Kahawa Wendani. I would have preferred to use smoke signals, but unfortunately, the phone was necessary to carry out the work of the Lord,” she concluded in her post.

Kate Actress Responds To Criticism Over Filming How She Helped Flood Victims

Recently, Kenyan actress Catherine Kamau, known as Kate Actress and her fellow thespian Jackie Matubia showed up among well-wishers to help victims who have been affected by the ongoing floods in the country.

After sharing on her socials giving a helping hand, a section of netizens went ahead to troll Kate for flaunting that she had helped flood victims.

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Upon seeing the critics, she responded via her socials, clapping back at them.

Kamau defended her actions, highlighting her responsibility as a public figure to raise awareness about social issues and mobilize support during crises.

“It’s my responsibility to not only amplify problems but also mobilize resources,” she wrote on her X platform.

Kamau emphasized the impact of her actions, stating her efforts have aided 250 families in flood-stricken Githurai.

“Thanks to sharing, 250 families received food donations,” she wrote. “I’d prefer smoke signals, but for now, the phone did the trick!”

Jackie Matubia & Kate Actress Make Donations To Flood Victims

Heavy flooding across Kenya has devastated communities, leaving many in desperate need of food, shelter, and basic supplies.

Kenyans have stepped up to support their fellow citizens, and celebrities like Kate Actress and Jackie Matubia are leading by example. This weekend, they donated essential items to flood victims in Githurai, Kiambu County.

“If you live in Kiambu County and its environs please remember the Githurai Floods victims, we shared our little contribution today.”

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  • Donate essential items: Those affected urgently need diapers, food, water, firewood, clothes, and blankets.
  • Exercise caution on roads: KENHA warns of eroded embankments posing a danger to drivers.
  • Stay informed: The Red Cross advises continued heavy flooding.

Thankfully, rescue teams and community members have successfully evacuated some individuals trapped by floodwaters.

Let’s all work together to support those impacted by this disaster.

Kate Actress is thinking about getting cosmetic surgery again.

Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Kate Actress, has hinted at the possibility of undergoing another cosmetic procedure after a previous weight loss surgery did not produce the desired outcome.

In an Instagram interaction with fans, the actress discussed her thoughts on a potential second cosmetic surgery. Recently, she shared workout photos and expressed frustration over the challenge of balancing a healthy diet with achieving her desired abs.


Kate Actress Flaunts Her New Mercedes-Benz GLC (Photo)

“The constant battle between Food and ABS 😩 Mai lawd! But anyways, these gym fits are the cutest. Super stretchy and comfy too…,” she captioned her post.

Her sentiments struck a chord with many followers who empathized with her struggle to maintain diet and fitness.

“The struggle is real!!!!” commented her friend, actress Izareeh.

Responding to Izareeh’s comment, Kate Actress hinted at saving up for liposuction.


Kate Actress defends romantic pictures of her new romance while on vacation in Dubai

“But at least we are saving for lipo,” she replied.

In 2022, Kate Actress underwent a gastric Allurion procedure as an alternative weight loss method, which she initially described as life-saving. However, she opted to reverse the procedure after experiencing excessive weight loss beyond her desired outcome. She removed the gastric balloon after just four months, during which she shed 15kg in the initial weeks.

“I told them (the hospital) I wanted to lose weight but not this much because I still want to maintain my curvy figure,” Kate Actress explained.

Additionally, in a TikTok video, she disclosed having used silicon that lasted for eight months, emphasizing that the success of such procedures relies on maintaining portion control and incorporating regular exercise.


Kate Actress: Why I’m Unfit for Young, Famous & African show

“If you don’t learn portion control and how to eat light and move your body, you’ll be doing zero work. You still have to put in some effort,” she advised.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that uses suction to remove fat from specific areas of the body, such as the stomach, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, or neck.

Kate Actress Struggles To Balance Fitness & Cravings, Hints at Possible Surgery

Kenyan actress Catherine Kamau, known as Kate Actress, sparked discussions about cosmetic surgery on her Instagram.

Following a previous weight-loss procedure, Kate shared photos of her workout routine while expressing her frustration with maintaining a healthy diet.

“The constant battle between Food and ABS ,” she captioned the post, hinting at her desire for sculpted abs despite dietary challenges.

Fans resonated with her struggle, with many acknowledging the difficulty of balancing fitness goals with food cravings. One commenter, Izareeh, wrote,

“The struggle is real!!!!”

While Kate didn’t explicitly mention cosmetic surgery, her post hints at a potential openness to further procedures to achieve her desired physique.

Kate Actress Flaunts Her New Mercedes-Benz GLC (Photo)

Talented thespian Catherine Kamau, better known by her stage name Kate Actress has shown exuberance after purchasing a brand new car.

The actress flaunted her newly bought Mercedes-Benz GLC, which is estimated to cost between Ksh 5 million and 8 million.

Kamau took to social media to celebrate the milestone, sharing photos and expressing gratitude to “team Khai and Karo” for delivering her dream car. She proudly declared the purchase a “BigGirlPurchase” on her social media page.

The purchase comes just months after Kamau addressed rumors of her ex-husband Phil Karanja selling her black BMW X3, a gift he gave her in January 2020. In January, she dismissed the rumors as gossip and urged followers to focus on her show “Becoming CEO.” Karanja, on the other hand, clarified that the BMW was sold with mutual agreement.

“I wish to officially document that the vehicle was sold with mutual consent, and there are no disputes with Kate, contrary to any portrayals suggesting otherwise.”

The break-up of Phil & Kate came as a surprise to fans; who saw their relationship as a ‘happily ever after’ kind of relationship. But, it is what it is.


Kate Actress: Why I’m Unfit for Young, Famous & African show

Renowned actress Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Kate Actress, provided insights into why she believes she wouldn’t be the ideal fit for Netflix’s reality show, Young, Famous & African.

In a candid discussion with comedian Ofweneke, Kate Actress expressed that the high-energy nature of the show doesn’t align with her personality.

“I can’t comment, but that’s not my vibe, that’s not me. I think I would be very boring in that show. I am an actress, my drama is not so much. My drama is corporate, hahah,” she remarked.

Kate Actress didn’t hesitate to praise singer Akothee, acknowledging her as the perfect candidate for such a reality show.

“But if there is a paycheck, I would go for Akothee. I would pay top dollar to watch her. I know her as Esther, I don’t even call her Akothee, and she would be perfect,” Kate Actress added.

Looking ahead to 2024, Kate Actress revealed her plans to focus more on acting, emphasizing her recent involvement in skits and her desire to return to series projects, aiming to further hone her skills.

“2024 is a very soft year for me. I am going back to acting. I have not stopped acting but I have been doing so much of skits. The last big project I did was Disconnect 2. I have learnt that the more you do things, the more you learn. I am going back with a bang. I am on a certain series and I am looking forward to more opportunities this year,” she said.

When discussing international awards and achievements, Kate Actress emphasized her desire to make a meaningful impact in Kenya.

“Winning an Oscar award is nice, but I think if I can make a difference here in Africa, it’s great. We don’t need to rely on their Grammys and their awards. I want to win an Oscar award from home. From a performance in Kenya,” she concluded.

Kate Actress is recognized as one of the most esteemed Kenyan female thespians. During Jamhuri day in 2023, she was bestowed with the prestigious Order of the Grand Warrior of Kenya (O.G.W), an esteemed award presented to individuals in recognition of their exceptional service and contributions to the nation across various roles and capacities.

Details about Michael Mwangi, Kate’s new boyfriend

There is speculation surrounding a potential romantic connection between Michael Mwangi and the Kate actress, although neither has officially confirmed or denied the rumors. Here is a brief overview of Michael Mwangi:

Michael Mwangi is a seasoned hospitality leader with an impressive 22-year career in the industry. He has specialized in culinary arts, food and beverage management, operations, and hotel management.

His interest in hospitality began at a young age, assisting in his grandfather’s lodge, where he engaged in various tasks such as peeling potatoes and making beds.

Mwangi honed his culinary skills at renowned institutions like Johnson’s and Wales University, obtaining both an associate of arts and science in culinary arts/chef training and a bachelor of applied science in hotel, motel, and restaurant management.

His distinguished career includes roles with globally recognized brands such as Intercontinental Hotel Group, Starwood Hotels, and resorts, among others. Notable positions include outlet manager at Sheraton Boston, director of food and beverage at Hyatt-centric Arlington, and general manager of food and beverage at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center. In 2022, Mwangi assumed the role of general manager at Tribe Hotel Nairobi.

Born and raised in Nyeri, Mwangi considers it his comfort place and enjoys spending his Christmas holidays there.

In addition to his hospitality career, Mwangi worked as a nutritionist in a retirement home, gaining valuable insights into the human experience and the inevitability of change.

A fun fact about Mwangi is his broad love for music that extends beyond common assumptions.

Actress Kate leads the Nyeri anti-femicide march.

On Friday, actress Catherine Kamau, also known as Kate actress, spearheaded a march against femicide in Nyeri.

Kate shared moments from the ongoing march on her social media platforms, emphasizing her role as a mother and a woman with a position in society to protect fellow women.

“I feel as a woman, an entertainer, and someone who holds a position in society, I have a responsibility to protect women. The majority of my following are women. The people who have supported me through and through are women.

“I am a mother, I am a woman, and I have a right to life. My sisters have a right to life,” expressed Kate.

“I have a responsibility to protect and speak against any form of violation of their rights; that’s why I’ve decided to come and join them today.”

The award-winning actress made these statements while leading the Nyeri march on January 26, 2024.

This march aims to raise awareness about recent murders in Kenya and calls for an end to the killings. Kate has been actively involved in leading and spreading awareness about femicide.

The Nyeri march precedes the one in Nairobi, scheduled for January 27, 2024, with several other celebrities advocating for it.

Brenda Wairimu, Celestine Gashuhi, Foi Wambui, and Bryan Kabugi are among those actively promoting and spreading the word about the femicide march on their social media platforms.

The femicide march, sponsored by Feminists in Kenya, USIKIMIE, and Zamara, began in Nyeri and is set to continue in different cities tomorrow, including Nairobi.

Kate Actress reacts to Phil Karanja’s choice to sell her BMW X3 push present

Film director Philip Karanja and his wife, Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Kate Actress, recently clarified the reasons behind selling his black BMW X3, a vehicle he had initially gifted her as a push gift.

In a recent interview with Nairobi News, Karanja revealed that he made the decision to sell the luxury vehicle, valued at approximately Sh3.5 million, due to its exorbitant maintenance costs. He expressed regret over his initial choice to purchase the car, acknowledging that it had been an expensive journey to maintain.

“I love cars a lot, and so I was young and foolish, and I spent so much on my car, and it has been a very expensive journey to maintain. I am like, that is a car I would have used wisely somewhere. I sold it. I have decided to go back on Uber,” explained Karanja.

Karanja had shared an image with the BMW X3 just a day before announcing his separation from Kate Actress in September 2023. The image featured him beside the sleek vehicle that he had gifted Kate for her birthday in January 2020, a month after the birth of their child.

The couple clarified that the decision to sell the car was made mutually. In a social media statement, Karanja wrote, “I wish to officially document that the vehicle was sold with mutual consent, and there are no disputes with Kate, contrary to any portrayals suggesting otherwise.”

Kate Actress reposted the statement, adding, “Kindly redirect that energy to watching the new season of Becoming CEO. We ain’t about that life. Poleni and thank you.”

“I made a mistake,” TV director Phil Karanja on offering to sell Kate Actress’s BMW X3 as a “push gift”

Renowned actor and film director Philip Karanja recently revealed that he sold the black BMW X3 he had gifted his wife, Catherine Kamau, also known as Kate Actress, in January 2020. The car, valued at approximately Sh 3.5 million, was sold due to its high maintenance costs, as Philip disclosed in an interview with Nairobi News.

Expressing regret over his decision to purchase the luxury vehicle, Philip stated:

“I love cars a lot, and so I was young and foolish, and I spent so much on my car, and it has been a very expensive journey to maintain. I am like, that is a car I would have used wisely somewhere. I sold it. I have decided to go back on Uber.”

This revelation came during the launch of his latest show, “Haki Mwitu.”

The actor-director shared that “Haki Mwitu” revolves around four vigilantes who, fed up with rampant corruption, take matters into their own hands. The show, which began production in 2023 and is still ongoing, aims to address societal issues through its narrative.

Interestingly, Philip shared an image with the BMW X3 just a day before announcing his separation from Kate Actress in September 2023. The image featured Philip standing beside the sleek vehicle he had gifted Kate for her birthday in January 2020.

Kate Actress celebrated the luxurious gift on her social media, expressing gratitude for the reward.

“Every push has been rewarded,” she captioned a video showcasing her new ride, with another post quoting, “God says try me! Do your part!”

During the interview, Philip also discussed his production company’s plans for the year.

“We started working on the project in 2023 and began shooting in November 2023, and we are still shooting. Phil Production also has a new series in the pipeline, and we plan to release a new film this year. There’s a lot to watch out for,” he added, promising an exciting lineup for fans in the upcoming months.

Unmasking Kate Actress’ new man: Tribe Hotel GM, Michael Mwangi

Using social media, well-known actress Kate Actress, formerly known as Catherine Kamau, has introduced her new partner, Michael Mwangi, the general manager of Tribe Hotel, with pride.

This occurs a few months after she separated from her spouse, actor Phil Karanja.

Mwangi, who is well-known for his dapper appearance, attracted attention on social media for his unusual full beard. Fans made fun of Kate by calling her a “ndevu worshipper,” a reference to her boyfriend’s noticeable facial hair.

Kate responded on social media, seemingly unaffected by the jokes, saying:

Ati mmeniita Ndevu worshiper? Sawa tu na niliwawuooooon! Mmebaki side gani? Ya, cereals ama cabbage? Na Msituroge aki.”

Social media users entered the discussion; Go go Tata, a Facebook user, expressed gratitude for Kate’s answer.

“I love when a woman acts like a man. Did you see how men were mad with their comments? I think tumepata dawa ya wanaume.” (I think we’ve found a remedy for men.)

In response to the statement regarding male chauvinism, Catherine Kamau said, “Mo Maa, it’s always the dusties and narcissistic men talking sh*t about powerful women right.”

“Watatii, the girlies are woke!” she exclaimed. (They’re woke; the females will give in!)

Kate emphasized the value of financial independence for women, especially while dating a wealthy man, despite the online teasing.

As a woman, simply make your money, she said. Have you noticed the way men act around wealthy men? Laugh! My friends, freedom comes with money.

Fans showered Kate with support, with Mercy Mwangi telling her to disregard the doubters.

“They would still converse even if you were poor. Shut your ears and keep shining, my love. You have my undying love.

“Wasikose kukuweka kwa speakers of the next women’s conference,” amusingly proposed Aznath Amanda. (They ought to remember to add your name to the roster of speakers for the upcoming women’s conference.)

Kate Actress Seemingly Confirms Being In A New Relationship

Following her public separation from husband Phillip Karanja in September 2023, Kenyan actress Catherine Kamau, known as Kate Actress, has sparked curiosity about her personal life once again.

Recently, her appearance at the ‘Wash Wash’ season 4 premiere alongside Michael, the general manager of Tribe Hotel, fueled speculation about a potential new romance. However, Kate has remained characteristically reserved about her private life since the breakup.

Addressing the rumors online, Kate took a lighthearted approach, dismissing any speculation with a playful “Hatuwezi!” (We won’t!) when asked about a possible reunion with Phillip. This suggests her focus remains on herself and her family, prioritizing privacy while managing public interest in her life.

She shared a photo of herself alongside Michael, she captioned,

“Ati mmeniita Ndevu worshiper? Sawa tu na niliwawuooooon! Mmebaki side gani? Ya, cereals ama cabbage? Na Msituroge aki.” This playful response showcased Kate’s sense of humour in the face of public scrutiny.

Despite the separation, Kate and Phillip demonstrated solidarity by jointly celebrating their daughter’s birthday. This heartwarming gesture sparked additional interest among fans, prompting questions about their relationship status. However, Kate’s firm response to reconciliation rumors underscores her current stance of moving forward.

Kate Actress Sparks Relationship Rumors With New Man (Photo)

Following her recent separation from husband Philip Karanja, Kenyan actress Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Kate Actress, has sparked rumors of a new romance. Speculation surrounds her connection to Michael, the general manager of Tribe Hotel, after they were seen together at several public events over the past few months.

Their appearances together include the premiere of Wash Wash Season 4, Sol Fest in November, and a vacation in Lamu for the Infinix launch in June. Close sources further fuel the rumors by suggesting their relationship has been ongoing for some time.

It’s important to note that Kate and Philip announced their separation publicly in September through a joint statement. They confirmed their decision ended their marriage some time prior and emphasized their current separation while requesting privacy for themselves and their children. While rumors about her personal life are likely to continue, it’s crucial to respect the actress’s right to privacy and avoid making unsubstantiated claims.

Kate Actress Honored with Prestigious OGW Award by President Ruto

Catherine Kamau, renowned actress and comedian popularly known as Kate Actress, received the prestigious Order of the Grand Warrior (OGW) award from President William Ruto during the 60th Jamhuri Day celebrations. This esteemed recognition, bestowed upon her by the Head of State, celebrates her exceptional service and contributions to Kenya.

Kate’s journey to this momentous occasion began with captivating performances in iconic television shows like Mother-in-Law (Celina) and Sue na Jonnie (Sue). Her talent blossomed further on the big screen with acclaimed roles in films like Disconnect, Nafsi, Plan B, Kutu, and A Grand Little Lie. Her dedication and versatility earned her numerous accolades, including the Best Lead Actress in a TV Drama Series at the 2017 Kalasha Awards for Sue na Jonnie.

Beyond acting, Kate’s influence extends to brand ambassadorship roles with international brands like Harpic and Nice and Lovely. These collaborations showcase her ability to connect with diverse audiences and inspire positive change.

The OGW award is a testament to Kate’s unwavering dedication to her country. This honor recognizes individuals who have gone above and beyond, prioritizing national well-being over personal gain. Their selfless acts and dedication leave a lasting impact, shaping the nation for the better.

Receiving this prestigious recognition marks a significant milestone in Kate’s career and serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists and individuals across the country. It is a powerful reminder that exceptional service and dedication are acknowledged and celebrated on the highest national stage.

Key points:

  • Kate Actress awarded the Order of the Grand Warrior (OGW) by President Ruto.
  • OGW is a prestigious award recognizing exceptional service to the nation.
  • Kate’s acting career and brand ambassadorship roles showcase her dedication and influence.
  • OGW celebrates selflessness and positive impact on Kenya.
  • Kate’s award is an inspiration for aspiring artists and individuals across the country.

Kate Actress Receives Prestigious Order From President Ruto

Kenyan actress Catherine Kamau Karanja, also known as Kate Actress, received the prestigious Order of the Grand Warrior (O.G.W.) from President William Ruto during the recent Jamhuri Day celebrations. This award recognizes her outstanding service and contributions to the nation as Kenya marked its 60th year of independence.

Overjoyed by the recognition, Kate Actress proudly displayed the medal and shared her happiness with her social media followers. In a series of Instagram posts, the multiple Pulse Influencer Awards winner expressed her gratitude, attributing the award to divine intervention.

“Catherine Kamau OGW! (Order of the Grand Warrior of Kenya)!” the elated actress exclaimed. “Head of State commendation from His Excellency the President Dr. William Samoei Ruto. Won’t He do it?”

The O.G.W. is a distinguished honor bestowed upon individuals who have demonstrated exceptional service to the country. It recognizes selfless dedication and acknowledges those who have potentially risked their lives for the sake of their fellow citizens.

Recipients of the O.G.W. are individuals who have left a lasting impact on their community, prioritizing the nation’s interests above personal considerations. It serves as a symbol of honor and recognition for outstanding contributions that have positively shaped the country.

The prestigious O.G.W. award adds another feather to Kate Actress’ illustrious career, highlighting her dedication to her craft and her commitment to serving her community. It serves as an inspiration to others to strive for excellence and contribute positively to the nation’s progress.

Kate Actress Responds To Ronoh’s Claims That She Steals Her Content

Ronoh used her  X handle to name-drop and call out several individuals with a series of allegations.

“Kate actress just be stealing my content daily,” the content creator alleged.

However, in a quick rejoinder, Kate Actress made it clear that her content is inspired by fellow content creator and radio host Auntie Jemimah.

“Coolest Rich Auntie. My Inspo,” Kate actress captioned Auntie Jemimah’s photo she had shared on her Instagram.

This is not the first time Chebet is accusing other content creators of stealing her content.

In today’s rant, Ronoh also attacked scriptwriter Abel Mutua saying: “Anyway if I release Abel Mutua’s dms to me,”.

In March 2023, Ronoh was a trending topic again after alleging that Kate Actress and Elsa Majimbo, were riding on her fame and creativity.

“I began this sh!t. Why are we pretending Elsa Majimbo is funny? They copy everything I do mahn..lay to sleep the copy cats,” she said in part.

It’s widely thought that Chebet Ronoh and Elsie Majimbo deliver their content the same way.

Phil Karanja and Kate Actrress blast Milele FM host

Ankali Ray, the fearless, courageous, and brave presenter of Milele FM, spoke with Phil Karanja and Kate Actress this week about their separation.

Prior to asking the awkward questions, Ankali expressed sympathy for the former Tahidi High actor during their interview.

“Naongea na nani?”

The radio host’s response, however, did not satisfy Phil, who went on to inquire whether it was appropriate for him to call at that time.

“Hii ni muda ya kupigia mtu?”

To which Ankali Ray responded saying,

“I was just calling to give my apologies,”

In response Phil hung up.

Ankali, however, is a persistent person, so he made the decision to phone Kate Actress and try again to express his sympathy for her.

But as soon as the radio host began speaking, Kate abruptly ended the call, much like Phil before her. But do you believe Ankali was let down by her answer?

Ankali simply shrugged it off, adding that he would continue to work to uncover the truth in the future, similar to how he had previously handled Phil.

The ex-couple has remained silent about the circumstances of their breakup, despite numerous media outlets attempting to break the story.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Ankali Ray (@ankaliray)

However, it appears that despite having every right to do so, Kate and Phil have chosen to keep quiet and refuse to say what exactly led to the breakdown of their lovely marriage.

But only lately did Kate have to address a wild rumor that was going around the internet about her firstborn son.

According to a blogger on Wednesday, Kate’s son decided to stay with Phil after learning that his mother had broken up with him so she could stay with the girl.

The claims made on X were met with Kate’s remark, “This is nonsense!”

Kate Actress Reveals Her All-Time Crush, And He’s Not Kenyan

Kenyan actress Catherine Kamau, alias Kate Actress, recently met her all-time crush, South African actor Hlomla Dandala, during a visit to South Africa.

Kate shared a photo of the two of them on her Instagram page, writing,

“He is my all-time crush and star of the show tonight.”

Dandala is a renowned South African actor, television presenter, and director. He is best known for his roles in the series The River, Happiness Is a Four Letter Word, and The Republic.

Kate was in South Africa to attend the launch of the new Netflix series Justice Served. She was accompanied by her colleagues Blessing Lung’aho, Melissa Kiplagat, and Melvin Alusa.

Kate is happily married to Kenyan film director Phillip Karanja, and together they have two children, Leon and Njeri.

Phillip celebrated his wife’s new milestone by commenting on her Instagram post, saying that he is happy for her and asking when she will be returning to Kenya.

Kate’s meeting with Hlomla Dandala is a reminder that dreams can come true. It is also a testament to the power of social media, which can connect people from all over the world.

Kate Actress Denies Claims Son Opted to Stay with Stepdad Phil the Director Rather than Her

Kate Actress has refuted claims that her son opted to stay with his stepfather Philip Karanja alias Phil the Director after their separation.

Kate and Phil announced their separation on Tuesday, saying they had amicably agreed to end their union. They said they were still friends, business partners, and co-parents.

However, a blogger on Wednesday claimed that Kate’s son had opted to stay with Phil after his mother went separate ways with Phil while she would stay with the daughter.

Kate responded to the claims on social media, saying, “This is rubbish!”

She also said that her separation from Phil was never a secret and thanked fans for their support.

Some social media users suggested that the whole separation could have been staged for clout after Phil’s business associate and best friend, Abel Mutua, put up a cheeky post on Instagram.

Mutua insinuated that he too had broken ranks with Phil, a BMW owner, due to their “vehicular differences.”

Both Kate and Phil laughed off the statement with laugh emojis.

It is clear that Kate and Phil are committed to co-parenting their children despite their separation. They have also requested privacy for themselves and their children during this difficult time.

Actress Kate Actress Pens Message Of Appreciation To Fans After Divorce Announcement

Award-winning Kenyan actress Catherine Kamau, also known as Kate Actress, has penned a message of appreciation to her fans and followers days after announcing her divorce from husband Director Phillip Karanja.

In her message, Kate expressed gratitude towards everyone who had messaged or called her inquiring about how she is fairing on with life.

“Courage is not the absence of Fear 😊…Thank you so much for all the Dms., calls, and texts. Asanteni sana 🤗,” she said.

The message of appreciation comes days after Kate revealed that she had parted ways with her hubby Phillip Karanja amicably.

The Breakup Announcement

The two love birds issued a joint statement on Tuesday, September 19, 2023, stating that their marriage ended a while ago but opted to keep it private.

“We came to a conclusion to end our marriage a long while ago and separated. We sincerely request everyone to honour our wishes for privacy for us and our children. Signed Kate and Phil,” the joint statement read.

Kate added: “Was never a secret, we just kept it private. To all our dear fans, Asanteni sana for the support over the years,”.

Kate’s message of appreciation to her fans is a reminder of the importance of community and support during difficult times. It is also a reminder that even celebrities are not immune to heartbreak and loss.

Kate Actress reveals she hated her first interaction with Phil Karanja’s family

In a previous interview with Fashionable StepMum on YouTube two years ago, Kate Actress opened up about her complicated relationship with her mom-in-law and her now ex-husband Phil Karanja.

Kate praised her mom-in-law for her relationship with her son, but admitted that they had their own issues. “You can feel the energy. It wasn’t pleasant. You can feel the sneaky comments. But I wasn’t a charity case. I was sure of myself. I knew what I was bringing to the table. Your son isn’t coming to rescue us. I was doing well with my son even before.”

She also revealed that she had warned Phil that she would leave the marriage if she saw anyone mistreating her son. “I had made it clear to Phil and for him to communicate to his family that if I see any mistreatment towards my son, that is a deal breaker na mimi sinaga kesho.”

Kate also praised Phil as a rare gem of a man who entered into their union with serious commitment. “It is not easy. Phil is one in a million. Marriage is not for everyone. Marriage nayo ni calling. It might not be for you. Don’t force it. If it happens to you thank you Lord. If it does not please move on…. Life is for the living, please date again.”

Despite the challenges in their marriage, Kate and Phil have remained committed to co-parenting their son and maintaining a civil relationship.

Abel Mutua laughs at news of Phil Karanja getting dumped

The recent split between Kate Actress and Phillip Karanja, two of Abel Mutua’s closest friends, has been given a humorous spin.
On Wednesday, September 20, 2023, Mutua created his own humorous statement by mocking the couple’s amicable breakup.

Abel Mutua announced in his tongue-in-cheek statement that he would no longer be friends with Mr. Karanja because of their “vehicular differences.”
Mutua made a humorous fun at Phillip Karanja’s choice of vehicle by drawing inspiration from the couple’s joint statement.

“JOINT STATEMENT Mkuru & Director Phil. Nairobi 20 September 2023 ‘We have come to the conclusion that going our separate ways is best for both of us. This is due to our vehicular differences. Associating with a BMW owner has taken a toll on me and we wish that you please respect our decision. Signed Mkuru and Phil,”.

Since then, the message has drawn responses from Kate Actress and Philip, a previous couple.
Kate joked back in a lighthearted manner, stating,

“Nugu wewe,”

In a lighthearted attitude, Director Phil continued,

“Mtu BladiFakin sana😂😂😂😂.”

Andrew Kibe finally addresses Kate Actress and Phil Karanja split

The marriage between Kate Actress and Phil Karanja has ended, and social commentator Andrew Kibe has something to say about it.

Like most Kenyans, Kibe has something to say on his X.com account.

Kibe attacked Kate’s remarks by playing an earlier video of her talking about fathers who stand up, as well as one showing how Phil welcomed her after a trip to South Africa.

Aiee the pain that is in Nairobi right now. Watu wa roho mbaya come her. I will ask you one question. Finally, she has left that msee. I talked about it a few months back. Do you guys remember when she came from South Africa? And she was crying …

Men what did I show you how many times am I going to teach this lesson If you dont learn a lesson you will perish, men, you will find yourself on how to keep the calm edition. When you find yourself here, it means you are a joke. Niliwashow aje? Please if you hear she is a single mum tell her…eheeh look at the time si nita kucall. Toka mbio kaa mwizi.

Buda! Us baby daddy’s I want to teach you we have full access to those **Bro any person who has my child iyo ni yangu I can pick it up anytime I want. Even if it is my last day on earth and I need one last time, I will just pick any one of my baby mamas. You can walk in or out anytime, all day all night. The only thing that is keeping her relationship alive is because you don’t want her. The day you want her, that guy is crying. “

Kibe reiterated his warning to “tunuthias,” as he refers to men who look after children who are not their own. Kate thanks men in that video for,

 “I just want to salute the men who step in who took over and just nurtured, mad mad respect and God bless you and for not making us feel less, but supporting our dreams and pushing us to become even better moms, wives. Thank you so much.

Tunuthia, how long do I have to keep telling you? Mnacheki venye mnasukwa hapo. Oh God bless you young man, for taking care of children that are not yours, and God is going to come through for you, not me but God”