ONE ON ONE: All that glitters is not gold! Kristoff sheds light on posting fake lifestyles on social media

When growing up most people dream about all the good things in life. Getting a good a partner and career, owning various luxurious cars, having some several mansionettes and apartments under one’s name, travelling the world,  and you know, having all the best life has to offer.

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As we get older some people stick to following their dreams, which they achieve, while others give up along the way, admiring what others have.

Truth is, life is a rollercoaster but as Winston Churchill’s famous saying goes, “Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.”

Some of the youths however have been led to believe that getting sponsors or sugar mummies is the way to go. The thought process behind this being, “why look for jobs, hustle from 9am to 5pm while I can bag myself someone who will spend Kshs.10,000 per week on me as long I can keep him company?” Who am I to judge though!

A lot of people have employed the ‘fake it till you make it’ mantra and so many people are falling for it. During an interview conducted by Caroline Mukami, Christopher Barton Namwaya popularly known as Kristoff, shed light on how people are lured by the lavish lifestyle that people post on social media.

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The rainbow hitmaker explained that a lot of people will fake their lives by posting expensive cars and houses on social media with ill intentions. As a result, some will want to associate with these “rich” guys not knowing that they are falling for a trap.

He said that most of these people have either borrowed or rented some of their properties or most probably do not have anything to them. Some will get married not knowing that their partner has been living in debt amounting to millions of shillings.

You end up in turmoil trying to figure out how this could happen despite all the dates, expensive gifts and cars that this person deceived you with. That is when it all dawns on you that your partner had been living a fake life. I was a scam!


We all witnessed how Wilkins Fadhili fake lifestyle came crumbling down. To cut the long story short, his fraudulent ways were exposed and he had to apologize for all he said and did.

I was once told to never pray to be like someone else because everyone has a story behind everything we see. Instead, I should work hard and smart to achieve my goals and get what is mine. As I grew up, I found this to be very true.

I concur with Kristoff, do not believe everything you see on social media.

Watch the full interview below.

Here is how young girls get pimped to old wazees according to radio presenter Shaffie

Cases of jobless girls living an expensive lifestyle has left many with questions where they get their money from but according to Kiss FM radio presenter Shaffie Weru, young boys are the ones connecting these girls to sponsors who then fund their lifestyle.

“Last weekend, the hashtag #IfikieWazazi shocked many, but the truth is, this trend was started by the pornographers – Instagram Photographers. They are known for taking advantage of children on Instagram in guise of making them famous or models.

“We have young photographers who have opened pages online that focus on pimping young girls and boys to sponsors. Most of them never tell the naive kids that they are being pimped out, they take the photos in the name of art and at a chance of being discovered as a model.” said Shaffie on his weekly column on the Star Newspaper.

Commission for every lady

Shaffie also said that young boys go on to get a commission of between Ksh 2000 and Ksh 1000 for every girl they bring. They tell them they are taking them for photo shoots but lead them to sponsors and brothels.

 “To reward the unsuspecting teenagers, the spotters can offer the girls airtime and some little cash to turn up for the shoots. Impressed, the victims fall for the trap. The spotters are usually paid on commissions like 2k (Sh2,000) per girl or 1K (Sh1,000), or more depending on how hot the girl is or how impressive her physical features are,” said Shaffie 

“I will sue you” Plus Fabulosity CEO Francisca Nyamu threatens legal action against Kenya Sugar Mummies Sponsors

Kenya Sugar Mummies Sponsors, which hooks up young men with older rich women seeking sexual relationships, has stepped on the toes of Francisca Nyamu and she couldn’t take it.

For starters, Francisca Nyamu is the founder of Plus Fabulosity – the first exclusive plus size centered agency geared towards the celebration of the plus size community in Kenya.

Francisca Nyamu

Francisca beef with Kenya Sugar Mummies Sponsors started when she discovered they were impersonating her and depicting her as a cougar.

She sent a warning to Kenya Sugar Mummies Sponsors after she learnt that another con artist called Vin Ashley was using her photo to woo young men.

The Plus Fabulosity CEO wrote a warning letter to Ashley and CC Kenya Sugar Mummies Sponsors warning them that she will take legal actions against them if they continue impersonating her.

“So now I’m Ashley and I’m 30 years old! ???????. The struggle to con people is REAL!!!! Let this serve as a notice to you @VinAshley and all other con artists impersonating me!!! I will sue you. This and other posts are not only degrading but also defaming of my character and public image. Be so warned! ✋✋✋✋. Cc @kenya_sugarmummies_sponsors,” Francisca Nyamu wrote.

Vin Ashley