Watch! Queen MarieJ heads to Europe to shoot new music video “Ratatah” proving haters wrong

Songbird Marie Njoroge AKA Marie J has made a surprise comeback with a new banger dubbed “Ratatah”.

The song has been shot in Europe and has Marie J confidently telling haters that you don’t need to sacrifice your soul to do amazing things in the music industry.

“Ratatah is a hit banger made in Europe. It’s all about when people think you are weak to pursue your talents as they overstress you about where you get your money and that maybe you have joined some cult to offer you sacrifices as the shining star allover not knowing that God himself can richly bless you so I tell them if they try I will #ratatah them,” Said Mary J. 

The Kenyan songstress has consistently worked on creating uniquely blend music incorporating her life experiences as well as love tales spelled in rhythm and quintessence. She points to Angelique Kidjo of Benin & Yvone Chaka chaka of South Africa as being some of her influences.


In the video, she’s seen cruising around with wazungus and high-end cars.

Marie’s journey in music officially started in September, 2018 marked by her decision to pursue music professionally. Embarking on her debut single titled io sto bene, Italian meaning “I feel good”, Marie J worked with renown Kenyan director, Nezzoh Monts on her first music video which was a great success.

Shortly after, Marie J released her second single Giogode in November, a project directed by X Antonio, a close follow up of the first single that enjoyed a great reception locally and in Italy as well.

Watch the video below:

Why BBI Report is also exciting the youth

The much-awaited report of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) has finally been launched with the hope it will herald a new Kenya that is free of divisive political hostilities.

The report, a product of a 14 member task-force, was launched before over 5000 delegates at the Bomas of Kenya, Nairobi. The youths have not been left out in the report also and have every reason to be excited.

Through several recommendations made, the Kenyan youth have equal and ample opportunities to prosper for the next 3 generations or 100 years.

This means artists, actors, producers and all other careers that youth are focused on are about to grow and become even easier to run.

7-year tax break

Wakali Wao are not resting till you get Biringisha

The youth matters are captured in several pillars, the most notable is in the economic empowerment solutions i.e. 7-year tax break to support youth entrepreneurship and job creation, setting up business advisors in all Huduma Centers amongst others aimed at ensuring the Kenyan youth are empowered.

The BBI report seeks to capture more views of all Kenyans and the youth are urged to read and engage by sharing their feedback through the website so their solutions can be added into the BBI Report, which aims to give Homemade solutions for Kenyan issues.

Take a look at the picture below:

Doctors order singer Piston to stop singing because he’s overworking his throat 

Singer Piston has been ordered by the doctors to avoid recording any music and let his throat rest.

The singer told The Star that he has been ordered to go slow on his throat a reason why it has been damaged. He has also been instructed to take a lot of water.

“I went to see a doctor after I was unable to sing and they said I am not going to sing for the next two months because my voice is damaged,” he said.


Piston confessed that for him not releasing new music will sure affect his life because it’s his source of living.

“It is really difficult for me because singing is what I do for a living, and staying away from the studio sounds very boring to me. For me, I feel like I have not been praying enough and I lack integrity in the way I do things.” he added. 


Everyone is calling me a devil worshiper because I’ve switched from secular to gospel- singer Mutua  

Singer Ivlyn Mutua is currently struggling to clear her name following her recent announcement that she’s no longer a gospel artist.

Some fans believe she has now joined the devil and that’s why she’s switching to secular music. Mutua, however, said that she switched to secular music to increase her reach to people who don’t really talk about Jesus. 

“I am a contemporary artist who will be singing about everything and not just Jesus,” she said.

“Some are calling me a devil worshipper, saying I have backslid. But I’m taking my time for people to understand that nothing can separate me from Jesus.”


Her first song titled ‘Sham Sham’ hopes to preach this. She even added that her parents are very supportive of her move.

“People did not expect that from me but I want them to grow with me. I never thought I would be a secular artist but the more you keep growing the moves, you get exposed and get more of what you have known from the church,” she said.

“Interacting with secular artists was hard and my perspective about some of them was totally different from what I got after interaction with them. It was a different environment for me.”

Watch the video below



Collaborations are all some musicians need to survive

Recently collaborations have become the order of the day. Left, right, center you’ll find artists attempting this. Could it be the only way to save sinking legends. Everyday we are waking up to new collaborations some of which we didn’t think would work.

Looking at the Kenyan music industry, tremendous growth has occurred. We have seen the rise of new artists. The new age artists are quickly taking on the music platform from the long time legends.

Kenyans taking collabos far

These new musicians seem to have understood what their audience want and have also embraced collabos. I feel like this is the only thing left for most musicians.

Reasons why collaborations are keeping some artists relevant

You all know of big names who even after releasing hit after hit are slowly going down. Well, this could be one of the reason they need to do collabos. Look at how the new musicians are doing it. Ethic and Ochungulo family are making it up there especially with their remixes.


Have you all noticed that King Kaka is also using this trick?King Kaka is known to be doing better but I’d say that is not the case nowadays.  Recently he has featured in two collabos which seem to be doing better than his single releases. The one with the Kansoul and also Butita and Dj Shiti seem to have sold him.

Below is a link to a collabo between King Kaka and  Kansoul.

Look at it this way, would watch yourself fall or merge with a new person in the industry to survive? I would go for the latter. We all need to remain relevant especially in this industry. Also artists like Otile Brown and Arrow boy are also doing good. Recent collabos are something that I feel is all about being relevant.

The music industry is changing and some of this artists need something to lean on. Someone like Otile now needs to go internationally and even try and get Mbosso for a collabo. This will enlarge the market for his work. Let this people also avoid local collaboration.

Anyway if this is what is left, then I would wish that Nameless does something with a super artist..

‘Our relationship was a secret when we were working together’ Joyce Omondi and Waihiga Mwaura shout 

Citizen TV employee Waihiga Mwaura and his wife Joyce Omondi recently revealed that they started dating while she was still at the TV station but kept it on the low until they got married.

Speaking to Salon Magazine, the couple revealed why they kept their relationship a secret saying they wanted it to be precious.

“We keep to ourselves and rarely post about each other apart from special occasions. Anything precious is best kept hidden and that has been our policy,” said the couple.


Mwaura said that he started flirting with her in 2012 on a Sunday morning when Joyce was leaving the set of her show.

He wanted a relationship but she wasn’t interested. He kept on asking and eventually she gave him a chance.

“We decided to be very private about our relationship from the beginning. Many people [including our colleagues] did not know that we were dating until we got married,” said the couple, adding, “That is why this is the first and only interview we shall do in a very long time.”

The two got married on December 18th, 2015 at Sawela Lodge in Naivasha.


Ochungulo family: Our parents were against singing about s@x but relaxed when they saw we have following 

Viral music group Ochungulo family have revealed that when starting out, their parents didn’t exactly like their content.

The group, which has three members, Nelly, Benzema and Dmore who are all from Langata, recently appeared on Kiss Fm Breakfast show where they revealed that their parents changed their mindset once they noticed they had fans.

“There was trouble in the beginning where they felt we were singing a lot of nasty words but with a little bit of convincing, they noticed our fans love our music so they got pretty excited,” said the members. 

Nothing changes


The group, who came up with the word Ochungulo — Luo of ants — after joining, said that they won’t change their style of music despite what people say.

“We will not stop for anything. We will still give Kenyans good music even when promoters do not pay. They think of us as children but we have learned. Now we are strict.” they said. 



Arrow Boy shares how he watched his dad beat up his mum while growing up

Singer Ali Yusuf, alias Arrow Bwoy, has revealed dark secrets from his family.

The popular singer shared that he grew up in violent home and he witnessed his farther attack his mum. Arrow Boy was brought up in a polygamous family and it wasn’t easy.

“Being the last born in a family of 12 siblings and a polygamous family, my father at one time would beat my mother in front of us,” he told radio Jambo’s Massawe. 


The singer went on to add that his dad was always frustrated because he was broke. He said that he forgave his dad in the long run and now they even speak.

“My father was frustrated with life because he did not have enough money to feed us.” he said. 


“Being a Ugandan nationality, she spent part of her life there and later came for me, and that is how I was able to go back to school. I already forgave my father. We are now good and sometimes we talk, and I still respect him as my dad.”


Kambua finally pregnant after seven years of trying(photo)

Gospel singer Kambua is pregnant.

Social media is currently awash with congratulatory messages as the gospel singer revealed her baby bump in a lovely photo.

Kenyans on social media celebrated like she’s family because most are clear with how tough Kambua’s journey has been regarding starting a family.


The singer has been married for seven years now to Jackson Mathu and had been childless since then. This attracted social media trolls and bullying which always left her stressed.

“There’s nothing I haven’t been told, from you must have aborted many children, go get yourself checked, ulirogwa na nani?” Kambua once said. 

“I remember thinking, the reason why it angers me is because people don’t even know what your journey is like. They don’t know what you’re struggling with.

“They don’t know if you even what to have children, they don’t know if you can have children and there are so many people especially today who are struggling with infertility.

“It so unfortunate that we become such a culture of being so intrusive and putting people down. Shamming each other on things like that. I would wish that people would be sensitized. I have people who are close to me who might not be at the fore front like I am but who go through that everyday.”



Rapper Kapela confesses how he once performed in an empty club: I performed to the bartender and bouncer

Rapper Steph Kapela recently aired his frustration with Kenyan music saying fans should support local artists.

Speaking in an interview with on Kiss FM, Kapela said that Kenyan music is hard but artists have to find away to exist.

“Nairobi we didn’t have a good induction but we don’t blame anyone so we are creating the space for ourselves. but slowly by slowly we are getting there.We need to find our own kind of art and stick to it. we do not want to show that we live a life we actually can’t afford.,” said the rapper. 

Small crowd

Steph Kapela has a new song dubbed Exposure which talks about how artists are forced to do free gigs for experience and growing their brands. He shared that as younger artist he was once forced to perform for only two guys at a club.

“My first gig I performed to just the bartender and bouncer in the states. It didn’t make me want to quit. It made me want to prove them wrong that I can scoop a crowd.” he said.


Meet the 24-year-old who loved Diamond’s hustle so much that he wrote a book about him  

Motivational speaker Suleiman Ndoro knows how Diamond Platnumz managed to defy all odds to become the biggest artist East Africa has ever seen. Most people do.

But unlike many others who only enjoy his songs, Ndoro also loved how he managed to do it all. The 24 year old speaker decided to capture it all this in his new book ‘Success secrets from Diamond Platnumz’.

The book is about how Diamond came from nothing  to the artists he is and how he did it in just a decade.

With 110 pages, the book has 40 chapters, which explain in detail the artiste’s success secrets.

“It’s a motivational book that discusses the good things we can learn from Diamond Platnumz. Of course, there was some negative criticism. There was always the question, is Diamond really the right person? Why not talk about a musician from Kenya? Isn’t he an Illuminati?” Ngoro said.


‘Education is not the key to success’, ‘Sing good songs’, ‘Believe in yourself’, ‘Avoid destructive criticism (people will always talk)’, ‘Change can’t into can’ and ‘Breakthrough takes time’ are the titles inside the book as Ndoro break everything down.

Ndora said that he hopes his books will give him international recognition which will help him uplift others.

“I want to grow to an international level for both me and my business and also hold the hands of my fellow young people and light their candles,” the motivational writer said.


Kenyans artists left with questions after learning Mbosso bought first house just a year after joining Diamond’s Wasafi records

Diamond Platnumz newest signee, Mboss, recently took to social media to reveal his new house.

The singer, who has been in Wasafi Records for just an year, posted photos on social media of his massive bungalow, thanking God for the blessings.

In the long post, the singer thanked God for his rewarding his hard work since in the past year since he joined Diamond Platnuzm.

“Mwenyezi Mungu ni Mkubwa sana na anasiri kubwa sana katika kila ya mja wake (..Asante Mola wangu..)…, huenda hiki kikawa kidogo sana kwa wengine ila kwangu Mimi nikikubwa sana , tena sana kwa sababu sikuwa na uwezo nacho awali, ila tu Mapenzi yenu na Sapot yenu kwangu mmenifanya leo hii na Mimi niwe na kwangu .., “Eti Mbosso na Mimi leo nina kwangu ????..”

“Acha niseme asanteni sana kwa upendo wenu, asanteni kwa Kuokoa kipaji changu na kuamua kunisapot tangu siku ya kwanza hadi kufiki leo hii ..” Hiki ni kidogo mulichoweza kunifanya nimiliki leo hii kijana wenu.. “Mungu awabariki sana na awafungulie milango yenu ya rizki kwa upana zaidi ” ili mupate nguvu ya kuendelea kunisapot Kijana wenu ” inshaalla”????” he said in the post.


Mbosso started off a singer with popular Tanzanian boy band Yamamoto singers. His new move leaves Kenyan artists trying to analyse where they might be going all wrong since they also hustle just as hard but haven’t been able to pull such moves.

Photo: Raila Junior finally meets Ethic after saying he’s a big fan

Raila Junior, Raila Odinga’s son, recently expressed his love for popular music group Ethic in a radio interview.

Junior confessed how he’s a fan of the group especially SWAT, who is his favorite. Raila Junior said he was ready to invest in the group and even hook them up with a show for free.

“Ethic ni maboys wangu. Kwanza nataka kubond na huyo msee, mtoto wa eunice, swat hunibamba. Kwanza hiyo song yao Instagram. I want to meet those guys and even do for them a show somewhere. So swat nitafute, I will do for you guys a show for free,” he said.



“I have been listening to his songs for a while now, and his choice of words is amazing. His giftedness is currently being appreciated internationally. SWAT’s style of music will propel him to greater heights. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for him. Should he want me to put up a recording label for him and his group members, I am ready. If he wants me to help them get shows, I would book them for several gigs. I am ready to do all that because SWAT has shown how much of a talented rapper he is,” Junior declared.

Well the two have now met and we are sure a lot of good things were discussed in the process.


Nigerian singer Mr Eazi confirms Kenyan artists worst nightmare: Kenyans love foreign music more

Nigerian singer Mr Eazi has been in Kenya a lot of times and apparently, it’s because Kenya, and East Africa in general, has a lot to offer. In currency form that is.

The singer confessed that East Africa, particularly Kenya, are among the highest paying concert spots for African artists. The singer openly confessed how easy it was to walk into Kenya and get paid KSh 10 million for a single show, contrary to how it is back in his home country Nigeria.

Easy money

Speaking in an interview with OKayAfrica, the singer shared that East Africa is very receptive.

”East Africa is arguably the most receptive spot for music. In East Africa, they listen to hip-hop, they listen to their local music, they also listen to music from the West of Africa, they listen to pop. So in recent times, asides from when I do festivals or branded shows in the UK or wherever,” Eazi said.

”Nobody is going to pay you $100,000 in Nigeria to do a show, or even $60,000 to come and jump on stage for a set. But you can easily get that money by walking into Kenya or walking into Gambia. So those places should be the ones I focus on. Also, when we dropped Keys to the City, which was not a single and we saw the views on YouTube, the bulk was from East Africa,” he added. 

He went on to say that he would definitely perform in Kenya than his country Nigeria given the sweet deals Kenyans offer. The comments comes after Kenyan artists protests that DJs and presenters have given international artists priority over them.

”It is the only place that I can perform without a curated set. If I perform in Nigeria or UK it’s a curated set. But if I perform in East Africa, I can perform every song from Major Lazer to Lotto Boyz to Lady Leshurr, and all the songs on Accra to Lagos. All, I can perform all the songs before that project,” he said. 

SWAT of Ethic reappears online after thorough beating sends message to Kenyans

Kenyan rapper SWAT has reappeared online after escaping a mob in Umoja Estate who wanted to lynch him following a misunderstanding.

The young rapper entered an apartment in an effort to run from police who were arresting people. SWAT and his friends were getting high when they saw the police and decided to find the nearest escape route.

On Instagram, SWAT posted a message showing that he’s rather okay now and urged haters to keep talking since he doesn’t care.

“Wakizidi kubonga tunazidi kusonga. Bro’s strong. (While they’re busy talking, we’re soldiering on).” he posted

Doing fine

A video of the young kid being beaten by a mob has been doing rounds on social media during the weekends after he entered the flats. Occupants at first, thought he was a thief.

“If he was caught stealing he’d be in a cell right? I don’t know about the stories online but cops were definitely involved and if he’d committed any crime, he’d be in a cell as we speak. SWAT is not a thief! If anything we’d just done some shows on Friday and he was quite loaded,” said their manager John Mbugua. 

Unlike many other singers, Mistony has shown the true art of re-investing in her music career 

If there’s one thing Kenyan entertainers mightily struggle with is the art of reinvesting in their careers.

From disheartening stories of musicians not seeing the value of having a manager to countless cases of comedians dismissing the need invest in their looks, entertainers in Kenya have struggled majorly because of this.

Singer Mistony, however, is bringing a new flavour in the business and showing that reinvesting your earnings, no matter how small they might be, eventually pays of in the long run.

Real name, Jane Ikasi, an United Kingdom-based Kenyan Afrobeat and pop vocalist, is among a special breed of young Kenyan artists dedicated to pushing their careers to extraordinary levels.


In the past two months, the singer, who is working Grandpa Record stable, has done a one-of-a-kind, never-done-before aggressive tour that has seen her visit several parts of Kenya and East Africa in general.

She was in Kigali almost two weeks ago, as part of her East African tour to promote her music in the region. Before that, she visited Uganda three weeks ago, returned to Kenya for another series of tours and expected to conclude the tour this week in Tanzania.

Very few artists in Kenya have ever thought of doing that. Campaigns are mostly done on social media and kaput. Chapter closed.  It’s one of the reasons why artists’ brands fail to grown past +254, or Nairobi to be specific.

For the five years she’s been in the music business since releasing her debut “Baby” while in still living London, Mistony has managed to rise from a mere singer/dancer to working with Nigerian singer Inyanya, and establish her name as a core top-rated East African artist.

According to sources close to her operations, the singer doesn’t re-wear her cloths once she has hit stage. She actually donates them. Talk of investing in fashion also.

Again, she’s always ready to spend on anything that will bring growth in her career a reason why several months ago she forked a clean Sh0.5 million for a new dance challenge for her video “Shaku Shaku”.

So far she has 17 songs under her name as she looks to launch her first album. Some of her popular songs include Kiss My, Dizzy Love, CocaCola Body and Want It All, among others.

Mistony has also travelled and performed in major concerts, festivals, corporate events, Soirées such as The Queen Elizabeth hall, London Indigo O2, G8 Cornwall, Coronet Theatre, Stratford Rex, Royal regency banqueting suite and many more.


“People told me Kenyan bees are dangerous and I would die” Ghanaian artist after being attacked by swam of bees in South B 

Ghanaian artist Quata Budukusu received a rather unexpected welcome in his recent visit to the country.

The singer, who collaborated with veteran singer Wyre and is looking to penetrate into the Kenyan market, had a near death experience after being attacked by a swam of bees in South B.

He was staying in South B and he decided to take a stroll around the neighborhood to learn the area when it all happened.

“I was in South B, exploring the place, and all of a sudden a swarm of bees came flying in my face,” Budukusi told Kiss 100. 


The singer, who has a song out with Wyre dubbed “Sangolo”, was warned by Kenyans following the attack to visit the hospital since Kenyan bees are dangerous.

He was seriously stung and he needed medical help afterwards.

“They even bit my back and my face so bad. I haven’t run that way in my life. It was a crazy experience and I was told to go to the hospital because people told me Kenyan bees are dangerous and I would die.”he said. 

My husband died on my daughter’s birthday and I was also pregnant -lost singer Meg C 

Singer Meg C has neither been on your radio, TV or headlines for quite some time now. The singer took five years off because of several reasons but now, she’s back to reclaim her fans.

In a recent interview with TUKO, Meg C, whose real names are Nasra Salim, said that life became hell after her hubby died just. She was just 23 years old when he past.


Meg C married the man at only 18 years old but things took a dark turn after he passed leaving her with a kid and another on the way.

”The time I heard news that my husband had died, everything stopped in my world, I just took off, I ran out of the house and I almost got knocked down by cars, since then my life changed because he was everything to me, the day he died was my daughter’s birthday. And my daughter is there asking me where is my dad. So I had a funeral and I had a birthday and I am pregnant.” she revealed. ”I had to travel and go to Dubai and look for a job for my children” she added. 

Last month, the singer released a new single and has promised to continue releasing more music as she makes a comeback.

Watch the full interview below:

I used to be a drug peddle and a thug because I had lost hope- Churchill comedian Terence Creative 

Churchill comedian Lawrence Macharia aka Terence Creative has opened up on his tough life before making out as a comedian. Macharia, who also works as a radio presenter at Radio Jambo, shared that street life became unbearable after he lost his mum at the age of nine years.

“I am the lastborn of three brothers. Our mum died when I was nine years. We grew under my grandmother’s house that was too small to accommodate by brothers plus my uncles. At times I thought I could walk out and go look for food. That is when I became a street kid for seven years.” he said in an interview with World Is. 

Mathare streets

After his mother’s death, he turned to crime and soon got addicted to drugs while trying to hustle it out in Mathare slums.

“One year ago I was a smoke slave. I couldn’t function without smoke, I kept it to my mind that I needed to smoke to be more creative. Later on I realised it was just a myth. I prayed to God and said to myself I will quit. I prayed and told God to free me ’cause I’m his child, and he did. Life was not easy in the street. I became a drug peddler, that is how I made my money. I even used to fake disability and pretend to be a disabled child just to get money. I mean, life there was not a joke. It was so tough,” he said.

“I sold scrap metals as well and I became a thug. I would snatch bags from people, side mirrors za gari za watu. But all this was out of frustrations in life and lacking hope because I didn’t see me becoming anyone in the society.”

The comedian, who is now among the top in Kenya, shared that he was lucky to be taken to rehab and came out a reformed man.

“Smoking cost me a lot, loss of dignity, loss of jobs. I remember some of my ‘friends’ who wanted me to offer my creative services used to say, ‘Hhuyu usimpee pesa, bora uende na fegi atakuskiza.’ That’s how low I could stoop, and as an addict, you put smoke ahead of you.  Mr Muli took me to his children’s home and that is where I reformed from using hard drugs after I was taken to rehabilitation for two years,” he said.

Msupa S explains Instagram post claiming Willy M Tuva is trying to slide into her pants

Rapper Msupa S has come out to deny that she sent a post on social media claiming that veteran radio presenter Willy M Tuva has been hitting on her.

The rapper claims that the post shared on her instagram page was posted by a bitter friend who has her password. It’s not clear who the bitter friend is but we think it’s her man who later shared a photo of the two kissing on her account.

The two posts have now been deleted.

“Unajua si mimi nimeandika hizo vitu i.g. it is just a guy who is very jealous of me and we didn’t even meet with willy m tuva. It has nothing to do with me.It is not me and i am trying to delete it…the person who has my password(hacked it),” she said. 

Attention seeker

On Wednesday, Msupa S took to social media to expose the Citizen Radio presenter, she claims that Mzazi was hitting on her even when he knows that she already has a man.

Msupa S’ post surprisingly drew angry reactions against her, most people claim she only wants publicity since she could have solved the matter with Mzazi himself privately instead of exposing him on social media.

Nonini blasts Kenyan artists silent during play Kenyan music debate: They are a bunch of sellouts 

Veteran rapper Nonini has blasted Kenyan musicians who have opted to stay silent in the ongoing “Play Kenyan Music debate” because they are afraid of their friends who work in the media.

Kenyans entertainers have been arguing about the state of the industry and how presenters are not helping local artists. The heated debated has lasted a week now as artists and presenters look for a lasting solution.

We are taking note

Nonini believes that while some artists are busy debating, others are just silent because they are friends with presenters and they don’t want to cross them.

“And then we have Kenyan musicians who like sitting on the fence whenever any meaningful industry discusions are taking place ndio wasikosee mabeste zao. Bunch of sell outs tunawacheki #ZeroRespect You might be comfortable with status Quo but think about it for a minute its not about you. Maybe your Son or Daughter might one day decide to be musicians what kinda environment will they find #PlayKenyanMusic #2019 #TWT#TeamWagengeTrue,” he said on social media. 

The heated argument has sure helped artists increase airplay in radio station as more and more media houses have promised to play local music.

Finally! Alvin drops the full version of his song ‘Taka Taka’ for all other heartbroken boy-child out there 

Kenyans for the better part of last week have been entertained by a young man named Alvin who released a snippet of his song named “Taka Taka” which involves him ruthlessly tearing his ex-lover apart.

The song has been trending for days now as Kenyans enjoy the funny, yet emotional lyrics as a bitter Alvin shreds his lady after she rejected him.

The singer recently went to studio and finished up the song as Kenyans begged for the full version.

“Taka Taka” audio has now been released and Kenyans can jam to it as they wait for the video. Interestingly, the song was produced by Magix Enga, a top producer in the industry. Well, let’s wait and see if Alvin, who started out as comedian, will be the next Msupa S and take over the industry.

Watch the video below:



Top Nigerian producer begs for collabo with Lamba Lolo crew days after DJ Pinye Trashed them

Nigerian record producer Chris Alvin Sunday, popularly known as Krizbeatz, is interested in working with controversial rap group Ethic.

In an interview with a local radio station, the producer said that he was impressed by what the Lamba Lolo crew is doing in the industry and said that he wouldn’t mind jumping in studio with them.

“So Ethic, I love you guys I love your music if you guys are listening come on let’s do something. I have a song Krizbeatz X Ethic it’s gonna be crazy,” said Krizbeatz.

Sources say that the two groups have already met and are looking at how they can make this happen.

DJ Pinye

Krizbeatz is best known for producing Tekno Miles’s hit single Pana. He has worked with various renown Nigerian artists including Skales, Lil Kesh and Koker while also releasing his own single titled Erima.

His comments come barely days after DJ Pinye landed in trouble for saying he’d never play Ethic’s song because they are not up to bar.


Popular gospel artist involved in grizzly accident after collapsing while on the wheels hours before his show 

Renowned international gospel artist Donnie McClurkin has survived an accident after passing out while on the wheels.

McClurkin, who was scheduled to perform in Nairobi this weekend, took to social media to testify how God saved him after the accident which would have killed him.

“Was in a serious accident at 12:50am this morning…passed out while driving on the highway. Totaled the car…hospitalized, going through a myriad of tests…..But I’m alive!!!” he said. 

Happy to be alive

According to the popular singer, he got lucky after his car veered off the road and crashed into the concrete island. He sustain several injuries but he’s glad they are not too serious.

“Lost consciousness driving…but two human angels followed my swerving car with their emergency blinkers onto stop traffic ….drove behind me until my car crashed into the middle concrete island. I remember none of it except those two angels pulling me out of the passenger’s side of the crumbled TOTALED car..airbags deployed…crushed metal and Fiberglas!! I AM ALIVE!!!!” he said.


“Somewhat mangled, stitches on left thumb, sprained wrist, hurt knee, but I’m still here! God and two angels saved my life! I owe them… I am still here by the grace of God! Thank you, Lord…thank you!”

Meet Naiboi’s beautiful wife and family that he has managed to keep under the wraps 

“Two in one” singer Naiboi has come a long way from just another artist to dominating the music industry.

The singer started his career around 2008 while calling himself Rapdamu and even managed to start Pacho Entertainment that has also produced top songs in Kenya.

Not much is known about Naiboi’s private life since he has chosen to keep his family matters away from the public.


He has however shared photos of his family once in a while on Instagram especially during special occasion and he has one beautiful team.

Here are photos of his wife and kid that Kenyans haven’t’ seen before.


Talented photographers Kevo Abbra and Osborne Macharia team with Def Jam record in the US 

Award winning photographers Kevo Abbra and Osborne Macharia have made Kenyans proud yet again after landing another lucrative deal.

The two recently worked with legendary Hip Hop/Trap Producer Metro Boomin to create a series of promo images for his come-back album “Not all Heros Wear Caps”. The project was commissioned by Dej Jam records.

We all know how the two have been creating a frenzy with their photos. Their recent work is now on Billboards on Time Square, ITunes, Spotify and made it to No. 1 on Billboard 200 as the album continues to climb the charts.

Proud Moment

In addition, they also worked alongside coreydamonblack (Travis Scott’s Creative Director) for another project.

Kevo Abbra worked on the project’s costume and wardrobe ideas, on a post he stated his working experience on the project saying;

“Working on the visual ideas for the wardrobe costumes for the themes OVERCOMING FEAR, FINDING INSPIRATION and LEAVING A LEGACY is a creative moment that filled me with excitement and a little tense moments of wanting to go all out and being skeptic of the reception it will receive but got through it victoriously.”

Said Osborne on instagram:

“The beauty about this particular project was being given the creative freedom to conceptualise the shoot, breaking it down into 3 themes based on his come-back journey: OVERCOMING FEAR, FINDING INSPIRATION and LEAVING A LEGACY.”

Here are the photos: