Masauti drops sizzling jam tagged ‘Sawa’ alongside Kigoto (Video)

I am sure you are all aware that Mombasa-bred singer Mohammed Ali Said, better known as Masauti, is one talented judging by his previous releases. However, what you may not know is that he has dropped a new jam.

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Actually, the track dubbed Sawa is not so new seeing as it was first released three years ago but I am not here to spoil the party so I’ll go ahead and review it.

Listening to this jam assured me that Masauti has always been a good vocalist. He has a voice that gets you hooked to a song, gender notwithstanding.


If you are the kind of person who often complains about Kenyan musicians for one reason or the other then perhaps you should listen to Masauti because he sings from the heart and the content is not risque.

I don’t know if it’s just me but I felt of felt like Masauti was using different voices in this track and I’m not saying this because I don’t like it. On the contrary, it’s very pleasant to the ears. Yup.

To be honest,I really do  not know which version of Masauti I like more, this old one or the new one because they are both awesome. Anyway, you tell me.

Kigoto was also outstanding on this track. Notably, he also has an amazing voice and to add to that, it blends so well with that of that of Masauti.


The lyricism on Sawa is also impeccable. If you are the lovey dovey kind, I am sure you’ll have this song on replay for a very long time. Wanna bet?

One of the things that will not escape your attention as you listen to this jam is the instrumentation. I love it and is it just me or does it have a hint of Taarab?

Listen to Sawa below and tell us what you think. Enjoy!

Masauti gives fans special treat with infectious jam ‘Mahabuba’ (Video)

Mombasa-bred singer Mohammed Ali Said, better known as Masauti or Kenyan Boy, has released a new single and it is getting a lot of love from his fans. Well, to be honest this jam is not so new because it was first released in 2015.

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Anyway, the song titled Mahabuha, which means my lover, is proof that Masauti has always been a good singer, even when most people had no idea that he existed. It also epitomizes his growth over the years.

This jam is infectious and on top of that it also has a soothing effect. It is the kind of songs that you hear on the radio and suddenly, you are in a good mood.


The rhythm on Mahabuba is something else. The first time I listened to this track was 3 years ago and when I heard it recently, it sounded different yet it’s exactly the same and that’s how you know a song is a big tune.

I know you will agree with me that Masauti’s on this song are dope and so is his lyricism. If you needed a reason why you should be proud to be Kenyan then he is certainly one.

One of the things that struck me about Mahabuba, other than the catchy hook of course, is the instrumentation. It is so dope so much so that you would think it’s a live performance.

Tedd Josiah did a good job, especially on the guitar. It sounds pleasant to the ears and makes you wish that the song was a bit longer.

Listen to Mahabuba below and tell us what you think. Enjoy!

Masauti pours his heart out in new single ‘Niwe Nawe’ (Video)

Talented Kenyan singer Mohammed Ali Said, better known as Masauti, is back with a new track and it is getting a lot of love from his fans.

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The song dubbed Niwe Nawe, which is a Swahili word that means ‘be with you’, has been ruling the airwaves since it was released a few days ago and to be honest, we are also feeling it or else we wouldn’t be reviewing it, would we?


Basically, jam is about a beautiful lass who is driving the musician crazy and he is ready to go to any length to get her and keep her. Sounds cliche? If I was you, I would not jump to a conclusion just yet.

Niwe Nawe is a beautiful composition. Apart from the fact that it is well-arranged – which is evidenced by its smooth flow – I know you’ll agree with me that Masauti has a Melodious voice.

The Nurulain hitmaker has the kind of voice that will get you thinking of your special person or that ex that you have never really gotten over.

To add to that, there’s a lot of sincerity in Masauti’s voice so much so that you’d assume that this was a dedication to a specific person.


The beat, which was produced Robert Kamanzi, alias R Kay, is also very different from the kind of beats that Masauti normally uses.

Actually, the first time I listened to this song I thought the beat and instrumentation were ‘too gospel’ but with time I came to love it and this proves that Masauti can pull through any sound or beat.

Listen to Niwe Nawe below and tell us what you think.

Masauti has teamed up with Nigeria’s Elgizie on ‘Rombosa’ and we can’t get enough of it (Video)

Celebrated Kenyan singer Mohammed Ali Said, alias Masauti, has dropped a song with Nigeria’s Elgize and we absolutely love it.

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The song titled Rombosa is about having a good time and shaking what your mama gave you i.e. dancing until you drop dead. Okay, I’m pushing it.

Some may say that this is just an ordinary song but let’s be honest, when was last time you heard Pidgin and Swahili on one track? I bet you’ve never.

As expected, Masauti really came through on this jam. There’s just something unique about how he sings that will keep you hooked. He’s very convincing with words.


Although I could not understand a thing Elgize was saying, I think he did great. His coarse voice and the different language spiced up the song in my opinion.

To add to that, they picked some well-endowed vixens for the video, if you’re a Team Mafisi member like me you’ll notice that they are shaking their derrieres like they mean business.

I was not really impressed by the beat. It was too simple. However, I still feel that it in as much as it can’t make a lady shake it, it still works for this song.

The video was directed by Johnson Kyallo and he did a commendable job. I was particularly impressed by the indoor shots.

Watch Rombosa below and tell us what you think.