Why Kenya doesn’t have sexy female celebs

Why doesn’t Kenya have any sirens and sexy female celebrities? If anything, Kenya’s male celebrities put a lot of thought into their physical appeal and as a result, we have some of the sexiest male celebrities in all of Africa -pause. But when it comes to our female celebs, we fall flat (or is it short?).

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Why is it that our female celebs are so comfortable not being attractive? Why is it that they are more than happy to simply be? On this one, I have to blame Kenyans. We are our own worst enemies when it comes to embracing the entertainment industry in its totality.

Nadia Mukami in Meru

Contemporary Kenyan female celebrities cannot hold a candle to their Tanzanian compatriots. For some reason, *cough* feminism *cough* our female celebs think they can merely exist, churn out music (mediocre music) and we’re meant to celebrate their career.

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And before your idiotic feminist comes out with her flame and fork, I will simply point you to the west and south of Africa. Where the entertainment heavyweights understand that a woman’s sexuality isn’t something to be ashamed of and can be a powerful weapon when harnessed the right way.

Neomi Ng'ang'a
Neomi Ng’ang’a

We have celebrities like Nadia Mukami shaving her hair and dressing in the most unflattering clothes while performing simply because she felt like it. Can you imagine Tiwa Savage doing the same thing? How about Babes Wodumo? And that is before we even get to Beyonce an’em.

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Not even Nandy would do that. Remember that time when Pierra Makena started complaining about the fact that young, female DJs were using their sensuality to book shows and perform? Why do you think an older female DJ with an aging body would complain about something she herself used to do? It’s because she understands just how powerful a tool youth and sensuality are.

Kenyan female celebrities are lazy. That is why they aren’t willing to put in the work to become sexy. Instead, they use two insidious shortcuts: wearing jeans at their waist or shaming you for not being interested in a mid trying to gyrate. That’s actually a problem because most Kenyan female celebrities do not target their content towards women. How can we tell? Those that do, don’t even remotely try to hide the fact. they target all their content towards female interests.

Neomi Ng’ang’a among other female celebrities call out Huddah for her fat shaming statement!

You see, this stems from them not being clear on which demographic they are targeting. Nadia Mukami is an example that comes to mind because her music is targeted towards women (the lovey dovey songs) but her image is geared towards attracting men. And the thing about men is that studies (yes, there is science to back all this up) have shown that the centres of the brain associated with anger are sparked when men see unattractive women.

Pierra Makena

Want proof? Ask your male friends to name 3 Nadia Mukami songs. Hell, even women want to support stars who look better than them. That is because to women, a female celebrity is supposed to ignite the centres of their brains that spark aspiration. They want to look up and aspire to be like the sexy star. That is why no young girl has a photo of Neomi Ng’ang’a on their wall in the bedroom. Who do they have instead? The young, hot female celebrity.

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Also, there is the fact that discipline and is not isolated to only one aspect of our lives.


If they have the discipline to work for a sexy body, their performances will get that much better. And so will their music. But I am truly sad for Kenyans because they do not have any pinup Kenyan female celebrities.

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Kenyan celebrity marriages are a reflection of the state of Kenyan marriages

When we take Kenyan celebrity marriages into account, more often than not, we are discussing failures rather than success and that is because we discuss the likes of Nice Wanjeri and Wagithomo or whatever her husband calls himself. We are discussing Betty Kyallo and Denis Okari, DNG and his ex-wife, Willis Raburu and his wife Marya Prude.

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And unfortunately, this situation reflects the state of Kenyan marriages in Kenya in a way that can get too uncomfortable for most people to admit. Kenyan celebrities face the same issues and things aren’t looking too rosy for marriages in Kenya.

betty kyallo and denis okari

You see, if we take each individual couple as an example, it will allow us a better view of how things work in terms of the challenges Kenyan marriages face. For example, we could start with Willis Raburu and Marya Prude.

Lessons we hope Denis Okari will teach Betty Kyallo about marriage

In this case, the first issue that we can see was the trial of the miscarriage. That is a larger issue that plagues Kenya: our healthcare sector is a joke. However, that only served to exacerbate a clearly bad situation because the couple went for a short vacation in America and even that couldn’t save their marriage. We were instead treated to stories of their separation being occasioned by infidelity.

dng and his ex wife

When we take DNG and his ex-wife, it was clearly a case of a couple that decided to get married to satisfy societal and familial pressure. That is why they engaged in a disastrous marriage after such an expensive wedding. The couple were clearly not on the same page when it comes to the important issues that form the foundation of a marriage and family. And this issue isn’t unique to them. Kenyan celebrities also get the same pressure from society and their families to “step up” and get married when they arrive at a certain age even if they aren’t financially or mentally prepared for such a big step.

Wedding bells! DNG set to walk down the aisle again after bad luck with first marriage which only lasted 11 months

Another Kenyan celebrity couple we can look at is Betty Kyallo and Denis Okari. These two divorced from each other because their marriage was rocked with the most unforgivable of sins: infidelity.

nice wanjeri and her new beau

But what happens when you find out your spouse has been unfaithful or when you begin to become close to another individual right at the point where you and your partner are experiencing a low point in the marriage? This situation engulfs many marriages but Kenyans largely act like this is a foreign concept.

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Nice Wanjeri and Wagithomo were a couple who hit the skids when the woman, Nice began to get to enjoy success in her career and her husband says she became a problem to deal with. As a result, they went their separate ways. This is a Kenyan celebrity couple that experienced the problem of what to do when a woman becomes the main breadwinner. And this is a problem many modern couples face and what happens then?

These Kenyan celebrity couples are an example of what Kenyan couples deal with and they are a very good reflection of what happens when these circumstances aren’t handled well.


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Kenyan celebrities talking about American race issues is hypocrisy

Kenyan celebrities are weighing in on the recently cowardly and callous killing of George Floyd by Minnesota police officer. And while there is nothing wrong about Kenyan celebrities with no connection to the political temperature in America adding to their voice to the millions of others calling out the institutionalized racism in America, one has to also look to see whether these same guys speak up when things are thick in Kenya.

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And we did some checking and realized that the same guys currently touting their global villager citizenship are usually mute when Kenya is up in flames. These same Kenyan celebrities are clowns.

You see, as trump pointed out, Kenya is a shithole nation. We have so many issues at the moment that we need to address. But be that as it may, Kenyan artists would prefer to virtue signal and talk about distant issues over in the land of the brave, the home of the free where they will suffer no repercussions.

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When post-election violence erupted, how many people came out to denounce it early on rather than waiting for ethnic and tribal diatribe to be drawn up for them? How many Kenyans recently spoke up about the disputed and divisive general elections that had to be re-conducted? How many Kenyan celebrities have been talking about the still existing internally displaced people? Or the rampant and widespread corruption that has seen our shithole country sink to demoralizing levels of depth that threatens the wellbeing of future generations?

I will wait for you to point them out.

I would love to see the Jua Calis and the Janet Mbuguas raise their voices when Kenyan police batter protesters. i would love to see Kenyan celebrities talk about unlawful and cruel evictions.

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Why no male Kenyan celebrity should complain about cyber bullying

Kenyan celebrities have added a new word to their lexicon and my word they are using it to no end and that word is cyberbullying. As such, many Kenyan female celebrities such as Nadia Mukami have cried about cyberbullying. And she is by no means the only one who has done so with Lillian Muli and Lynda Nyangweso too. Even Bahati and Khaligraph Jones have addressed the issue of cyberbullying and here is where I draw the line.

Celebrities Vs KOT: Cyber Bullying being a norm is sending many to depression

That is not to say that Kenyan celebrities arent indeed getting cyberbullied. Afterall a recent study was done on the international digital phenomenon and Kenyans were highlighted as being a particularly nasty part of the puzzle with the way Kenyans on Twitter delight in tearing down anyone who they feel has earned their ire.
We have seen Lynda Nyangweso get attacked for her weight for no reason other than the fact that someone felt her voice didn’t match her size. Such an incident is disposable and should be condemned as it rightfully was.

Nadia mukami a kenyan clebrity

Perhaps the case can be made that Kenyan celebrities merely bear the brunt of Kenyan culture which has bullying entrenched as a form of initiation as form ones (monos) often get hazed and bullied when they join high school.

Bully number One! KOT impressed after one Fridah exposes Mulamwah for online bullying and threatening her life

My focus today, however, isn’t the cultural reason for cyberbullying but to critique the manner in which male Kenyan celebrities belly ache about getting cyberbullied. Perhaps this is an old fashioned, nearly Old Testament approach to masculinity, but I have been raised to believe that we as men must be stoic.

Kenyan celebrity bahati

So it befuddled and boggles the mind to see men decry getting called on social media although they never fully thought through what being a celebrity is all about. This is by no means my telling rappers like Khaligraph Jones not to hit back at the haters because after all, one mustn’t dish out what they cannot take. And rappers such as Eminem and Kanye West have famously lashed out at haters and critics but with one major difference. They did not try to cast themselves in the light of victims. They did not try to cut the image of the defeated. They did indeed acknowledge their underdog status but they opted to fight on rather than bitch out.

Azziad Nasenya speaks up on claims of referring to Diamond Platnumz as ‘a woman eater!’ (Interview)

But Ozymandias, how can you be so sure about this fact? Well, because men are meant to be stoic. Men are meant to be the rocks of society. If a male Kenyan celebrity cannot deal with the unwanted attention that comes hand-in-hand with the love they receive, then the path is clear, quit. Or log off your computer and go outside to the real world. That is always the option they have. Kenyan celebrities need to stop bellyaching and start realizing that they could always simply switch off their comment section and limit access to their DMs.

Think about it. What stops Jimmy Gait from switching off the comments on his Youtube videos? What’s to stop Jimmy Gait from stopping people from commenting on his social media profiles? I really do not understand why he cries about such things. Yes, there are some horrible people in this world. But we all face the unfairness of life and when you can mute it, do so. I shouldn’t have to remind these men that they have elected to let this negativity remain in their lives as they refuse to handle the situation.
Khaligraph Jones is a fantastic example of what Kenyan male celebrities should do when faced with haters; put that angst into music instead of whining. Create music so good, even your haters have no choice but to clap for you.


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Celebrities Vs KOT: Cyber Bullying being a norm is sending many to depression

Kenya’s KOT -Kenyans on Twitter- was ranked top for being the worst cyber bullies. Top huh, well I wish it was for something good but well here we are. Online entitlement!

Many social media users have made it a norm to just trash someone just because they can. Having little internet has made many become cowards that have taken advantage of their online privileges.

Celebrities Vs KOT

The other day fast rising Kenyan Comedian Mulamwa became a trend on Twitter after he burnt his comedy regalia because of being trolled for over three years.

For one Mulamwa was accused of bullying others too, but truth about that is a story for another day.

Further, Flaqo of the Mama Otis skits also had his share of trolls around that same time of Mulamwa. Good thing is other celebrities came in their defense and the two regained their sanity.

The two are just but an example of what social media freedom has done to people. But this is sending many into depression.

Among others who have had to deal with such trolls are Bahati, Willy Paul, tik tok Queen Azziad Nasenya and worse  the first Covid- 19 survivors. Why are people this mean?

Nadia Mukami become the latest victim of a hard hitting troll that she opted to take a break from social media.

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Well, I have never understood the need to bring down another person. Breaks my heart.

Should online entitlement be tamed? Think about it.



On the other hand, the self declared OG Kaligraph Jones and Masauti teamed up for “Hao”a song that highlights the plight of many celebrities and how trolled for their work by fans.

In the song, the two put out how hard celebrities work though in public to make a living by entertaining them  but are trolled instead of appreciated.

Jones went ahead to admonish fans for always trolling celebrities especially the famous KOT  and forgetting that they are just  human and at work.

He told fans off for always having a point to make when its not necessary.

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Truths is Nyi ni fans in denial so of-course mnajifanya!