EXCLUSIVE: “He is not my type, he is too bitchy,” VDJ Jones fires at Magix Enga over the Rudra Kartel scuffle

For while now music producer Magix Enga has been a topic of discussion in most digital media spaces. It started out with the noise of an alleged fall out with one of his proteges Rudra Kartel.

An incident where the lad, Rudra accused Enga of manipulating him with a contract.

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Well three weeks in Ghafla got the chance and spoke to VDJ Jones who was in the middle of the scuffle with Magix Enga over Rudra and he had a lot to say about Enga.

According to VDJ Jones, Rudra reached out to him with the claim that Enga had done nothing to help him since he was unveiled. Thus the video that went viral with Rudra ranting the producer being a let down.


In the case Jones said he tried to reach out to Enga but the two could not come to an agreement. Furthermore, Enga accused Vdj Jones of promising the young lad a free collabo. This something that Jones adamantly refutes.

Asked whether he had any project with Rudra he said he has none. Thus calling Magix Enga a liar.

This writer went ahead to ask if he can work with Magix Enga and Rudra, Jones vehemently shut us down shooting at Enga.

“He is not my type coz that guy is too bitchy, ako na issuez za kidem he thrives on scandals and for me I don’t work that way!!”

Enga’s clout chasing

Consequently, the exchange went on for a while but all of a sudden Enga is now promoting Rudra Kartel’s new upcoming Ep.

The same  guy he said he would never take back. Talk of clout! Enga is good at it whatever makes him a trend sales for his brand. Am  sure we are aware of his recent noise around wanting to sign Tanzania’s WCB arists.

Below is the link of the interview with VDJ Jones.

Willy Paul’s Itch for Nadia Mukami is over the roof in new track “Nikune”(Video)

When we thought Kenyans were in quarantine and practicing social distancing: BOOM!!! ” Nikune”  was released. A collabo between Willy Paul as he features Nadia Mukami.

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It is with deep regret however that the clubs are not operational for Kenyans to go out and enjoy this tune with their friends.

However we cannot dismiss that this jam is a big tune.Whoever brought Willy Paul to the secular world did a good job.No offence but his art on either sides is impeccable.


The song is great feel good song especially when listening to it with a partner. Nikune simply translates to Scratch me’
Willy Paul is itching for a particular scratch, which makes the better part of the song. There’s a lot of repetition in the song but the lyrics are on point.

Mbona kipimo, usinipimie mama
Wakati jasho bado sijamwaga
Sijachoka ndio naanza sasa
Utamu wa mahaba ndio naleta mama.

Despite the Shaky camera noticeable during the video. The video is on fleek featuring just the two artists and one vixen. They do this song justice. The dancing these two artists showcase is  super sensual.

Nadia Mukami is setting standards high for female artists in the Kenyan music scene. She has taken the airwaves by storm dropping hit after hit. Having started just a few years ago Nadia has done several songs including: Maombi, Kesi, Si Rahisi, African lover, Ikamate hiyo and many others. She has also done collabos with artists such as, Mario, Sailors, Arrow bwoy,
From Mwana mkunaji and now ” Nikune,”  Willy Paul has kept on blazing new trails and has not allowed anything to stop him. He has an endless list of hits to his name as well as successful collabos with different artists in East Africa. The shift from gospel to secular didn’t dim his light as an artist.

Well, for these two artists the sky is not the limit. The Club banger these two have produced is worth the 100 million promised to artists by the president last week. Mkunaji atawezana lakini? I mean watch the video and tell us what you think.
Rating 9/10

Tanasha Donna back with Magix Enga on ‘Jojo’ (Audio)

Tanasha Donna has teamed up with Kenya’s finest producer, Magix Enga, in new hit titled Jojo. This jam is one of her many projects in the year 2020.

The Kenyan queen features in a new jam after her last release with her estranged lover, Diamond Platinumz.

Jojo is more of a love song as they all seem to be communicating to some girl that is diving some dude crazy. First, it is worth noting that the whole jam has been delivered in English.

I must admit that this is a win for Magix Enga for he has for once ditched his usual gengetone tunes.  Jojo comes at a time that Tanasha needs to prove to the world that her music is still something without Diamond.

Jojo is one jam that has proved that Magix Enga is a very flexible artiste who easily transforms into any genre.

Tanasha Donna back with Magix Enga on 'Jojo' (Audio)

Magix Enga is a brand an the most flexible artiste

To start with, the lyrics to this song are well done. Him enjoining Tanasha did him good in the English aspect.

In addition to the good audio production, it is only right we dig deeper into the lyrics and get the full meaning of the song.

You’ll hear a stanza where Magix Enga asks Jojo not to leave his heart. In this line one clearly understands the woman in question here goes by the name Jojo.

Also, you get to realise that the title of the song has been repeated a lot in the chorus. This aspect helps the audience identify with the song and the message.


Tanasha Donna back with Magix Enga on 'Jojo' (Audio)

Into the production, the audio is well done and one can easily hear what the two artistes are saying. When it comes to mixing, it is with no doubt that Magix Enga is king.

On the other hand, each one of them delivers their lines so well. Jojo should just be played every day for it is one of the best works of Magix Enga and Tanasha Donna.

In conclusion, the song gets a rating of 6/10.

Audio below.

Quarantine Manenos: This brand new jam from Mr Dutch will make you enjoy the Corona Virus Lockdown 

It’s currently day three on lockdown as Kenyans continue to work hard to fight the Corona Virus Pandemic which has forced many to stay indoors and work from.

Apparently, many have realized working from home isn’t as easy as they thought it would be while others are flat out bored because they don’t know what to do with their lives.

Being a Friday, we have picked for you one of the hottest songs that will keep you and your bae in a lovely mood all weekend. Singer Mr Dutch has just dropped his new song dubbed “Keys To My Heart” and it’s one hell of a love tune.

We all know how Mr Dutch is a master at ushering in the romantic mood with his songs, and with Keys to my heart, nothing changes. The song speaks about the journey of finding love and how it has so many ups and downs.

The song is from his album also dubbed Keys to my heart and was produced by Master Kraft

About the singer

Bright Ukpabi, commonly known by his stage name as Mr Dutch, is a Nigerian Businessman, Entrepreneur Reality Television Personality, Socialite, Record Producer and Singer-Songwriter.


He is the CEO of Dutch Dreams Records. He thereafter started a record label ‘ Dutch Dreams Record Label’ that has seen several Nigerian artists thrive through with their career.

Joyce Omondi energetic praises in “This Is My God”

Joyce Omondi has hit back with a new powerful hit titled This Is My God. The news anchor has it all when it comes to music.

First, you notice how strong her vocals are. I mean this is the kind of voice that will woe you. This Is My God is her first jam in 2020 and I can already tell the year will be good.

To add on, Joyce Omondi is among the few gospel singers who are taking the industry higher. This Is My God has a whole new video. Look at the dance moves and how jovial the singer is.

I doubt there is any other singer with this kind of energy. Joyce Omondi is a talent that needs to be releasing hits a lot.

Joyce Omondi praises Jehovah inThis Is My God

This Is My God is a praise song acknowledging God

This Is My God is simply explained in simple Bible verses. “Who among the gods is like you, Lord? Who is like you— majestic in holiness, awesome in glory, working wonders?

In addition to the strong work, she is basically what has been keeping the gospel industry growing. She might not be releasing jams every now and then but you can attest she is great.

Although the song is being received slowly, This Is My God is just superb. Joyce Omondi needs to try a collaboration with Mercy Masika. I am sure the duo will bring the best.

Joyce Omondi praises Jehovah inThis Is My God

Also, This Is My God is purely based on the word of God. What do I mean? This jam is so Biblical.  Further, into the song, Joyce Omondi shows how mighty her voice is. She is just great in her vocals.

To add on, this song is relevant in relation to Christianity and anyone else who believes in the existence of God. It is open to all be it the old or the young.

In conclusion, This Is My God by Joyce Omondi gets a rating of 6/10.

Video below.

Guardian Angel takes gospel higher with “Utashangaa”

Guardian Angel is back with a new tune dubbed Utashangaa. The gospel singer is very talented from his voice to writing.

Also, Utashangaa is a praise song that is meant to show how strong God is. First, he highlights the scenarios that God has rescued his people.

Actually, he asks people to count their blessings and see what God has done. Also, it is good to notice that this song sounds like a Swahili cover of the English song Count Your Blessings.

It is with no doubt the best hit of the month in the gospel world. Guardian Angel has continued to display creativity in his work.

Guardian Angel takes gospel a notch higher with Utashangaa

Utashangaa is more of a thanksgiving song

To add on, there is a need to note that this song is very relevant in the Christianity world. It clearly shows how those who trust in the Lord get the best.

Further into the song, Guardian Angel talks of how Jesus Christ performed a miracle with only a few fish and two loaves of bread.

“Yesu ana mikate mitano na samaki wawili Na kuna watu elfu tano wake pia watoto Neno lasema alishukuru na vikaongezeka Watu wakala na vikabaki vinashangaa,” reads the lyrics.

In addition, Guardian Angel has applied repetition in Utashangaa. To start with, you realise that the chorus and the word Utashangaa are well repeated.

Guardian Angel takes gospel a notch higher with Utashangaa

Also, this gives the song that unique feel and it draws one to the worship mood.

Further, into the lyrics, Guardian Angel keeps on asking those listening to the song to keep and respect blessings. In addition, this instance he simply calls on respect for God.

To add on, the audio is well done and it shows seriousness. To start with, you realise that there is no clashing of the beats and the audio.

However, there is so much that needs to be improved. For now, we will leave the little to pass considering he is a great guy.

In conclusion, Utashangaa by Guardian Angel gets a rating of 7/10.

Audio below.

Dazlah is all about love in “Wana Wivu”

Dazlah is back with a new banger title Wana Wivu. This is a hit that has been sponsored by Joho the Mombasa Governor.

To start with, Dazlah is very talented and this son is just proof of how good he is.  Wana Wivu brings out the lyrical prowess in him.

Although Kenyans tend to focus more on Tanzanian music, they need to give Dazlah space. Wana Wivu talks of a love story that is facing a lot of objection.

Also, he has put a lot of emotions in this song. The emotions enable one to sink it the actual mood of the song.

Dazlah is all about love in Wana Wivu

Wana Wivu is a love song

First, he starts by describing the woman in Wana Wivu. According to him, she is a beauty who is being wooed by many.

Dazlah calls the woman, in this case, his only one and says she is the only one. In addition, he tells those trying to ruin them there is no chance. According to him, God is the one controlling this relationship.

In addition, he says that he loves her and even goes ahead to promote the Mombasa governor. There is a stanza where he says that even 001 knows he loves her.

Dazlah is all about love in Wana Wivu

Dazlah is slowly becoming that lover boy who now speaks emotions in songs. Further, into the song, he keeps on repeating the chorus. The words Wana Wivu have equally been repeated to emphasise on the title of the song.

To add on, the audio of Wana Wivu is just so good. The beats do not compete with the audio. Everything is well equalised giving the song a great feel.

Also, Dazlah delivers the song so well and clearly his voice is a masterpiece. In conclusion, this is a great song that was well thought of.

Last but not least, Wana Wivu by Dazlah gets a rating of 5/10.

Audio below.


Why a collaboration between Octopizzo and Khaligraph might be a big flop

It was just the other day when Khaligraph Jones called out on Octopizzo for a collabo in his new song “Yes Bana”.

In that song that he featured Sauti Sol’s Bien Baraza, the self declared OG asks Octo why they ain’t in talking terms.

He goes ahead and says,” Na mi sina beef na Ohanga (Spendii)
Ohanga hunitakii kwa nini? (Yes bana)
Mbona usifanye traki na mimi? (Yes bana)
Tutop hizi chart za mjini (Yes bana)
After that you will be happy amini (Yes bana)

Well, this is the thing these two chaps are incredible Kenyan rappers with two different styles of rap.

I mean we all know how Khali does his thing, fast-paced kind of rap, while Mr. Ohanga is much slower. But that is not the point.


These lads have a diverse audience Khali does music that is more of the street than just any other artists.

Having created a basis on the African scene one can argue that the OG is actually the best right now. Especially after he declared himself the best rapper in Nigeria.The guts!!

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On the other hand, Octopizzo has his style that cleary has that international market target feel. His music seems cannot be put off entirely ideally because he is a Kenyan artist.


But again as they say home is best and I feel he should also try focus home kidogo.

Collaboration flop in the offing?

Now with all that perspective in one place, the duo can do good music, yes but it will not be well received by fans.

In fact, it will only elicit conversations among netizens then that’s it and we will all go back to hoping for better.

A collabo should be sweet and easy for fans to relate with. So for one, this will highly be a disappointment to fans especially if does not top charts as Khaligraph would hope for. However it’s a wait and see thing.

Chris Kaiga rocks in new banger Chain Chain

Chris Kaiga has launched the month of February with a new tune dubbed Chain Chain. The gengetone artiste has treated his fans to one of his lit jam.

Just like fellow artistes in the Gengetone genre, Chris Kaiga has brought the vibe. Interestingly what is sweet about this new jam Chain Chain are the beats. Am sure the majority have fallen for the trap only to realise in the lyrics there is nothing.

What gives Chris Kaiga’s song a vibe is repetition because it makes it listenable is there is such a thing. Lol. Some of these kids though.

Chris Kaiga rocks in new banger Chain Chain

Chris Kaiga in Chain Chain is talking about a routine that he has adopted. In this jam, he describes specific events and how he gets to undertake them.

To start with, I will trash the Chain Chain song because he basically makes women appear like sexual beings. Am no feminist but it is time this mediocre stopped.

Without wasting a lot of time, let’s get what message is in the lyrics. It is clear that this young kid, Chris Kaiga, is talking about being high and calls it having fun in life.

“Wamlambez ka ulimi Nishakuwa champez na imewacha kuwa siri Ndio maana navaa machain na machingri Na siku hizi hata ukikam na sanse sishikiki,” reads part of the song.

Mother-in-Law actress Charity Mwamba narrates losing children to Ugandan ex-husband

When I listen to Chain Chain in the above verse, I fail to understand why a sane producer would sit down and watch a raw talent fail. There is nothing new about this and the other Wamlambez.

“Baadae niko rieng ya madrinks na mayeng But 9 niko tings naona nikibleki ten Sai siko right so itabidi nimeleft Ju pori venye ziko brathe ni ka zimeweza,” he adds.

Who on this ear thinks of this nonsense as a way to relax. But anyway this is not my battle. It is high time something was done.

In addition, it is good to give credit where it is due. The video production team did a nice job for creativity. Also, the audio is a tick for me.

Last but not least, Chris Kaiga gets a rating of 4/10 in Chain Chain.

Video below.

Magix Enga adopts new style in YoYo

Magix Enga is back with a super banger dubbed Yoyo. The singer cum producer has adopted a new style in his new jam. Known for his Gengetone style, he is now back with a more sensible style.

It is a sweet thing that Magix Enga has distanced himself slightly with the obvious mediocre. In this YoYo song, he has done it in English. It is for sure that this is one of the best tracks he has ever done.

To start with, the video is very lit and nothing like any of his other works. This is when we get to sayMagix Enga to the world.

At least he can now stand and compete with other artistes. As much as he is talking about love, YoYo is not an ordinary piece of work. This is new to many am so sure.

Magix Enga adopts new style in YoYo

YoYo is a song that bears a very coded message

It is now time we get to understand the lyrics of the YoYo song. Being a producer and a write, he is with no doubt a great talent. I can only imagine how he crafted these sweet lyrics.

“Tell me what you want do to me Tell me what you want do to me Coz everytime you coming closer You making me fall for you Girl you making me fall for you aah eeh,” reads stanza one.

In this first stanza, Mafix Enga features this girl who has driving a guy closer. If this is not love, then I do not know what it is.

“Ooh beiby come slow  Nataka nikuonjeshe mhogo Ah kisha twende kwenye keja nikapige show Ujue Enga sio ligi ndogo,” reads stanza three.

This stanza is disgusting as Magix Enga features this girl as a sexual being. He is talking of having sex so that the girl can prove his d*** is not small.

Anyway, it is a good one compared to Magix Enga’s other work. In conclusion, Yoyo gets a rating of 5/10.

Video below.


Sanaipei Tande and Otile Brown should do more music together

Kenyan actress, songstress and former radio personality Sanaipei Tande is a whole force to reckon. That I can shout if not just write about.

She is a lady that possesses multiple talents like I just started off. Sanaipei is one that can act on Tv and you will definitely love her.

Remember her role on Citizen Tv’s Aziza sometime back? Yes, she stood out with her proficiency with the Swahili television drama.

Further, thanks to her growing up in the coastal region Sanaipei boasts of grace, class, beauty, talent. Her music career started off back in the days of Ogopa deejays and guess what she is still here in the gengetone era.

Talk of playing it cool.

She first came into the limelight when she and two of her bandmates won the East Africa Coca Cola Pop Stars in 2004.

When the group disbanded, she found success as a solo artist and has been flying high ever since.

Musical prowess

Sanaipei Tande started out in the church where she said her big brother and mum were the push for her singing career.

She has had several songs like Amina, Najuta, Ankula Huu, Ghetti Kali that she featured Jua Kali, controversial Mfalme wa Mapenzi among others.

Consequently, she was loved by Kenyans and has been a darling to many despite her on and off in music. We want more music, please.

Sanaipei Otile Juice

Lately, she has been seen with Otile Brown in two songs like Chaguo la Moyo and now Ayiana. For this song, the duo delivered a sensational jam that many Kenyans fell in love with.

Otile and Sanaipei

Then in between came Otile’s love scandal with Vera that saw Sanaipei distance herself from him. She hates drama like a plague.

However, months in we see them again in a new jam dubbed Ayiana, another love song that elicits all sorts of emotions.

With this kind of music between the duo, I have every reason to believe that constant collaborations will propel each further musically.

For one Otile has succeeded in keeping his audience with his RnB jams. He is the kind of guy that makes you believe in love once more but then Sanaipei adds the juice to the music.

Willy Paul is controlling the game with ‘Controller’

Willy is back with his first jam of the year, Controller. The Kenyan singer hits back at a time that was least expected. Controller which comes out as a professional song is more of a love song.

To start with, being his first work this year, the legend has given his fans a new feel in this great hit. As always, Willy Paul knows how to hit back as this jam is super lit.

First and foremost, we seek to understand what the song Controller is about. You’ll notice that unlike any of Willy Paul’s work, Controller has adopted a new style. What do I mean? That this jam is has brought on board nudity at some point.

Willy Paul is controlling the game with 'Controller'

Controller is more of a fun love song

Look at the costumes that have been worn by the beauty queens. Thye are partially naked but for one to sell, then I bet it is okay.

Also, let’s look at what the lyrics carry for us. First, are the lines easy to grasp? Yes, they are. They are short and easy to grasp.

In addition to that, the Controller song is about love. In this case, she acts as the Controller of a man’s life.

“Nichum unavyotaka  Niguse unavyotaka, my beiby yeah Nipande unavyotaka  Kaa unavyotaka, my beiby yeah,” reads the first stanza.

Willy Paul is controlling the game with 'Controller'

To add on, the singer says that the girl is fire. According to the third stanza, she is confusing the guy and cannot be able to let her off his mind.

“Nyuma yake ni rewind  Yaani mambo fire You make me loose my mind  Yaani mambo mbaya,” Willy Paul sings in stanza three.

Also, he also describes how the girl is confusing him with her dances. It seems the lady’s speed is very fast that Willy Paul asks her to slow down.

“Mauno yako yanimaliza aah(Controller) Kwa ufundi wako unanimaliza(Controller) Beiby punguza mbio usifike haraka(Mama mama ma) Punguza mbio tukaulie kwa mapenzi(Mama mama ma),” says Willy Paul.

In addition to the good stanza arrangement, Willy Paul has adopted repetition in this great piece of work. The keyword, Controller, has been repeated in every stanza.

Also, it has also been used a lot in the chorus thus making it easy for one to relate with the song.

In conclusion, Willy Paul has done a great job as a result, Controller gets a rating of 7/10.

Video below.

Tanasha’s collaboration with Bongo’s finest is a boost for her music

Tanasha has for the first time proved that she is on a mission to better in the music scene. The mother of one has taken the internet by surprise after releasing a hit in which she has collaborated with Wasafi’s finest, Mbosso.

One thing we must look at in Tanasha’s music, it is evident that she has always struggled to hit the numbers. I know most will say that it is because she is not talented, but again, where did the talent come from this time around?

Tanasha's collaboration with Bongo's finest is a boost for her music

In a game of wits, Tanasha has done a great job to use the Wasafi crew to her advantage. First, her dating Diamond is one great step to win in her music career.

In addition, Diamond is a big name in the region and most people knowing that he has a thing with Tanasha they will definitely rush to listen to her work.

Sometime back we talked of her being an armature and this time she seems to have mastered the game and polished her work.

Also, I am sure Tanasha has a couple of collaborations expected to drop within the week. It will not be a wonder that they will come from Tanzania.

Tanasha's collaboration with Bongo's finest is a boost for her music

In addition, Tanasha has proved that to sell one needs to be smart. Don’t just go to a foreign land and be dumb. This young mama is already benefiting from Tanzania and the bongo world at large.

Seems like, in 2020, this will be her breakthrough in the music world. I know you have all had the opportunity to listen to her previous work.  It is nothing close to what she has under producer Lizer.

Actually, Tanasha will be the biggest name in Kenya and in East Africa. If she keeps on collaborating with the Tanzanian singers. For this reason, you’ll notice that her name is at the top and on the trending list. We need to promote our own and more so Tanasha.

The lass is already selling the Kenyan name in Tanzania and in places, Diamond Platinumz steps foot.

Guardian angel calls on God for blessings in “Kosi”

Gospel singer Guardian Angel has given his fans Kosi as a new year gift. The celebrated singer is known for his great work in music. As always, he does not disappoint.

Kosi is a lovely praise song in which he praises God for and calls on him to calm him. Guardian Angel is asking God to bless him and protect him from his enemies.

“Nakupa kosi Futa machozi Unitulizee Unitulizee,”

Guardian angel starts the year on a high note on Kosi

Kosi is a prayer to God to bless us

This is the introduction to his lovely song. He says that he has given God work to do. It shows the much trust he has on God.

Also, in the second stanza, Guardian angels go on to ask whatever he wants God to do for him and among them is to hold his hand.

“Moyo wangu unawaka moto, Wale wenye roho ngumu ka kokoto, Wanataka mi niangamie. Nipotelee bwana nichunge kama mtoto,” he says.

In addition, Guardian Angel asks God to prepare a table before his enemies to manifest himself to them. This is a popular verse in the book of Psalms in the Bible. Also to him in Kosi he said it as a prayer request.

Guardian angel starts the year on a high note on Kosi

“Baba andaa meza mbele ya maadui zangu, Nile ninywe nitulie nikutumikie, Mi nikuishie nikukimbilie, Milele kwa hekalu lako nikuhudumie,” says the lyrics.

Actually, the whole song is a prayer for God to bless him and shame his enemies. Am sure most of us this is a prayer for the year. According to him, he needs to feed and feast before their eyes.

Further in Kosi, Guardian Angel says that all he needs is to praise God and serve him diligently.  Also, you’ll notice that this prayer is a good one to begin the year.

Just as many would wish for God to manifest himself in their self this year, you just need to adopt this prayer and make it work.

In conclusion, Guardian Angel gets a rating of 7/10 in Kosi. It is such a great hit.

Video below.

It is time for Kenyan music to get more respect in Africa

Kenyan music has for a long time been neglected in the African music table.  First Kenyan artistes are producing good music better than what their competitors are doing in Africa continent.

With the likes of Sauti Sol, Khaligraph Jones, Nyashinski and the Gengetone groups, Kenya is far much better. It is sad that Kenyan music is not respected on the continent.

Failed Event Organisers

It is time for Kenyan music to get more respect in Africa

To start with, even Kenyan event organisers have helped the world in trashing our own talents. I do not understand how a Kenyan born event organiser shamelessly goes to the neighbouring country to source for artistes to perform in Kenya. This is pure BS.

It is time for Kenyan music to get more respect in Africa

I know that most of these people will walk on into national TV interviews claiming how Kenyan music is underdeveloped. Do you wanna know why? You are the reason why there is less of music growth in Kenya. How on earth will you explain inviting Mbosso to come and perform in Kenya in a coastal cultural event? Does he even understand that culture? Are there no local artistes in that culture?

It is high time this nonsense stopped. Start promoting what is ours. How many times have you heard those Tanzanians invite Kenyan artistes in their mega-events? If there is any proof table it.

Mean African artistes who only think of their Growth

It is time for Kenyan music to get more respect in Africa

Recently, Diamond whose music is played in Kenya shamelessly organised a mega event and had no guts to invite even Akothee a close friend.

The Bongo star took his legs and fame all the way to Nigeria to please them whereas here they are saying let’s support East Africa.

I fail to understand who this East Africa is. To add on, these Tanzanian artistes are very mean and only want to succeed alone. If the Tetema had good intentions, it would not have hurt with Sauti Sol being part of the Wasafi Festival.

Failed media in Kenya who want fame globally but not at home

In addition, there are big media houses in Kenya who will go miles and miles to pay tickets for foreign artistes to fly in Kenya. Common dummies, how many local artistes would you have paid to grace your events? Who said imported content is better? Just know you are ones who have signed a death sentence for Kenyan Music.

The other day Khaligraph Jones was nominated for an award, I am sure none of the so-called event organisers have taken their time to vote.

It is time for Kenyan music to get more respect in Africa

Actually, 2019 should have served as an eye-opener to the majority of Kenyans and see that stand all alone in the game. They need to know that Kenya has good music than even Nigeria and Tanzania.

Also, imagine the rate at which Sailors Gang and Ethic Entertainment have received recognition abroad. Why don’t we do the same for other local artistes?

We will only rise if we market our music. Tanzania, Nigeria, South Africa and Uganda have done it. Why not us? We are better than they are.

In conclusion, if you have stones to throw, then this is the right time to do because I will use them to build better grounds in the fight for KENYAN MUSIC.

DJ Shinski ready to ‘Bounce’ with Arrow Bwoy

DJ Shinski is back with a big tune dubbed Bounce. In the Bounce song, he has featured Kenya’s best talent Arrow Bwoy. The song is all lit from the beats and they are the first thing that you will notice.

It is a very simple song that has brought great minds and talents together. To two minutes song is introduced by Arrow Bwoy and his does his thing as usual.

DJ Shinski in this song is talking about having fan with a girl. He talks of letting the big body bounce meaning he is not competing with anyone.

DJ Shinski ready to 'Bounce' with Arrow Bwoy

This Bounce song is all about love promises

There are promises made in the song by DJ Shinski. Also, they talk of taking the girl for shopping and thus asking others to leave.

Bounce can be used to mean a lot of things. Also, the song is directed by True Juelz and this is just a perfect one. The shots in the video are just amazing and meet the international threshold.

There is that line DJ Shinski says acha kanuke. Imagine such kind of promises in the real life. In Bounce, they ask the DJ to keep playing the song.

DJ Shinski ready to 'Bounce' with Arrow Bwoy

Arrow Bwoy on his side blends in very well with DJ shinski bringing the much-anticipated vibe in Bounce.  To add on, you’ll realise that he is talking about melanin girl. This is simply a dark girl that has that African golden colour.

Also, Arrow Bwoy teams up with Shinski weeks after he released his single Happy Birthday. The song though it is yet to hit 1K views it is a fine jam and we should appreciate talents.

In addition, Bounce is very much original and the style and language used are easy to adapt. It has the best set and costume. Congratulations to the duo.

In conclusion, DJ Shinski and Arrow Bwoy on Bounce get a rating of 6/10.

Video below.

Nameless takes it down with Darassa in ‘PAH’

After a long while, Nameless is back with a new tune dubbed PAH.  The Kenyan king has teamed up with Tanzanian singer Darassa.

PAH comes a time when most thought the talented singer had taken a break from the music. It is a tune that has adapted the Kenyan and Tanzanian style of music.

Nameless takes it down with Darassa in 'PAH'

Nameless performs the song in his own style while Darassa goes for his sayings style. Also, PAH is a perfect example tune of Kenya meets Tanzania.

The highly hyped tune is very lit and am sure it will hit in the Kenyan airwaves for as long as it is nameless work.

PAH by Nameless and Darassa is a love song

To start with, we have to understand what this hit is all about. It is more of a love song that has been delivered in a very unique way.

Nameless takes it down with Darassa in 'PAH'

PAH has been Produced by Bern Mziki. The song narrates some of the things a guy is willing to do to this lady who has swept him off his feet.

Pah has been used symbolically to illustrate how the guy’s heartbeats every time he sees her.

“You make my heart go Pah! You make my heart go Pah! What a strong line in this jam.

Actually, the song is unique as Nameless and Darassa opted to use a male vixen giving PAH a strong lead.

Nameless takes it down with Darassa in 'PAH'

Nameless also takes the opportunity to introduce to his fans to his newly unveiled brand icon.

I would say that the song is relevant to today generation considering that it is well written. In addition, I will be right to say that nameless and Darassa demonstrated a very strong lyrical prowess.

As many would say, the video is very quality and Hascana does not disappoint.

In conclusion, Nameless and Darassa did a good job in PAH giving their fans something to smile for. Last but not least, PAH gets a rating of 8/10.

Video below.

Eko Dydda the king gives the best in ‘Iwake’

Eko Dydda is back with a super lit jam dubbed Iwake. The Kenyan artiste has taken it slow in music leaving his fans wondering what he has been up to.

As many would say that Eko Dydda has finally remembered his YouTube password, I’d say he is just the old Eko. His new tune Iwake is all about lighting fire for Jesus. This is a confirmation he is still taking the gospel seriously.

In the Iwake video, Eko Dydda has decided to use a crowd as his dance team just like the new generation artistes are doing. He appears to be a newly ignited signer and with a revived mission.

To add on, the singer did a single over a year ago with the latest being a collabo over two months ago. Also, it is good to note that in this new single, he has come back with bhang and enough energy.

Eko Dydda the king is back with new tune 'Iwake'

Iwake is all about lighting Christ’s fire in us

The way he has done his lyrics is just the old Eko Dydda but with a new title. I know you might be wondering what I mean but its simply his style still remains.

In addition, he has mastered his lyrical prowess and he is still going far. The jam which has been delivered in today’s generation style still gives hopes to the hopeless and it is clear that talent remains.

Moto wa Yesu na Iwake. Imagine such a line at a time when one is down? This will probably heal one’s soul. It is just so lit.

Eko Dydda the king is back with new tune 'Iwake'

As much as we try to focus on the lyrics, Eko Dydda has delivered the Iwake video in style, making it unique and just so natural.

Like the place where he running up the stairs and the graphics used. This is just so real and amazing. He is one person that I believe new generation should learn from.

Eko Dydda has it right when it comes to music. In conclusion, Iwake gets a rating of 6/10.

Video below.


Bensoul makes a prayer request in new song Niombee

Bensoul new song Niombee is a humble request from the artist to his parents asking them to pray for him. He introduces the song, asking for blessings from them so that he can leave to start his life.

Bensoul urges his siblings to work smart in their studies so that they can experience urban life. The artist sings that they come from from a poor background with brains. Thus he tells them to work hard for it pays by putting God first.

 Bensoul makes a prayer request in new song Niombee

Bensoul seeks for prayers in Niombee

He thus asks for prayers from the parents to pray for him. He narrates that his prayers alone are not enough thus urges them to pray for each other. ‘Niombee nikuombee kwani maombi yangu pekee hayawezi.’

The artiste continues the lead on how this life God is the planner. He sings God is the only one who knows about today tomorrow and days after.

In Niombee, he sings that his now and Future only God is aware of it. Everywhere one would want to go or be he’s the one who’ll lead us there. If one puts faith in God and all troubles cast on him, nothing is heavy for the Lord. He tells people in life they should never forget to pray and every time they pray let them remember each other.

 Bensoul makes a prayer request in new song Niombee

Niombee defines the artist life journey. In connection to the fast urban life and glam that came with fame and being signed by Sauti sol. He thus gives a reflection of his past and prays he never gets hyped but remain in connection to his roots. So lovely in which that’s where many people have failed in the modern urban lifestyles.

The song has been well done by the artist. Bensoul is talented as we know majorly as a bass guitarist. The lyrical flow of the song is good food for thought among many lost lives.

The video was also well done to simply define a true reflection of his roots. Well done Ben Soul, like and give your views as well below!

In conclusion, Bensoul gets a rating of 7/10 in Niombee.

Video link below.

Brown Mauzo at it again with ‘Kwe Kwe’

Brown Mauzo is back with something very captivating dubbed Kwe Kwe. The Kenyan singer as always does not disappoint in this new tune.

Kwe Kwe is that jam that one will think it is from Tanzania but hell no, this is Kenyan made. Actually to be specific this is Kenyan coast made and it just wow.

Kwe Kwe by Brown Mauzo is all about love

In this jam Brown Mauzo is here to talk about love as usual an it seems the love game is high nowadays. The coastal based artiste is known for his Swahili prowess in music.

Brown Mauzo at it again with 'Kwe Kwe'

To start with, it will be right if I say that Brown Mauzo lyrical prowess is just one to reckon. He has done a couple of jams all good but this is just lit.

Also, looking at the video it is well shoot and well thought of. The graphics are just amazing.  In addition to the great lyrics, there is a team that was behind the production process.

To add on, this music video titled Kwe Kwe has been produced by Jegede and mixed and mastered by Lizer and video shot by X Antonio.

As it appears, the song has captured attention of fans and it is really being felt. Further into the song, we notice that Brown Mauzo has also mastered the queens language in his work.

Brown Mauzo at it again with 'Kwe Kwe'

Also, it is a song that has no limited audience as it can be played anywhere be it on radio or TV. As it appears, matters of the heart are key in music. Mauzo is describing how the bedroom will be like with the girl he is talking to.

Further, the singer asks the lady if she is into her as he is not ready to waste time and needs to  move on quickly. Also, the song is full of promises.

In conclusion, Kwe Kwe by Brown Mauzo gets a rating of 7/10.

Video below.


Masauti at it again with ‘Sokote’ video is lit

Masauti at the top of the game again with Sokote. The Ipepete hit-maker is for sure over working and this is really paying for him.

Sokote comes at a time when fans are still singing to his tune Ipepete. Masauti has a unique way of capturing his fans attention.

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Sokote is all about the coconut style

To start with, Sokote is a jam that you don’t wanna miss as it has all the Kenyan hype that will keep you glued to its video.

‘Fanya kama unacheza, isokote(Chii) Binyuka binyuka basi, isokote Fanya kama unacheza, isokote(Chii) Binyuka binyuka basi, isokote’.
In this jam, Masauti is just talking more of dancing or rather twerking and in a coded way he is sending the message.

Masauti at it again with 'Sokote' video is lit

To add on, there was the famous line where most women ware talking of a coconut style as a bedroom thing but in this case, Masauti is asking the lady to shake it round.

When he talks of coconut, we all know it is round in some kind of way. So he simply means shake it round.

Nionyeshe makeke Mi nataka hio dedede Popote nikukamate Kwa ulimi nipake mate Mi nataka leo ujibambe We songa nikupakate.

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In this specific stanza, Masauti is talking of a sexual scene where he describes what he wants to do. Further he goes ahead to sing that he wants the girl to have fun.

Masauti at it again with 'Sokote' video is lit

Also, it is a song where the ladies are seen shaking their behinds. In the video, it is all lovely and very fascinating. Even though the target audience is limited in this jam, Masauti has it right.

To add on, the video is quality and it is only right if we say it has met the international standards threshold.

Sokote is a tune that people will keep playing even as other jams come along. Masauti has done it so well and no doubt he will keep doing better.

In conclusion, Sokote gets a rating of 7/10.

Video below.

Dazlah is back with a new hit dubbed ‘Utamu’

Dazlah is back with a new hit dubbet Utamu. The coastal talented singer comes back with a bang as this jam is very lit. When I say lit I am talking of something very fascinating to listen to.

Dazlah is one talent that Kenyans need to watch as he is being consistent in his work. In a long time now, Dazlah has been hitting the airwaves with his sweet voice.

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Utamu is one jam that if you do not know Dazlah is Kenya, you’ll easily liken him to an artiste from the neighboring country Tanzania.

The raw talent from the Kenyan coast has come back with a new love song that is all about the sweetness of a relationship.

Dazlah is back with a new hit dubbed 'Utamu'

Dazlah is all about love in ‘Utamu’

To start with, in the song Dazlah talks of nipe utamu mimi nitulie. Also, nikikosa usiniseme.. This two lines just show it is all about love.

In addition, the singer is also talking of how he does not care about the outside world but of how their love needs to grow.

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Nipe mahaba this is simply give me love and also like any other artist he does not forget to mention the bedroom world.

Utamu will sure be a hit in a short while. First the lyrical presentation is all amazing. The way the lines are written is one way that has kept the jam flowing.

Dazlah has also not disappointed when it comes to audio and video work. The singer has given this jam Utamu all that it needs to be a hit. In this case you realise that the audio and the beats are in sync and this gives the song an easy flow.

Dazlah is back with a new hit dubbed 'Utamu'

The video is in line the wordings in the song and the theme as well.

One thing that Dazlah does to his music is that he has all the emotions directed towards it. This makes it easy for a listener to get the mood of the song.

Utamu for sure is a great hit and Dazlah gets a rating of 6/10.

Video below.

Maluda is one rap gospel artist that Kenyans aught not to ignore

As I always say, Kenyan music is ever changing. Biggest  thing is that artists have to catch up no matter what because either way what we the fans want is good music regardless. Now am sure by now most Kenyans have been dancing to the biggest song now Sondeka Part 3. A song that featured gospel artists and in my opinion I pointed out one talent Maluda.

I mean his rap game is on another level and the way he spits gives beautiful vibe to the song.

Maluda and Career

That aside, Eystone Mukubi alias Maluda is an award winning Kenyan gospel artist that has been in the industry for the past 13 years or so.

Having started his career at young age he stands out with his prowess in rap.

He started out his music career back in 2006 and so far he would attest to having had a big milestone since then. By that we mean growth.


So far he has done several songs including  Have Mercy that he featured Khaligraph Jones,Glory to king featuring Kforce,Panda, NishampataNiko kwa Mtaa and  Easy featuring Juliani.


Easy ; the song that featured Juliani became a breakthrough point as it was nominated for the 2016 groove awards in the Hip hop song of the year.

Thankfully they won the award. Furthermore this was not the only nomination.

In  the same year 2016 MALUDA also got nominated for the African Gospel Music And Media Awards held in the U.K.

Challenges and attribution

For a man that has been in the industry long enough, Maluda says the biggest challenge  that he has felt is the transformation of music as time goes by.

His attribution being  music is what you have to show now and not what you did then.Smart, right?

With his latest participation in the now Kenyan Anthem Sondeka part 3, you notice his prowess in the rap game. Well , like it or not this is one talent not to ignore but rather support.

Below is the link to Sondeka watch and tell us what you think.

Vivian is back with a new banger ‘Feel Me’

Vivian is back with a new video dubbed Feel Me. She has been in the US for sometime now and it is time to feel her.

To start with, she has been an icon in producing good music thus selling Kenyan work.

What is ‘Feel Me’ all about?

In Feel Me she talks about a woman who is seeking for intimacy.

Also in her post she says that many ladies once married take a back seat when it comes to sexual intimacy.

On this one someone needs to confirm it. In short it is all about women taking ownership of their sexuality.

In addition, she says that sexual intimacy is a form of communication that reunites couples all over the world.

The video to this song has been shot in the USA. You need to it, it is super good and well done.

Vivian is back with a new banger 'Feel Me'

Relevance of the song

Most of the times we rarely forget that women deserve to be encouraged. It is a good thing that Vivian has taken a new angle for Feel Me. Most songs done nowadays is all about women being sexual tools. This is a great hit.

Fell Me has that lyrical prowess in it. It is very creative and every word in it is enough for the target audience who is a woman in this case.

We are going go analyze some of the lines here and am sure you are going to like it.

There is this part where she says maybe you can call me honey, mimi na wewe hatutengani and then there is also I wanna make you Feel me. This is all about what she is asking to be done to a woman. Am sure if you try this experiment things will never be the same.

In the chorus I wanna make you Feel Me is where the strength of the song is. Am sure by the end of the day you will be singing these lyrics in your head.

In conclusion, Vivian has done a good job on Feel Me with the help of Control Bwoy, Sam West and Zj Addikt who helped in song idea development. Also mixing mastering and production has been done by Ogopa Deejays. She and Sam West directed the video which is so good. Editing has been done by Elix (Rahim).

Last but not least, Vivian on Feel Me gets a rating of 8/10.


Original Genge Vs Gengetone; The musical era difference, which is better?

Kenyan music has been evolving as years go by and that has shown great transition in music. Further it has seen the growth of many  genge talents if not the breeding of many careers.


Well, for definitive purposes we will break down a genre know as Genge. This, is a genre of hip hop music that had its beginnings in Nairobi, Kenya.

The name was coined by the producer Clemo and popularized by Kenyan rappers Jua Cali and Nonini who started off at Calif Records, and is commonly sung in Sheng , Swahili or local dialects.

These genre was well campaigned for in it days  and well it was well embraced by the Kenyan fans.

With popular hits like We kamu by Nonini-am sure you remember that millenial- were among the first hits of Genge.

Furthermore,it was easy to identify the  rap-style beat where rap artists converse in a rhythm-type of music that makes the song more like a conversation in the regional language.

However everything good has its ending in due course.

By around 2015 the Genge regime started dwindling as Bongo and Naija music took over the Kenyan music but some artists like the Kansoul  have managed to  keep the genge music at Kenya’s  music scene.


Fast forward, towards the end of 2018, a new crop of artists emerged with an exciting and fan filled kind of music. Now popularly known as Gengetone.



Gengetone music is that of the new age musicians with the likes of Wamlambez regime , Ochungulo family, Sailors gang, Ethic Entertainment  and Zzero Sufuri took center stage.

Further, new age musicians brought life back to the Kenyan music industry especially as most of them were struggling to get their  music play on mainstream media.

Clearly the out burst worked. How? They use vulgarity, nudity and afro based beats that are for some reason good to the ear.

These music is also worth dancing to.

So compared to the older kind of genge, we appreciate the artistry in each generation but the distinct nature of it is that new age music now cannot be publicly sang along.

WHY?The kind of content it carries is even not worth mentioning in public. In my opinion Gengetone will die a natural death if there is no change in content creation. For this i will give it to the veteran  genge music players.

Dazlah’s ‘Shika Kushika’ praises Kenyan music

Dazlah hits up again with this jam Shika kushika. In this new hit he really praises Kenyan music.

A smart way of selling his counterparts among nations. The artist approach is a smart way of gaining fans, even from other artists supporters.

What is ‘Shika Kushika’about?

He is telling how music plays all round in villages ,clubs and even motorbikes. The artist goes ahead to say how, Kenya is number one well represented. This is by how Kenyan music hits in different areas and even beyond borders.  The rate at which Kenyan music is played internationally, makes us well known.

Dazlah is telling how he feels proud about it.  How  Kenyan music is fun and we even Kenyans feel proud about it, and  of how our music is known. The rate at which  songs are known, in different nations make us proud. He thus sings how our music “ una shika kushika,  unakamata” in his chorus part of the jam.

How Dazlah's 'Shika Kushika' praises Kenyan music

The artist goes ahead and sings, the rate at which our music is played. It  makes people crazy  as our music plays and replays again.  It soothes many and thus  making our music to be played widely. People enjoy and have fun all day and night till it dawns . He goes ahead to mention some famous artists among them who’ve our music famous.  Among  them being Jua Kali, Nameless among others.


Generally the song is well done. We can give it a good rating as he being one of our own, agrees of how best Kenyan music is. Many artists have tried to give Kenya the best. Thus giving credit where it deserves thumbs up Dazlah.  Let’s support Kenyan music.

In conclusion, Dazlah is really working hard and he is super talented. He only needs to market his music. Shika Kushika gets a rating of 5/10.

Below is a link to the audio.