German-based Kenyan singer Pety Nila gives big names a run for their money with her new banger ”Nakupenda”

The Kenyan music industry is about to feel a huge effect and change now that young guys are joining the industry and proving they have talent good enough to steal fans from top artists.

The music space has been blessed with a new talent who goes by the name Pety Nila who is for sure set to give a lot of artists a run for their money.

Petty, who is based in Germany is set to take over the Kenyan market with her new song “Nakupenda” after teaming with several local talents including comedian Mula Mwah who is the video vixen in the song. The song has been produced by Ihaji Video while the video directed by Johnson Kyalo.

Pety Nila was born in Kitui Kenya and started music when she was young, mostly dancing and singing by performing at primary school, Sunday school and community events.


She’s a mother of 4 and is married in Germany where she has received professional voice training, creating for herself a very broad and eclectic selection of songs, ranging from classical Italian love songs to opera arias to pop songs and spirituals.

She recorded her first single dubbed “Holiday” in Nairobi which went on to get a warm reception.

Listen to her new jam Nakupenda below:


Loaded singer Queen Marie J proves she’s the boss in the game with new banger ‘Washaa’

Kenyan songstress Marie Njoroge alias Queen Marie J has returned yet again with another new track called “Washa”.

Remember just a few months ago when she took over the airwaves with her hit “Ratatah” which went on to garner some impressive views on Youtube.

Now with Washa, Queen MJ is out to prove she can be consistent and still release music that fans will appreciate. The song is about having fun and women enjoying their money.

Putting Work

Unlike Ratatah which was shot in Europe, Washa was done locally. According to the singer who has been really working on growing her brand lately, the song is just a start and she’s currently working on a massive collabo with a superstar artist who she’s not yet ready to reveal.

Marie’s journey in music officially started in September 2018 marked by her decision to pursue music professionally. Embarking on her debut single titled io sto bene, Italian meaning “I feel good”, Marie J worked with renowned Kenyan director, Nezzoh Monts on her first music video which was a great success.

Shortly after, Marie J released her second single Giogode in November, a project directed by X Antonio, a close follow up of the first single that enjoyed a great reception locally and in Italy as well.

Watch Washa below:



Watch! Queen MarieJ heads to Europe to shoot new music video “Ratatah” proving haters wrong

Songbird Marie Njoroge AKA Marie J has made a surprise comeback with a new banger dubbed “Ratatah”.

The song has been shot in Europe and has Marie J confidently telling haters that you don’t need to sacrifice your soul to do amazing things in the music industry.

“Ratatah is a hit banger made in Europe. It’s all about when people think you are weak to pursue your talents as they overstress you about where you get your money and that maybe you have joined some cult to offer you sacrifices as the shining star allover not knowing that God himself can richly bless you so I tell them if they try I will #ratatah them,” Said Mary J. 

The Kenyan songstress has consistently worked on creating uniquely blend music incorporating her life experiences as well as love tales spelled in rhythm and quintessence. She points to Angelique Kidjo of Benin & Yvone Chaka chaka of South Africa as being some of her influences.


In the video, she’s seen cruising around with wazungus and high-end cars.

Marie’s journey in music officially started in September, 2018 marked by her decision to pursue music professionally. Embarking on her debut single titled io sto bene, Italian meaning “I feel good”, Marie J worked with renown Kenyan director, Nezzoh Monts on her first music video which was a great success.

Shortly after, Marie J released her second single Giogode in November, a project directed by X Antonio, a close follow up of the first single that enjoyed a great reception locally and in Italy as well.

Watch the video below:

Sad! Popular female singer conned 56K by employee after trusting him to make bank deposit 

Musician Lady Maureen is asking for Kenyans to help her track one of her employees who made away with her Ksh 56,000 that was meant for deposit.

The queen of Ohangla lost the money after trusting one of her employees to make a bank deposit after she went to the bank and got a long queue.


Maureen couldn’t stand in line so she gave her employee the money to deposit while she waited in the car. Unfortunately, the employee slide out, went and took his wife and kids and ran away with the money.

Maureen is now asking for help to track the man.

”The queue was long so Maureen decided to leave him with the cash to deposit, since then Maureen has not seen him, the money was not deposited, his phones are off, we just heard from his brother that he went to the house, took the wife and his kid and went away, kindly share his photos all over, if you happen to see him kindly cal me on this number 0712490825 or call Maureen on 0710438671, reward KSh 3,000,” Connie Kabarry.


P-Square member slams Kenyan lady begging him on instagram to pay for her a holiday to the US 

Paul Okoye, the former P Square member, has slammed one of her fans who slid on his DM begging for some eyebrow-raising favors.

Okoye took to social media to slam the lady, who happens to be Kenyan, for asking him to fund a holiday trip to the US, and, pay for her school fees.


The shocking post had many thinking it was all a mistake and maybe the post was originally meant for her dad. But no, Okoye’s name was there. It was meant for him.

”Hi Paul Okoye. I am Morah, I am turning 22-years old in July. I am a Kenyan but currently in Tanzania with my parents. This is my mum’s account I am using. Can you kindly please help me financially, by sponsoring me to study in the university in USA? And can you please help me to go to US this June, to have fun? Please reply to me today without fail,” she wrote. 

Okoye, who is married and has two kids, didn’t shy away from blasting the lady by sharing it on his status and captioning:

“Some humans though….. see ehh!! your own hell fire will be V.V.I.P ???????????? popping sniper and ota pia pai ???????????????????? second chance Kee you there ,” he said.


Majirani ends 3-year-silence with new song to prove he’s not broke, pokes fun at Kenrazy who has vanished 

Rapper Majirani is back in the music industry after taking a three-year hiatus.

Majirani, who is behind such hits as Tukumbukeko and Vilekunaendanga, has made a comeback with his new jam Tutaongea.

The song has been produced by Ulopa and directed by Director O. In the song, Majirani mocks Kenrazy saying that he was a nice team mate while at Grandpa but turned greedy.


“Ma friends unajua tumetoka far, Na ile jeshi ya Grandpa, 2013 tukiwapiga na bakora, kabla ya mbilikimo kua mkora.” raps Majirani in the song.

We all know there has been tension between the two after Majirani claimed Kenrazy stole his song “Vilekunaendanga” in 2015.

In the three years, Majirani has been focusing on his football team Majirani FC in Eldoret.

Watch the video below:

Singer Majirani denies he’s broke, says he spends around 2.6 million funding his football team

Singer Majirani is not after bragging, but just for him to make things clear, he had to share the huge amount of money he has been churning out lately so that people can stop linking him with poverty.

Rumors had it the singer was wallowing in poverty after a photo of him chilling near a slum emerged. The singer however has now come out to refute the claims saying that he’s no where close to brokenness.

“I have built my house, I have my own place in Eldoret,” said the singer in a statement to journalists. 

“I can’t be broke. That was fake news. Just because I took a break from music doesn’t mean I’m not making money. I’m not like some of these other artists who when they stop singing they start to struggle.” 


Majirani went on to reveal that he has been sponsoring his football team Majirani FC which has been one of the best in Kenya in terms of performance.

He said that so far he has spent millions sponsoring the team and he’s currently looking at how he can take it to the premiere league.

“I spend almost 800k every year sponsoring Majirani FC,” said the singer who is known for his tracks Tukumbukeko and Vilekunaendanga. 

“So far I have spent at-least Ksh 2.6 million. So there’s no way I can be broke.” 


Nigerian singer Mr Eazi confirms Kenyan artists worst nightmare: Kenyans love foreign music more

Nigerian singer Mr Eazi has been in Kenya a lot of times and apparently, it’s because Kenya, and East Africa in general, has a lot to offer. In currency form that is.

The singer confessed that East Africa, particularly Kenya, are among the highest paying concert spots for African artists. The singer openly confessed how easy it was to walk into Kenya and get paid KSh 10 million for a single show, contrary to how it is back in his home country Nigeria.

Easy money

Speaking in an interview with OKayAfrica, the singer shared that East Africa is very receptive.

”East Africa is arguably the most receptive spot for music. In East Africa, they listen to hip-hop, they listen to their local music, they also listen to music from the West of Africa, they listen to pop. So in recent times, asides from when I do festivals or branded shows in the UK or wherever,” Eazi said.

”Nobody is going to pay you $100,000 in Nigeria to do a show, or even $60,000 to come and jump on stage for a set. But you can easily get that money by walking into Kenya or walking into Gambia. So those places should be the ones I focus on. Also, when we dropped Keys to the City, which was not a single and we saw the views on YouTube, the bulk was from East Africa,” he added. 

He went on to say that he would definitely perform in Kenya than his country Nigeria given the sweet deals Kenyans offer. The comments comes after Kenyan artists protests that DJs and presenters have given international artists priority over them.

”It is the only place that I can perform without a curated set. If I perform in Nigeria or UK it’s a curated set. But if I perform in East Africa, I can perform every song from Major Lazer to Lotto Boyz to Lady Leshurr, and all the songs on Accra to Lagos. All, I can perform all the songs before that project,” he said. 

Video: Beloved singer SWAT beaten like a burukenge for allegedly trying to rob an apartment in Umoja

SWAT aka Mtoto wa Eunice during the weekend cheated death after a mob in Umoja almost lynched him for allegedly stealing.

A video of the young kid being beaten by a mob has been doing rounds on social media during the weekends claiming that he had stolen the phones from the apartment in Umoja.

According to his group Ethic, they released a statement saying Swat was with some friends outside a flat on Saturday night when it emerged there were police officers patrolling the area.

“They started flogging them and beating them up, at one point they nearly burnt them. Luckily the same police officers who saw Swat and his friend run away as they were getting away from them came to their rescue and released Swat and the friend since they were obviously innocent,” ethic, through their official Twitter explained. 

Not a thief

Ethic’s manager backed the group’s statement saying that SWAT – real name Boniface Mwangi – saw the police and he ran into a residential plot. He also denied that Swat is a thug in the area.

“If he was caught stealing he’d be in a cell right? I don’t know about the stories online but cops were definitely involved and if he’d committed any crime, he’d be in a cell as we speak. SWAT is not a thief! If anything we’d just done some shows on Friday and he was quite loaded,” John Mbugua said.


“My father at one time would beat my mother in front of us” Arrow reveals growing up in a violent home 

Singer Arrowboy has revealed that he grew up in a polygamous family that saw his dad fight with his mother a lot.

Speaking in an interview on Radio Jambo, the singer revealed that his father, who had 12 kids, was a frustrated man and usually attacked his mother to vent out his anger.

“Being the last born in a family of 12 siblings and a polygamous family, my father at one time would beat my mother in front of us. My father was frustrated with life because he did not have enough money to feed us.”


Comedian YY also said that he grew up in a similar setting. His late father used to be violent and always attacked his mum while they were kids. Like YY, Arrowboy said that he forgave his father.

“I already forgave my father. We are now good and sometimes we talk, and I still respect him as my dad.”

My husband died on my daughter’s birthday and I was also pregnant -lost singer Meg C 

Singer Meg C has neither been on your radio, TV or headlines for quite some time now. The singer took five years off because of several reasons but now, she’s back to reclaim her fans.

In a recent interview with TUKO, Meg C, whose real names are Nasra Salim, said that life became hell after her hubby died just. She was just 23 years old when he past.


Meg C married the man at only 18 years old but things took a dark turn after he passed leaving her with a kid and another on the way.

”The time I heard news that my husband had died, everything stopped in my world, I just took off, I ran out of the house and I almost got knocked down by cars, since then my life changed because he was everything to me, the day he died was my daughter’s birthday. And my daughter is there asking me where is my dad. So I had a funeral and I had a birthday and I am pregnant.” she revealed. ”I had to travel and go to Dubai and look for a job for my children” she added. 

Last month, the singer released a new single and has promised to continue releasing more music as she makes a comeback.

Watch the full interview below:

Finally! Alvin drops the full version of his song ‘Taka Taka’ for all other heartbroken boy-child out there 

Kenyans for the better part of last week have been entertained by a young man named Alvin who released a snippet of his song named “Taka Taka” which involves him ruthlessly tearing his ex-lover apart.

The song has been trending for days now as Kenyans enjoy the funny, yet emotional lyrics as a bitter Alvin shreds his lady after she rejected him.

The singer recently went to studio and finished up the song as Kenyans begged for the full version.

“Taka Taka” audio has now been released and Kenyans can jam to it as they wait for the video. Interestingly, the song was produced by Magix Enga, a top producer in the industry. Well, let’s wait and see if Alvin, who started out as comedian, will be the next Msupa S and take over the industry.

Watch the video below:



Popular Nyanza artist forced to deny he’s infected by killer STI “Jakadala” 

There has been a serious scare in Migori County after claims of a strange sexually transmitted infection nicknamed ‘Jakadala’ that kills people in just a day after infection.

Though health officials in the county have come out to deny the claims, it seems the rumour is still doing rounds especially on social media.

Popular Ohangla singer Moses Odhimbo alias Musa Jakadala has been forced to deny that he has contradicted the disease and his on his death bed.


The STI has been named after him a reason why the rumour started but Musa said that he has taken everything positively. In fact, he confessed he’s somehow honored the STI was named after him.

“I have taken the trend positively. In Luo culture a popular people who trend are often named after unknown a natural phenomenon like famine or ailment. I am honoured as it shows I am a hit maker,” Jakadala said. 


KDF singer Timeless Noel sends sad message as he continues to mourn father, Ask Kenyans for help

Citizen TV presenter Timeless Noel has been engulfed with a sad mood since losing his dad on two weeks ago. Noel, who is also a singer, lost his dad who was in ICU after a short illness.

His father left a bill at the hospital that amounted to millions and the singer has been has been looking for help to clear the bill.  In a recent message on Instagram, the singer shared how he was close with his father.


“Dad, I miss you. You opened your eyes just for me while in a coma. That showed how much you love,d me. That memory will never fade away. I promise i’ll give you a decent send off because you gave your all to me till the last minute. You used all your strength just to see me.It doesn’t make sense now because of my situation but i believe god will come through for us. Let me prove to the world that i adored you. I love you baba. Your soul is with our daddy. Come support our family for the fundraiser.” he posted.

Timeless Noel is known to many as a Hypeman, dance choreographer, singer and TV host. He hosts ‘Bambika’ which was formerly known as ‘Kubamba’ alongside singer Kambua, Holy Dave Muthengi and DJ Gee Gee.

These two young artists prove they are the future in the music industry,  help fight depression 

Young kids might be making dirty music all over but it seems there’s a section of upcoming guys that are still focused on doing proper music that even older guys can enjoy.

Jack Javi and McKenna have teamed up to release a new song dubbed “Dreams”.

The song basically encourages those undergoing various challenges in the quest to achieving their Dreams and to never give up.


Jack Javi through his hard work and perseverance, he has managed to create quite a buzz around his music.

“I can decide to make excuses, listen to what people say, give in to depression. But but I can too decide to hit it so hard at a point of no return, and if it hits back, I fall but never forever. I will keep hitting and it will keep hitting back, but it won’t hit back forever. For I believe, if I have to have it, i have to have it,” he says. 

The audio was produced by Spikes Music studios (producer Byron Lertrupers) and the video was done by Big Dreams Studios.

Watch the video and be the judge:

Soja!! Soja!! Music group Le Band beats up their producer 

It seems a lot has been happening in these recording studios and Kenyans have been left the dark.

Just days after dancehall singer Redsan was in the news for beating his producer Dr. Sappy almost to a pulp, it seems another bunch of artists have also decided to use his method to get the required results.

Word has emerged that Le Band, which comprises of four members, also beat up their producer MG. On social media, Le Band lead member Fidel took to social media to rant about MG being unprofessional a reason why they had to attack him. This is after the paid him and it took over five months to produce their song “Number one.”

“We kept calling and calling he did not pick up, and so we decided to shoot the video using a demo just waiting for the song,” Fidel said.

“When I posted my story on social media, many people came out saying he has done the same thing. What he does is ask for money but he does not perform to the expectations as per the deal.”

Parted ways

According to reports, the fight erupted after MG lied to Fidel that he was in Kisumu only for them to bump into each in town. MG then went ahead and called them to studio and apologized but things escalated and Fidel picked up a microphone stand and hit MG. They fought and eventually, MG sent them half the money they had paid him for studio time.


This is what MG said on social media later on.

“For those who know me, I have built this dream from 2003… 2016 leband came to studio and tried to beat me up in studio throwing my equipment around (unlike sappy walipata niko ready)……Jana I went through the worst bullying possible…after sleepless nights of working on Leband…never thought I would do this but words could not get to them….so like always my work speaks…..the musicians that I hosted, fed, nutured and loved felt it’s right to troll me after paying me a depo of 6k and me having to beg for the rest…they paid me 15k in total…(you all know I charge 30k)…..calling me a fraud after finishing their job (which are hits and also their first recordings)…

Redsan must have really started up something.(atleast he is a legend) so dear le band….for every trash and lies you put out ….am gonna remove processing…….am also posting their song Number 1 without MG if they continue with this nonsense and you gonna looooooove it … le band you know how bad you a producer am way used to being forgoten,disrespected, underpaid and told to be humble when I speak up about payment….my contracts and quotation are disregarded and shunned …

Fellow producers laugh now and you time of disrespect is coming….as for artist sana sana Juliey Mumia and juukua… Dreamchild Brand Tetu Shani Enoque Wambua…keep forgeting your songs were done in a week.and file working on your raw files ?……. for my mtaa people nitwarecord nyinyi pekee yenu..hawa mababi wakiwa famous Hawana shukran….as for me let me chill in roysambu on my mtumba clothes as we see who the real frauds are…. #respectproducers”

Bouncer! Redsan forced to explain why he hit the gym and got buffed this year

Singer Redsan was recently a trending topic after he attacked and beat up his producer Dr. Sappy at his studio for allegedly refusing to give him his new album.

Kenyans, as usual, made fan out of the whole saga especially when Sappy started calling the watchman for help during the beating. Redsan, in an interview with SDE, has now explained why he hit the gym this year and got a buffed body and it has nothing related to fighting.

“I just wanted to change my look because I work with artistes who really look good. So, I had to up my game. Mainly it’s just about keeping healthy, but it is also my escape zone. When I’m at the gym, I get to think and reflect on life,” he said. 


He went on to surprise fans saying that in his new album, The Baddest, he also has a rap song. This is after fans asked him to switch things a little bit and not just give dance hall songs.

“When I released my previous album, Versatility, I was asked why I was only focused on dancehall. But I am a versatile artiste and so I decided to do a full English rap song. So, those rappers who claim they are king and the baddest in rap should watch out.

“This is my fifth album which has 17 tracks, including collaborations with Jamaican acts Demarco and Naila, Kenyan songstress Yvonne Darc, Tanzanian fast-rising artiste Ervix and Ugandan heavyweight Jose Chameleone,” he said. 

Redsan also conned me millions. I paid for all his video expenses in Dubai – KRG

More drama is unraveling after Redsan beat up his producer Sappy after he refused with the masters.

Dancehall singer KRG the Don has come out to claim that he spent millions on the singer but he has never bothered to repay back.

According to KRG, he paid for Redsan’s song “Get With It” and all other expenses in Dubai but has never been refunded.

“Am so sorry my brother Sappy you don’t deserve such treatment after putting in work tirelessly without getting paid for the work you have been doing! This is so sad that this artist can be using other people over and over again then think they don’t have brains!

“This fellow has been using Kenyan producers then in the end he takes credit to Sony Africa. It happened to me too after I paid for his video expenses in Dubai then I saw the credits go to sony yet I used my personal cash to fund all the expenses including his accommodation, food, drinks, and clothes he is so shameless.” he said.

I wish it was me

He went on to accuse the singer of using people. He also claimed that if Redsan had attacked him like he did to Sappy, he would have turned the case into a man hunt.

“I posted about Tiwa being stranded some people said am a hater but the truth is he likes using people and run. His time for using people for the wrong reasons are done. now he better start looking for other activities to do in life coz in the music business such people don’t survive. My blood is boiling right now I wish I was in Sappy’s shoe this guy could be running for his dear life instead. #JusticeForSappy hii ndio album launch kumbe.”

Singer Ommy Dimpoz back in hospital just weeks after surgery 

Tanzanian singer Ommy Dimpoz has been rushed back to hospital where he was admitted just two months ago.

Pictures of the singer in hospital looking weak have hit social media. Just two months ago, he underwent a major surgery in South Africa after he developed serious complications on his throat while attending Ali kiba’s wedding in Mombasa.

The singer thanked Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho who took him to his personal doctor after he noticed he had difficulties swallowing food or any drink at Ali kiba’s wedding.

“Governor Joho noticed that I was having problems swallowing food during Alikiba’s wedding in Mombasa. I could barely swallow anything. He offered to take me to his personal doctors for checkup,” said Ommy Dimpoz.


It’s not yet clear when he was taken back to hospital but judging from the photo, it doesn’t seem like he’s been there for a long time.

The singer went under the knife to have his esophagus rectified his all the way from his throat during his first time in the South African hospital.

The whole operation took 12 long hours and despite being successful Ommy Dimpoz was left into a coma. He spent spent close to two months recuperating.


Kenyan Musician who Kenyans begged Uhuru to save now paralyzed

Kenyan musician Maureen Otiu, popularly known as Lady Maureen, has been hospitalized after she was diagnosed with hypotension which has left her paralysed.

Just a few months ago, the singer and a 15 band members were arrested for entering Tanzania without travel documents. They were arraigned in the High Court in Mwanza where they were given a bail of KSh35,000 each. Kenyans then, asked President Uhuru to help the band that was locked down.

Rushed to hospital

News reaching Ghafla indicate that the Lady Maureen underwent a surgery on Saturday but has a growth on her back.

“We rushed her to the nearest hospital in Harambee Sacco estate where she lives, but after examinations, the hospital referred her to St Francis Community in Kasarani,” Maureen’s friend shared.

On Valentines Day, the singer collapsed on stage while preparing to perform during her debut album launch event in Umoja One, Nairobi.