Diana Marua’s latest revelation puzzles Kenyans

A post that was put up by Diana Marua a few hours ago has left Kenyans with more question than answers due to its cryptic nature.

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If you’re an avid internet user, I’m sure you are aware of the drama that has been brewing between Diana and Bahati. Rumors doing rounds is that the gospel singer cheated and his bae was not to happy about it.

Kevin Bahati and Diana Marua

Sources claim that Bahati had been sleeping with a beautiful  who was introduced to him by best friend and manager Weezdom. Other sources claim that he has been cheating with Weezdom’s girlfriend.

After the rumors surfaced, Bahati and Diana unfollowed each other on Instagram, while the latter has deleted most of the Kumbe Kumbe hitmaker’s photos from her page.

Diana Marua

A few days ago, Diana left her fans tongue-tied after posting a picture of a black rose on her page, however, her latest move seems to be a confirmation that things are not well between her and Bahati.

Taking to Instagram, the mother of two, who has since changed her name from Signora Bahati to Miss Dee, put up a quote that alluded to the fact that she has learnt a lesson from Bahati’s disloyalty.

Check out what she posted below.

Baby number 3? Diana Marua’s dark moment as she experiences pregnancy scare

The situation has turned messy after Diana Marua hinted she might be expecting baby number 3 with husband, Bahati.

Taking you back to early September, Ms Marua was forced to ditch her contraceptive after developing major complications that were having a toll on her health.

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Ever since, she has had to operate without and 3 months later, is already having a pregnancy scare.

The tell-tale signs

This is after claiming she has missed her periods for the last 2 months and has since developed unusual signs and symptoms that she mainly experiences when expectant.

Things like nausea, lack of appetite, bloating, breakouts and just sudden mood changes that have left her suspicious she might be expecting baby number 3 with Bahati.

The Bahatis

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The big deal however, is how she will break the news to the gospel singer who had on several occasions categorically said no to having another baby, despite Diana Marua’s persistence in convincing him to have a last one.

The announcement

In her struggle of trying to find how to handle her situation, she engages her sister, Michelle in a one-on-one conversation.

Diana Marua on vacation

Diana is at first hesitant to break the news but eventually gains the courage to do so.

“Aki I’m so scared, I don’t even know where to start. Imagine I’m pregnant, I’ve done 3 tests so far and they are all positive,” Diana opens up.

According to her, she knew she was done after having Heaven and Majesty but the fact that she has no contraceptive is reason enough to believe she is expectant.

The Bahatis

“Bahati and I had already discussed family planning. I don’t think I’m ready for another child, plus I’m scared of telling Bahati, because I always told him I’m safe but now I can’t approach him with this,” she admits.

It becomes a tear-filled, emotional and tense moment, only for it to turn out a prank. Watch as it goes down:

“No more babies!” The Bahati couple declares as they now go into real estate

It keeps getting bigger and better for Diana Marua as her husband splashes thousands on the finer things in life just for her.

When we thought he had wrapped up the climax of their 5th wedding anniversary with his multi-million gift of a brand new Mercedes ride, then came her 32nd birthday.

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He treated her to a high-end 5-day baecation at the Zanzibar Islands, thereafter had a private cake-cutting ceremony at Maiyan, Nanyuki with close friends and family.

The Bahati couple

An event that raised controversy but left good memories for the couple and the invitees.

Bahati unveils his big birthday surprise for Diana

Well, her birthday seems like a never-ending affair following her husband’s surprise gift to her over the weekend, holding a daytime luncheon where he unveiled his ultimate gift to his Queen.

They first had their lunch, then came the birthday cake before having speeches from those present.

Diana Marua’s birthday series

Bahati was the one to wrap up the speeches, dedicating his heart to his dear beauty before the moment of make or break came.

He picked a folder, got out an envelope before revealing the details in it; 3 title deeds under Dianas name.

Diana Marua’s birthday series

According to him, two of the title deeds indicated pieces of land for Diana to build her dream home, while the remaining one acre of land located outside Nairobi, was for their vacation home.

“I feel this December is the time for you to start building your dream home. They are 3, 2 in Nairobi and one outside Nairobi. In one, we will build a swimming pool, just like you like it,” Bahati told Diana.

Diana gracefully receives her title deeds

Diana sweetly responding;

“Thank you for making my dream come true, it is more than I asked for and my heart is full.”

Before the couple declared they have closed the children chapter, as they now focus on providing for those that they have and go into investements.

Have a look at how it all went down;

4 young Kenyan celebrity power couples that have proven matching outfits can still be funky

The tradition of couples stepping out in matching outfits has for a long time been considered an old way of doing things especially among the new generation. But not any more after young celebrity couples proved it can still be done and look fashionable.

Well, just when many thought the tradition would get washed away with the generation of our parents, it might just be here to stay for good. Embrace it!

Lets get right into it…

1. The Bahatis

Diana Marua and Bahati are out on baecation as the weekend kicks in amidst the daring chilly weather and do I say, the two stepped out looking like twins before you realize they are actually two adults, drowned in the sea of love. It was an all white-yellow affair.

The Bahatis looking like twins

2. The Murayas

Gospel power couple Size 8 and DJ Mo have decided to tie the loose ends in their troubled marriage with matchy-matchy outfits, stepping out in a bright, all-blue affair that can easily blind your eyes.

The Murayas keeping it chic

3. The Dufandas

This is a couple that has set the bar high enough for young celebrity couples, already now popular for their ever matchy yet fashionable outfits, with each embracing a unique style for the suitable occasion.

The Dufanda couple leads the crowd

4. The WaJesus

Milly and Kabi WaJesus, each has their own specific taste of fashion, but they have not been left out when it comes to matching couple outfits. Not once, not twice, have the WaJesus been spotted complementing each others dressing especially when in the mood for some Ankara.

The WaJesus beautifully embracing the African fashion

5. The Tony Kwalandas

We cannot call it a day without a bonus and this time, the newest celebrity couple in town gets to crown the show. Tony Kwalanda and Joyce Maina are the latest young couple to embrace the matching outfits challenge, which I must say, they nailed!

The Tony Kwalanda lovebirds step out in matching outfits

There you have it! Any other YOUNG couple we missed?

Interesting turn of events as Diana Marua switches roles with nanny (Video)

After years of working at the Bahatis house, Diana Marua decided to step into her nanny’s shoes for just 24 hours and it was nothing but crazy escapades.

The mother of two, who was Blessed enough to have several individuals run errands for her in the house while she is away and doing her own stuff, did not realize just how much her nanny does to put the place together.

But today was going to be that day.

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Diana Marua takes over the house chores

The beauty ditched her fancy looks for the nanny’s uniform, no makeup, humbled looks and doing the dirty job.

Ms Marua getting her hands dirty

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Her nanny, Irene Nekesa on the other hand, stepped into Marua’s shoes, just to have a feel of what it feels like to be the celebrity her boss is.

Nekesa ditched the nanny’s uniform for Diana’s outdoor look, complete with a designer clutch bag, the slip-ons, the wig and a full makeup look.

Diana Marua was forced to humble herself as Irene ordered her around the house.

Diana Marua switches roles with nanny

Marua prepared Irene to leave, fed the children, washed them, prepared breakfast and packed some fruits for Irene to go with.

The two had their usual conversation in the house, minutes before Diana leaves. Talking of how the house has run out of resources, from food, to diapers for the children, to water bills that needed to get paid.

Diana Marua who was so humbled, had to plan the meals for the day, complaining about how just too much the work in the house is.

Diana Marua and nanny switch roles

After Irene left, Marua had to lure the babies to sleep so that she can concentrate on the house chores.

Looking pretty worn out, Diana had to rush to the market in nannys attire on a motorbike and back. Then get dinner ready before ‘her boss’, Irene Nekesa arrives home.

For Marua, never again will she take the place of a nanny. Watch as it all goes down:

Things get ugly as Bahati turns violent while confronting Diana Marua for cheating (Video)

Barely 5 years since they became a couple, singer Bahati and Diana Maruas marriage keeps getting tested by the day.

Just last week, the two got into a heated argument, with each accused of still seeing their exes behind their backs while they both claim to have moved on and in love.

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It is not once or twice that the two have gotten into arguments over petty situations.

Bahati with his wife

Well, the most recent being infidelity claims between Diana Marua and her ex among a string of other men other than her husband.

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Bahati angrily confronts Diana Marua

So one day, Bahati happens to come across Diana’s phone, gets access into her chats and while going through them, he notices his wife has been secretly chatting with her ex.

An angered Bahati with bloodshot eyes, takes to the outside of his house where Diana is shooting for her vlog, pulls her away and starts questioning her for cheating on him.

Diana Marua

An unsuspecting Diana looks shocked, worried and that this might not end well for her. The two throw words at each other, Diana trying to defend herself but an irritated Bahati is not buying her story.

He violently throws her phone to the slab crushing, a scared Diana Marua takes a step back, feeling the heat as an angered Bahati walks towards her.

She throws her bag to the ground, pleading with her charged husband to calm down, go into the house and discuss this issue like adults.

Mrs Bahati

Bahati kicks the phone to the wall, walks out of the house and bangs the door behind him.

A worried Diana Marua is left mumbling stuff to herself, unknowing what to do, picks her bag, takes off her heels and sits on the floor scared.

This time, her makeup is all clumped up, sweating heavily and her cheeks turning pink.

Watch as it goes down;

Diana Marua and Bahati expose each other’s dirty secrets on their 5th anniversary

A lot of drama goes on behind the scenes for majority of celebrity couples and the Bahatis are no exception.

The wobbly gospel artiste and his wife Diana just marked their 5-year anniversary since they became an item.

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However, this time round, instead of celebrating the milestones, the couple came out to expose some of the worst memories they have of each other.

For Diana, their breakups and numerous arguments have been the worst moments in their relationship.

Couple, Diana Marua and Bahati

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The one-on-one battle

She told of a time when they argued, to the extent she packed her bags ready to leave and instead of wooing her to stay, Bahati threw her out and asked her never to return.

Diana at the time, had already delivered their first child, Heaven who was just months-old.

Diana Marua with daughter Heaven

Funny enough, after breaking up, Diana went to live with her ex, something that pains Bahati to date.

“So Diana left with Heaven who was 5-months old and because she claimed she is homeless, she goes to stay with her ex,” Bahati angrily ranted.

Dianas defense

In her defense, Ms Marua admitted that her ex had been sending her funny memes for a while and that is what attracted her to his place.

“At that time, I was so depressed, I had a very young child. I had ran out on breast milk, I had no nanny and I knew I’m now a single mom,” Diana tried to defend herself.

The Bahatis

This left Bahati annoyed at her guts to even talk about an ex in that manner, attacking her: “it seems you still have something for the ex”.

It was no shock for Bahati, that Diana had actually packed her bags on several occasions over feuds with him.

An angry Diana Marua, revealed how one day when they were not seeing eye-to-eye, she found out that the singer was still dishing out money to his ex.

Bahati exposed

“You are busy sending money for stock to your ex while I asked you for the same and you claimed you could not afford it,” a pained Diana Marua countered.

Have a listen;

Diana Marua leaves fans surprised after revealing ordinary skin care routine that leaves her skin glowing

Diana Marua’s past raised eyebrows for having bleached her skin to a lighter tone and frequently using artificial products to make her skin appear flawless.

Reports the mother of two clarified during her latest vlog with BFF, Shiko. Apparently, Diana did not have any skin care routine most especially after the ugly face cream incident she recently opened up about that left her face swollen and her skin very spotted.

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It so happens that Bahati’s wife had since embraced the kind of soap her babies use and to the utter surprise of many, the babe revealed she uses Sunlight bar soap.

Mrs Bahati

The light-skin babe dismissed any kind of speculations she exfoliates her skin or uses rice water or any other kind of routine fans would imagine. Clarifying she applies bar soap on her face, rinses it off then moisturizes her face with Nivea.

Skin bleaching

Speaking of bleaching her skin especially after TBT photos of her emerged online, looking much darker than she currently is. A brave-enough fan questioned Diana Marua for lightening her skin from its original shade.

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However, not taking it to heart, Marua clarified that never would she nor had she in the past, bleached her skin for any reasons plus, she would never recommend anyone to bleach their skin.

Diana Marua looking sexxy

“Love yourself the way you are,” she urged.

Weight loss journey

After welcoming her second child with Bahati in August 2019, Diana has conspicuously shed off some kilos and curios fans dared to ask what she had done to get back in shape.

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The babe admitted that her routine gym workouts had borne fruits by shaping her body in the right places and leaving her fit and glowing.

Diana Marua sheds off kilos

“I work out a lot! Number 2, I do intermittent fasting and since I sleep late at night and wake up very early in the morning, I dont eat past 7pm. I even work out with Milly WaJesus, we are good friends,”she came clean.

Emotions run high as Diana Marua bids her nanny goodbye (Video)

Diana Marua was forced to let one of her nannies go after recent developments that could not be avoided.

Through her vlog, the mother of two revealed that one of her nannies, Jane was expectant for the new man in her life and it was time she bid her goodbye as she starts a new journey with her lover.

Diana Marua

It so happened that when Jane had gone to visit her children and her mom back home just recently before Corona hit, she got locked down in her home area and meanwhile, met someone she fell in love with.

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As Diana Marua and family bid the nanny goodbye, the lass decided to surprise Jane who she had worked with for at least an year, with some of Majesty and Heaven’s clothes they were no longer using, Diana’s maternity dresses and a new phone just to stay in connection and as a way to say Thank You.

Sad Goodbyes

Sadly, the day before her departure, Bahati’s first child, Morgan broke down to tears after the sudden announcement and Diana could not help but console him.

Diana Marua and Morgan Bahati

The other nanny, Irene Nekesa got emotional as well, but wished her colleague nothing but love and light. The family cut a cake to mark the day and celebrate moments shared as Jane finally packed her bags and left.

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As Diana was seeing her off to the stage, she promised to cover for her maternity fees when the nanny was due delivery as well as paid in full her salary for the month with a bonus to top it up.

Watch as the emotional moment went down:

“You can do better!” Diana Marua blasts Bahati after rejecting his gift on camera (Video)

Gospel singer Kevin Bahati’s wife, Diana, was not too pleased after he gave her a gift that she did not want and had not asked for.

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The Wanani hitmaker had noticed that Diana frequents the gym so he thought it wise to get her a smart watch that would show her how many calories she is shedding and what not.

Diana Marua and Kevin Bahati

After a work out session, Bahati decided to surprise her with the gift but she was not happy about it and told him to keep it.

Apparently, Diana had been expecting a brand new phone from her lover and when she saw the package she thought he had decided to upgrade her phone but that was not the case.

Feeling displeased, the mother of two claimed that Bahati had bought the watch for himself and wanted to pass it off as her gift only to keep it after she declines it.

“Really? Is this yours or mine. I thought you were getting me a phone. I don’t need a watch. I appreciate but you can do better honestly. Mimi si mzungu. My expectations were higher. It’s not even feminine,” she remarked.

Watch the video below.

Your Majesty! Striking photos of Bahati and Diana Marua’s son as he turns a year old sets the Internet ablaze

Majesty Bahati, a son born to celebrity parents turns a year old today!

You can address him as King, the title Majesty also suits him well, your Royal Highness would fit him best! The only biological son to gospel artist Bahati and one whose place in the Bahati family is respected.

Majesty Bahati

A son who has since brought joy into the family, a blessing and a child whose path has already been swept by those who came before him, a future brightened and a tomorrow almost promised.

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To mark his big day, his parents had him step out like the Majesty he is – with a floral print shirt and popular Nigerian male beads hanging from his neck.

Baby Majesty Bahati

Completing his look with a golden rod in hand and hair braided and tied to the back like a bun, it’s crazy.

To Diana, his mom, he is her heartbeat.


Baby Majesty turns one year old

Friday, August 14, 2019, the cry of a child to reign Bahati’s kingdom was heard. Happy Birthday baby Majesty!

Baby Majesty

As he marked his first year since his grand entrance into the world, fans and followers flocked his page to wish him nothing but a good one!

millywajesus Happy birthday your majesty. Aish!
weezdom254 Eishh???????? najua hii hairstyle ni wewe @diana_marua ulicome up nayo..can’t be @bahatikenya ????????

wuue …happy birthday baby

Mshamuekea Rasta tayari, Hbd ????????

kabiwajesus Weeeeh! Happy birthday MJ

Urban Kenyan gospel music might just be dead

Following Willy Paul and Bahati’s decisions to ditch gospel music in favor of love songs, the former, at least the mainstream/urban side, might just be dead.

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You might disagree with me but the two artists really propelled the industry, most up and coming gospel musicians wanted to be like them.

Kevin Bahati

So I feel that their exit might have have a negative impact on the industry and to be honest, this is topic that is open to debate.

I know what you’re thinking, that there are other gospel musicians who are as talented as Willy Paul and Bahati, perhaps even more. The likes of Moji Shortbabaa, Guardian Angel, Pitson, Benachi etc.

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But the truth is that none of them has a huge following as these two. They used their music and scandals at times to publicize themselves. I don’t know how or why they do it but it works for them.

Willy Paul

In the late 2000s to the early 2010s when gospel music was big in Kenya, it was largely because of these two. The fact that they didn’t like each other made things even more interesting.

But now, both of them have exited the gospel industry to do love songs. Willy Paul was the first to jump ship and it didn’t take long before Bahati followed suit.

Who knows, urban Kenyan gospel might just find a new male singer who propels and I can’t wait to see who will take up the mantle from two. Enough said.

Bahati has mastered the art of seeking attention

Everyone loves attention but in my opinion, no one thrives on it more than gospel singer Kevin Bahati. Put simply, he will go to any length to so that Kenyans can talk about him.

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When he joined the music industry 10 or so years ago, he used his songs to spread God’s word, as you would expect of a serious gospel artist. Nowadays, not so much.

Kevin Bahati

The Barua hitmaker is always on the headlines but interestingly, it’s rarely about his music. If it’s not a scandal or a poorly executed publicity stunt – which involves him doing something outrageous – it’s about his baby mamas.

Sometimes he just decides to wash his dirty linen in public like that time when he went toe to pith Peter Blessing so that he can be on people’s lips.

Looking at the cheap attention seeker he has turned out to be, I can’t believe there was a time when I was a huge fan of him and I used to sing his songs word for word.

Kevin Bahati

There is a quote that is often attributed to Napoleon that says say “fame is fleeting but obscurity is forever”, and the way I see it, as much as Bahati was this different person when he was starting off, when all is s;aid and done, people will remember what he turned out to be.

I don’t know about you but the fact that Bahati identifies as a gospel singer should mean something more so because there are young people who look up to him and would like to be like him one day.

Alternatively, he can follow in Willy Paul’s footsteps and quit the gospel industry instead of mocking God day in day out with his cheap stunts. To be honest, Kenyans have more pressing issues to focus on than Bahati.

Bahati is a disgrace to the gospel fraternity

It’s hard to understand what Kevin Bahati has become these days. If you’ve been following his musical journey then I am sure you know that Mr Seed introduced him to the gospel industry then he went on to become a bigger artist.

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There was a time when the 26-year-old singer made good music, the kind that you could listen to even when an elder person was in the room. However, I don’t know what became of him, I really don’t.


For many people, when Willy Paul started becoming unruly, being involved in scandals and releasing secular music, they saw Bahati as the better option since he was rooted in the gospel, had a family and made good music.

Lately, I’m not so sure. He has taken a whole 360 turn and he is now even worse than his nemesis Willy Paul who has since ditched the gospel industry.

If there is a scandal today, you’ll probably hear Bahati’s name in it. He is also known for exploiting artists at his EMB Record label then he was the first artist to release a Gospel Gengetone jam.

Sometimes you look at the happenings in the industry and you wonder what happened to this young man. Did he let the little fame that he has get into his head? I really don’t know what to make of his recent behavior.

I’ve always assumed that artists or pretty much anyone in the limelight have people who advice them the same would apply for Bahati since he has been in the industry for 10 or more years.


Are they quiet as they see this young man throw his career away in the name of looking for relevance? Is it okay to do so? Because I don’t like sugar coating things I’ll tell you that he is a disgrace to the gospel fraternity.

There are people who have always seen him as a role model since he has always had a good reputation. What do they think of him now? Would they even want to associate with him?

There are things that are permissible when you are a secular artist but the fact Kevin Bahati has always identified as a gospel artists should actually mean something, otherwise he is just mocking God.

Watch his latest collabo with Mejja and Madtraxx dubbed Kererembe below.

Gengetone gospel should not become a thing!

There is a new music genre called Gengetone gospel and as much as it slaps so hard, I just hope it does not become a thing because it just seems like a mockery of God. Actually, it is.

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It all started when Bahati released a song dubbed Taniua with Boondocks Gang which is made up of Ex Ray, Maddox and Odi Wa Murang’a. They are the guys behind hits such as Mboko Haram, Rieng and Kidolee.

Boondocks Gang and Magix Enga on Rewind it
Boondocks Gang

Mr Seed followed suit with Kwa Hao alongside Vuva 34 GVNG, Breeder LW, Maddox, Dezian and Kartelo. I know it is only a matter of time before Willy Paul drops his.

Sooner or later upcoming artists will think its okay to release such songs because their role models and the bigwigs in the industry are doing so and it is then that things will get out of control.

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I don’t know about you but I think the fact that gospel musicians are tasked with spreading God’s word should mean something.

They should not mix the gospel with all these dirty songs. It is completely wrong. I did not say that I have a problem with Gengetone, I enjoy it probably more than you but just not when associated with God’s word.


A few days ago, I was watched an interview where Bahati why he did a collabo with Boondocks Gang and he said that he is trying to win them over to Christ.

What a joke. Their song was motivated by the need to make money and grow their fan bases. As such, it;s very wrong for Bahati to claim that he is leading Boondocks Gang to Christ because they will continue to make raunchy music.

Even in the song where Bahati featured them, Boondocks Gang threw in some coded and dirty Sheng words and they made me wonder what motivated them to poke fun at God and shoot the video in a Church to rub it in his face.

Watch Taniua below by Bahati and Boondocks Gang.

Peter Blessing drops touching gospel tune ‘Nasubiri’ (Video)

You’ve probably heard of a gospel singer by the name Peter Blessing seeing as he has been making headlines over the last few days after falling out with Kevin Bahati who had signed him to his EMB Records stable.

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Well, this is not about that. Far from it. We just thought that you should know that he has a new track out and we are really feeling it.

The song dubbed Nasubiri, which is a Swahili word that means I’m waiting, has been ruling the airwaves since it was released a few days ago.

Peter Blessing

Basically, this jam talks about going through difficult situations such as being broke sleeping hungry and joblessness and trusting God that will never desert you when you need Him most.

It puts emphasis on the importance of keeping hope alive, especially for believers, adding that they should work hard and waiting upon the Lord to manifest Himself in their lives.

Apart from the powerful message that Nasubiri carries, I also love how it is arranged. To add to that, I am sure you’ll agree with me that Peter Blessing has a melodious voice. The guy can really sing.

The beat and instrumentation on this jam are also perfect. Although it is kind of cliche since we’ve gotten used to this sound, they works perfectly since they blend well with Peter Blessing’s tempo and style.

The video is dope because you can follow the storyline of this song even when you have muted the volume. If you ask me, that is one of the things that make a great music video.

Watch Nasubiri below and tell us what you think.


Kenyan gospel artists must wake up

A few months ago, I wrote an article where I stated that Kenyan gospel artists were deep in slumber reason being the industry is not as vibrant as it was 5 (or so) years ago.

Also read: Are Kenyan gospel musicians asleep?

Whichever way you look at it, the gospel industry seems to be lagging behind and that is something that is giving me sleepless nights because Kenya is a very religious country.

Mercy Masika
Mercy Masika

If you look at the biggest local songs this year, you’ll realize that most of them are risqué and I doubt there is a gospel singer who can say that he or she had a hit this year. Of course, Willy Paul does not count or does he?

I miss the days when the likes of Gloria Muliro (where did she disappear to btw?), Daddy Owen, Eunice Njeri, Mercy Masika, Marion Shakoo, Esther Wahome, M.O.G etc. would serve us with hit after hit.

Gospel concerts sold out in a matter of minutes and gospel award shows such as Groove Awards were really coveted. Those were the days when the gospel industry was at the top.

I don’t really know what happened but somewhere along the way, the rain started beating us so much so that almost everything has been dominated by secular artists. From radio and TV stations to awards shows.


To be honest, I don’t have a problem with secular artists. Afterall, they are also Kenyans and at the end of the day it’s a win for local music but at times I wonder what happened to gospel musicians? Did they get too comfortable?

Not that it’s a competition between the two camps but I’d prefer a situation where we have popular secular songs and popular gospel jams. All I am saying is that it’s high time Kenyan gospel musicians woke up from their deep sleep.

Bahati’s new jam with Denno dubbed ‘Bado’ will definitely encourage you (Video)

Gospel singer Kevin Kioko, alias Bahati, has released a new song with Denno, a differently abled artist who became a household name after featuring in Daddy Owen’s Mbona, and it’s getting a lot of airplay.

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The song titled Bado, which is a Swahili word that means ‘not yet’, talks about not giving up even when things seem like they’ve hit a dead-end.

Bahati and Denno
Bahati and Denno

It’s a prayer to God to give you strength to face the challenges that are coming your way when you are on the verge of giving up.

Bahati and Denno are asking God to remind remind all of us that although things are difficult at the moment, there’ll be light at the end of the tunnel i.e. all hope is not lost. At least not yet.

There are several reasons why I love this song. Firstly, it’s the fact that it carries a powerful message, if you are going through a difficult time then I am sure this song will uplift you because it tells you that God is with you.

The second reason is that Bahati and Denno’s voices are really on point. I know you will agree with me after listening to this jam. The hook stuck the first time I heard it.


Lastly, the beat and video concept are also great. Although this song is kind of ‘sad’, the beat is funky and it still gives off a good vibe as you listen to it.

The video helped to reinforce the message in the song by showing people who were going through difficult times yet they remain assured that God has not forgotten them.

Watch Bado below and tell us what you think.

Bahati has neglected music and is focusing too much on his reality show

Although he has released a few songs since the year began, I feel like gospel singer Bahati has abandoned music.


You see, the 24-year-old got in a deal with NTV in 2018 to show Kenyans bits of his life. The reality show dubbed Being Bahati premiered on July 22, 2018.

The show has been doing well, no one’s denying that. As such, it does not come as a surprise that it was renewed for a second season.

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However, if you are keen you’ll notice that Bahati has not had a memorable hit for over a year now. Yup!

I’m not saying he has not released any song since the show premiered. Actually, he has a couple of new songs including Ndani Ya, Sorry, Fanya, Nyota, Nasubiri Nini, just to name a few.

However, I’m sure very few people know any of these songs, even his die-hard fans. None of them was a hit, their low views on YouTube seem to justify this assertion.

Why, you ask? Because it seems like Bahati has put all his focus on the reality show at the expense of his music which is a risky move.

Bahati has taken a backseat in music so much so that a number of artists who were signed to his record label – EMB Records – walked out in the beginning of year accusing him of mismanagement.

On the other hand, Bahati’s nemesis, Willy Paul, has been doing well musically releasing hit after hit. If  someone randomly asked you to name any of Willy Paul’s new songs, I’m sure your list would be long.

Not that I’ve been in his shoes but I also feel that being the star of a reality show is not easy, chances are Bahati gets so exhausted after a whole day of doing shoots that he can’t even get into studio.

But I strongly feel he should decide if he was called to be a reality TV star or a gospel singer!

Bahati and Diana Marua
Bahati and Diana Marua

Bahati, the most arrogant celebrity in Kenya

Gospel singer Kevin Bahati might appear like a very sociable person but the truth is that he is one of the most arrogant and snobbish celebrities in Kenya. He’s on the list somewhere next to Victoria Kimani.

Interestingly, his nemesis Willy Paul, who is seen as proud by many people, is actually the most affable public figure that you’ll ever come across. But that’s a story for another day.

Bahati, who fondly refers to himself as mtoto wa mama, is excessively proud. If you have a good eye, you’ll see some elements of this in his demeanour.

I interviewed the singer on several occasions while I was working for a media house a few years back and he always had this “please wrap up, I have better things to do” every single time. Many have had the same experience with him.

I once attended a presser where Bahati used offensive words while dismissing someone, presumably his fan, for fielding an “irrelevant question”. Never mind the fact that he was in the full glare of cameras.

If you randomly bump into him in public, chances are he will drive away or he will keep a straight face to ‘politely’ inform you that you should stay in your lane.

While he’s extremely conceited, Bahati is on many occasions forced to pretend that he’s the most easy going person because one of the pillars of Christianity is humility.