Vera Sidika says she has no beef with OG since their bleaching incident: He’s my favorite rapper 

Socialite Vera Sidika has denied that he’s not in good terms with rapper Khaligraph Jones despite their constant back and forths online.

In fact, the socialite said that Jones, who is one of the best rapper in Kenya, is actually her favorite.

She was speaking in a question and answer session on social media where she revealed the two have locked horns different times online but that doesn’t mean they hate each other.


Vera Sidika and rapper Khaligraph Jones first fired at each other sometimes in May 2017 following their bleaching incident. Since the two have been trolling each other online.

Sidika said the beef was all fake.

“The beef was fake, and people did not know that we created the beef. If the fans think we have beef then let them think so,” Vera Sidika confessed.

Cashy forgives OG despite all the things he did to her: We will rise as women no matter what happens behind the scenes 

Kenyans believe rapper Cashy is using rapper and ex-lover Khaligraph Jones to revive her stalled career.

The MC has been jumping from one media house to another sharing details of her past relationship after announcing about her comeback and little has been said about her new song in the process.

Cashy has accused Khaligraph Jones of several things including being abusive and being manipulative. In an recent interview on Citizen TV, the rapper opened up about how he tormented her in the relationship, giving her a green light to move on to another.

Moved on

The rapper confessed that even after all this, she has forgiven OG and now is looking at her next phase of life.

”Today, I am the OG here. The past is in the past. I have let everything go. I went through a difficult time but I am over that now, we will rise as women no matter what happens behind the scenes,” she added. 

During the interview, she confessed she had decided to just forget about her past and everything and focus on building herself and her music career.

How Tanzanian singer Harmonize is showing support for Kenyan artists after Play Kenyan music outrage

Despite the argument and trend being against him, Tanzanian singer Harmonize is still supporting Kenyan artists.

Kenyans artists have been complaining about their music not being played locally throughout the week, calling out presenters and other media personalities for favoring Bongo and Nigerian artists.

The argument has spread across the continent as other countries have also given their take on why artists should stop the blame games or what they need to do.


Singer Harmonize recently showed nothing but support for this trend. He recently took to social media to show his love for DNA’s Banjuka, one of the greatest hits from Kenya.

“Because we believe in Love and Support each other and not Hating each other…. God Bless East African Music industry, God Bless African Music Industry,” he wrote on Instagram dancing to the video.

So sad! Sagini’s sister mourn brother who passed away on Monday after short illness

The Kenyan industry is currently mourning after losing singer Eliud Sagini who passed away on Monday after a short illness.

Khaligraph Jones, who had signed the singer to his record label and worked with him on several songs, broke the news on social media.


“It is with deep sorrow that we announce the sudden passing away of one of Kenya’s greatest and promising talent Eliud Sagini better known to many as Sagini. Sagini left us this evening of Monday the 17th of Dec. 2018 after suffering a short illness. He was pronounced dead after arriving at the hospital. Your prayers and support will be highly appreciated in this moment of grief,” Khaligraph said.

Sagini’s sister Happynet Ang’asa took to social media yesterday to pen an emotional tribute to the singer.

“I will always love you. May we meet that glorious morning. My baby brother. I will love you till i can love no more. Jesus has promised that there will be no more death..when we get there. .” she posted. 

“Always and forever. I love you. Even in death. Eliud sagini ang’asa,” she said in another post. 

Sagini’s death has left many shocked and several celebs have paid tribute to the singer who was among the best budding artists in 2018.


DJ Pinye ako wapi? Khaligraph Jones lands yet another endorsement deal 

Khaligraph Jones has been on an upward curve the whole of 2018 as his career continues to open up. The fierce rapper is already endorsing several other brands and continues to land more especially after winning Best Rapper Award in AFRIMMA early this year.

Energy team

Khaligraph has now been named the official brand ambassador of top energy drink brand Monster. On social media, Khaligraph Jones thanked his fans for making his career.

“Another win for The OG another win for the culture another win for the movement , the Official Monster Energy Drink Brand Ambassador , 2018 has been a Good year, Thank You for Believing in me and more Blessings to each and Everyone of y’all.” said Khaligraph. 

The rapper also endorses Erisstoff drink, Captain Morgan and is in Coke Studio 2019.


Khaligraph Jones collabos with yet another gospel singer after appearing in Willy Paul’s ‘stolen’ ‘Bora Uhai’

Days after rapper Khaligraph Jones announced that he’s willing to work with any artists including octopizzo, the rapper has been featured in his second gospel collabo by US-based gospel musician Isaac Ado Bukasa popularly known as Izzo Raps.

Izzo is Eunice Njeri’s ex husband.


The two artists worked together for their song called  ‘Wacha Nikuimbie’ which was recorded while Jones was in the US recently for the Afrimma Awards.

It’s the second gospel collabo from Jones after Willy Paul featured him on Bora Uhai early this month.

Watch the song below:


Khaligraph gifts his manager a brand new car on his birthday 

Rapper Khaligraph continues to impress fans with his generosity. The rapper has been building younger artists and supporting them but now seem to have taken things to a whole new level.

Just weeks after topping the headlines for buying a brand new Range Rover, the rapper is again in the headlines after he gifted his longtime manager with a brand new Toyota Mark X.

Taking to IG, rapper shared how the two have come from far.

Today I wanna Give a special thank You to My long time friend and partner/Manager @shirekuli for his massive input in my Career, from the days of High school all we had was a dream and now gradually, God is Blessing us Everyday and taking us to higher levels, We had no clue of how this music thing works but everyday we learn, As You are about to Celebrate Your Birthday, I hand over this Logbook and this car to you and wish You nothing but the best in the Coming future, Blu Ink to the world, All My Niggas Put in Work.” he said.

Cashy and the rest, pay attention! Khaligraph sends ruthless message to all the girls that rejected him 

It’s rare for you to see an OG opening up about mellow stuff that bring emotions. But, whenever an OG heads on this path, just know it’s as real as it gets.

Khaligraph Jones was recently on social media to crucify all the ladies who gave him a NO, or gave him a YES but later, changed it to a NO. The rapper, who has a new album out called “Testimony 1990”, said that a lot of ladies rejected him as a struggling rapper but are now begging him now that he has made it.

Missed school, lost his girl

He gave a story about a girl from high school he liked. She was really pretty and she liked him too. But then some guy joined their school and when he missed school for two weeks because of school fees, the lady was taken by another man.

Here are the video clips:

Wakenya aki! Khaligraph shares how Kenyans rejected him hard before they started loving his song 

It has been a tough road for rapper Khaligraph Jones who is now sitting at the top of the rap game with his new album “TESTIMONY 1990”.

The rapper has faced all kinds of attacks while trying to make a name in the music industry but in the process, grew a tough skin and crawled on instead of letting up.


In his new song “Testimony”, which is the album’s intro, Jones shares how Kenyans rejected him and how many kept advising him not to mention that he’s from Kayole in his songs but he decided to follow his heart and rep the place he has been raised at.

Watch the video below:


No Cashy, No Msupa S!! Khaligraph Jones finally reveals songs that have made it to his album

Rapper Khaligraph Jones has been hyping his debut album 1960 for almost three months. The album has taken longer than he had planned but now it seems like its officially here.

He took to social media to share the track list finally revealing who has made it to the album and who has not.

Surprise names

All the songs the rapper released all year long have not been included. Unexpected appearances though include Ray C and may be MR Eazi. According to different sources, the album details will be released tomorrow.

Here’s the full list:


Khaligraph redeems himself with hot beauty after Cashy left him and got pregnant with another man

We all thought ni mazisha for OG, Khaligraph Jones, after his lover Cashy ditched him and went for an unknown man.

Jones has been avoiding dealing with the drama and has been just sharing that the two parted ways without saying how exactly.

Forget Cashy

Cashy is almost 8 months pregnant now and even recently had a baby shower that dominated headlines.

Khaligraph Jones, it seems, has now moved on from the drama and even recently shared a photo with a hot lady that we are not yet sure if is the new OG’s catch. But from the look of things, the two looked cozy enough to be called more than just friends.

Here’s the photo:

Did rapper Cashy cheat on Khaligraph and got pregnant? Khaligraph speaks why they had to part ways

While Kenyans rooted for both Khaligraph Jones and his girlfriend Cashy, it seems life had it’s own turns and dips.

Khaligraph has finally opened up on his relationship with fellow rapper Cashy saying that the two are no longer together. Speaking in an interview, the “Mazishi” rapper seemed bitter when talking about her saying that they are done and people should stop asking their relationship.

And there’s more. Word has it that Cashy is pregnant but it’s not clear by who. Khaligraph chose not to speak about it in the interview, bluntly ignoring the question.

Khaligraph and Cashy

“Me and Cashy are separated, we are not together. We haven’t been together for the past couple of months. We are not together right now and hivyo ndivyo vitu ziko. I need to move on with my life, watu waache kuniuliza ako wapi,” he said.

No more women for me

For the past few weeks Jones has been holding back on what to say about their struggling relationship, telling fans while at an interview in Tanzania that they were trying to patch things up. It seems they couldn’t reconcile and now Khaligraph is regretting.

“Biggest mistake one can ever do is bringing your girl into the limelight,” he said. 

“Not just now, I don’t want to involve myself with women. Whether am single or not should not worry you, I just want to lay on the low key. As far as the baby goes, that one I am not going to talk about that.” 

Rick Ross to Kenyan: You are as stupid as those stupid a$$ demands 

NRG Radio, the organisers of the highly anticipated #NRGWave concert which will see American rapper Rick Ross perform at Carnivore on 28th of April, have denied the rapper is a diva and has made outrageous demands ahead of the concert.

Rick Ross has also backed this up by shooting down the false allegations that left Kenyans shocked. On Twitter, the rapper was forced to fire back at one Kenyan who insisted that he’s demands were too high. Also, he (the fan) wanted him to know we have the best rapper, Khaligraph Jones, who might win the crowd if he fails to impress.

A Tweet showing what the rumor said

Stupid demands

Rick Ross seemed also stunned with the demands and fired back with a savage reply saying the  demands were just stupid and unbelievable.

The rumor stated that Ross demanded a presidential suite reserved for the “Boss”, three entire floors of a five star hotel, 5 Star rooms, round the clock services of a butler and a personal chef, preferably Michelin starred. It also demanded for a helicopter, 30 air tickets with 10 of them first class, four vans that are tinted and driven by licensed chauffeurs, shutdown of two major roads, 1,500 fresh towels and 3,500 bottles of premium alcohol.  Stupid right?

After Tanzania, rapper Khaligraph now heads to Nigeria

Seems like rapper Khaligraph is not taking a rest any time soon.

Days after Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie, better known as Patoranking, labeled him as one of the best in the hip hop industry, Khaligraph has not wasted any minute and has already worked with a Nigerian singer called Jeff Akoh.

The two have released their latest collabo called “Halima” that is already taking over the airwaves. The song was shot in the breezy city of Nairobi, Kenya by prolific music video director, Enos Olik and it comes just days after the Jones toured Tanzania to promote his song to promote his new collabo with Young Killer and Sagini.

Also, the rapper announced that he’ll be performing with Rick Ross on 28th at Carnivore Grounds.

Watch the new video:

Khaligraph Jones: Eric Omondi is just jealous because sugar mummies don’t love him

Eric Omondi and Khaligraph Jones’ beef is not about to end any time soon, none of them seem to get the better of the other so insults are the order of the for the two celebrities.

Khaligraph has since dropped a diss track in which he claimed the comedian was jealous because sugar mummies don’t like him. (The genesis of their beef was Eric’s confession on leaked WhatsApp chat that Khaligraph’s Range Rover was given to him by a cougar in Hurlingham).

The Kayole rapper savagely attacked Eric in the diss track, he told him to put on some weight so that sugar mummies could love him. Khaligraph also claimed Eric’s jokes were dry that’s why he doesn’t attend his shows.

Below is Khaligraph’s diss track:


Message to Mheshimiwa ,Me Ndio Sponsor Wa Sponsor anaku Sponsor,, OLLA AT ME.. #ripprodigy #RespectTheOgs

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