Khaligraph Jones dragged to court by baby mama for neglecting son

Rapper Cashy Karimi earlier this morning shared a photo posing in front of a Nairobi Court and from her caption – we knew the lady was upto something and that is suing Khaligraph Jones for child support.

Well yea, we weren’t wrong and thanks to the post we now know that Khaligraph will soon get served for neglecting his firstborn son, Xolani. Not quite sure whether this move will help (yall know how the system works) but again – that’s for them to figure out.

This new development however comes months after Cashy Karimi branded her ex as a deadbeat dad neglecting their son yet he takes care of his other kids; adding that he keeps claiming he is broke yet he is building a mansion for his family.

Khaligraph Jones son, Xolani

Baby number 4

Cashy has also moved to court just a few hours after Khaligraph’s new wife Georgina announced the arrival of their 3rd baby; a well kept secret we knew nothing about.

If you think about it…could the new information on Khaligraph Jones growing family be the reason Cashy Karimi decided to move to court? Mmmh maybe. Maybe not. No?


Khaligraph Jones hits back at baby mama with new song dubbed Blue ticks (video)

Cashy Karimi who is popularly known for her status ‘Khaligraph Jones baby mama’ has been making headlines for the past few days after dragging her family drama to her social media pages.

So far she’s tainted her baby daddy’s image by accusing him of being a deadbeat dad and a father who allegedly blocked his own son’s scholarship to play football in UK but the rapper refused to issue a consent letter.

Cashy Karimi unveils boyfriend

  My baby got a blessing, he got a scholarship to play here then travel to Lamu then travel to the UK then back. So I believed that was a good opportunity because my kid wouldn’t need anyone anymore,”

Well you see, a child cannot leave the country without the consent of his parents…whether separated or divorced so long as the parents names appear on the birth certificate both parents hold full custody of the child. For that reason, the parent who is not accompanying the child on the said trip has to issue a consent letter – to prove they are aware of their child’s trip.

Khaligraph Jones drops new song

Anyway seeing how dramatic Cashy Karimi has been on social media – Khaligraph Jones has now dropped a short snippet of a song we believe is dubbed blueticks.

Khaligraph Jones with ex, Cashy

From the lyrics you can clearly tell he is throwing shade as he sings kwa Messo ni blue ticks which simply means “I ignore the messages by reading and not responding” and I’m thinking….mmmh new dedz to Cashy?

Anyway I wouldn’t wanna get into deep especially since this is a family issue that can only be resolved in a family court. Listen to the new song below.


Cashy Karimi takes a swipe at Khaligraph Jones wife, reveals she was the side chic not the other way round

At this point I think I can say being a bitter baby mama is not such a good look. It literally brings out the worst in you and no matter how much pain you’re in – those watching on the sidelines will view you as a crazy @$$ dramatic woman. If you doubt me, ask Maureen Waititu.

Yea Yea baby daddies can also be annoying but in our society – the man never really takes blame. For some reason, most baby daddies will continue living comfortably without being judged and some even upgrade their lifestyles – yet you’re just there yapping and throwing shade because of child support – and in the end you prove him right….the crazy baby mama refusing to let go.

I mean it’s not worth the drama. However you and I know that – but clearly Khaligraph Jones baby mama is having trouble accepting the guy isn’t just into their son; or maybe because of her current behavior – he would stay away from the child due to his mum’s rants.

For a while now, Cashy Karimi has been attacking Khaligraph for neglecting their son and after she introduced a white man – we all thought – finally she’s found someone who will finally help her move on and forward. But clearly Cashy isn’t about to give Khaligraph Jones and his new family peace.

Xolani hanging out with mum (Cashy’s) boyfriend

Attacks Georgina Muteti

The latest drama involving Cashy sees her attack Georgina Muteti (khaligraph’s new found love) for referring to Khaligraph as the best daddy ever. Georgina revealed this about Khaligraph while marking his 32nd birthday – but now her Simple post has sparked drama.

Looking at the whole scenario, I’m just wondering why would Cashy attack Georgina? I mean that’s how Khaligraph is in Georgina’s eyes right? The perfect man, best daddy and above all the lover she always dreamt of – so why get attacked for no reason?

Cashy bitter with Georgina too?

Well having come across Georgina’s post – Cashy on the other hand picked up her drama from where she had left off; and this time around all she wanted to do is reveal that her son was born way before Amali was born – meaning Georgina got involved with Khaligraph knowing very well he was still with her (Cashy.)

This is real timeline

Xolani- born September 2018 by me

The next birth – June 2019 not by me

Age difference….months. SMH and mnasema best Darry. Kwendeni sana.


Not that he is the first man to pull such a stunt – but someone clearly needs to help Cashy calm down…the guy left and forcing a child on him won’t bring him back either. At least that’s what netizens are saying….but then again….she

“Keep my name out of your mouth!” Says Khaligraph Jones girlfriend, Georgina

Georgina Muteti is not ready to take any nonsense being thrown her way or said about her by people who barely know who she is!


Well, it appears that things have not been quit good on rapper Khaligraph Jones baby mama who recently reactivated her Instagram account after going MIA for a few days.

However even with her account back on Instagram, the lady continues to rant about a certain lady or ladies who seem to be too involved with her life. In one post, Georgina wrote;

Georgina’s post

Girlfriend issues?

We cannot confirm whether Khaligraph’s is the reason why his girlfriend is firing shots to the unknown woman; or whether this is just a girl issue that has left Ms Muteti firing shots on Instagram.

In yet another post she wrote;

These girls knowing every damn that goes on in my life???? get something to do!


Well if the posts are just for fun; then I bet the tone delivered in the quoted speak something totally different!

It is only fair to assume that Georgina used memes to express her feelings; like most women that is  commoners and celebrities on social media.

But who would really hate on her or give Georgina sleepless nights when she is involved with the King of savage comebacks?

Khaligraph Jones girlfriend reveals more details about giving birth—and says ‘It was hell’

Khaligraph Jones baby mama, Georgina has never been one to hold back on anything; and the way she talks about her birth experience is apparently no exception.

Khaligraph Jones

On Tuesday Georgina shared what delivering her daughter, Amali Jones Ouko felt like. This was during one of her Instagram stories where she opened up saying that it felt like hell but recovering after birth was even worse.

Though it sounds like she didn’t have the most comfortable delivery, Georgina had  shared that she had an extensive of friends and family in cheering her on through the pain, including her man who also remains very supportive when it comes to taking care of their daughter.

Khaligraph Jones with girlfriend, Georgina Muteti and daughter

5 months later

Well since Georgina had a natural birth, it’s expected to undergo some of the pain she went through — however what is important is the fact that she walked out alive with no complications.

Baby Amali is now 5 months and judging from the photos shared on social media by her parents we can all agree that they are doing an amazing job!

Watch her video below:

Khaligraph Jones baby mama flaunts her body 1 month after giving birth

Georgina Muteti who is Khaligraph Jones girlfriend and baby mama has left many dying with envy after parading her slim body one month after welcoming their daughter, Amali Jones.

The lady recently shared a video parading her baby fat free body just a few weeks after giving birth.

Khaligraph’s girlfriend

Well, unlike most ladies who prefer to stay on the low until the baby turns 3 months; the Ouko’s seem to be sharing every detail of their journey with their adorable baby on social media.


Avril’s snatch back!

Among the lucky celebrity mums who managed to get back their old bodies before pregnancy is Avril Nyambura.

The lass snatched back into her old size thanks to breastfeeding which she says is a great method to lose unwanted weight for new mums. Speaking during an interview the lass opened up saying;

“You know what happened, I gave birth to a baby boy who has been breastfeeding. I chose to exclusively breastfeed my baby up to now he is 8 months still breastfeeding. I started weaning him at 6 months he loves his mashed bananas and bla bla bla but he still breastfeeds.There is a whole science behind it, there is a chemical in the brain called oxytocin. So when it’s generated from the brain to the abdomen muscles it tells the body you need to contract… So when you are breastfeeding that chemical goes down and causes contractions and the contraction leave you snatched,”

“Keep your comments about my baby to yourselves!” Khaligraph Jones baby mama tells off haters

Khaligraph’s baby mama Georgina is not planning to let haters or rather Instagram advisers tell her what’s best for her baby!

This past weekend the lady went on to warn those leaving ‘nasty’ comments about her baby to keep off.

Apparently a few characters have been questioning why she dresses her baby in blue clothes yet she is a girl.

Through her Instagram page she however made it clear that she will dress her baby with whichever colors she likes and just because she gave birth to girl does not mean she has to own pink clothes.

She wrote saying;

Y’all fr gotta start minding your business fr fr????. Ati why do I dress my child in blue clothes????????! First of all, she is my daughter and she finna wear what I want her to wear!

Two, she will wear every color ever invented.

Three, who said blue should only be for boys????

Khaligraph’s wife

CS or normal delivery?

When asked about whether she had a normal or CS delivery; Georgina commented saying that all deliveries are normal.

All deliveries are normal btw! But who wants a story time on this too?

Khaligraph’s wife

Khaligraph Jones baby Mama pens down special message to rapper as he celebrates his first Father’s Day as a daddy!

Rapper Khaligraph Jones and his lady, Georgina Muteti cannot hold back their joy after being blessed with a beautiful baby girl a few weeks ago.

The two have lately been updating fans about their lives as parents on Instagram; however have chosen to keep their newborn’s face off social media until gets older.

As the world celebrated Father’s Day this past weekend, Khaligraph Jones baby mama also went on to celebrate her man for being the best daddy to their daughter.

Happy Father’s Day

Through her Instagram page Ms Muteti posted a loving message to her man saying;

Happy Father’s Day daddyyy????????????May God  guide in raising this beautiful princess in his glorious ways!

Happy Father’s Day to you and to all the other fathers and father figures out there ???? ????

Khaligraph Jones and Baby Mama, Georgina Muteti

Though it’s unclear as to how long the two have dated – we can’t help but notice that things between them are quite serious.

With a baby onboard I guess the next move will be exchanging vows now!

Exclusive: Khaligraph Jones declares to marry Georgina after blessing him with a baby girl, his flesh and blood

Rapper, Khaligraph Jones becomes the newest daddy in town, being his first as he gets emotional, speaking in reference to his little one and baby mama.

Bouncing baby girl, Amina Jones Ouko comes as a blessing to mom, Georgina and dad, Papa Jones.

The news broke on Friday evening soon after the Georgina delivered on Thursday which has been treated as top secret.

Coming home to his new bundle of joy after spending a week on his USA tour, Superman speaks exclusively to ´Pulser´ in an in-depth interview.

Lovingly expressing:

There is nothing I have wanted more in life than to have a baby, my baby, flesh and blood.

I am happy and excited. I am in my zone now. I am a very happy person…

Khaligraph has not been known to get emotional as such and especially to little ones but seems his baby girl, means much more to him than just any ordinary being.

Additionally, speaking about his wife-to-be; Georgina is one of a kind to him, redefining life and one lady he swears to take care of for as long as he lives.

My girl (Georgina) whom I should soon pronounce my wife, accepts me for who I am.

Whatever people say does not matter to me anymore. I am taking care of her the way I should.

When you find someone you love, she gives you real discipline and gives life a different meaning.

It is definitely an emotional moment for the award-winning rapper as blessings trickle in, in doubles.