On to the next: Cashy’s Caucasian boyfriend steps in to play daddy after Khaligraph Jone neglects son? (Video)

For the past few months Cashy has made it known that rapper Khaligraph Jones has been nothing; but a deadbeat dad to son, Xolani. Although her idea of exposing wasn’t smart (how will social media help) we also understand that her actions were fueled by her hurt feelings.

Anyway just a few weeks ago Cashy once again dragged baby daddy on social media for neglecting son; not forgetting giving excuses as to why he cannot priotize Xolani like he does with Amali and the younger son.

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Khaligraph Jones son, Xolani

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Of course this led to another dramatic expose which ended up on Edgar Obare’s page; and just like that – some unknown females hinted about sharing some more dirt on Khaligraph – but until that day let’s focus on Xolani for now.

Cashy parades Caucasian man

Well – thanks to a new video shared on Cashy’s Instagram stories we have reason to believe that she is currently dating a Caucasian man who has been like a daddy to son, Xolani.

Xolani hanging out with mummy (Cashy’s) boyfriend

As seen in the video, the guy is seen carrying the handsome boy in his strong shoulders; and judging from comfortable Xolani looks – I can assure you that these two share a strong bond.

We cannot however confirm whether the Caucasian man is currently filling in the daddy shoes in Xolani’s life; but all I know is that single mums rarely introduce their children to just anyone. Must first show potential of handling such responsibilities.

Watch the video below.


Bora Pesa- Khaligraph Jones Shares His Point Of View On Curtain-Raising For International Artists

The ongoing debate on performance of Kenyan artists and curtain raising claims is yet to be resolved. Comedian Eric Omondi has been the pioneer of all this discussion after igniting the debate during an exclusive interview on Jalang’o TV several days ago.

Different local artists have shown resentment after claims of curtain raising for other International artists (especially Nigerians) in their own country. Well, this isn’t my type of ‘tea’; but the debate has touched a good number of musicians- with some losing their cool and ranting online while sharing their sentiments. We can’t remain oblivious over the fact that Nigerians and Tanzanians are performing quite well as compared to us.

Khaligraph Jones serves up dope hip hop on Trace – Nairobi News

Bearing that in mind, curtain raising has been a paramount discussion; and Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones has responded to the issue; stating that it doesn’t bother him that much performing before other artists. As a matter of fact, he says that it’s preferable for him to perform first.

”Mi sijui curtain raising inamaanishanga nini. Me as long as you pay me my money and you allocate time for me to perform, it doesn’t matter if you want to put me first or you want to put me last. What matters is, the money is intact, unaona? So mambo ya curtain raising mi huanga sijawai understand. Kama umelipwa doh yako, ata ukiekwa mbele yake, it doesn’t matter… That’s all that matters according to me.”

Khaligraph Jones continued to add that, on his side, he has never been mis-handled while performing in tandem with other International artists.

What’s your take on the curtain raising claims?

‘Time to pay up’ Cashy exposes Khaligraph Jones for neglecting 3 year old son

Rapper Cashy who was once Khaligraph Jones ride or die babe says she has been struggling to provide for her 3 year old son, Xolani Omollo.

As seen on a new post shared a few minutes after 10pm-4Am  curfew was lifted, the young mum opened up about her baby daddy neglecting the young boy in the name of ‘no money making gigs’ due to the lockdown.

Khaligraph Jones son, Xolani

However now that the curfew has been lifted, looks like our favorite rapper (as she put it) will have no problem supporting his other son.  She wrote;

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I’m actually happy the curfew has been lighted because artists can go back to earning from night gigs! In fact help me pray for an overflow of events so that your face rapper will have zero reason to claim he can’t ‘afford’ child maintenance. It’s been so hard bana.

Cashy vs Khaligraph Jones

Bitter Break up = Child negligence?

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From the way Cashy has been behaving on social media, looks like both her and Khaligraph have beef following their bitter break up. I mean, it’s clear to see that things didn’t end well despite the many years they had dated and lived together.

Anyway with Cashy outing their business on social media (like any other scorned woman) could baby daddy, Omollo be hold back on the child support as a form of punishment to Cashy? Well who knows…


Khaligraph Jones Responds To Wizzo Tano Nane, Madocho Mjamo For Dissing Him- ‘Luku Mbwakni’

Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones has finally had his say on Wizzo Tano Nane’s unfathomable disses towards him. The talented rapper explains that he’s been receiving all kinds of disses after his career picked. But he explains that he’s not one to hold grudges.

After using Wizzo Tano Nane’s slang ‘Kwani ni Kesho’ in his song, Khaligraph found himself at loggerheads with the youngster; who took advantage of the same and endlessly dissed him.

Who's Laughing Now? Khaligraph Shuts Down Tanonane By Using His Slang 'Kwani Kesho' In His New Track
Khaligraph and Wizzo Tano nane-Google

Khaligraph however, made it a win-win situation by dropping a banger with his slang and ignoring him.

”Saa Zile mnakimbia Ku Clout Chase na Jina Ya Omollo; Alafu me Nawaibia iyo Slang mumetumia kunitusi nayo, natangeneza Nayo Banger. Its a Different Ball Game. The OG shall be respected…”

On the other hand, Madocho Mjamo recently hurled insults at Khaligraph for supporting Mbogi Genje.

Haters Are Not A Big Deal

Khaligraph has now responded to all of them by claiming that he’s now used to such disses. In fact, he says he finds them funny; and they never affect him in any way.

”Skuizi nimeona wasee wengi wametokea ati  OG anapiga sijui luku mbwakni. Kitu inaeza ni concern the least at this point mahali nimefika na career yangu ni ati mtu aniambie nguo navaa ni fake ama ni original… Those things don’t even matter”

Watch Khaligraph’s interview below;

Who’s Laughing Now? Khaligraph Shuts Down Tanonane By Using His Slang ‘Kwani Kesho’ In His New Track

Wizzo Tanonane has ignited a beef between him and rapper Khaligraph Jones, after claiming that the musician is mis-using his slang ‘Kwani ni kesho’. Turns out, Khaligraph Jones isn’t bothered much by him; and has responded to him in the most shrewd manner.

Khaligraph has used Wizzo’s slang in his latest track, which is set to be released this Friday, 11th June.

Diss Or Clout?

In addition, most people have accused Wizzo for chasing clout using Khaligraph Jones. But the doesn’t hesitate to give his savage response to such accusations.

Wizzo had previously dissed Khaligraph of wearing fake chain and attires;

”Hakuna mtu ana chase apa fame ya net. Issue ilikuwa outfits zako na sneakers na chain ni mbwakni”

Khali has now hit back at Wizzo by captioning his music’s teaser video;

”Saa Zile mnakimbia Ku Clout Chase na Jina Ya Omollo; Alafu me Nawaibia iyo Slang mumetumia kunitusi nayo, natangeneza Nayo Banger. Its a Different Ball Game. The OG shall be respected. On Friday, I drop this pale YouTube. Be ready.”

Most celebrities have applauded Khaligraph on the comment section for making this smart move.

Masauti responded;

”Hio ndio dawaaaa”

Bien reacted;


This beef is going to be short-lived after the release of the song. Let’s wait and see Wizzo’s response.


OGs Must Be Respected! Khaligraph Jones Bags MTN’s East African Rapper Of The Year.

Khaligraph Jones is undoubtedly one of the best rappers in East Africa. The celebrated 30 year old HipHop artist keeps on proving hater that he’s the best in the game. This time, he has been recognized by Uganda. Khaligraph has been awarded the best East African rapper by MTN Uganda.

It’s also important to note that Khaligraph was also nominated by BET last year. He however lost the award to  27 year old British rapper, singer and songwriter Stormzy in the Best International Flow Hip Hop category.
This was his first ever BET nomination and he couldn’t hide the joy as he celebrated with his fans on social media.

”“Yooooooooh, Khaligraph Jones is a movement. My first-ever BET nomination in The Best International Flow Category. The OG Shall be respected. Cc @bet_africa @bet,”

Additionally, Khaligraph has done collabos with international rappers such as Sarkodie, who is recognized globally when it comes to rap.

Khaligraph has shared the great news on his Instagram today and was congratulated by his fellow celebrities;

”Thank You @mtnug THE OG HAS BEEN RESPECTED….”

Willis Raburu wrote;


DJ MO reacted;


Khaligraph is definitely going to bag more awards this year. His immense talent can’t go un-noticed. All the best Khali!

Alikupea Kakitu! Fans React To Khaligraph For Stopping ‘Unlock The Country’ Campaign After Visiting The Deputy President

Several artists had joined hands in telling President Uhuru Kenyatta to unlock the country since most Kenyans have been suffering throughout the pandemic. Even though the President decided to keep quiet about it, the deputy President decided to call out celebrities and talk to them on the issue.

Rapper Khaligraph Jones was among those who helped immensely to air out netizen’s grievances to Uhuru. Unlike many other celebrities, Khaligraph got a response from the DP who wrote back to him. A few days later, the DP had a meeting with several artists.

Afterwards, all of them went silent on the issue. This raised concern among their fans; who thought a solution would emerge after the talk.

Cash For Silence?

Khaligraph has now found himself on the receiving end as his fans claim he was given a ‘handout’ to keep quiet.

One of his fans wrote;

 @khaligraph_jones inakaa ulijengwa fiti na DP ukaacha kulia????”

Khaligraph Responded;

”ata si ivo, inafaa kila mtu ajililie ju nilienda uko wakenya wakanitukana jo????????”

Additionally, FBI’s Ezra also complained about artists stopping the campaign after meeting the Deputy President. He wrote;

”…Kwani campaign ya unlock our country iliisha after wasanii wamenda kwa DP? Was the campaign a personal agenda? Ama the country has already been opened up for the chosen few?”

The conspicuous silence of the artists who attended the DPs meeting has stirred curiosity. But one thing’s for sure, no one knows the country’s fate amid the lockdown.

Why Khaligraph Jones Doesn’t Want To Be Compared To Tanzanian Musicians Hitting Million Views In Hours

Tanzanian musicians have made it big in the East African music industry compared to other countries in the region. They’re the most established in terms of YouTube subs and viewership; with Diamond topping the leaderboard.

Hip-Hop Is Different!

Khaligraph Jones-IG

Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones however thinks that his kind of music should not be compared to Tanzanian music. His latest song dubbed ‘Luku’ had fetched around 161K views on YouTube before he went live yester night. On the Instagram live, the rapper said that Hip-Hop is a different genre that should be appreciated differently.

”Tuko apa ivi we’re doing like 161K hits right now, which is a very good record. I think ni sababu Wasafi wamekuwa wakipiga ma 2 million. So mkiona tukipiga records kama 161K views in 23 hours you feel like it’s… Lakini you need to understand that mimi I’m a rapper. This is Hip-Hop.”

Khaligraph continued by saying that his Hip-Hop viewership is the best in Africa.

”Africa mzima hakuna msee anaget izo numbers. So ukiona tuna get such numbers on songs then this is something that you have to recognize.”

Khaligraph’s latest hit is number 3 trending on YouTube and now has 240K views since it’s release 1 day ago. I bet it’ll be hitting a million views in 2 weeks. Let’s support our own music.

It’s about to get lit! Khaligraph Jones and Nyashinski spotted together at unknown recording studio – sparking collabo rumors

The great Nyashinski might have just decided to collaborate with Africa’s best rapper Khaligraph Jones as the two were recently spotted in the same recording studio on March 24.

Just by looking at the video shared by Khaligraph Jones it’s evident to see that the two are indeed working on something; and fans cannot keep calm – that is judging from the comments left in the comment section.

Nyashinki with Khaligraph Jones in studio

While it hasn’t been confirmed whether or not they were working on something together; it certainly does seem like Kenya’s favorite rappers might finally be collabing on a track.

Prayers answered

This comes after years of fans requesting the two to work on something interesting; and being artists that don’t disappoint – all we know is that this will be one club banger to start off 2021.

As we await to hear from these two to confirm about the possible collabo; below is a short clip taken during their recent studio session as revealed by Khaligraph himself.

Georgina reveals hubby’s, Khaligraph Jones soft side that fans know nothing about

Khaligrap Jones always seems mean online. Well, at least to the haters trying to bring him down with their bad energy. However there are those who paint him a ‘selfish type of person, probably rude’ but that is their opinion; although looking at him one would understand why they feel this way.

His wife Georgina on the other hand seems like the sweetest person; and her followers cannot help but admire how low key she is. Just recently, Georgina gave her fans an opportunity to ask anything about her and family; and believe me, fans flooded her stories looking for various answers.

What however caught our attention is one fan who went on to ask whether Georgina argues with hubby; and if yes, how does he handle it. The fan wrote;

Do you argue with OG?

Georgina speaks

Well, just like any other couple, they too argue and have disagreements which is normal. However according to Georgina her man rarely picks fights with her…but yes, they have their disagreements once in a while. Responding to the question, Georgina wrote;

Mnataka kuona our arguements kwani? We have our misunderstanding sometimes but rarely.

This comes as a big surprise especially after ex Cashy came out to reveal that Khaligraph had been physically abusing her back in the day. However despite the alleged fights, the lady went on to have a son with Khaligraph who walked out on her after meeting Georgina; but hey, such is life.

Khaligraph’s brother Lamaz Span is Kenya’s next biggest rapper

I listen to Kenyan music a lot, not for any other reason but because it drives my adrenaline up. Imagine going about your day as you listen to Dundaing by King Kaka, Kristoff and Magix Enga.

A whole mood right?

Apart from the aforementioned artists, you’ll also find me listening to Naiboi, Khaligraph, Mayonde, Sage, Mbithi, Wangeci, Fena and Lamaz Span.

If you are a fan of local music, you must be familiar with all these artist except one; Lamaz Span.

Make sure you remember that name because the new kid on the block has not come to play.

Well I don’t think he’s thaaaaaat (sic) new, I’m the one who discovered his music recently on Khaligraph’s timeline.

Minutes later, I was on YouTube jamming to his latest single Stories. Ladies and gentlemen, his punchlines are so smooth and effortless.

In the song, Lamaz Span narrates his childhood experiences, the odd jobs that he had to do to put before he finally got his big break. I really love how he packaged it.

I will soon interview him so that we can all get to know more about him and what he is all about.

Meanwhile, watch Stories by Lamaz Span ft Magix Enga below tell me what you think in the comment section below.

Khaligraph Jones and Eric Omondi take to battle as their beef escalates

The beef between Eric Omondi and Khaligraph Jones keeps getting hotter, with the competition of who is more muscular than the other, attracting public attention.

It all started with a photo of the award-winning comedian flexing his fairly well-built muscles and hitting back at Khaligraph, daring him to go to battle with him.

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Looking unmoved by Eric’s cheap threats, the OG instead wished him a fruitful body-building journey, while comparing him to the likes of Sauti Sol’s Savara and Bien Aime.

The backlash

Eric Omondi made a comeback, in a cryptic post questioning;

“Mimi nashangaa mbona tunacelebrate kitambi.”

Eric Omondi flexing his muscles

No pointing fingers but it was obvious he was clapping back at the Kenyan rapper.

Khaligraph who got the memo soon enough, decided to take the beef a notch higher, by bringing in comedian Njugush who has been spending quality time in the gym recently.

According to Khaligraph, Njugush is doing way better than Eric Omondi, posing;

“@bienaimesol Big up My G, I see you Back in The Gym, kill those weights @ericomondi asikutishie.”

Comedian Njugush born Timothy Kimani

His post saw fans burst into laughter including Bien, Njugush and Eric Omondi as they watched the drama unfold.

But who is Eric Omondi to accept defeat without a fight?

This time, he went extra. Unearthing rusty throwback photos of Khaligraph Jones, when he was quite of a hustler, humble and much slimmer that he currently is.

Khaligraph Jones TBT

Eric captions;

Kijana mdogo amekuja Nairobi Juzi, anabishana na wazee. By the time am done with you, utakua umerudi back to factory setting. Taka taka ya Ghasia.

An embarrassed Khaligraph hit back at the comedian dissing him for trying all means possible, including unearthing photos of him a decade ago, just to prove a point.

“Hahaha Fala wewe, Ile look nilikuja nayo Nairobi ndio sai We unavaa kama Sunday Best.”

Khaligraph Jones

Whatever is going on between Eric and Khaligraph, no one seems to understand, as other comedians and personalities bring in their game on the same, each flexing what they got.

Terence Creative, Crazy Kennar and Henry Desagu were not left behind.

Respect the OG! Khaligraph Jones hits back at Eric Omondi’s ‘cheap’ threats

Eric Omondi has been spending some quality in the gym, trying to get his body in shape and after seeing the results, thought he is better built than rapper Khaligraph Jones.

The self-proclaimed President of Comedy decided to address the heavily-built rapper in an angry online rant that he thought would leave Khaligraph shaken.

Also read: How it went down at Eric Omondi’s studio and office launch event (Video)

In a video doing the rounds, a clearly vexed, shirtless Eric Omondi surrounded by his team of bouncers and fellow comedian Terence Creative, screams;

“Khaligraph Jones! Kichwa kubwa! Nitakupiga! Khaligraph Jones nakuambia na hii si comedy bro, nitakupiga. Nonsense! Jiite OG tena.”

Eric Omondi flaunts his muscles

Khaligraph Jones responds

Wind got to Khaligraph soon enough who, seeming unshaken by the tantrums of the comedy star, instead wished him congratulations.

“Congratulations @ericomondi.”

Before mocking him, comparing him to the likes of Sauti Sols Bien Aime and Savara who have been trying their luck in the gym as well, but who he believes are still below his fitness level.

“Hao ndio size yako mnaeza Fungua Chama, Mkitaka Kushona Nitafuteni niwatrain,” Khaligraph unapologetically hit back.

Popular rapper Khaligraph Jones

Because whether Eric liked it or not, “The OG shall be respected”.

Khaligraphs post just hit home and where it hurt most after a hurting Bien Aime responded;

The conversation has since attracted mixed reactions from fans, some who could only sit back and watch the drama unfold.

8 celebrity dads enjoying cute bonding moments with their children

Despite the fame and extra responsibilities that come with being a celebrity, a number of male personalities have proven that spending quality time with their children can still be done.

Children here, I mean newborns or less than 3 year-old celebrity kids who are getting to spend some priceless moments with their daddies.

Some being first-time dads, others not new to the game but have gotten better at it with time. Be it single parenting, co-parenting or raising up children with their wives. Lets start off.

1. Polycarp Otieno

The Sauti Sol guitarist is new to the game, welcoming a bouncing baby boy with wife, Lady Mandy in August and ever since, the new dad has been spotted be it feeding, sun-basking with or even dancing with the newborn in his arms. He describes his fatherhood journey as “absolutely heavenly”.

Fancy Fingers with their newborn

2. Khaligraph Jones

It would be easy to crown the Kenyan rapper as one who embraced fatherhood to the full. Previously spotted spending some quality time with his daughter, before baby number two, a baby boy came on board on October 11 and seemingly robbed his sister of her daddy.

Khaligraph Jones with his son

3. Diamond Platnumz

Diamond is trying to rekindle the good family vibes with his ex, Zari Hassan and their two children who recently landed in Tanzania and have since been keeping the music star busy with fatherhood duties.

Diamond Platnumz with his two children

4. DJ Mo

The gospel DJ has been spending time around his family more especially after COVID-19 struck, going out in vacations, having meals together and just being a present dad. However, the father of two’s vibe with his daughter seems stronger than with that of his roughly 1-year old son.

DJ Mo with daughter

5. Tedd Josiah

A veteran Kenyan music producer who embraced the title ‘ManMom’ after the passing on of his wife just 3 months after delivering their baby girl and had to take up both mum and dad duties for the baby girl who is now 2 years of age.

Tedd Josiah with daughter

6. Nick Mutuma

The Kenyan actor has sweetly bonded with his adorable baby girl Dua, now 2 years of age, who is undeniably a replica of her mom, Bridget Shighadi.

Nick Mutuma with daughter

7. Njugush

This particular one stands out. The comedian’s genes seem to have trickled into their barely 2-year old son who is already a star in his own capacity. A baby boy whose level of maturity has lived to impress masses.

Njugush with son

8. Phil Karanja

The film director and producer, married to Kate actress, is one very proud dad who got to hold his first child, a daughter, baby K in December 2019, who he clearly adores if their daddy-daughter moments are anything to go by.

Phillip Karanja with daughter

The bonus:

9. Frankie Just Gym It

There is something about Frankies newborn that seems to have taken the curiosity out of the gym enthusiast. Never minding to be left home with their baby boy, to feed and keep the little one company.

Frankie Just Gym It with third son

Anyone we left out?

Mahater! Khaligraph Jones pissed off at hater who left scratch marks on his sleek Range Rover ride (Video)

There is this character of individuals who wait for the opportune time, when it favors them most and favors you least, to strike back at you.

The situations vary with the most recent victim being Kenyan celebrity rapper, Khaligraph Jones.

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The daylight ordeal

So what happens, Khaligraph drives to a place in his sleek, red, British Range Rover beast, parks it and walks away only to come back minutes later to find that his attackers were in vicinity.

Khaligraph Jones and Masauti defend artistes in 'Hao"
Khaligraph Jones with his sleek white Range Rover

Also read: Khaligraph Jones mzungu wife introduces adorable baby boy weeks after giving birth (Photos)

Nothing much happened but however minor it seemed, left the rapper irritated and throwing around all sorts of curse words to however is responsible.

The streets are not safe, that is what majority of Kenyans have had to learn the hard way and for Khaligraph, he was seconds away from blowing out of proportion.

Khaligraph Jones parades his red British beast

So this unknown fellar stopped by and decided to scratch through the metal of the driver’s door side, leaving behind conspicuous, uneven marks on the red beast that clearly irritated the father of two.

“Manze, haters, why the f* would you do this to the Range? Who the f* did this? Mahater…” the rapper raged.

Prophecy foretold? Khaligraph Jones’ words of wisdom come back to haunt Shakilla, 2 years later (Video)

It is sad that what Khaligraph Jones prophesied about 2 years ago, has come to pass in one of the most untelling of circumstances.

The Kayole-born and bred music star left a message back in December 2018 that has come back to haunt the Kenyan celebrity space today.

Also read: Respect the OG! Khaligraph Jones savagely hits back at Sauti Sol’s Bien in ugly comeback

Khaligraphs work of art

2 years down the line, a video of Khaligraph rapping some wisdom to an upcoming socialite, just 19 years of age, who ditched school for fame and got entangled in all sorts of controversies, has re-emerged.

Khaligraph Jones’ words of wisdom come back to haunt the Kenyan celebrity space

Also read: Wild uproar after Shakilla makes raunchy public appearance during Tory Lanez InstaLive

Interestingly, the mere fact that the art piece speaks to one of Kenya’s own, has left many in shock.

For many, this is a message that perfectly speaks to a dear Shakilla, if only she cares to listen and learn.

“Shawty trying to be the next Vera, be the next Huddah. Na ju ya pressure anajipea kwa mabuda. She wants the first life na so hapotezi muda, ataki beshte zake wamconsider as a loser. Ataki story za chuo, hazisaidii life,” the rap piece starts off.

Internet sensation Shakilla

“At 19 ashapoteza ID twice. I tried to talk to her, thinking I’d be nice but akanitoka ju singemletea IG likes. Anataka high heels tu ka za Amber Rose. So anaenda kutafta buda anaweza kummanga doh,” he continues.

Unfortunately, the rapper believes this might be the end for the 19-year old socialite who is actually wasting away her future, so she better listen to what he has to say;

“To this ni**as, you are nothing but another h*e. They don’t care about the clothes or the manicure in your eyelashes, all they think about is how they gon hijack it. Tap it alafu akutoke ndio usiwaimpata. Instagram isikufanye ujivunje mguu, coz all these people out here, mehn they don’t keep it true,” Khaligraph cautioned the babe.

Shakilla’s Halloween look

“Girl, just listen, all these niggas is lying to you out here, crazy!” he wraps up the art piece.

One that majority of Kenyans believe best describes Shakilla’s life as we speak and she can only be wise and listen.

Have a listen: https://www.instagram.com/p/CHGHlP1Hok4/

Respect the OG! Khaligraph Jones savagely hits back at Sauti Sol’s Bien in ugly comeback

Khaligraph Jones and Sauti Sols Bien Aime Baraza have gone to battle after Bien made fun of the rapper’s muscles.

Bien was spotted hanging out in the gym to get that enviable body physique back in shape and the six-pack loading in what he terms;

“Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect Practice makes shit happen.

True to it, his hard work did not disappoint, if his workout update is anything to go by.

Bien Aime flexing his muscles

Also read: Khaligraph´s cute daddy-daughter moments become an envy to Bien and Chiki Kuruka (Video)

Bien disses Khaligraphs 6-pack

Well, unfortunately, the boy band lead singer then decided to make fun of Khaligraph’s ‘loose’ body physique ahead of the just concluded BET Hiphop Awards nominations.

Renowned Kenyan rapper, Khaligraph Jones

Bien put up a poster of the award-winning rapper asking fans to vote for a brother, believing Khaligraph is the best talent Kenya can produce in that line, so far.

Only to soon after diss the rapper’s heavy tummy in place of a six-pack, while blowing his own trumpet captioning;

“Lakini ubaya utashinda BET kabla upate 6pack. Six-pack utaonea kwa page yangu.”

Bien Aime disses Khaligraph’s 6-pack

This did not sit well with the ego-filled rapper from Kayole, who lost the coveted BET award to British rapper, singer and songwriter, Stormzy.

Khaligraph Jones fires back

The proud father of two has now come out to diss Bien’s ‘thin’ legs while comparing them to his heavy-built arm muscles bragging;

KWENDAA, @bienaimesol Iyo Mkono inatoshana na mguu zako mbili #respecttheogs

Khaligraph Jones savagely fires back at Sauti Sol’s Bien

Well, Bien is yet to respond to the diss but this does not seem to be going away any time soon.

Khaligraph Jones and mzungu wife expecting baby number 2 (Photos)

Khaligraph Jones is about to become a dad for the 3rd time! This was revealed by the rapper through his social media pages where he went on to unveil a never seen before photo of himself, heavily pregnant wife and daughter.

The rapper shared this photo through his social media pages where he captioned;

Also read:Weuh! Cashy shares Mpesa receipts showing how much child support Khaligraph Jones has paid in 2 years!

Omollo Has been OverWorking in Every Field, The OG has to be Respected, Rada Safi, The Lwanda Magere Legacy ????????

This being his 3rd child, many couldn’t help but congratulate the rapper for working over time; since the fruits are finally now visible.

Khaligraph and Georgina

Well, Khaligraph’s 3rd child comes at a time many knew nothing about his son Xolani with ex, Cashy. According to the lady, Khaligraph has not been supportive of their baby boy; but all he asks for are his photos.

Also read:Khaligraph Jones taken to court by ex girlfriend for neglecting 2 year old son (Photo)

This was seen in a complaint shared on her IG page where Cashy exposed the rapper; but since then, the two have been maintaining their silence concerning the matter.

Anyway, with a new baby on the way – this confirms that indeed Khaligraph has chosen to settle down with Ms Muteti who now has 2 children with him.


“Unafanya handshake?” Fans react to Octopizzo’s congratulatory message to Khaligraph Jones

Octopizzo joined the many celebrities celebrating Khaligraph Jones after he was named among  the BET Awards nominees for 2020. Through his Twitter handle, the Kamakize hitmaker congratulated his archenemy, Mr Omollo; but mentioned that this did not mean they are friends.

Through his Twitter handle, Octopizzo went on to talk about their ongoing beef while congratulating his friend; but went on to mention that this did not mean they are friends;

Kenya´s illest rapper, Khaligraph Jones

Also read: Wonders will never seize! Octopizzo’s heartfelt congratulatory message to Khaligraph Jones on his BET Award nominations

We’ve always had our differences & that will remain like that. But congratulations Brayo aka KJones on your BET nomination, all my die hard go vote for Jones. Na akishinda hio award namvuitisha vela cha lazima si ati nini. All the best.

Worried Fans

Octopizzo’s gang on the other hand did not seem so impressed with this; probably because it made them bow down to Khali’s fans who have been trolling them for years.

One fan asked went on to ask whether this was the beginning of a new friendship following the online handshake; he wrote;

Unafanya Handshake ndio sisi tuende wapi?

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To which Octopizzo responded by saying;

Handshake hakuna, lakini enda votia kijana

Indeed this was a new move in the entertainment industry; especially judging from the number of years these two have been beefing!

Octopizzo’s fans

Wonders will never seize! Octopizzo’s heartfelt congratulatory message to Khaligraph Jones on his BET Award nominations

Khaligraph Jones has been making headlines for both good and bad reasons! Apart from being the illest rapper we have in Africa; turns out that he is also an irresponsible dad as revealed by baby mama, Cashy Karimi.

For the past few days, Khaligraph Jones has been on the spot light after Cashy went on to reveal that he doesn’t support his son, Xolani. According to the lady, the rapper is aware about his son’s whereabouts; but for some reason Khaligraph Jones refuses to support his son.

Speaking to a popular news outlet; Cashy went on to reveal that the rapper only reaches out to ask for photos of his son; but never does anything in terms of looking after his baby boy!

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BET award nominations

Despite this being said about him, Khaligraph Jones continues to shine in the entertainment industry.

So far he has been named as one of the most talented rappers in Africa; and to prove this, the rapper recently left many congratulating him after revealing that he had been nominated for the BET awards.

Through his Instagram page, the father of 2 went on to write;

Yooooooooh, KHALIGRAPH JONES IS A MOVEMENT, My 1st Ever BET Nomination in The Best International Flow Category, The OG Shall be respected???????????? Cc @bet_africa @bet

Octopizzo congratulates Khaligraph Jones

As if being nominated for the BET wasn’t enough; rapper Octopizzo seems to have added some flavor to this mix!

Surprisingly, Octopizzo has gone ahead to congratulate his archenemy for being nominated for the BET award nominations. This his twitter handle, the rapper went on to write;

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We’ve always had our differences & that will remain  like that. But congratulations Brayo aka KJones on your BET nomination, all my die hard go vote for Jones. Na akishinda hio award namvuitisha vela cha lazima si ati nini. All the best.

Octopizzo’s Tweet

Weuh! Cashy shares Mpesa receipts showing how much child support Khaligraph Jones has paid in 2 years!

Rapper Cashy who doubles up as a law graduate and mother of one has been on a roll exposing her baby daddy Khaligraph Jones for neglecting son, Xolani.

Apparently Khaligraph Jones has not only been avoiding his son; but even when sick, the rapper still chooses not to be active in his son’s life. So far Cashy has been demanding money for insurance inorder for their son to receive health care whenever he may fall sick.

Well, away from that Cashy is back with an Mpesa statement showing the amount she has since been received from Khaligraph Jones. Looking at the statement, it appears that Khaligraph only sent her money twice and that is 5k and 7k.

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Cashy exposes baby daddy

Khaligraph Jones sidelining son?

Although it is evident that baby Xolani is Khaligraph Jones son; Cashy went on to use the Mpesa statement as evidence to prove that their had been communication before the rapper disappeared.

In the detailed statement, Cashy makes it known that she is not fighting for a spot in the rappers life; but she only wants her son to be treated the same as his sister, Amali. She went on to write;

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However, this a matter that will only be solved behind closed doors and not on social media.

Khaligraph Jones taken to court by ex girlfriend for neglecting 2 year old son (Photo)

Rapper Cashy who is Khaligraph Jones ex girlfriend has finally confirmed that her son, Xolani was actually fathered by the her ex Mr Omollo.

This comes almost 2 years after Cashy welcomed her baby boy; but just like most celebrities she chose to keep him on the low until he turned 1 year. At this point no one really knew who the father was since Khaligraph had moved on with his current wife, Georgina; who also happens to have a 15 month old daughter.

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On Sunday, 27 September Cashy however decided to finally reveal her son’s paternity; and just when we thought it couldn’t be baba Amali – turns out that he is actually responsible for the young boy.

Child support

This comes after the lady went on to reveal that she had taken the rapper to court for neglecting his son. Through her social media pages, Cashy shared a detailed post saying;

Cashy to Khaligraph Jones

In the caption Cashy went on to reveal her reasons for suing Khaligraph who seems to have forgotten about his son, Xolani. According to Cashy, all she needs is for her child to be well taken care of; and in detailed caption she went on to explain this saying;

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Cashy post

Looking at the photo below, it’s evident that baby Xolani looks everything like his father; but the sad thing is he has never really acknowledged him in public.

baby Xolani

Meet the fine young lady giving Khaligraph Jones goosebumps with her sultry voice (Photos)

Khaligraph Jones has been on the forefront pushing for Kenyan music to get sufficient airplay; and also continues to fight for the royalties artists in Kenya should be getting from MCSK.

Being an artist who struggled to get his music to the top; Khaligraph Jones has always made it known that his purpose is to change the industry. And from what we can see, lets just say that he is the only confident artist; strong enough to stand for what he believes in no matter the consequences.

Well just recently the top East African rapper went on to introduce; and at the same time appreciate a certain singer from Mombasa who left him speechless after being featured on Benzema’s latest project.

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As seen on his post, Khaligraph praised Adasa for her angelic voice; and went on to use her as example that Kenya has enough catchy talents that remain unnoticed. He wrote;

Wale wanasemanga Kenya Hakuna Talent, This lady Has one of the Best Voices in Africa and Probably the Best voice In East Africa, Tusibishane Tafadhali, This song is beautiful, Her name is @officialadasa , Kama kitu Ni noma , ni noma #respecttheogs

Promote our own

In yet another post, the OG went on to ask his fans to support this particular lady as she has the potential to put our music on the chats. He went on to add;

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 Simply Amazing, we should promote this Kind Of Talent, I think Mombasa Will soon Takeover The Music Scene, hawabahatishi???????????????????????? #respecttheogs

Well, if you haven’t checked the song then be sure. Anyway below are just a few photos of lady Adasa who has left Khaligraph talking on social media.

Singer Adasa leaves Khaligraph Jones speechless
Adasa with Benzema
Is Adasa the next Avril?

Tanasha Donna hits back at Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu for copy-pasting her lyrics in their new track ‘Cheche’ (Video)

Tanasha Donna and her manager have called out Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu’s new release Cheche that is allegedly a copyright of one of her tracks off her Donnatella EP album.

Barely hours after Cheche was released, Tanasha put up a cryptic post on her gram, singing along to her favorite Ride anthem that features Khaligraph Jones, but what many did not realize is she was actually hitting back at her baby daddy and his female signee Zuchu.

Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu on the receiving end over copyright

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Donna’s lines that are a mix of a bit of Spanish, English and Kiswahili are similarly the same lines that Zuchu used on her intro and this did not sit well with the Kenyan girl and her managers. She captioned:

???? Yo te quiero tanteee , for your love asante….???? ???????? One of my fav tracks on #DONNATELLAEP hands down! Back to when RIDE ft @khaligraph_jones was trending #1 on @audiomackafrica without an official release.

Kenyan songbird, Tanasha Donna

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Before bluntly exposing the ‘fakes’ who took up her original lines to use them to their advantage. Savagely clapping back;

Good music sells itself, never forced. Enyewe demand on this video imekuwa high… Sijui after #nawewe ni release hii?


Tanasha and Khaligraph only worked on the song’s audio but never got to release its video. However, after the recent events, the two have sworn to have Ride’s video dropping soon.

khaligraph_jones ???????????????? That song , gotta give them a Video for that
Tanasha Donna hits the studio with Khaligraph Jones

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Her manager, Jamal Gaddafi also took to his social media to blast the Tanzanian artists for lacking originality and most especially copy-pasting Tanasha’s signature line.

Siku zote kitu ORIGINAL kina stand out kuliko COPY. Yo te quero tante, for your love Asante @khaligraph_jones ????@fnmbrand

Jamal Gaddafi


Fans who could tell something was burning, called out Zuchu for pretending to be someone she is not, ever taking after Tanasha’s footsteps, be it in her trips with Diamond or even her music career. Check out the savage reactions below:

milkahchocolate Kumbe Tanasha ni role modo wa Zuchu?? Hadi lyrics za kifrench kaiba ????


jacquelyneagitsa So Zucchu is being forced to become Tanasha by force by fire….stealing lyrics ????????????????


lilojhonson Zuchu amecopy kila kitu????????????????????Diamond has no shame????zero creativity!


nash.carol.75 Zuchu aliiba hapa mistari walahi ????????tusipingane plz ila mbona anamuiga T sana


winnie_k_sly You inspire many, even with your lyrics. Umeibiwa????????


wemasapetu2020 Kamata mwizi meeeniiii???? Baba mtoto na mwanafunzi wake wamepatikana badeqqqq????????????????????????
Jamal Gaddafi´s comment section

Here is the Cheche track by Platnumz and Zuchu:

10 Kenyan artists whose concerts you must attend when lockdown is finally lifted

With the significant reduction of positive COVID-19 cases over the last two weeks, it seems things will soon go back to normal and the restrictions that had been put in place to curb the spread of the deadly virus will be lifted.

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Measures such as banning large public gatherings and ordering the closure of clubs and have denied many Kenyans a chance to socialize and see their favourite artists performing live for a whole 6 months.

As such, I decided to write down a list of Kenyan artist who I feel many people, including yours truly, are eager to see performing on stage. Here are their names in no particular order and to be honest I don’t mind if someone can get all of them to do one show.

1. Mejja – Okwonkwo as he is popularly known has been on a roll since the year began. He has dropped fire collabos and I believe many people are yearning to see him on stage because he’s a showstopper.


2. Sauti Sol – If you watched Sauti Sol’s virtual concert last month then I’m sure you can’t wait to see them on stage soon because nothing beats a Sauti Sol live experience.

Sauti Sol

3. Nadia Mukami – She is arguably the biggest female artist in Kenya at the moment and to add to that, Nadia has also released many jams during the social distancing period that many people would want to see her performing live.

Nadia Mukami

4. Otile Brown – The mellow-voiced singer whose real name is Jacob Otieno Obunga dropped a fire album during the social distancing period and watching him perform those songs live will be an unforgettable experience.

Otile Brown
Otile Brown

5. Khaligraph Jones – The OG or Papa Jones has also been working really hard and if you have ever attended his show then you know that he means business when he gets on stage.

Khaligraph Jones and Ice Prince featured by Kofi Jamar in 'In The City'
Khaligraph Jones

6. Ssaru – I know many of you can not wait to see this lass performing because she literally blew up when we were in lockdown. To add to that, she has some dope wordplay and rhymes.


7. Timmy Tdat – I had to include the Dus Nyau hitmaker because his energy when he is on stage is unmatched. If you attend his concert, you go home feeling like you got value for your money.

Timmy Tdat enlists G Nako and Dogo Janja for 'I Don't Care'

8. Willy Paul – During the lockdown, Pozze has dropped collabos with Mejja, Nadia Mukami, Bien Aime, Ruby and done many successful single projects. Therefore, you just have to see him performing live.

Willy Paul pours his heart out in 'Magnetic'

9. Moji Short Babaa – If you are a promoter and you want an urban gospel artist who will pull huge crowds to your event then look no further than this chap.

Moji Short Babaa
Moji Short Babaa

10. Mbogi Genje – Many of us have gotten to see Gengetone groups like 34 GVNG, Sailors, Ochunglo Family, Ethic, etc. performing but we are yet to see Mbogi Genje and that would be an awesome experience because they are unique and so taleneted.

Mbogi Genje, the Gengetone group that has everyone talking
Mbogi Genje

8 Kenyan celebrities who have heavily invested in luxury rides

After battling tough struggles in their early years of life, majority of Kenyan celebrities have come out to flaunt the fruits of their hard work.

A good number of them have proven this is through purchases of plush homes in high-end residential areas, others taking pride in the cars they ride. However, not all of them had a rough childhood per se. Let’s have a look:

1. Jalang’o

The renowned comedian, digital content creator and media personality recently crowned his successes with a grand purchase of a KSh15M all-black Range Rover Velar that he tripped to Kisumu with over the weekend. This is just one of his long fleet of luxury fuel guzzlers among them a BMW X6, Toyota Land Cruiser V8 and a convertible Mercedes Benz.

Jalang’o with his new luxury ride

2. Betty Kyallo

The celebrated journalist took many by surprise after reportedly making a purchase of a KSh7.1M Porsche Cayenne soon as she resigned at K24 TV. Additionally owning of a sleek black Mercedes Benz which she is more often than not spotted in.

Betty Kyallo flaunts new ride

3. Masauti

The Swahili recording artist became a proud owner of a supposed KSh23.3M Bentley Continental GT V8 2020 First edition after his first debut single Liar featuring Tanasha off his ‘Masauti 001 EP’ album. A luxury SUV he was gifted by manager, Kea Boy.


4. Akothee

The President of single mothers whose presence and power in the country has been felt of late, recently showed up at a Government meeting in a heavy fleet of black Toyota LandCruiser Prados, one platted ‘Madam Boss’ and the rest ferrying her bodyguards. That’s enough said.

Madam Boss Akothee makes grand entrance at Government meeting

5. Maina Kageni

As Kenyans were busy feeling the harsh effects of COVID-19 in May, a dear Maina Kageni took to the show room to welcome home his KSh6.9M brand new BMW X6 xdrive 40i 2020 edition reportedly the first of its kind in the East and Central African region.

Maina Kageni purchases new ride

6. Anerlisa Muigai

Born out of royalty, the Keroche Breweries heiress seems to have some good taste in what she rides in, spotted on numerous occasions in a sleek KSh12M dark grey Range Rover Velar.

Anerlisa Muigai

7. Khaligraph Jones

Soon as April 2020 kicked in, the influential rapper splashed several millions on his luxury 2014 Porsche Cayenne. A four-wheel drive fuel guzzler of German Technology. This is not his one and only, possessing at least a white pimped Toyota Crown Royal Saloon, black Mercedes Benz as well as a pimped white Range Rover among his fleet of cars.



8. DJ Mo

The gospel disk jockey married to singer, Size 8 takes bride in his sleek silver Range Rover that had always been his dream car and runs into millions. Meanwhile, his wife reportedly owns a KSh7M Jaguar XF.


There you have it!