Diamond given tough lecture by former photographer after calling son with Hamisa ‘side kid’

Diamond Platnumz has been lectured by his ex-photographer for a recent statement he made when referring to one of his kids.

Kifesi, who parted ways with the singer early this year, had a lot to say after Diamond went on and called his son with Hamisa Mobetto a side-kid during his birthday.

Just wrong

On Instagram, he shunned the singer in a long post saying:

“Japokua i dont n a will never glorify cheating or side chick thing but labeling innocent kid wachilia mbali ur own blood n flesh as SIDE-KID this is too wrong in all levels brother watoto n gift from God amepatikanaje siyo makusud yao they didn’t ask to be born n I don’t think kuna excuse or reason for labeling an innocent kid with such name imagine this kid growing up one day n watch his own father call him worldwide as side kid from side chick knowing he wasn’t born out of love aka a unwanted,” he said.


Zaid badala hata uusie watu wa stop cheating n umalaya n stay with only one partner instead u teaching people is oky ku cheat as long watumie condom kuepuka watoto na cyo UKIMWI honestly brother uyafanyayo these days umekua siyo good role model kwa vijana or anyone what are we teaching the young generation. Children are very sensitive n whatever they see or hear they take it..imagine watoto waanze kuwa wnawazomea na kuita watoto wenzao wa nje ya as SIDEKIDS imagine ur son akikuwa mtaan or shulen watoto wenzie wawe wanamtania na kumzomea as a sidekid at the end all these Will negatively impact the self-esteem and sense of self-worth of that boy..n zaid vitamjengea chuki zidi yako n hope u knw hiyo inamanisha nn ..My advice if possible Beg even pay the internet to delete that post cuz internet never forget..n because most times those u calln sidekid are the ones tht will en up being there for u when u need them the most but atapkuja ona hiyo clip i dont knw..

He finally finished by saying:

“Fame n money visitupumbaze n kufnya yasofaa they won’t stay forever they always Go n u won’t be young/Rich or celebrity forever n those friends wa NDIO MZEE /NDIO BOSS watapotea But UR FAMILY will always be with u hata vyote vikipita family is the important thing kwa mwnadam ndio kitu mtu anapswa akiheshim n kukilinda kuliko anythn one day u gonna need them the most but if today u disrespect them,causing pain ,humiliation them i mean ur kids even mothers of ur own kids wht will happen tomorrow??Mungu huwa hasahau machoz ya mwnamke na maumivu ya watoto ..Think Twice Brother n do the right thing. Najua huwez kuchukua ushauri kama huu huenda utaisoma kusonya but may God open ur eyes ..God bless u n ur Family.”


“Ningeongea na Zari ningerudishwa kazi” Diamond’s former photographer Kifesi confirms Zari still has leverage over Diamond

Diamond Platnumz’s former photographer Kifesi was sacked early this year after he took shots at his boss for cheating on Zari.

Kifesi now claims that he can have his job back if Zari talks to Diamond. Speaking during an interview with Bongo 5, the photographer reveals that Zari still exerts influence over Diamond.

“Diamond hapindui kwa Zari, ningeweza kuongea na Zari nikamwambia kuwa hii kazi mimi nimefukuzwa na ingekuwa rahisi kwa Zari kwa sababu ni dada yangu, na angeweza hata kumwambia kuwa kama unataka kurudiana na mimi (Zari) basi msamehe Kifesi,” said the photographer.

Diamond Platnumz and Kifesi
Diamond Platnumz and Kifesi
Diamond the loser

Kifesi still maintains that it’s Diamond who lost in the breakup with Zari. He claims that Zari is the only woman who would have added value to Diamond compared to all other women the singer has ever dated.

“Mimi naamini Diamond amefanya makosa sana kuachana na Zari kwa sababu mwanaume yoyote mwenye akili na busara atamuona Zari kama aina ya mwanamke ambaye anatamani awe naye kujenga maisha na kujenga familia. Kwaiyo Diamond atakuwa ni wa ajabu kama akisema eti hajapoteza kitu cha thamani kwa kumpoteza Zari nitamshangaa halafu hata yeye anaelewa umuhimu wake ukilinganisha na wanawake ambao ameshawahi kuwa nao na hata alionao huwezi ukawalinganisha na Zari,” said Kifesi.




Diamond’s former photographer Kifesi hints Esma Platnumz is supplying her brother with women to bang

Diamond Platnumz has been fooling around with women even when he was still in a relationship with Zari Hassan. The singer’s former photographer claims his sister Esma Platnumz is the one supplying him with women to bang.

Diamond fell out with photographer Kifesi after he kept on poking nose into his boss’ private affairs. The singer ultimately fired Kifesi after he blasted him for cheating on Zari.

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Kifesi has now spilled the beans on his former boss’ philandering ways. The photographer claims Elma Platnumz is the force behind Diamond entering into casual sexual relationships with women.

Diamond and Kifesi
May karma punish you

Kifesi warns Esma Platnumz that she might face the same ordeal like Zari for what she does – supplying Diamond with women to sleep with. Esma Platnumz is a married woman, she is married to Petiman.

“Some sisters will even import & supply side chicks for the brother Karma is watching you. To those women who watch their brothers hurt other women and can’t even bother themselves to reprimand him, may someone’s brother do the same to you,” wrote Kifesi.





Kenyan photographer credited with taking most viral images of president Uhuru becomes Diamond’s official photographer?

Diamond Platnumz’s official photographer Kifesi was fired for meddling in his boss’ private affair. The Tanzanian singer is now using the services of renowned Kenyan photographer Michael Khateli.

Throughout 2017 Kifesi was busy commenting on his boss’ private life not knowing he was getting on Diamond’s nerves. He forgot he was Diamond photographer and thought he had become his personal adviser and even went on to mock Zari.

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Kifesi was finally shown the door in 2018 after he blasted his boss for cheating on Zari. He said Zari could have made the perfect wife but Diamond Platnumz chose to let her go.

Kifesi’s replacement

Diamond seems to have replaced Kifesi with Kenyan celebrated photographer Michael Khateli. The singer’s Instagram handle is now littered with photos taken by Michael Khateli.


Michael Khateli is famous for taking the most viral photos of president Uhuru Kenyatta. He made headlines in September 2017 when police arrested him at Uhuru Park while he was taking photos of his wife.

Michael Khateli


After Diamond Platnumz fired him, Kifesi reveals why he will not stay jobless for long!

Diamond Platnumz and his former photographer continue to make headlines especially after Esma revealed that the young man was fired from WCB.

According to the singer’s sister, Kifesi lost his job after involving himself into Diamond Platnumz private life. In a way, the fella might have forgotten that his role in Diamond Platnumz team was to take photos and not issue out advice on Instagram embarrassing the singer.

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His last post about Zari was definitely what led the photographer to lose his job. In the post which he later pulled down read to say;

Why he is a potential catch!

After editing his biography on Instagram, Kifesi is now a freelance photographer among other things. Well to our surprise he also happens to be a relationship coach and his new career could have been inspired by Zari and Diamond Platnumz relationship. Check out what he will now be doing.

This is why Diamond Platnumz allegedly fired his personal photographer, Kifesi

Word making rounds on social media is that Diamond Platnumz official photographer Kifesi no longer works for the WCB boss.

This comes after he claims to have resigned due to personal reasons which he refuses to reveal. The well known photographer has been making headlines for a while now especially since his latest post about Zari Hassan.

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For those who follow him on Instagram, you will see how he often blasts Diamond Platnumz for cheating on his baby mama; according to him Zari could have made the perfect wife but Diamond Platnumz chose to let her go.

Kifesi kicked out of Wasafi

Well, Esma who is Diamond Platnumz elder sister claims that Kifesi was actually kicked out for involving himself with Chibu’s personal life.

According to her, the photographer should just tell his audience the truth instead of lying about the whole issue. She went on to leave a comment under one of his posts saying;

Diamond Platnumz official photographer gives many a reason to talk after writing this about Zari Hassan

Kifesi has never been too shy to say what he feels and this is what keeps him going in the entertainment industry. Apart from being Diamond Platnumz official photographer, he happens to be a close friend who rose up with him from poverty.

However, the photographer seems to have different behavior from that of his boss. For years now he has been sharing his opinion about Diamond Platnumz romantic relationships and so far we understand that he prefers Zari over all other women.

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To him Zari Hassan is a focused woman, hard working and above all the best mum. In his latest post, Kifesi goes on to question Diamond Platnumz whether he is sure that letting Zari walk away is the best decision?

Kifesi schools Diamond Platnumz

He goes on to tell him boss that he needs to settle down especially with Zari who is the mother of his 2 children.

Well, this triggered hundreds of comments from fans who supported Kifesi’s post while others were quick to ask the young man to mind his business.

Read his post below;

“Kaangalie mwili wa mamako pumbavu” Huddah Monroe savagely insults Diamond’s photographer Kifesi

Huddah Monroe caught a major one after Kifesi told her the truth. The petite socialite abused Diamond’s photographer while responding to him.

There is no doubt Diamond’s official photographer loves drama. Sometimes in September Kifesi clashed with Zari Hassan when he shared a photo Diamond enjoying a swim in Zanzibar.

Diamond allegedly cheated on Zari with Dillish Mathews during his trip to Zanzibar. Diamond and Dillish were both at the popular island at the same time.

Diamond and Kifesi

Kifesi unfollows Huddah

The beef between Huddah Monroe and Kifesi started when the latter unfollowed the former on Instagram. Kifesi explains that he decided to unfollow Huddah because she no longer posts raunchy photos like before.

“Imebidi nimu unfollow huddah anapost story nyiiingi akati tulimfollow tuone mwili,” wrote Kifesi.

Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe was totally offended by Kifesi’s lame excuse. The socialite savagely insults Diamond’s photographer in her reply.

“Kaangalie mwili na mkundruu wa Mamako au pumbu za babaka pumbavu …” Wrote Huddah Monroe.

Wasafi records official photographer’s controversial message to Diamond Platnumz son leaves tongues wagging

Kifesi who is Diamond Platnumz official photographer knows nothing about chills. In the past he has indirectly revealed a few things about his boss making him the talk in town.

So far I understand that he cannot be fired (maybe) because he has too much dirt on Diamond Platnumz. For this reason he gets away with posts that clearly indicate he is firing shots at Baba Tiffah.

Well, in his latest post dedicated to Nillan the photographer urges the baby not to be greedy. He goes on to urge the child to grow up into an honest God fearing man who will not let power get into his head. He wrote saying;

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The post attracted quite a number of comments laughing at Diamond Platnumz since he is defenseless when it comes to Kifesi.

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Kifesi’s career at Wasafi records

The young man started off as an amateur photographer when Diamond Platnumz was still irrelevant. He however got better opportunities to sharpen his skills as Diamond Platnumz go at famous.

Most Tanzanian gossip columns indicate that Kifesi has too much information on Diamond Platnumz making him a threat and for this reason he can’t leave.

Diamond’s photographer at the receiving end of Zari’s wrath

Zari Hassan has transfered her frustrations with her husband to his official photographer whom he fell out with on Thursday September 14th.

The genesis of Zari’s frustrations is Diamond’s inability to keep his boner in pants, the Tanzanian singer is literally driving Zari crazy.

Diamond’s alleged romantic involvement with Hamisa Mobeto has been a bitter pill for Zari to swallow. As if that’s not enough, the ‘Zilipendwa’ hit maker has recently been rumored to have a fling with popular Namibian entertainer.

A week ago rumors ran rife that Diamond had gone on a vacation with 2013 Big Brother Africa winner Dillish Mathews. The two were spotted in Zanzibar while Zari was away with kids.

Diamond’s photographer – Kifesi shared a photo of his boss enjoying sunset in Zanzibar waters on his instagram handle, and Zari was quick to respond to him with ‘f**k you’ emojis.