Famous lesbian Noti Flow discusses relationship with King Alami and why she dumped her

Noti Flow’s relationship with King Alami surprised many people, as she was previously known for dating men. In an interview with Oga Obinna, Noti revealed that she initially thought Alami was a man or a teenage boy who was infatuated with her.

“She was my fan,” Noti said. “She would comment very nice comments on my photos. Some days I would be going through rough times, and I felt like she knew me and what I was going through. After a month or two, I just clicked on her profile and found out it was a girl. Initially, I thought she was a guy because of her looks and the way she had shaved her hair.”

Noti said that when she met Alami, she found her attractive. “I found out she was a girl, and I was impressed, so I decided to link up with her. I was like, what’s the worst that could happen? I gave her my number and we started communicating. With time, we met again and she confessed her feelings for me. I was not believing her, I thought she was bluffing. The next time she called me, she had a tattoo of my name.”

Noti and Alami ended up living together after Alami had issues with her mother. “She was to stay with me for two weeks, but she stuck around. Her family wanted to marry her off. We stayed together for almost two years.”

Noti said that despite Alami treating her like a queen, she was insecure and very controlling. “At some point, I couldn’t keep up with these tendencies.”

The relationship eventually ended, but Noti said that she still cares about Alami. “She was my first girlfriend,” she said. “I will always have a soft spot for her.”

Notiflow Opens Up On Break-Up With King Alami As She Recalls Horrific Suicide Attempt

Kenyan rapper Noti Flow has revealed new details about her past relationship with King Alami. In an interview with Oga Obinna, Noti Flow spoke candidly about their time together, including the challenges they faced before their breakup.

Noti Flow began by recounting the early stages of their relationship, explaining how they met online. She said that King Alami seemed to understand her deeply and was empathetic to her experiences. This intrigued Noti Flow, and she delved deeper into King Alami’s social media profile. Soon, they were in love.

Noti Flow described their relationship as having been a partnership against the world. She said that King Alami showed her love and affection, and she was convinced that he was the one she had been waiting for.

“I fell in love with her… After I fell in love with her I didn’t want anyone else. It was us against the world. It was nice. I would wake up to breakfast in bed,” Noti Flow said.

However, their relationship was not without its challenges. Noti Flow said that they often argued, and she felt like King Alami was controlling. She also said that King Alami’s family was not supportive of their relationship.

Eventually, the challenges became too much for Noti Flow, and she decided to end the relationship. She said that it was a difficult decision, but she knew it was the right thing to do.

“It was a toxic relationship, and I had to get out,” Noti Flow said. “I’m not happy that it ended, but I’m glad that I’m out of it.”

Noti Flow’s interview provides a rare glimpse into her personal life. It is clear that she is still healing from the breakup, but she is also hopeful for the future. She said that she is focusing on her music career and her mental health, and she is looking forward to finding love again.

Shaming Colonel Mustafa: Noti Flow is a toxic human being

Noti Flow has to be the most toxic individual in Kenya and every time she gets into a relationship or opens her mouth she proves it beyond the shadow of a doubt. We need to think back on the situation involving her immediate ex, King Alami, a fall from the rooftop that so hard not only break so many bones in our body but lose her entire arm.

Noti Flow is using King Alami’s misfortune for clout

When that happened Florence was quick to make the situation about her and Alami’s family had to step in to separate their daughter from this vampire.

It was the same case when she was dating Colonel Mustafa. What many people like to Gloss over is the fact that she was physically and emotionally abusive to her partner. He came out to show signs of abuse such as bite marks. And their neighbours to go on record saying that they had witnessed her abusive tendencies against her ex.

Noti Flow needs to shut up about King Alami

The couple parted ways and for a while well, Colonel Mustafa was doing well however his fortune quickly dwindled and he is now working as a labourer at a construction site in a bid to sustain both himself and his sick mother.

Colonel Mustafa

And what did this banshee decide to do? Noti Flow decided this was the opportune moment to attack her ex alleging that he was broke and she is the one that used to provide for him.

My mother also has cancer -Colonel Mustafa says as he confirms he’s a mjengo worker

One has to wonder what is wrong with the wench. Why is it all her exes seem to be problematic yet she is the common denominator? Why did she decide to attack her ex at his moment of abject humiliation? That says more about her than anything anyone else ever could. Noti Flow is the problem.

Anyone that gets involved with her quickly find that out for themselves because they are unwittingly dealing with an energy vampire.

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King Alami’s arm amputated & set to undergo more surgeries days after tragic fall – ex Noti Flow shares more details

By now weve all heard about a rumor concerning King Alami who allegedly fell from a 7 storey building; and judging from what was reported is that this happened after learning about her girlfriend infidelity – but like i said, it was a rumor.

Noti Flow with ex, King Alami

Well, with every rumor there must be some truth to it which explains why King Alami is currently battling for her life at KNH where she was admitted. Okay – just imagining a fall from 7th floor gives me goosebumps, so you can imagine what King Alami’s parents and son have been going through for the last few days.

Anyway with the fall so tragic, we now understand that King Alami has lost an arm after doctors amputated it due to health reasons. This was revealed in a post shared by Noti Flow through her Instagram page where she wrote;

We’ve got enough blood, for now, thank you for your will to help In case more is needed will Halla Please keep praying for my baby to be well & strong soon Also I’m being told the Paybill might change as the billing in for are different for respective surgeries

King Alami to undergo more surgeries

And went on to add a screenshot from King Alami’s dad who had posted;

Arman (King Alami) is the daughter of Shaky and Shakina Bux who recently has a major fall which left her with serious injuries requiring several surgeries. The doctors have had to amputate one arm …

Wishing the girl quick recovery and some peace of heart and mind for her parents and son through this trying time.

“Pray for the family” Noti Flow speaks after ex girlfriend is hospitalized

What I have learnt about this beautiful world full of sin is that I come first. Never putting anyone or anything above me and truth is – that is how it should always be.

No one is worth your peace or happiness and if anything – when life comes at me, I tackle it however best I can, just to save my soul – remembering today is bitter but tomorrow could be sweeter….if not, ill fight until the end.  I believe I am not just a decoration for the universe, my life has value, i can never trade it for another and once the sun sets….i have no power to rise it.

So yea – tough times, alot of depression among the youths, drug abuse and among other things – but believe me, your story might sound sad and exhausting – but we all have our struggles.

Others actually have it worse – but the difference between you and them is how much you value your own life, how often you appreciate your own life, remember you came to the world alone…no friends, didnt even know the person that carried you for the 9 months or the man responsible for the sperm that made you….i mean that should tell you alot, right?

Noti speaks about ex

Anyway with that said…..there are rumors surrounding Noti Flow’s ex girlfriend, King Alami who is currently hospitalized at KNH and according to the rapper she cannot speak on the matter since it is a police case.

However addressing fans, shes requested for some financial help to cover the growing hospital bill as well as prayers for Alami who is in critical condition. Through a post shared on her page, Noti wrote;

In yet another post Noti added that;

I understand y’all are concerned and would like to know but my hands are tied. This is a criminal matter and I don’t want to interfere with police investigations.


King Alami on handling cyber bullies in her DM after lover, Noti Flow exposed her as an escort

It’s funny to think that Noti Flow had no idea that girlfriend King Alami was working as an escort. I mean, Alami has a son to take care of and last we checked – she didn’t appear to have nine-to-five job.

So how else was she able to carter for her bills, take care of her son and at the same time – still afford to spoil her girlfriend, Noti Flow with dinners or whatever they enjoy doing together. Mmmh…someone is clearly not telling us the truth.

Wait…wasn’t Noti Flow said to be working the same hustle? So how would she honestly not know?? Clout for more business? Well – they both have nothing to lose in the end, right?

Alami addresses bullies

Well, with Noti Flow’s exposè – there are a few characters who have been sending direct messages to King Alami picking on the lady.

Judging from her post directed to those sending messages on her direct line – Alami not only told them off, but made it known she’s willing to only engage if money is involved. Talk of a business lady.

please and please don’t F*CKING text me on WhatsApp bizz, if you ain’t bringing money because I’ll f*cking abuse u and block u ion time to chat I’m not idle.

Although a few fans feel the exposè was unnecessary and demeaning, looks like Alami isn’t afraid of her hustle – so long as it settles her bills and keeps son comfortable and happy.