Just a few years ago my dad was a caretaker and my mum a mama mboga -screams King Kaka 

How life changes.

Rapper King Kaka was recently on social media to thank the most high following his rags to riches story that many are familiar with.

King Kaka shared yet again how growing up wasn’t easy for him. His dad was a caretaker in Upperhill while his mum used to sell fruits.

Sadly, his dad passed on when he was only 19 years.

“Just a few years ago, my mother alikuwa bado anauza matunda industrial area na my father was a caretaker at some building in upper hill. Now one of their sons has become a household name and moreso the standard of living has really improved thanks to the almighty,” he posted. 


King Kaka went on to say that he wish he could talk to his dad now more than ever and show him his achievements.

“With all these achievements that I am getting, I just wish I could pick up the phone and call my father and tell him ‘I have been nominated’, ‘I am going for a gig this Friday’, ‘my song is doing well’ ‘I love you’ but its so many years now, a phone call can’t reach him. Wish he was around…your sons are working hard and to make sure your wife gets the great life she deserves. We miss you. Happy anniversary.” he said. 

Why Avril ditched King Kaka’s Kaka Empire

Singer Avril is no longer part of the shrinking King Kaka Empire. There’s was time when Kaka Empire ruled the airwaves but now it seems like only King Kaka is doing big things from the stable. All the rest have gone silent.

Avril, who was also a member, recently opened up on why she had to ditch the label saying that she wanted to start her own thing after her contract expired.

New thing

“I was signed in for a management contract. but yes I am no longer with Kaka Empire. I left because I needed a different chapter,” says Avril.

She added: “Right now I have my own thing ‘Link Sasa Universal’ with some friends. Its all about music distribution and songwriters.”

Kaka Empire other artists such as Timmy Tdat, Shiko Femione and Tokodi. Not much about the other artists in the label is going around lately though King Kaka has maintained his momentum especially after launching his new album.

King Kaka’s wife posts saddening confession of having a miscarriage 

Nana Owiti was recently on Instagram to make a long confession of how she had a miscarriage. King Kaka’s wife narrated her story on social on how devastating a miscarriage can be.

Here’s the confession.

“It’s Feb 2014. Beautiful morning. I take a test and oh! It’s positive. King said he wanted mtoi amuite ‘Daddy Gugugugu’ Now if you have been an ardent fan of King Kaka in his Rabbit days you will know that is an excerpt from his song-Twende. He meant every word. He wanted a baby-I grew into that idea. So yeah! We didn’t talk about baby names by the way. King has started calling me Mama Gweth long before we planned on having a baby.

“Said it’s a unisex name. I tell him no need of starting clinic early so we good… First forward to the 1st of April 2014.I go the the washroom and get a blood stain. What is google for? Very fast I google and somewhere I find ooh implantation bleeding. Aaai! The math didn’t make up for implantation building but I choose to just hold onto the that as I freshen up and we head to the hospital. I tell the doc my LMP(Last Menstrual Period) and of course! The stain.

“He asks us to do a Scan.. the Sonographer calls another Sonographer and I hear. ‘Hakuna!’ Did I mention before that i drunk a lot of water coz the pregnancy is small they couldn’t see if the bladder is not full…Anyway I ask ‘Hakuna nini?’ the first Sonographer says ‘Hakuna heartbeat’… it felt like April fools day. (notice the day) I gave King a quick glance and quickly gave those two sonographers another one expecting a ‘We just fooled you!’ My God! There was no taking back their words.

“I died a little. King was confused and I some more. I walked out first and sat by the hallway of the hospital. Then King followed then we went back to the Sonographer and he asks..’ there is nothing you can do?’ (Trust the Eastlando in this guy) Then he responds..’The best we can do is a wash as soon as possible..because by her LMP she should be 12weeks but by the fetal blah blah(those medical jargons).


“Iko 7weeks meaning she’s been walking around with a dead baby for weeks!!!!!’ God! I died some more…We were taken to the ER and before the medical evacuation was performed I gathered enough courage and asked why?what happened ? what did I do wrong? The doc was kind enough to explain.. ‘Could be many things..Stress..Hormonal imbalance..’ Honestly my brain went into a trance and well, I don’t remember much of anything he was saying. King Hugged me and well, we mourned our little angel that we didn’t get to meet.. When I woke up, King was by my bedside, My heart dented, soul fractured, eyes swollen and my womb childless ?


King Kaka and his pregnant wife, Nana
“Did I have my fears? YES! Did I worry I might never conceive or Never be able to carry a baby to term? OF COURSE! 

Did I worry My Relationship with King would suffer a massive blow? Oh! My God!! ABSOLUTELY! Did I worry I would never get through that!! Wah! Si ndio!!! Anyway, Home we went with hopes of a child(ren) someday. God naye ni nani? In 3 months time, I was pregnant with our girl Gweth @gwethgeezy who is going to be 5 in a months time. Another 3years after that I got my son @princeiroma.

“If you are going through this Turmoil, I promise time is a healer and it shall be well. Your blessing is coming. Cry if you have to, sleep if you feel like, talk to a counselor. Chin up and Pray and hope for the best. When the doc waves that Green flag, do not be scared to take off. Try again.. I love you all. Love ❤️and Light ?.”


Khaligraph Jones not happy with King Kaka for snubbing him in his upcoming album launch

Rapper Khaligraph Jones has asked fellow rapper King Kaka to involve him in his album campaign for his album “Eastlando Royalty” which is set to be released in two weeks.

King Kaka has been in heavy campaigns and has been moving from county to county holding shows with several other artists but has not involved any other rapper.

Khaligraph Jones asked him to tag him alone in some of the campaigns so that he can give him a hand.

“Lakini Buda @thekingkaka why are you not involving some of us in these things, we are representing the same culture and I understand the amount of effort it takes to put an album together, personally am proud and happy to see KE Hip Hop make these kind of moves lakini Tuhusishe wengine wetu ndio tuweze piga kelele pamoja, EASTLANDO ROYALTY DROPPING SOON, ARE YOU READY?” wrote Khaligraph Jones.


King kaka happily replied to his message and told Jones that he has been invited for the album launch party which will be on November 30. He also suggested that they should hit the studio after that.

@Khaligraphjones Kwa hiyo story nimekubayia tiko mbili VIP ukuje tuone The Culture , iza nimekuwa up and down si unaelewa mambo ya Album. Karibu Budah. Wacha at nimalize album tuingie studio” said King Kaka. 


King Kaka set to share stage with second richest man in the world in New York 

Musician King Kaka will fly to New York in September for the second annual Goalkeepers conference organised by Bill and Melinda Gates.

King Kaka sounded excited while announcing the conference on his Instagram page saying that Kenya will be represented in the event that will take place from September 25th to 26th at Jazz at Lincoln Center.

“Another win for Kenya. Very excited to be speaking at this year’s Goalkeepers alongside Trisha Shetty ,Ed Sheeran , Bill Gates, Aranya Johar, Melinda Gates ,Graca Machel and David Sengeh. New York see you this September.” she said.


Other prominent names set to appear in the lucrative event include David Sengeh, Chief Innovation Officer for the government of Sierra Leone, Trisha Shetty, an Indian lawyer, social activist, and founder of SheSays, Aranya Johar, an Indian spoken word poet among others.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation started Goalkeepers last year to help eradicate poverty in the world. By sharing stories and data behind the Global Goals through events and an annual report, the conference hopes to inspire a new generation of leaders—Goalkeepers who raise awareness of progress, hold their leaders accountable, and drive action to achieve the Global Goals.


Sage: King Kaka doesn’t pay school fees for our daughter. I do it alone 

Singer Sage has come out to share her journey so far as a single mother. The popular singer, who got a daughter after a secret affair with King Kaka, said that she’s handling it well though being a single parent isn’t a joke.

“Raising a child as a single mum is the most challenging things I have faced so far. I had a constant fear of wondering how I’m gonna deal with when she goes to school, and she will be asking herself, ‘How comes I am not living with my dad?’ And that was the biggest worry. I have learnt that God is in control of everything,” she said in an interview with Word Is.


King Kaka was in a relationship with wife Nana when she fathered Sage’s daughter and has always been there for her. Sage, however, said that she does most of the heavy lifting.

“You know I am alone, other parents are paying fees together, they can handle that together. In the beginning, I was freaking out, but after her first term in school, I was able to pay her school fees and even to ensure she goes to school on time, and get everything she needed, including her snacks. It is learning how to let go and leaving God.” she said. 



King Kaka’s wife birthday message to him will just make you miss your bae

King Kaka has just celebrated his 31st birthday and he has one more thing to thank God for than just accumulated days.

The rapper has received numerous birthday wishes from friends and fellow celebs but his wife’s message really took the title.

King Kaka and wife Nana

Special day

His wife, Nana Owiti, took to Instagram to make his day, sharing a lovely message that has left social media in awe.

Here’s what she said:

“Another year around the sun ☀ A lot has changed the past year,we made another baby ? lol. Here’s to making more babies.Joke.. Aaaanyway, Babe.. It’s your special day and I can’t thank God enough for my kiherehere because I talked to you first! Safe to say I led you on ??? and then like the hunter you are,you chased after me(Now it’s your turn to thank God for making me cut the chase and settling down with you??)So many things I want to thank you for..Thank you for being my safe haven,for the extra pair of shoulders because those are mine whenever the world ? tosses me a bit,the late night chats, for serving me with the biggest slice of Happiness.


“Thank you for everything-You know. On your birthday,I wish you God’s presence ALWAYS. Above all I thank God for this unconditional irrevocable partnership with you because its been the most profitable decision I ever made!! I want to say so much but in your words…’watu wasikusome’ ?Imma stop now.. I wish you a very very very Happy Birthday babe. God bless you. Nakupenda Mfalme @thekingkaka.”

‘With that five shillings she managed to take three boys to school’ King Kaka reveals the type of job his mum did to raise her boys

Rapper King Kaka must be happy to have come this far since he did not have much while growing up. Like most celebrities in the country he had a humble background and is not afraid to say it!

The rapper who is now a family man has always been confident about his life and has learnt to appreciate the humble life as it helped him become the man he is today.

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King Kaka and his brothers
King Kaka and his brothers

Through his social media pages the father of three shared a video talking about how his mother worked as a fruit vender and why she taught them the value of five shillings. He wrote saying;

Growing up my mother taught me the art of five shillings. She used to sell fruits and with that five shillings she managed to take three boys to school. And when i got into the business world getting capital was a major problem.

Watch the video below: