Just a few years ago my dad was a caretaker and my mum a mama mboga -screams King Kaka 

How life changes.

Rapper King Kaka was recently on social media to thank the most high following his rags to riches story that many are familiar with.

King Kaka shared yet again how growing up wasn’t easy for him. His dad was a caretaker in Upperhill while his mum used to sell fruits.

Sadly, his dad passed on when he was only 19 years.

“Just a few years ago, my mother alikuwa bado anauza matunda industrial area na my father was a caretaker at some building in upper hill. Now one of their sons has become a household name and moreso the standard of living has really improved thanks to the almighty,” he posted. 


King Kaka went on to say that he wish he could talk to his dad now more than ever and show him his achievements.

“With all these achievements that I am getting, I just wish I could pick up the phone and call my father and tell him ‘I have been nominated’, ‘I am going for a gig this Friday’, ‘my song is doing well’ ‘I love you’ but its so many years now, a phone call can’t reach him. Wish he was around…your sons are working hard and to make sure your wife gets the great life she deserves. We miss you. Happy anniversary.” he said. 

King Kaka finally explains why American rapper Cassidy is not on his music video

Rapper King Kaka has finally given an explanation why American rapper Cassidy was not in their new video Far Away.

Speaking on Kiss FM with Shaffie and Adele, King Kaka told Kenyans that the rapper couldn’t make it for the shoot because he was morning.

“My song with Cassidy well, he did not show up for the video shoot. we were in LA and it was supposed to be a free video shoot. Cassidy was in  ATLANTA for a gig and he said he could not miss it So I had to fly to Atlanta to SHOOT IT. he did not show up after numerous calls but he FINALLY RESPONDED WITH AN EXPLANATION saying he lost a friend who was shot the night before IN ATLANTA and SO he was mourning at that time,” said King Kaka. 

Negative reaction

King Kaka also said that Kenyans reacted negatively after noticing Cassidy wasn’t in the video.

“I sent in the song via my friend and it got to Cassidy but he took a while to respond. A week later he DM’ed me saying it’s a good song, actually, he called it a fire track and asked for my Whatsapp number where he sent me his verse,” he said. 


“When the video came out, KOT did not see Cassidy in the video and SO THEY started saying it WAS a HOAX. to make matters worse, they also realized he had not pushed for the song on social media. KOT were so quick to jump on negativity, but on Monday he posted it.”

King Kaka’s wife narrets how she met him: He told me he loves my toes 

Rapper King Kaka has just celebrated his 32nd birthday. His wife Nana Owiti took to social media to wish him a happy one and share how the two love birds first met.

According to the mother of three, King Kaka liked his toes and used that as a way to approach Nana.

“I was wearing a short black dress and black sandals. Toes manicured and lip balm on my lips. Hair tied back. Then you threw your ‘I love your toes’ comment. I remember thinking. Jesus! What a fetish. Freak. I like this one’,” she wrote.


The two have been together now for almost a decade and Nana shared that she has seen his man grow and transform from what he was the day they met.

“All through, you have demonstrated what growth is, orchestrated what love is and redefined what family and family virtues are. All these years passed, children sired and you still look at me the way you did that first day. Who is an ideal partner? Oh! I know. she added. 

King Kaka responded, “I still love your toes.”

Jamaican star Romain Virgo set to fulfill singer Vivian’s promise now that he’s in Kenyan

Jamaican singer Romain Virgo is in Kenya for an event courtesy of Guinness and he’s really excited since it’s his second time in the country.

The top Jamaican lovers rock singer made his first visit in 2016 as a brief stopover as he was headed to Zimbabwe for a concert. He then returned to Kenya for his much-anticipated concert at the KICC Grounds in Nairobi.


In his recent visit, Romain, who in 2016 wanted to work with singer Vivian but couldn’t because his record label barred him, said that he’s now interested since the deal has ended.

“I promised Vivian that we will work together in a song and now that I am here we can try something out. I might also work on the visuals of the song with King Kaka,” he said. 

King Kaka and Romain have released a song together which is in King Kaka’s new album. The two are hoping they’ll shoot the video before Romain departs.



King Kaka: I didn’t get Tracy Mogan’s chain but he’s making customized ones for me

Rapper King Kaka was recently in New York for the the Annual Goalkeeper Conference which saw him meet with billionaire Bill Gates and his wife.

The rapper, who has an album coming out this week, also met with comedian Tracy Mogan. Tracy temporary gave King Kaka his chains during an interview on radio.

According to King Kaka, he didn’t bring back the chains because Morgan promised a set of others for him.

“No. Watu wa Eastlando Walininyonga. (Laughs). But he’s making customised ones for me. We have plans aligned for next year for both our brands. I am looking forward to it,” he said in an interview with Nation.


King Kaka also narrated how the two met and ended up on Hot 97, one of the hottest radio station in the US.

“I actually reached out to him through a mutual friend. I had recorded the song prior to that, and he loved it when I sent it to him. He recorded his part soon after, sent it to me, and we were able to mix it. We recorded the music video while I was in New York. I’ll release it as soon as “Dundaing” stops Sumbuaing. (Laughs). The mutual friend is Jorma Taccone, my friend of eight years whom we recorded a song with a while back. Jorma introduced me to Paul Rosenberg, who asked if I wanted to do an interview on radio. Little did I know it was to be on Hot 97,” he said. 

King Kaka set to share stage with second richest man in the world in New York 

Musician King Kaka will fly to New York in September for the second annual Goalkeepers conference organised by Bill and Melinda Gates.

King Kaka sounded excited while announcing the conference on his Instagram page saying that Kenya will be represented in the event that will take place from September 25th to 26th at Jazz at Lincoln Center.

“Another win for Kenya. Very excited to be speaking at this year’s Goalkeepers alongside Trisha Shetty ,Ed Sheeran , Bill Gates, Aranya Johar, Melinda Gates ,Graca Machel and David Sengeh. New York see you this September.” she said.


Other prominent names set to appear in the lucrative event include David Sengeh, Chief Innovation Officer for the government of Sierra Leone, Trisha Shetty, an Indian lawyer, social activist, and founder of SheSays, Aranya Johar, an Indian spoken word poet among others.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation started Goalkeepers last year to help eradicate poverty in the world. By sharing stories and data behind the Global Goals through events and an annual report, the conference hopes to inspire a new generation of leaders—Goalkeepers who raise awareness of progress, hold their leaders accountable, and drive action to achieve the Global Goals.


Kisumu artist featured on Kanye West’s new album wasn’t even aware of it

Kenyans were recently buzzing with excitement after Ayub Ogada and his one-time bandmate James Mbarack Ochieng were featured in Kanye West’s eighth album titled Ye. 

Ayub Ogada and Mbarack Ochieng have been credited in the song Yikes in which West opens up on being bipolar.  West also opens up about being bipolar through his album’s cover art, which features a mountain range with a highlighter green caption, reading: “I hate being bi-polar. It’s awesome.”

Lost in his work

What has left many surprised is that Ayub, in an interview with Daily Nation, shared that he was not even aware that he had been featured in the album.

“I’ve done so many projects. I cannot remember everything,” Ayub said on phone from his home in Nyahera, Kisumu County. “I cannot remember at what moment in time I did that job.People use my music to do their own projects.”

He went on to add that he just receives calls from people who want to work with him or wants a composition for their beats.

“They always call me. I never call them. They call me, and then I do the necessary job,” he said.

Ayub Ogada, 62, collaborated with King Kaka for “Koth Biro” early last year in a song which targeted corrupt leaders.

Here’s the song



King Kaka’s wife birthday message to him will just make you miss your bae

King Kaka has just celebrated his 31st birthday and he has one more thing to thank God for than just accumulated days.

The rapper has received numerous birthday wishes from friends and fellow celebs but his wife’s message really took the title.

King Kaka and wife Nana

Special day

His wife, Nana Owiti, took to Instagram to make his day, sharing a lovely message that has left social media in awe.

Here’s what she said:

“Another year around the sun ☀ A lot has changed the past year,we made another baby ? lol. Here’s to making more babies.Joke.. Aaaanyway, Babe.. It’s your special day and I can’t thank God enough for my kiherehere because I talked to you first! Safe to say I led you on ??? and then like the hunter you are,you chased after me(Now it’s your turn to thank God for making me cut the chase and settling down with you??)So many things I want to thank you for..Thank you for being my safe haven,for the extra pair of shoulders because those are mine whenever the world ? tosses me a bit,the late night chats, for serving me with the biggest slice of Happiness.


“Thank you for everything-You know. On your birthday,I wish you God’s presence ALWAYS. Above all I thank God for this unconditional irrevocable partnership with you because its been the most profitable decision I ever made!! I want to say so much but in your words…’watu wasikusome’ ?Imma stop now.. I wish you a very very very Happy Birthday babe. God bless you. Nakupenda Mfalme @thekingkaka.”

King Kaka’s wife forced to attack fan who asked her to pull down breastfeeding photo 

King Kaka’s wife found herself in some rather unexpected grounds after just another normal day of feeding her months old baby.

Nana Owiti shared a photo on Instagram breastfeeding her baby and some fans were not happy. One even slid in her DM asking her to pull down the post saying it’s offensive.

Message on Instagram

“Someone slid in my DM to ask me to pull down a pic of me nursing my baby, Now,
Here I am Creating the world I want to live in,that’s why I realized I need to nurse anywhere unapologetically. If they don’t see it happening,it won’t be normalized..I won’t be shamed for flipping my breast out so I can feed my hungry, little 
@PrinceIroma..Oh! That feeling of fulfillment as my breast nourishes my baby and my love nourishes his litu soul. How awesome is God? That a baby, can survive solely on this Liquid gold for 6Months or more and gain so much weight. My baby is 8.2kgs today” shared Nana Owiti

King Kaka and wife expecting baby number two, checkout the grown baby bump

Rapper King Kaka and his wife Nana are expecting their second child as revealed by the lady through her social media pages where she shared a never seen before photo flaunting her grown baby bump.

The couple who already have a 2 year old baby girl seem to be expanding their family as they now await to welcome their new bundle of joy anytime soon.

King Kaka and his pregnant wife, Nana and their daughter

Nana who shared the photo on her Instagram page looks like she is in her 3rd trimester and might be looking forward to giving birth anytime from now. They have however not revealed the baby’s gender but I am pretty sure King Kaka is hoping for a baby boy as he already has two daughters.

This will be his 3rd child after welcoming two baby girls two years ago with both Nana and singer Sage Chemutai.

Anyway below is a photo of the rapper with his pregnant wife.

King Kaka and his pregnant wife, Nana
King Kaka and his pregnant wife, Nana