Nana Owiti is proof women should accept cheating men

Nana Owiti and King Kaka, formerly known by the lamest name in rap; Rabbit, is living, breathing but more importantly, happy proof that Kenyan women need to accept and forgive their men whenever they stray.

Nana Owiti gets real about the complications of toxic Co-parenting

For those of you who do not know their history, the couple have been together ever since Rabbit was an underground rapper on the come-up. Back when he would hawk his CDs, back when he had no money and was f.ed up and ashy, they were still an item.

Then as Kenya’s economy began to open up, so did the opportunities in Kenya’s entertainment industry. And as a result, money flowed in and talent met marketing prowess and a star was born. And he took Nana Owiti who had faithfully stood by his side along for the ride.

King Kaka And Nana Owiti Celebrate 11th Anniversary

But even as things got better, their union took a hit when it was revealed that not only had King Kaka cheated on Nana Owiti but he had sired a child by fellow artiste, Sage Chemutai.

Nana Owiti with son, prince Iroma and Nanny’s son, Royal

Nana was doubtlessly devastated. How could she have helped this man when he had nothing only for her to be completely betrayed? Well, that isn’t exactly quite how life works. You see, men are designed by nature to be wanderers.

Why we love seeing Nana Owiti’s body transformation

King Kaka is merely living up to his biological imperative but he’s doing so at a time when society has decided to abandon evolution in preference for the shackles of monogamy. Men aren’t wired for those constraints and even the shape of the shaft of our penis is proof of this.

King Kaka and wife, Nana Owiti, with their two children

Besides that, testosterone is essentially a sex hormone and men have 20x the amount of test that women do. As I said, men are wired to have as much sex as they can get away with and are primed to do so in spite of fierce competition and rivalry.


It is how we were designed by God Almighty and God don’t make no mistakes! So now we are left at the juncture where we have to accept that men were designed to stray and they lie to women because of 2 reasons; society has fueled their fears that they will be seen as lesser for enacting this biological imperative and secondly that their wives/ women will leave them.

Nana Owiti

But when we look at Nana Owiti, she is happier now than she has ever been before. True, it is because she eventually managed to castrate her man and he begged for forgiveness and gave her his nads to wear as earrings but it is also ultimately because she knows she won. She won herself a man other women desire, other men want to be like and they are financially secure. Don’t argue with me, argue with the science of it and your mother.

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How lack of school fees changed King Kaka’s life

King Kaka is a testament of the truth that motivation comes from different variables in life. Sometimes, actually, a lot of times, it comes from poverty. When you lack money, you lack ven basic esteem and respect.

6 of the most expensive schools in Kenya

Growing up, the rapper didn’t have a lot. Infact, when he tells his own story, he paints the picture of just how acutely aware children usually are of the lack their family deals with.

And King Kaka knew he wanted to change things. While most people who grew up around him would turn to crime, he decided on a better, albeit tougher strategy.

Schools have re-opened and all eyes are on Trio Mio. Here’s why!

King Kaka who was formerly known as Rabbit decided to focus on his books. And he hit them so hard, that he managed to earn himself a scholarship.

And the result of that hard work? He managed to pay for his own education. What do I mean? He got a full scholarship… At a public high school. Let that sink in. Talk about being a young high achiever.

Kenyan celebs who attended the most expensive schools in Kenya

But in truth, you shouldn’t want to have your child struggle to pay their own way through school. Unlike King Kaka’s situation, you should free up your child from all the anxiety that comes from knowing they cannot afford school fees by planning ahead.

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Why we love seeing Nana Owiti’s body transformation

Nana Owiti has decided to dedicate herself to the gym and as a result, she is bearing the fruits courtesy of the sacrifice of blood, sweat and tears she gave to the gods of the iron temple. Her body is stunning and one person who is truly appreciative of all her hard work is none other than King Kaka, her husband.

I Prefer Good Health Over Money- Nana Owiti Says After King Kaka’s Experience

Can you imagine what that does for their marriage? She is no longer a fat blob of inactivity but is now bristling with energy and looks great with her clothes on and off? I mean, that is quite something for a couple that has been together for so long.

The truth of the matter is that though this might seem like a controversial talking point for today’s snowflakes and feminists, the truth is that both a husband and wife have the responsibility of keeping themselves sexually attractive for their partner.

‘I Could Barely Sleep’- Nana Owiti Narrates Facing A Tough Time During King Kaka’s Illness

Besides that, the recent health scare that the couple courageously bore with King Kaka’s health failing him, Nana Owiti is being responsible by hitting the gym and ensuring she keeps herself hale and hearty.

While a lot can be said about the fact that the rapper, her husband, is in dereliction of his duties as the leader of his home as he should actually be leading the charge to live a healthy lifestyle, what will not stop us from celebrating her.

Why All The Talk About Nana Owiti Got Me Thinking About Sage Chemutai

The former TV personality is doubtless aware of the truth that she has a responsibility to stay as sexy as she possibly can for her life partner because their past has been rocked with an incident of infidelity in which the rapper sired a child by singer Sage Chemutai.

But at this juncture, she is sexy and her confidence shows she is aware of this fact. The best part about this is that it acts to keep Rabbit in check. She is now in a position of power in their relationship in which she can very easily replace him with yet another man should he make the same mistakes he had in the past. And that abundance gives her true power.

‘You Are My Sunshine’ Nana Owiti Pens Loving Message To Hubby King Kaka On His Birthday

Hopefully, she will also become a living testimony for young women and little girls who are inundated with garbage “body positivity” messages from celebrities such as Neomi Ng’ang’a and Sandra Adacha who are better suited to be poster-children for diabetes, high blood pressure and other obesity-related ailments and diseases.

Hopefully, she can start to share her training and dietary regimen for other women to copy and emulate so they can also become as sexy as Nana Owiti is. That would be a true jump in positivity for real body positivity.

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8 Kenyan celebs you wouldn’t believe are geniuses

Let’s face it, when most of us think of Kenyan celebrities, if you’ve been through the previous 8-4-4 system or you’re one of the unfortunate “alumni” of the CBC curriculum, then you automatically assume them dense.

The reason for this is the fact that for the most part, our education system puts an emphasis on academic excellence to the absolute dereliction of any other forms of intelligences or even talents. So you’re a footballer? Big whoop. Your teachers will drum it into the rest of the class or worse still, into you’re head that you’re nothing. The same can be said for actors and entertainers. Wait, I think there is a special bottom rung made entirely of comedians.

But what if I told you that while there are different cadres of intelligence, there are some -a precious few- who excelled in both the conventional way aswell as at the pursuit of their talent and craft? Some entertainers and celebs who were actually not just talented but also academically intelligent enough to juggle high level performance in all that was required of them?

And we all know what that mean. In both 8-4-4 and CBC, it takes a whole lot of cramming. Beyond simply being familiar with the material, you have to actually cram for the exams and often it involves some outdated and useless procedures (for most career paths) such as the Bosch Process (Chemistry anyone?) because let’s face it, I have never used that knowledge anywhere outside of my KCSE exam hall.

Even before we start, I need to actually clarify some metrics for you to fully appreciate the genius of these celebs. KCSE is graded on a scale with a maximum grade of A plain equivalent to an 80% score and above (to 100%) through to the minimum grade of E, equivalent to or lower than a 25% score.

Let’s take a quick look at the celebs who scored highly on their national O-Level exams (what we here in Kenya call KCSE). And I assure you that some of the characters who are certified geniuses will blow your mind.

Fena Gitu

Fena Gitu
Fena Gitu

This would surprise many but the Femcee cum LGBTQ advocate (though she does this on the sly) is a Precious Blood Riruta alumni who managed to score an A- (A minus) in her KCSE exam.

Fancy Fingers

Fancy Fingers
Fancy Fingers

Sauti Sol’s Polycarp who is an alumnus of Strathmore actually managed to score an A before he went on to pursue a degree in actuarial science.

JB Masanduku

Tina Kaggia’s ex-husband and comedian was actually a student at two “Ivy League” Kenyan schools; Starehe Boy’s Centre as well as Alliance High. And as if that isn’t impressive enough, he managed to score an A in the national exams.

Maureen Kunga

Maureen Kunga

One-half of the two ladies that make up the trio that is Elani (do they still make music anymore?) is an alumnus of Kianda School where she managed to score an A in the national exams. And as if that weren’t impressive enough, drum roll, please…

Wambui Ngugi

Elani’s Wambui Ngugi

The second half of the two ladies that make up the trio that is Elani (which at this point I have to state also includes Brian Chweya) also scored an A in KCSE.

King Kaka

Kenyan rapper, King Kaka

The rapper formerly known as Rabbit (isn’t that one of if not the worst name you’ve ever heard a rapper gave himself?!) made it against all odds. He was at Eastleigh High which if you know anything about Nairobi, isn’t exactly a bastion of education. And yet he managed to score an A- (A minus).

DJ Creme

The disc jockey too wasn’t in what we would consider a Kenyan “ivy league school” given he studied in some backwater secondary school before going on to score an A- (A Minus) in his KCSE exam.


Come on, you already know this girl is smart. I mean, she went on to study mathematics in university. What more can I say? She too is an alumnus of Precious Blood and got an A.

I’ve purposely left out Babu Owino from the list. Google his grade yourself.

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King Kaka Shows That Artists Need To Bank On Themselves

King Kaka has had a horrendous 2021 and it was all due to the fact that he was failed by his health. It was a real ringer as he was even hospitalised and the resultant failure of his health made him have to face his own mortality -a scary thing indeed.

King Kaka Releases Song To Summarize His Gruesome Moments In Hospital (Video)

The rapper though is actually living proof (big sigh of relief there) to the fact that you must first as a man work on your legacy -we all leave at some point… No one leaves their existence alive… And the fact that a man needs a good, old testament woman by his side. As well as the more important fact that Kenya’s artists need to actually bank on themselves -by coming up with a health and retirement plan.

King Kaka

Those are the two things Kenyan artists and indeed, celebs are actually lacking in. Whenever a Kenyan artist falls ill, it is almost the end of their world -even financial wellbeing.

‘I Could Barely Sleep’- Nana Owiti Narrates Facing A Tough Time During King Kaka’s Illness

King Kaka found out the hard way that not only are Kenya’s hospitals filled with quacks who will misdiagnose you but that in Kenya, healthcare is unbelievably expensive.

King Kaka

But worry not, King Kaka is actually very entrepreneurial. He is very business-minded so I am sure he can reach out to some insurance company and coax them into insuring artists.  But if they aren’t convinced artists can pay then I am sure he can shmooze some MCSK or other government body into underwriting them.

King Kaka Praises Wife Nana Owiti For Seeing Him Through His Illness And Recovery Process

I mean, it’s just a thought but it is definitely worth a try because I do not know about you but given the fact that Rabbit has been on death’s door and had to claw his way back to the land of the living, I would think he would be very motivated to get this done.

King Kaka
The King Kaka family photo

He probably isn’t too bothered however because he is covered by his wife, Nana Owiti’s spousal cover from her employers but I just hope he thinks beyond his own perils. I hope he sees there is an opportunity here that he can take advantage of -and still help his peers.

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Why All The Talk About Nana Owiti Got Me Thinking About Sage Chemutai

Sage Chemutai came to mind as I watched King Kaka’s wife become the toast of the town after she took care of her ailing husband, King Kaka, a man who was reportedly at death’s door after being misdiagnosed -that seems to happen a lot in Kenya doesn’t it?

Sage Chemutai is back with ‘Tindikali’ alongside Rigga and we love it (Audio)

Can you imagine getting sick, going to the doctor -something most men find hard to do (I know because I have seen my father sick at home and he’d have to be taken kicking and screaming to hosi by my mother) only for the quack to misdiagnose you?! That must be frustrating.

But all the cheering of Nana Owiti as I said, only made me think harder about Sage. Apart from packing on the pounds, she has been busy working for what seems to be an angel investor of some sort that seeks to to only mentor but sink funds into start ups.

Where did Sage Chemutai disappear to?

I don’t know whether you remember the scandal that Sage and King Kaka occasioned back when we -or rather I- was in primary school after they had an affair that resulted in a love child, their daughter.

Sage Chemutai

And with the father of her daughter being grievously ill, was she present for his journey or did she stay away from him? And what about their daughter? Did she allow her daughter to be around her ailing father or was she simply kept away?

King Kaka’s shares lovely message to his daughter with singer Sage as she clocks 4 years old 

These are some of the quest ions I have found myself wondering whenever the name Nana Owiti comes up. Another interesting contrast is how she saw her career get a rise in visibility as a media personality while Sage saw her music career take a back seat as she focus on a more corporate oriented gig.

King Kaka on his part has been famously silent about Sage. He doesn’t even publicly toast their daughter. Perhaps there is a court order that stops him from addressing the young one or perhaps it is down to him not wanting to draw any attention to the rather public failing that led to the conception of his daughter, Ayanna?

King Kaka Praises Wife Nana Owiti For Seeing Him Through His Illness And Recovery Process

But whatever the case may be, we are all just left wondering whether Sage actually reaches out to King Kaka because she has not mentioned a peep nor whisper about the man who reportedly lost a whopping 33 KGs due to his illness.

I am also very curious about her dating life but I must commend her for being silent and keeping that aspect of her life private because lord knows it would only draw unwelcomed parallels between her man and King Kaka from opinionated people like me.

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Did Khaligraph Jones sell out or is this smart political play?

Khaligraph Jones recently cried out to both William Ruto and Raila Odinga for help with the ramifications of the poorly thought out Covid19 lockdown measures that were instituted by Uhuru Kenyatta who doesn’t seem to give a damn about the economy or the suffering these measures have unleashed on Kenyans.

Khaligraph Jones has shown a keen understanding of how politics should be handled

You see, these lockdown measures are bullshit because they fail to take into account the fact that Kenya has no social welfare programs that take care of the underprivileged and affected Kenyans who are struggling to pay rent or earn a living.

khaligraph jones
Khaligraph Jones cried out to the most powerful politicians for help

And entertainers are some of the most affected as their source of livelihood was inordinately targeted and Khaligraph Jones was unhappy that he has been exposed to ruinous circumstances because his main source of income is affected.

It’s about to get lit! Khaligraph Jones and Nyashinski spotted together at unknown recording studio – sparking collabo rumors

When he called out for help, Raila Odinga ignored him but Ruto decided to try and meet up with him and his fellow artists so that they can discuss how best to help the affected artists, DJs, comedians and other entertainers.

Khaligraph has been called out by afew artists for selling out

But now Khaligraph Jones is faced with some measure of blowback from other artists who feel that he has sold out by turning to one of the people who a lot of Kenyans rightfully feel is responsible for putting us in this garbage situation.

Prophecy foretold? Khaligraph Jones’ words of wisdom come back to haunt Shakilla, 2 years later (Video)

King Kaka and Octopizzo are the most vocal in declaring their disagreement with Khaligraph Jones’ approach and I am not too sure why they are pontificating and bellyaching instead of looking for a solution.

King Kaka
Kenyan rapper King Kaka mocked Khaligraph Jones

You see, Khaligraph Jones is an artist but he is also a father and husband. An entire family depends on him to provide for them. And as such, he has to do anything he can to improve his situation so he can get back to earning as much as he possibly can.

Why King Kaka’s plus size video vixen stunt backfired

When it comes to fixing situations, we have to understand that while some might not agree with his approach, they cannot do anything but shut up until they find some course of action that they implement. Activity trounces opinions and suggestions.

Octopizzo decided to also call out his long-standing nemesis

If Khaligraph Jones is to be condemned for trying to alleviate his personal suffering, it will not be from artists who have done absolutely nothing to solve their own headaches. We cannot foster a culture in which grown men would rather complain and whine than be proactive and take action.

If Octopizzo and King Kaka want to show Khaligraph Jones up, it will only be through action. Them sharing their feelings on social media will not be doing anything because we are in a put up or shut up situation. But time will tell whether or not

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Kenyan celebs are growing bold in their complaining about GoK

Kenyan celebs seem to be growing cojones by the day as they are now complaining more vocally about the government-mandated Covid 19 measures which have been so poorly instituted as they failed to take into account the lack of social welfare programs to help Kenyans affected by the loss of their sources of income.

Kenyan celebs only get political when their stomachs are threatened and that is not wrong

It is rather refreshing to see the likes of Jua Cali and King Kaka actually begin to join former Capital FM producer Joe W. Muchiri in protesting the results of the lockdown which have been more punitive than preventative that a lot of businesses have gone out of business.

Joe W. Muchiri
Joe Muchiri has been a vocal critic of the Uhuru Kenyatta led GoK

To make things worse, the GoK is currently set to increase the price of fuel which will have a negative effect on the cost of living as the resultant outcome of the historical hike in fuel prices will result in an increase in the price of food and other basic commodities. And  Kenyan celebs are at the forefront of complaining… But not all of them.

From Omosh to Alvan and David Major: Kenyan celebs cannot keep lying that we do not support them

As can be expected from Kenyans, they are embracing the fact that their celebrities are speaking to their realities. The recently announced fuel hike is something that would make them suffer and while they have been speaking up on the matter, it is nice to see celebs ditch the pretences and admit that they too are suffering.

king kaka
King Kaka recently complained about the intended fuel price increase

We have seen entertainment spots shut down and while ordinary Kenyans have lost their sources of income either because they had invested in the entertainment venues or because they worked at these venues as waiters, bartenders, chefs or bouncers and often we forget that a lot of Kenyan celebs depended on these venues too like celebrity DJs and entertainers who would perform at these venues.

Learning from female celebs: Don’t date her if she’s heavily active on social media

But we have to evolve beyond just complaining and actually ask what next. Where will the suffering Kenyans are enduring lead us to? Will we now see Kenyan celebs lead the charge for change like we have seen in Uganda with Bobi Wine?

Bobi Wine
Bobi Wine is a celeb who took an interest in what is happening around him

And if we get there, what happens to celebrities like Sauti Sol who are huge but have opted to be silent about the underlying political influence that is behind our economic suffering? Only time will tell.

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Why King Kaka’s plus size video vixen stunt backfired

King Kaka is the latest body positivity ambassador that none of us needed. He is busy virtue signalling how good he is by championing a cause we do not care for. And he is the reason why Kenyan artists are considered clowns: talking about topics no one cares about.

King Kaka Reveals Why He Featured Fat Women In Latest Music Video

When he last spoke about societal ills, he knew he had struck a chord with Kenyans because his poem, Wajinga Nyinyi was celebrated across all the land and King Kaka was celebrated for taking a brave standing point and speaking against the powers that be that are robbing our nation blind.

King Kaka
Kenyan rapper King Kaka gave his hot take on obesity

Now, he is instead speaking about things that seem more like his own personal pet peeve than a larger issue on a societal level. King Kaka recently released a music video and he decided to cast obese women in the video vixen role. perhaps it was his way to celebrate women of every size.

King Kaka sets the record straight after viral family photo stirs controversy

Thing is, it has not met the reception he anticipated. King Kaka’s new jam, Utanipata and rather than market it off the merit of its musical quality, he simply decided to create and ride a wave of nonsense publicity stunts.

And from the comments I am seeing online, the fans he was targeting are clearly seeing through the nonsense. And it is indeed nonsense because when he decided to discuss such a serious issue as body positivity and the fact that it is conflated with terrible wellness and health advice that factors into actual lifestyle diseases, he has simplified things to the point of point and sputtering at unknown enemies and telling them off for calling out the “healthy at every weight” bullshit.

King Kaka
King Kaka is virtue signalling to push his new song

”Let me be honest this morning. I chose to put plus size women in the ‘Utanipata’ video because they are part of our society, they are our friends , our sisters ,our girlfriends , our mothers. So why shouldn’t they be in a music video ?? Why??? Tuwache ujinga. I have seen some characters attack them for their weight, Ati why are they there? The moment we realize that we are all equal and humans then everything will make sense. You might never know what someone is going through and what the effects might be.
Link on Bio. Stop body shaming , Tuwache siasa na Ujinga.”

Thick thighs save lives! King Kaka’s baby mama parades killer curves in flesh flashing swimsuit (Photos)

King kaka has now begun attempting the same cheap stunts Bahati does inorder to move his music. Obesity isn’t something to spout stupid feel-good rhetoric about. While no one has a right to put down others for their size, you cannot insist on muting scientific facts that show being overweight is unhealthy.

King Kaka
King Kaka is using a hot take about obesity and being overweight to try and push his latest song

King Kaka, feel free to celebrate whatever it is you want but do not pontificate for us about how we should also celebrate unhealthy body weights that put people at risk of the worst that Covid19 has to offer aswell as real health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems.

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Octopizzo’s rant over Conje’s heartbreaking condition should be a wakeup call for the state

One of Kenya’s leading freestyle rapper is in the news again, but for a noble cause.

Octopizzo is a self-made entertainer and rapper with roots in the sprawling Kibera Slums, Nairobi. He has steadily risen to win awards, and command an enviable following in hip hop as a recording and performing artist.

The artist’s roots have hugely influenced an entrepreneur spirit, and notably, his passion in humanitarian activities.

No wonder, then, that the deplorable condition of one of Kenya’s best female pugilists has drawn his attention.

Sports Personality Carol Radull on a recent visit to the former champion
Sports Personality Carol Radull on a recent visit to the former champion

Conjestina Achieng is a former Kenya champion before a gradual but steady slide into obscurity. For a few years now, Conje has battled depression and a mental breakdown that has seen her attend rehabilitation stints. She has repeatedly slid back into the dark abyss, and her present condition is heartbreaking.

Conjestina popularly known as ‘Hands of Stone’ has an impressive boxing record, and boasts one of the most detailed Wikipedia page in the world of sports. She has had 27 fights, winning 17 with 8 wins by knockouts. She has drawn in 4 fights, and lost narrowly in 6 fights.

Conje is without doubt one of the greatest female boxers Kenya has ever had. Or, perhaps, ever have. What then, went down?

Rapper Octopizzo took this issue at hand, on an engaging Twitter thread. In the post, Octopizzo slams the government for ignoring a retired sports icon – after building, branding and feeding off her exploits in the ring for years.

The rapper particularly took issue with the indifference the government treats legends, in favor of ineffectual matters – The infamous Githeri Man case, for instance. The individual shot to fame in the last elections when a camera man captured him on a queue with boiled githeri in a paper bag.

The Githeri Man received a Head of State Commendation (HSC) Award.

The thread has raised an uproar. A large section of Kenyans blamed her downfall on a lot of issues, and non-issues bordering on tribe, and politics.

A few public personalities have been assisting the ailing boxer for a while. The Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko has at a point funded her rehabilitation. Recently, sports journalist Carol Radull has been making personal visits to the former champion.

Octopizzo in a file image
Octopizzo in a file image

Rapper King Kaka also joined the discussion, and seeks suggestions for a lasting, sustainable solution to the Conjestina problem.

Kenya owes a lot to Conjestina Achieng, and she deserves a bit of attention. It’s not an armchair discussion of the choices, or lack of, she made during her career.

Check out King Kaka dope musical offering Servant (freestyle)

His last musical offering, also a freestyle called Wajinga Nyinyi is still fresh on our minds as King Kaka took a dive into socio-political subject matter and reminded Kenyans that they were culpable for the political leaders elected and those leaders that they are the cause for the ills plaguing our society.

King Kaka
King Kaka

This time, however, he is simply showcasing his lyrical prowess and reminding everyone why he is at the pinnacle of Kenyan rap without the gimmicks and trivial beefs.

Aww! King Kaka adores his first daughter with sweet words on her 6th birthday

The guy who UK’s Stormzy is lucky to look a lot like takes every artist, aspiring or established to school, reminding them that their craft, their art is all that matters.

King Kaka

Rapping over a stripped-down beat, King Kaka stamps his authority over Kenya’s entertainment scene making it clear that though he doesn’t drop content and projects often when he does, it is always sublime and of sheer quality.

Produced by PRVK and The Other Guys, the stripped-down beat allows listeners to clearly hear the lyrics and glean the mental state King Kaka was in when he released the jam thus giving his fans the opportunity to connect with the artist formerly known as Rabbit.

King Kaka serves fans new jam tagged ‘Zarika’ (Video)

With the visuals, the most striking aspect of them is the fact that he is holding a snake. Kinda makes you wonder to whom this subliminal message I for, given snakes are seldom a reflection of positive human character. Check out the jam below:

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Partriotsim or revolution? Kenyan musicians taking over Kenya’s politics

For the longest time, Kenyan artists have been bashed for doing music content. All this in the name of entertainment. But another song poked us to the extent of questioning our loyalty.

Kenyan artists used music as an avenue to air out the political rot that is swallowing the economy by the day. For instance over, 18 years ago Eric Wainaina did a song dubbed Nchi ya Kitu Kidogo.

Eric Wainaina

Eric Wainaina

A song that rattled some politicians as Eric called out the corrupt officials and how bribes were crippling the country. Years later as not much has changed.


Before long  6 years back came Juliani who did a song dubbed “Utawala”. The lyrics of the song Utawala by Juliani featuring Wakenya hits the nail right on the head when it comes to the plight of Kenyans in the hands of politicians.


Utawala means to govern. Kenyans seem to be out of luck when it comes to good leaders. Sometimes one would think it is the leaders who pick themselves to get into office. Years down the story about corruption, high taxation among others has not changed a bit. Who do we blame?

Political Musicians

When you thought you had seen it all in the political arena, 2017 general election saw some musicians like Jaguar and journalists like Mohammed Ali of Jicho Pevu elected. With this many youths thought that these lads would be a voice for the Youth in Kenya. Sad enough it had to take artists like Sauti Sol and Nyashinski do another patriotic song as a reminder of the political rot in Kenya. Clearly Tujiangalie should have pricked our consciences in 2018 but no it did not work.

Remember in July 2019 Susumila also hit us so hard on our laxity with the political instability.

Then late 2019 King Kaka had to use the literal aspect of Poetry and dropped “Wajinga Nyinyi”. A song that hit us so hard, we got talking about the same old issues. Remember all he said was what has been in the media all through the years. To the extent that some politicians felt targeted. I mean who is the fool here? And for how long should this go on? Is it a revolution or a call for patriotism?

Frasha supports King Kaka in impunity battle ‘Wajinga Sisi’

Frasha has joined King Kaka in the battle of telling the truth in his new song Wajinga Sisi. This is in continuation of the Wajinga Nyinyi hit released by King Kaka.

Frasha has openly highlighted the difficult times that Kenyans are going through.  Revolution is inevitable this time around. Kenyans are at a time where nothing matters.

Wanjinga Sisi echoes the earlier words by King Kaka where he pointed out the gaps in the Kenyan government. In a country where corruption has become the order of the day, poetry seems to be talking.

Frasha supports King Kaka in impunity battle 'Wajinga Sisi'

Frasha calls on the corrupt judicial system

Into the Wajinga Sisi song, Fresha hits on some of the scandals that have drained the country and how they were forgotten.

“Hello King Kaka. Ni Frasha hapa. Maze hii fight alone huwezi toboa. So nimeamua ku stand na wewe. So kabla wani summon, wacha nitoe yangu sermon,” read the lyrics.

Frasha supports King Kaka in impunity battle 'Wajinga Sisi'

Frasha goes on to highlight some of the things that King Kaka failed to mention in his earlier piece of work. According to the Wajinga Sisi version, he calls on the judiciary who has on a couple of times failed Kenyans in the fight against corruption.

Frasha says that they have killed justice by releasing these corrupt politician on bond of Ksh 2 million whereas their case is worth more than Ksh 2 billion.

“Naskia Waiguru alikusue. Is this true? Funny vile judiciary imekuwa circus. Judge na politicians wakiwa main acts. Mshukiwa anaachiliwa kwa bondi ya Ksh 2 million na kesi yake ni ya Ksh 2 billion. Nani atatupigania? Hatujui maguru wa NYS na Ruto na makesi za mashamba . Scandals za mahindi na story ya Mumias na sukari,” added Frasha.

Wajinga sisi speaks of brainwashed Kenyans

Frasha supports King Kaka in impunity battle 'Wajinga Sisi'

Frasha has also condemned pastors who have been lying to netizens but at the end of the day calls Kenyans fools. This is because they will still flock the same churches.

“Na hata kama wewe ni pastor unang’ang’ana. How can you have such a deceitful tongue? But Sunday bado sisis tutajazana. Wajinga Sisi,” he says.


In addition to the great piece of work, Frasha reminds us of the SGR saga where Kenya became a dumping for what China did not need. This came in the name of the failed Standard Gauge Railway line.

“Story ya SGR tuliwacha kuicompare na Ethopia na wale walikuwa wanapiga kelele walinyamazishwa pia,” added Frasha.

It is clear that from this Wajinga Sisi song Kenyans are tired and musicians have resulted to using artwork to fight for justice.

In conclusion, Frasha has done a good job and gets a rating of 8/10.

Video below.

It is time for Kenyan music to get more respect in Africa

Kenyan music has for a long time been neglected in the African music table.  First Kenyan artistes are producing good music better than what their competitors are doing in Africa continent.

With the likes of Sauti Sol, Khaligraph Jones, Nyashinski and the Gengetone groups, Kenya is far much better. It is sad that Kenyan music is not respected on the continent.

Failed Event Organisers

It is time for Kenyan music to get more respect in Africa

To start with, even Kenyan event organisers have helped the world in trashing our own talents. I do not understand how a Kenyan born event organiser shamelessly goes to the neighbouring country to source for artistes to perform in Kenya. This is pure BS.

It is time for Kenyan music to get more respect in Africa

I know that most of these people will walk on into national TV interviews claiming how Kenyan music is underdeveloped. Do you wanna know why? You are the reason why there is less of music growth in Kenya. How on earth will you explain inviting Mbosso to come and perform in Kenya in a coastal cultural event? Does he even understand that culture? Are there no local artistes in that culture?

It is high time this nonsense stopped. Start promoting what is ours. How many times have you heard those Tanzanians invite Kenyan artistes in their mega-events? If there is any proof table it.

Mean African artistes who only think of their Growth

It is time for Kenyan music to get more respect in Africa

Recently, Diamond whose music is played in Kenya shamelessly organised a mega event and had no guts to invite even Akothee a close friend.

The Bongo star took his legs and fame all the way to Nigeria to please them whereas here they are saying let’s support East Africa.

I fail to understand who this East Africa is. To add on, these Tanzanian artistes are very mean and only want to succeed alone. If the Tetema had good intentions, it would not have hurt with Sauti Sol being part of the Wasafi Festival.

Failed media in Kenya who want fame globally but not at home

In addition, there are big media houses in Kenya who will go miles and miles to pay tickets for foreign artistes to fly in Kenya. Common dummies, how many local artistes would you have paid to grace your events? Who said imported content is better? Just know you are ones who have signed a death sentence for Kenyan Music.

The other day Khaligraph Jones was nominated for an award, I am sure none of the so-called event organisers have taken their time to vote.

It is time for Kenyan music to get more respect in Africa

Actually, 2019 should have served as an eye-opener to the majority of Kenyans and see that stand all alone in the game. They need to know that Kenya has good music than even Nigeria and Tanzania.

Also, imagine the rate at which Sailors Gang and Ethic Entertainment have received recognition abroad. Why don’t we do the same for other local artistes?

We will only rise if we market our music. Tanzania, Nigeria, South Africa and Uganda have done it. Why not us? We are better than they are.

In conclusion, if you have stones to throw, then this is the right time to do because I will use them to build better grounds in the fight for KENYAN MUSIC.

King Kaka is back with ‘Show Kitu’ need to check it out

King Kaka is back with a new jam dubbed Show Kitu. He has featured a couple of musicians. They include; Kristoff, Jegede and Ilogos. Show Kitu is in line with what the new generation is singing. The trio has done a good job in this jam. Their voices compliment each other.

King Kaka is known for his great work in music. Before the release of this song, he did a menstrual walk all the way from Nairobi to Nakuru within six days. He is a great artist who is giving out the world. Also, he is the owner of Kaka Empire a record label that is doing well so far.

His collaboration with Kristoff and Ilogos is a great thing. The trio should in fact give us more of their work together. To add on, Kristoff has been featured in a lot of jams by local artists. It seems like he is in demand. He is always doing well in collaborations than solo projects.

King Kaka is back with 'Show Kitu' need to check it out

What is ‘Show Kitu’ all about?

To start with, lets focus and find out what Show Kitu is all about; From Eastlando ni mkidi wa  Ile mtaa ya kina kiriwa Na mi huchapa inasinzia Ukinisaka niko bizy ma. King Kaka associates himself with Nairobi Eastlands region and thus calls himself a child of Eastlands.

King Kaka is back with 'Show Kitu' need to check it out

Wananirank, wananirank zaidi ya shaba Niko juu juu zaidi ya jaba Vile hiyo burst inakaa poa kwa waist line Ata ka singekuwa msanii bado singe wasye line Na all eyes ziko kwa huyu dem All night niko ma bubu game. In this stanza they praise themselves on how they are respected. Also talk about a girl who all men are eyeing.

In conclusion, Show Kitu is a good jam. The trio has delivered it so well. King Kaka does not disappoint but much should have been done in this jam.  Last but not least King Kaka gets a rating of 6/10 in Show Kitu.

Video Below.

“Tutakuja Kuwavuruga huko mbaya sana!” Khaligraph Jones among other artistes lash out at MCSK for paying them peanuts

After Khaligraph Jones decided to tell off MCSK for sending him Ksh 2,530 as payment for his music; it now seems that other artistes have also come out to protest against them!

This is because it appears that the Music Copyright Society of Kenya Ltd has been ripping them off and benefiting from the artistes hard work; yet they don’t bother to reward the musicians what they truly deserve.

Petty Royalties

According to King Kaka, MCSK might have received about Ksh 37Million that is if you multiply the Ksh 2500 by the number of artistes (15000) registered under MCSK.

He went on to add that all they do is buy new cars and feed themselves with other people’s money….but this is about to come to an end.

Fena Gitu also couldn’t hold back from calling out the MCSK for paying her peanuts as royalties to her music she posted saying;

Collaborations are all some musicians need to survive

Recently collaborations have become the order of the day. Left, right, center you’ll find artists attempting this. Could it be the only way to save sinking legends. Everyday we are waking up to new collaborations some of which we didn’t think would work.

Looking at the Kenyan music industry, tremendous growth has occurred. We have seen the rise of new artists. The new age artists are quickly taking on the music platform from the long time legends.

Kenyans taking collabos far

These new musicians seem to have understood what their audience want and have also embraced collabos. I feel like this is the only thing left for most musicians.

Reasons why collaborations are keeping some artists relevant

You all know of big names who even after releasing hit after hit are slowly going down. Well, this could be one of the reason they need to do collabos. Look at how the new musicians are doing it. Ethic and Ochungulo family are making it up there especially with their remixes.


Have you all noticed that King Kaka is also using this trick?King Kaka is known to be doing better but I’d say that is not the case nowadays.  Recently he has featured in two collabos which seem to be doing better than his single releases. The one with the Kansoul and also Butita and Dj Shiti seem to have sold him.

Below is a link to a collabo between King Kaka and  Kansoul.

Look at it this way, would watch yourself fall or merge with a new person in the industry to survive? I would go for the latter. We all need to remain relevant especially in this industry. Also artists like Otile Brown and Arrow boy are also doing good. Recent collabos are something that I feel is all about being relevant.

The music industry is changing and some of this artists need something to lean on. Someone like Otile now needs to go internationally and even try and get Mbosso for a collabo. This will enlarge the market for his work. Let this people also avoid local collaboration.

Anyway if this is what is left, then I would wish that Nameless does something with a super artist..

Here is why Kenyan music cannot sell internationally

When we talk of music, we forget to state that this is art. It is something that people need to keep being entertained. I am sure we are all lovers of music which genre it is. Today the industry is filled with a lot of artists both old age and new age artists.

There is something that we fail to  note with our artistes be it from whichever age. I remember someone debate about playing Kenyan music. You’ll argue with me on this but we have to state facts. No one will force me to listen to content that I do not like. You realize that most radio hosts said give them something that is of content and they will play it.

By now we should realize that only a few of our artists have made it internationally and onto the East Africa Market. It is funny that some of the local artists work is only played on their local stations which is also a hustle.

Reasons Kenyan music will not sell

Most of these artists have a shallow mind. What do I mean? When composing their work they only see their surrounding. They fail to realize that the local community is probably 10% of their audience. The only look at something that pleases the few but deep inside they went to sell. Come on one needs to think wide and far.

Secondly, there is no content. Yes there is no content. I know you’ll throw stones on this. Like how do you expect the likes of Lamba lolo, Pekejeng, Wamlambez, Figa to sell internationally? It is a good that they want to fit in a certain environment but what about the long-term goal?


Even if the likes of Ethic, Sailors, Zzero Sufuri are selling now, the question is for how long will they survive the industry?

This is crap, these boys need to think and re-evaluate their music. It will play for sometime and then boom, it is already forgotten. We do not need this, we need something that anybody from whichever part of the world can listen to.

Also, laziness is something that is eating up our artists. They want things to come easy for them. To sell you need to invest your time and resources. I must say that most of Kenyan artists work is of low quality. How do we expect this to compete at the international level?

There some artists who have been able to climb the international ladder like Khaligraph Jones, King Kaka, Nyashinski, Nameless to mention but a few. These are people from America, no they have made it their business to do great things and market their work.

king kaka one of Kenyas artists who is doing well internationally

For now I’ll stop there. But again, lets embrace music that is making sense and something that can go out there. There are words that can also be won by Kenyans. Go for good producers and directors to come out with something better.

It only requires a willing heart, dedication and the urge to entertain a larger group of people.



Comedy to Music, ‘Kidesign’ Butita Ft King Kaka X Dj Shiti

Butita from Comedy now to music with a new jam Kidesign featuring King Kaka and Dj Shiti. In this jam, Shiti has brought out his comic nature. I think this is the most weird collaboration I have heard in a long time.

Is King Kaka trying to promote upcoming artists? Well, be the judge. He has also performed his line as a rapper.

To start with,Dj Shiti is just known for his comedy. He talks in all his lines. I just find this funny and you’ll definitely crack your ribs.

Also,Kedisign is all about how they have their own style on how they want things to run. Their clothes have a design as they say.

Production of Kidesign

Kidesign is a performance of Butita Ft King Kaka x DJ Shiti. It has also seen the work of other hands and brains. It has been directed by  Deska Torres of  Platnumz Pictures. To add to this,the audio has been produced by Magix Enga.

I feel like apart from being just a comedian Eddie Butita has really tried in this song. Actually, not at one time that I thought of such a collaboration.

Also, the video is well done. It has met international standards. The visuals are dope and the background was well thought of. In addition, the beats are good.


To start with, we must all agree that Dj Shiti’s style in music is just funny. Honestly I have laughed my heart in this jam. First,Kidesign has a special way from the way the lyrics are done. It is more of comedy to me.

Further, the  role of turn-taking is also taken care of. In this case, you realize that the verses are performed in different styles. There is Shiti talking, King Kaka rapping and Butita doing his thing.

Also, Kidesign features people that we all know. Could you have thought that King Kaka would feature in such kind of work? Although this guys are comedians, there is just something they can add to music.

In conclusion, the song is good and if you would like to laugh then this it. I rate it at 6/10.

Below is a link to the video.

Pressure?Kenyan artists are Being Wasted despite clean releases of Music

When the year started, Kenyan artists were blaming the media for failing them in terms of playing Kenyan music.

Few months down, the music is being played on most media platforms;social or mainstream.

However, there is the question of what happens after successful releases of music.

This is because the once appreciative lot of Kenyan artists seem to overlook Kenyan Music.I mean months after a song is done you get back to it the views are very few.

Is because the music is bad? What did the musician not do for you the fan? Ama ni Kiburi tu tuko nayo ya kutoskiza mziki?

Music release spree….pressure?

After the blame game went down Kenyan artists went back to the drawing board.How? They have been releasing hit after hit.

Something Kenyans should appreciate.With success stories from upcoming artists  like Ethic, Ochungulo Family,Rico gang just to name a few that can now dine with the  music legends.



Another problem comes in, what happened to letting a song marinate for a few months before releasing another?

Honestly these artist too do feel wasted or rather discouraged with low response to the music they release.

Even the gospel music artist are also in these camp. They do amazing songs but the numbers are the biggest set back.

One Guardian Angel  of Nadeka hit almost gave up on music, because his efforts were not paying off.


But again come to think of it, Kenyan artists are doing well in terms of studio time and production. Kizingumkuti comes in at how the songs are received.

A good example is Kaka Empire’s CEO King Kaka,first we should appreciate the effort he has  put in music for the longest time.But this year seems to be more of a step back.

In the past 3months or so he has had big hits that have sadly hit the wall. True?

Proof, his song Njia that he featured Bridget Blue stands at 218k views on Youtube, another is Poison that stands at 108k views and his latest Far Away that he featured American Musician Cassidy Stands at 118k views.

He among others have suffered the cruelty of Kenyans ignoring the Kenyan Music.Or as it said  A prophet is never welcomed in his own land. These prophets are clearly being overlooked.Sad huh!!

Considering the fact that most songs by Wasafi Records from Tanzania are fast and highly received in Kenya. I believe we are forced to ask this big question,Is WCB music threatening the Kenyan Music scene?

Look at the latest jam by Diamond Platinumz featuring Fally Ipupa whose video was released yesterday has over 1million views in 24hrs.

What should our artists do?

New Boy band ,Jadi,out with a debut ‘Mimi na Wewe”

A month after the launch of  Empire’s Gold  project of new music artists  by  King Kaka’s label, newly signed boy band Jadi have their first song out.

We are totally loving it!

JADI, is a new sensational Boy Band comprising of Vince, Ethan and Brandon signed under Kaka Empire Management.

This is a band that has amazing vocal prowess in emotional songs, basically they are good in RnB.

For first time professionals, you would appreciate their grove and sensual push in the song.


Jadi have beautiful lyrics that are most in Swahili. Easy to understand.The song is a love song, all about a young man’s desire to have this girl despite life’s hurdles.

…..Sema, mtoto mrembo na lace kiunoni ,

Wema, huo wako uliojaza moyoni Tena,

how you love me Siwezi eleza mama, aah

Siwezi eleza mama, aah

Umeniteka ndio maana sitaki kwenda

Ndicho kitu sitaki kutenda

Hela, tupate tukose mi nitakupenda

Umeniweza ndio maana nasemaaaa….”

Jadi Boy Band

In the video the boys are smitten by this girl they meet on different intervals in the same mall.

They throw vibes around on how beautiful she is and how much they want her.

Unfortunately ,she is there for her man-not among them.Ouch!

On the other hand it is evident that, Jadi boy band is up for the task in the Kenyan Music industry.

As we appreciate this first song under Empires Gold we sure are waiting for more music.We hope for other banger songs as they set in to stardom. Some dance too won’t hurt guys.

Clearly, Kenyan Music seems to be changing and growing by the day and Jadi are among the trendsetters.We surely hope that this will be the first of the best from this band.

For rating we give the new lads 7/10.

Below is the song listen and tell us what you think.

Kenyan artists that have revolutionized Music with collaborations making songs bangers

Kenyan artists seem to be picking the right niche in music.Teamwork among them has brought about change in the music Industry as more collaborations are turning out to be better than Individual songs.

For this we do a breakdown of Kenyan artists that give juice to music when it comes to collaborations.


As a solo artist the self declared OG  has clearly picked his fan base.He can proudly stand in the legendary queue without question.Here is why.

Khalighraph Jones’ style of rap is said to be like that of  like American rapper Twistas among others. His effort in working with upcoming artists in Kenya is evident as through it  many Kenyans Came to know about some artists that have now stuck in the Kenyan music industry.

Such artists that have collaborated with the OG include ‘Kiboko”  hit maker Masauti, Msupa S of Watajua hawajui, Cashy of Micasa Sucasa, Petra of Rider just to name a few.

The Kansoul

The legendary  Genge group that includes  Mejja, Kidkora and Madtraxx has also been a face lift for some of the major artists breakthroughs with collaborations especially with ghetto anthem makers.The artists that they have help up are many  but to name a few, Ethic of the famed Lamba lolo teamed up with the Kansoul for New position.The song  gathered 3.3million views.Another group they teamed up with was the Ochungulo family for Na iwake the remix. Clap please!!!

Victoria Kimani

The celebrated solo artist is sure ready to reach out to the world with her music.So far the best collabos from her include,China Love was featured by Rcity of Locked away,Number one that featured Stella Mwangi(STL),Wash it featuring Sarkodie of Nigeria just a few.She is a queen in music.


He is otherwise know as the Mluhya wa Busia. Keen to capture his own fan base  Kristoff brings in a sweet vibe to music especially in collaborations.

He was embraced well in party anthems such as King kaka’s Dundaing, that he featured that for a second you’d think he was the original writer of the song .

His other songs that were wholeheartedly  felt were ‘Am so Drunk  that he featured  Jalang’oo and Gabu. Remember ‘Dandia’ that too was a party anthem that he featured King Kaka  and Frasha. Point home? No? I mean Kristoff is a good collaborator than a solo artist.

King Kaka

The man that has grown as the industry grows.Keen to appreciate change.Hate him or love him King Kaka is legendary when it come to rap.I mean the poetic vibe brought out in his lyrics makes him a man to run to for collaborations.

Either way he has been open to accepting and bringing up talents apart from the inbreeding collaborations.

Examples of such collaborations include, Dundaing and Dandia that featured Kristoff, Femi one , Wangeci, Razz and Petra that featured in the Ligi So remix, Run Ting featuring Fena Gitu,Promised Land featuring Amos and Josh,Papa featuring Elani .

His latest Collaboration with an  American rapper from Philadelphia, Pennyslvania, Cassidy on a feel good afro rap sound track produced by Musyox.

So far so good, such that he has signed new acts to his recording label Kaka Empire and of course we expect big and better musicians if not music for Kenyans.


The Pacho Entertainment CEO is sure not going anywhere anytime soon.The 2N1 hit maker has had his success for the past year and now collaborating with fellow artists is also giving him an A+.

Best collabos so far are Somaga featuring Kristoff, Tingika with Rankaddah,Cheza Chini by Vivian and Savara of Sauti Sol,Hakuna Kulala with Brown Mauzo,Bungee Jump with Kristoff among others.Well, we love him either way.

These is just but the list of a few artist that from my perspective have made Kenyan Music relevant in terms of vocals, lyrical mastery and production.

Others include, Avril, Jua Cali, Coast based artist Dazlah, Gilad,Nyash, Pascal Tokodi,Mayonde,Vivian, Akothee,Frasha, Nameless and Willy Paul too among others.

Did we miss any? Tell us what you think.

King Kaka finally explains why American rapper Cassidy is not on his music video

Rapper King Kaka has finally given an explanation why American rapper Cassidy was not in their new video Far Away.

Speaking on Kiss FM with Shaffie and Adele, King Kaka told Kenyans that the rapper couldn’t make it for the shoot because he was morning.

“My song with Cassidy well, he did not show up for the video shoot. we were in LA and it was supposed to be a free video shoot. Cassidy was in  ATLANTA for a gig and he said he could not miss it So I had to fly to Atlanta to SHOOT IT. he did not show up after numerous calls but he FINALLY RESPONDED WITH AN EXPLANATION saying he lost a friend who was shot the night before IN ATLANTA and SO he was mourning at that time,” said King Kaka. 

Negative reaction

King Kaka also said that Kenyans reacted negatively after noticing Cassidy wasn’t in the video.

“I sent in the song via my friend and it got to Cassidy but he took a while to respond. A week later he DM’ed me saying it’s a good song, actually, he called it a fire track and asked for my Whatsapp number where he sent me his verse,” he said. 


“When the video came out, KOT did not see Cassidy in the video and SO THEY started saying it WAS a HOAX. to make matters worse, they also realized he had not pushed for the song on social media. KOT were so quick to jump on negativity, but on Monday he posted it.”

King Kaka’s wife narrets how she met him: He told me he loves my toes 

Rapper King Kaka has just celebrated his 32nd birthday. His wife Nana Owiti took to social media to wish him a happy one and share how the two love birds first met.

According to the mother of three, King Kaka liked his toes and used that as a way to approach Nana.

“I was wearing a short black dress and black sandals. Toes manicured and lip balm on my lips. Hair tied back. Then you threw your ‘I love your toes’ comment. I remember thinking. Jesus! What a fetish. Freak. I like this one’,” she wrote.


The two have been together now for almost a decade and Nana shared that she has seen his man grow and transform from what he was the day they met.

“All through, you have demonstrated what growth is, orchestrated what love is and redefined what family and family virtues are. All these years passed, children sired and you still look at me the way you did that first day. Who is an ideal partner? Oh! I know. she added. 

King Kaka responded, “I still love your toes.”

Why Avril ditched King Kaka’s Kaka Empire

Singer Avril is no longer part of the shrinking King Kaka Empire. There’s was time when Kaka Empire ruled the airwaves but now it seems like only King Kaka is doing big things from the stable. All the rest have gone silent.

Avril, who was also a member, recently opened up on why she had to ditch the label saying that she wanted to start her own thing after her contract expired.

New thing

“I was signed in for a management contract. but yes I am no longer with Kaka Empire. I left because I needed a different chapter,” says Avril.

She added: “Right now I have my own thing ‘Link Sasa Universal’ with some friends. Its all about music distribution and songwriters.”

Kaka Empire other artists such as Timmy Tdat, Shiko Femione and Tokodi. Not much about the other artists in the label is going around lately though King Kaka has maintained his momentum especially after launching his new album.

Jamaican star Romain Virgo set to fulfill singer Vivian’s promise now that he’s in Kenyan

Jamaican singer Romain Virgo is in Kenya for an event courtesy of Guinness and he’s really excited since it’s his second time in the country.

The top Jamaican lovers rock singer made his first visit in 2016 as a brief stopover as he was headed to Zimbabwe for a concert. He then returned to Kenya for his much-anticipated concert at the KICC Grounds in Nairobi.


In his recent visit, Romain, who in 2016 wanted to work with singer Vivian but couldn’t because his record label barred him, said that he’s now interested since the deal has ended.

“I promised Vivian that we will work together in a song and now that I am here we can try something out. I might also work on the visuals of the song with King Kaka,” he said. 

King Kaka and Romain have released a song together which is in King Kaka’s new album. The two are hoping they’ll shoot the video before Romain departs.