King Kaka’s wife shares jaw-dropping photos after tremendous weight loss (Photos)

Nana Owiti who is wife to rapper King Kaka has never been shy to admit weight loss is one of those things she struggles with. Just like most women, her struggle with weightloss began after she had her first baby, Gweth Ombima.

Howeve, her weight at the time wasn’t as bad as compared to when she had baby number 2, prince Iroma – who she refers to as God’s unanswered prayers.

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Anyway, having had Iroma 3 years after Gweth (not forgetting the pregnancy she lost) Nana’s body combined baby fat from baby number 1 and now baby number 2 – meaning she now needed a miracle if not working overtime at the gym to get her old body back.


Well 5 years later, Nana Owiti has finally achieved her dream body and boy does she look amazing. She recently shared an update on her weight loss journey, flaunting a new hot figure that left her looking younger than most 20 year Olds.

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To caption her post, Nana advised those struggling with weight loss not to give up as everything beautiful takes time and determination to achieve. She wrote:

To someone struggling with weight..
You can feel sore tomorrow or you can feel sorry tomorrow..You choose ❤️

Below are a few before and after photos compiled to show her amazing weightloss journey.



Kazi Kwa Watoto! King Kaka’s daughter lands lucrative job just weeks after celebrating birthday 

Rapper King Kaka continues to enjoy more success. The rapper is expected to share stage with billionaire Bill Gates in a few weeks in New York.

Her daughter Gweth has now been appointed as a brand ambassador for Marini Naturals. Marini Naturals is Michelle Ntalami’s company.

Gweth was picked by the company as the ambassador for their newly-launched kiddy range officially known as Marini Kids.

“A big congratulations to Gweth for being our second girl brand ambassador! @gwethgeezy is @nanaowiti and @thekingkaka’s little princess!” Ntalami.

Three years

She went on to praise the young kid who just clocked three years a few months ago.

“She is just cuteness overload, and has the most adorable bunny smile ever! She’s always camera-ready and perfectly strikes any pose! I love her energy, her warm personality and her sweet charm. Perfect as a Marini Kids Ambassador! Also, her natural hair in pig-tails is just everything! Shout out to my friends @thekingkaka and @nanaowiti for raising such a beautiful little princess! Her future is so bright! Congratulations @gwethgeezy and welcome to the @marini.naturals family!” said Ntalami. 

Awww!!! King Kaka introduces son to Kenyans with this lovely family photo shoot

Rapper King Kaka nine months ago was blessed with a son. He named him Prince Iroma though Nana Owiti, his wife, has never revealed the son’s face on social media.

The two have now unveiled his face for the first time ever in some very nice photo shoot.

“Hello guys. Finally,9 months later here’s my face without an emoji. Who do I resemble?Mommy or daddy? they said on social media.

King Kaka’s family

The photos left Kenyans in awe as they continue to admire the couple who have been together for more than a decade now.

Here are the photos of Prince



Check out King Kaka’s wife parade her huge bare baby bump

King Kaka and his wife,Nana Owiti were recently blessed with a baby boy who they have been keeping off their social media pages for reasons best known to them.

King Kaka's son, Prince Iroma
King Kaka’s son, Prince Iroma

However before announcing the birth of their boy, the couple choose to keep the news about their second born on the low until a month ago when Nana gave birth.

Unlike before – this time around the rapper’s wife  opted not to share photos of her baby bump but now that the baby is here, she has been uploading photos from her achieves to show fans how her journey was.

On her latest photo, she revealed that she had been hitting the gym until a few days to welcoming her baby. Nana also happened to share a never before seen photo flaunting her bare bump which looked like it would pop anytime!

Anyway below is the photo of the rapper’s wife glowing a few days before welcoming her baby.

King Kaka’s wife, Nana Owino