Media Personality King Kalala Opens Up About Her Battle with Depression

King Kalala, a renowned media personality, recently shared her hidden battle with depression in a candid interview with Oga Obinna. Kalala’s admission stunned the public, given her vibrant personality and successful career. However, her story serves as a powerful reminder that mental health struggles can affect anyone, regardless of status or success.

Kalala initially dismissed depression as a mere signal from her body to make changes in her life. However, when the condition eventually struck her with unrelenting force, she was left incapacitated. For an entire month, she was unable to work and barely left her bed. The relentless grip of depression had rendered her helpless, casting her into a dark abyss of despair.

The irony of Kalala’s situation was compounded by her fame. As a media personality, she found herself isolated in her suffering, unsure of whom to confide in. “I did not know who to talk to,” she confesses. “Being Kalala, I do not know who is my friend and who likes the idea of being my friend.” Her fame had created a barrier between her and genuine human connection, leaving her feeling adrift in a sea of uncertainty.

Kalala’s firsthand experience with depression has given her profound insight into the agonizing ordeal. She emphatically states, “I would not wish depression on anyone; depression is your brain bullying you.” Her message serves as a powerful reminder that mental health struggles can touch anyone, regardless of status or success.

In her interview, Kalala also highlighted the deceptive nature of social media, urging caution in the way we perceive the lives of others online. “Social media is not real,” she enfatizes. “People only post the good parts of their lives.” Her words offer a sobering reminder of the importance of authenticity and the dangers of comparing ourselves to others.

Kalala’s openness about her battle with depression serves as a beacon of hope for those who may be silently suffering. Her story underscores the importance of seeking help and fostering genuine connections with others, as well as the need to dispel the misconceptions surrounding mental health issues. Depression is real, and it can affect anyone, regardless of their outward appearance or accomplishments. By sharing her journey, Kalala encourages us all to confront the darkness of depression and to offer support to those who need it most.

King Kalala Is Right About Why Most Africans Don’t Resonate With LGBTQ Activists

The conversation on legalization of gayism remains perennial with more & more people coming out to admit that they’re actually members of the LGBTQ community.

In most communities, homosexuality is not embraced and is seen as a taboo. It wasn’t until 1886 when the scientific study of sexuality began. Until that time, people’s ideas about what was “normal” was based upon their own ideas within their own social circle, or reference group. Since then, a number of people have made some very significant contributions to the study of sexuality. As we have reached a greater understanding of sexuality, our views on sexuality have become more liberal to reflect this greater understanding of the range of variety in human sexuality, and a broader understanding of “normal”. These early pioneer researchers were often faced with great skepticism by their peers at the time, but their efforts have significantly contributed to a better understanding of healthy sexuality today.

What Are the Causes of Homosexuality? - The Atlantic

King Kalala On LGBTQ

Not many are advocating for homosexuality anyway. King Kalala being one of them.

The NRG radio host Kalala claims it’s peculiar for a 5 year old to share a room with a man who believes she’s a woman. She further called out LGBTQ activists for not getting their facts right. Her case study was Edwin Chiloba’s death; where she claimed that the activists ranted that they were being stigmatized & killed yet that wasn’t the case on his death.

While most LGBTQ members think they might be stigmatized, Kalala’s sentiments make sense to me. Watch her full video here

I’m Very Persuasive When I Shoot My Shot- King Kalala On Approaching Men

It’s rare for ladies to approach men and open up about their feelings towards them. Most of them make it seem like something peculiar and fictional. But some actually have the courage to do that. Without a doubt, social media has brought most people into the limelight. King Kalala, whose real name is  Prudence Chepkirui Tanui, is one of them. The content creator and radio presenter first went viral after a video she posted complaining that her boyfriend was gay and didn’t tell her.

The video even helped her bag a role at NRG radio as a presenter; making her one of the youngest to get such a role. What makes her conspicuous is her vocals. She has even been nicknamed ‘the female Andrew Kibe’. This is because of their similarities in putting ‘no filter’ in their words and talking about explicit topics comfortably.

On an Instagram Q&A, Kalala was asked by one of her fans,

”Are you scared of being rejected after shooting your shot?”

Kalala’s answer;

”Scared is a strong word. But yeah kidesign… Lakini me ni very persuasive”

With her confidence, I bet she definitely is persuasive. Kalala is yet to disclose if she’s dating or not.

“Tumatako ni kama nyama quarter,” King Kalala badly trolled after posting these skinny photos

UPDATE: The said tweet was posted by a parody account

NRG Radio presenter Prudence Chepkirui Tonui, alias King Kalala, has come under scathing attack from netizens after she posted two photos on her Twitter page that many of them did not seem to like.

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Taking to Twitter, the vocal lass who is a student a Jomo Kenyatta University (JKUAT), showed off her body adding that she was giving many people sleepless nights.

However, netizens were not so amused and took the chance to ridicule her body. Some even went as far as comparing her body to a quarter Kilogram of meat.

While we do not condone body shaming, we found some of the reactions to King Kalala’s photos absolutely hilarious. Check them out below.

Perhaps many of them were angered by the comments that the media personality made sometime last year when she said that fat people are careless as f*uck. I just don’t know.

“Fat people are careless as f*ck,” says NRG Radio presenter King Kalala

King Kalala is not just known for her hoarse voice but also for her bold don’t care attitude that many have witnessed on most of her videos shared online.

However this time around her sharp mouth has not only rubbed many wrong; but has also confirmed that her tongue sometimes says the most irrelevant cum useless things that may hurt one or two people. Anyway thanks to a video shared by one of her coworker, Reedah Yvonne many got to see and hear King Kaka body shame those who have fat bodies as well big tummies.

NRG presenters, Natalie Githinji and King Kalala

The video which was shared to probably show off both their flat tummies raised mixed reactions; after King Kalala opened her mouth. Flaunting her flat snatched tummy, the popular presenter was heard in the back ground talking about people with big bodies, to which she said;

Fat people are lazy as fvck

Netizens react

Judging from Edgar Obare’s following reacted to this; Ghafla can assure you that netizens were not only disgusted by King Kalala’s statement but also felt sorry for being small minded!

According to most it’s not everyone who likes being skinny or rather having a tummy! In fact you’d find most battling conditions or those stuck with baby fat; but body shaming has been one of the reasons why suicide and self hate continues to increase in our society.

Anyway, lets hope that the media personality will speak about her trash talking video soon; or probably issue an apology.


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King Kalala ‘female Andrew Kibe’ admits to have bedded fellow lady (Video)

Female Andrew Kibe, King Kalala has raised eyebrows on her sexuality after admitting she has gotten intimate with both genders.

During their recent ‘Dirty Secrets Reveal part 3’ with colleague Natalie Githinji, she popped the question whether either of them had bedded a same sex, a female in other words.

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Soon as the question went on air, the babe first walked away, chuckling in the background, a little embarrassed, sparking speculations that she had bedded both sexes, which she eventually admitted to and does not regret either of them.

NRG radio presenter, King Kalala with a friend

The outspoken 20-year old went further to reveal that p*rn is not news to her and did not understand why people bashed it like that anyway.

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Plus, she was not the kind to hide details about her ex to her new lover, telling it as it is on her first date because whether they like it or not, that was her past, it happened and they need to know.

King Kalala

“I must tell you how I got damaged, that I dated trash and they hurt me so bad,” she lashed out.

This episode comes after their previous one ‘part 2’ where the two shed light on little known details about the love lives.

Having just recently admitted during her interview on Shoe Game with Azziad that she has a weakness of cheating and probably why she is currently single but hinted that she would not mind to settle with either a guy or a chick, whoever comes her way.

Have a listen;

“I have a weakness of cheating,” King Kalala confesses (Video)

King Kalala aka female Andrew Kibe is at it again, this time telling the dirt as it is.

During her recent interview on Shoe Game with Azziad, the bubbly lass admitted she was finding it hard to date because it was an almost guarantee she would cheat on her lover.

King Kalala

Kalala confessed she had a weakness of going after what was not hers and she cannot assure anyone she dates, that she’ll be faithful.

Lemme not do that thing where I am coming into a relationship, I’m like “I love you” when in real sense I’ve just come from cheating. I know everyone has their weaknesses and mine is cheating.

Therefore her plans were not anything around dating rather learning how to be in good relationships with people before she can commit to one specific person.

I love flings badly!

Prudence Chepkirui Tonui aka King Kalala

The babe has been in several relationships, the most recent with a guy who hurt her so bad and you could tell she was still hurting about it, during the interview.

Surprisingly enough, Kalala said maybe her next relationship would be with a guy or a same sex, a girl – she can’t promise either but she looks forward to a good one.

I want to slowly learn the art of faithfulness. Because when I want it, I really want it!

NRG presenter, King Kalala

Kalalas body count

Sadly, the NRG radio presenter born Prudence Chepkirui Tonui, had lost track of the number of men she had gotten involved with, revealing;

I was high in all of them.

Have a listen:


EXCLUSIVE: King Kalala ‘female Andrew Kibe’ opens up about her dating life, content creation and broke men

If you’re an avid internet user, like myself, I’m sure you’ve come across a video by Prudence Chepkirui Tonui, better known as King Kalala, in the last 4 weeks or so.

She is the lady who has stirred up an internet storm thanks to her contentious opinions on relationships, broke men, sexuality and whatnot. Some people are even referring to her as the female version of Andrew Kibe.

We reached out to her a few days ago because we wanted to know more about her and her thoughts on digital content creation in Kenya and she was kind enough to return our phone call.

I must admit that I was surprised when I learnt that Prudence is only 21 and turning 22 in a few months. Apparently, she is pursuing a Marketing degree at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT).

She started by making videos where she give her two cents on movies and celeb gossip but with time as she got older, she started talking about real-life situations.

Prudence does not mind being compared to Andrew Kibe because she thinks he makes a lot of sense. Actually, she is looking forward to working with him someday though she feels they would fight during the recording.

King Kalala

She also expressed her desire to get on radio, adding that she is not really keen on being a TV personality because she is more of a talker. However, she would not turn down a TV gig.

Prudence has a somewhat deep voice and she is not too worried about critics who claim that she sounds like a dude because it is something she has known all along. Interestingly, she really likes her voice.

I also asked her whether she is dating and what that person thinks about her content and she hinted that there might be someone in the picture. Prudence is also not so bothered by what her partner thinks about her content.

Listen to the full interview below.